[Gold Making] Grinding Guide Part 1: Primal Farming

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Grinding Guide Part 1: Primal Farming

There are seven primals: Mana, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life and Shadow.

Primals are used in almost every high-end crafting profession, from Enchanting to Blacksmithing. In most cases it is better to farm primals than normal gold grinding, it will give you a higher gold/hour ratio.

Of course, some primals will net you a higher price than others. As an example: Primal Air, Fire or Water are worth far more than the easily obtainable Primal Life or Mana on most servers. Primal Earth is almost worthless since miners get them on their mining rounds all the time. This all depends on the server economy, after all.

Primal Air

  • Elemental Plateau

    Elemental Plateau in Nagrand is a great spot to farm Primal Air. Air Elementals spawn all the time, but the counter-side of this spot is that it is heavily camped. A flying mount is required to get onto Elemental Plateau.

  • North of the Altar of Shatar

    North of the Altar of Shatar in Shadowmoon Valley (SMV) is another great farming spot which is usually empty. It is recommended to use a Flying Mount, since there are plenty of other mobs that will bother you and the Elementals are more spread than at Elemental Plateau.

  • Southeastern Shadowmoon Valley

    Southeastern Shadowmoon Valley is a spot to farm Primal Air too. The Elementals are widely spread, but there are no other mobs that will bother you, which will make the farming easier. Again, a flying mount is recommended.

Primal Fire

  • Elemental Plateau

    Elemental Plateau in Nagrand is a great spot for farming Primal Fire too, but be careful for the other players farming there. A flying mount is required to get onto Elemental Plateau.

  • The Hand of Gul'Dan

    The Hand of Gul'Dan in SMV is, in my eyes, the best spot for farming Primal Fire. They are spread along the land, with almost no other mobs in between them. You can easily farm here with 2-3 players.

Primal Water

  • Skettis

    Skettis and it's lake in Terokkar Forest is the best place to farm Primal Water. Make sure you have Water Breathing potions or something similar, because a most of the Water Elementals are under water. There is an Elite Water Elemental located inside the lake, which can be easily taken down by a level 70 player. He can net you 5-6 motes.

  • Elemental Plateau

    Elemental Plateau in Nagrand holds a great deal of Water Elementals. For the 375+ fishers: notice the Pure Water pools, they hold a massive amount of motes.

Primal Shadow

  • The Warp Fields

    The Warp Fields south of Hellfire Peninsula are the best place to farm Primal Shadow. The Voidwalkers levitating around are easy to kill. The drop rate is not that good, though.

Primal Life

  • The Dead Mire

    The Dead Mire in Zangarmash is a place where you can farm enormous amounts of Primal Life.
    The Giants in The Dead Mire range from level 62 to 64 and have a decent drop rate on Motes of Life, they drop a lot of grey trash, too!

Primal Mana

  • Kirin'Var Village

    Kirin'Var Village in Netherstorm is absolutely the best spot to get Primal Mana.
    The great amount of mobs, the fast respawn rate and the decent drop rate on motes makes this a ideal place for farming.

Primal Earth

Do not farm Primal Earth. You should farm the other Primals and get Primal Earth off the Auction House.

This was Part 1 of my 2-step grinding guide.

Part 2 is coming up!

Please, leave a comment if:

You have any additional information that I should add to this guide.
You have any suggestions about the Text Formatting.
You want to leave a comment about how it worked out.

- Mike


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Primal Shadow

I find that a great place to farm primal shadow is in Netherstorm at Manaforge Ultris. especially as melee. If you are a caster, make sure to cast a different school spell on the voidshriekers than what is your primary nuke (I.E. Elemental shamans cast flame/frost shock, etc...)

Flying mount is highly recommended.

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The mote of shadow drop rate

The mote of shadow drop rate here is pretty low, to be honest.

I knew about this spot, but left it out because of the drop rate.

Hellfire Peninsula has a higher drop chance, though the mobs are a bit more spread out.

I'll test it again in the near future, to see if the drop rate has been increased. Eye

Thanks for you suggestion!

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Added WoWhead links Sticking out tongue

Couple of extra places

Awesome guide Smiling Here's a couple more suggestions:

Primal Shadow can be farmed from the Voidwalkers around Oshu'gun in Nagrand, I've found the drop rates a lot higher than from those in HFP.

Primal Mana can also be farmed from the area just north Area 52 in Netherstorm, I use this one because it's so close to the town.

I've never had much luck with Mote of Life in the Dead Mire, depending on server economy it's sometimes better to farm a different Primal and buy Life on AH - unless you've got a herbalist of course, in which case the Bog Lords are good, or if you have a flying mount, the elite tree dudes in Skettis can be 'herbalism skinned' (i.e. once you've killed them) and this often yields 6-7 motes of life. Most classes can solo these, and there's a few of them around.

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I know, but

I know this, but..

I left those spots out because the mobs are widely spread across the land, which results in a lower gold/hour ratio. I always experienced better drop rates in Hellfire Peninsula for Primal Shadows, though I might check Oshu'gun again. I doubt it will give a better ratio, but I'll give it a try!

Thanks for the information.


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Part 2

Part 2 is up and running as well now! Smiling

Post some feedback at the 2nd part if you feel like it Sticking out tongue


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Well done. The formatting is

Well done. The formatting is nice and the information is useful.
However, what would really make this great would be maps, showing spawn locations of the elementals.

Keep it up!

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Wrong image input


I guess I did something wrong with the image input..

I, when I look at my guide, only see the links. but the [ img ] [ /img ] is there (without spaces, of course).

I'd like you to help me on this one, since I don't know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.


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It's because of the spaces

It's because of the spaces you put in the file name. I recommend not using spaces for file names, it makes things more complicated.

Anyway, it can be fixed. Just replace the spaces by %20

I fixed the first image by the way Sticking out tongue

ps: It's hard to see the area you circled in on the Nagrand map, try to use a more flashy color, a bigger pencil size and if possible, highlight it or put shadows around it. If you don't have photoshop or a similar program, don't bother, but at least pick a flashy color and bigger size Smiling

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Yeah, that did the trick Smiling

Do you have any more additional information to add ?

If not, I will start part 2 and 3 Smiling


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That's a lot better. And

That's a lot better. And with that you just achieved trusted member status Smiling

Nothing to add for the moment, you can proceed with the next part Sticking out tongue

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Sorry for the bother, I think I figured it out already Smiling

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Well, the thing is..

I have the images, but I have no idea how to put them into the text.
In the Text Formatting Toolbar I see '' Add code to insert an image '' .. But I have no idea how to put them in there, as it asks for a internet link (HTTP).

Please give me some information on how to put images into these texts, then I can upgrade this guide and I will start new ones this afternoon!


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Comment if you feel like it.


Motes of fire

Your guide rocks Cool. But i only have one question: why didn't you mention the Throne of Kil'jaeden for farming motes of fire?

This place has a high drop rate too, Did farm there with my rogue a couple of day's ago for 1,5 hours and i got 3 primal fires and 9 motes. Every elemental there has a chance to even drop 2 motes in 1 time. Sticking out tongue

greetings from Darkshaden

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Jame, please post some feedback if you read this.


I would really appreciate you to post some feedback on this guide. After all, this is my first time writing a guide, using Text Formatting. I just want to know what people think of it. If this is a good guide, I will start writing more guides in this topic, aswell as in the leveling and in the professions topic.