Jame's Leveling Guide: Addon Version - Cataclysm Ready

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Our wow leveling addon has gone through a huge revamp and is now 100% Cataclysm ready.

Follow the link below to access the information and download page:


  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!


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Tourguide is smaller, it is

Tourguide is smaller, it is also most perfmormant because it auto-completes 90% of the steps. It activates autmatically the quest tracker and, by far, is the easiest to use.

The custom addon is, as the name hints, a customized window. You can resize it, move where you want to fit your deisres. It has a nice arrow pointing system, which also is integrated in the addon (meaning no tom tom, which is one of the most ram consuming addons [at least whenever I check it heavier than lightheaded!] thus it slows down your FPS a bit). The wow pro custom addon is better because it contains more informations (basically it's an exact copy - paste of the guides on this site) and thus is more easy to understand what to do. You can browse through steps whenever you want, it's easy. Basically, in areas like Dragonblight, you can go back and see what Jame said about the instances or group quests, and evalutate if you want to do those Smiling.

I have tried both addons, and frankly I can't decide. Both have pros and cons, it's up to your tastes.

But are all guides in

But are all guides in wow-pro custom?

and thank you for youre answer

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In wow pro there is only 1 guide for alliance (maw's human leveling guide 1-12) and a bit more for the horde: Zernij's Durotar Leveling Guide 1-12 and Jame's horde leveling guide - Dragonblight & Grizzly Hills. I've tested the last 2 and they are great.

There are actually more guides for Tourguide, expecially for alliance side. There is the whole Jame's leveling guides 30-60, Outland guides until Blade's edge mountains and 1 or 2 Northrend guides!

More Guides

There are more guides. Alliance also has 1-12 draenei, Jame's 30-40, Jame's Dragonblight, and a few more.

Same with Horde. They have more guides than the ones you mention.

Oh No! It's forgotten almost everything!

It was great fun to use this yesterday; I love the idea. But ...

... when I logged back on this morning the addon/tour-guide or some part of this system had totally forgotten the history of all the quests that I had completed by the time that I logged out yesterday. I had to reselect the appropriate guide and then click the "completed" button on all of the quests until I got to the correct point.

Interestingly, it did seem to know the current "active" quest but it still was trying to make me repeat all of the ones that lead up to that point.

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If you didn't change

If you didn't change anything in the WTF-Folder or didn't change the language of your client this should really not happen.

If this problem still occurs look if there is a file called Tourguide.lua in the folder World of warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables

if not.. hmm just try reinstalling the addon, or deleting the WTF folder (which will reset your configurations!) Sticking out tongue

But I believe this won't happen again...


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Weird, it's not supposed to

Weird, it's not supposed to be that way. If anyone knows what's causing this, feel free to step in and help, cause I really don't know.

The same happened to

The same happened to me....the game crashed and I alt-f4'ed out..and all the history was gone...however if the game is exited properly, it works.
It seems the mod saves the history when you exit the game , not while you play

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This is true of every

This is true of every addons. The variables in memory are saved to disk only if you logout or exit the game properly. If you crash or if you kill the program, nothing get saved.

The only way to have the data written to disk is to reload the UI but I would not advice to do that since some mods respond strangely to that.


Hi, I'm having trouble installing the addon. I use WoWMatrix, and I can't find my WoW Addon folder or the WoW folder itself. I did everything you said and couldn't find either. I'm running Vista if that means something. Is there anyway you could add the addon to WoWMatrix? :3

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C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft

That is where WoW is installed on Vista computers.

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Nope, we'll never add the

Nope, we'll never add the addon to WoWMatrix, sorry.

It's really easy to find your addon folder.

Generally the full path is: c:\program files\world of warcraft\interface\addons

If it's not there, you can just use windows' search function and look for the wow.exe file. Right-click the file and choose "open file's folder location" and you'll be in your world of warcraft folder.

Jame, You seem quite


You seem quite against WowMatrix? There any specific reason for not wanting to use it?

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Simply because it encourages

Simply because it encourages people to stay away from this website, instead of coming here and posting feedback, which we can't live without.

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It also leaches bandwidth

It also leaches bandwidth from the host sites while profiting itself from the ads in the program. WoWMatrix also doesn't ask permission from add-on authors to list their add-ons though they will remove them if you request it. This kind of deep linking and profiting from it is a morally questionable practice. Go over to the Ace forums and ask about WoWMatrix if you want but be ready for the flames Sticking out tongue

Tag. Smiling

Can't see your guide?

I checked the guides on this and couldn't find yours. Is it still there? And if so, what is the name of it? Is it in the Wow-pro section, or do you have yours in with the others?


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Yes it's with the other

Yes it's with the other wow-pro guides in the list.

The exact name is:

Elwynn Forest (WoW-Pro | Maw's Human 1-12)

Ok tyvm. .Found it

Ok tyvm. .Found it Smiling

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Thanks for the answer!

I might then wait until the Maw's guide conversion will be done before starting a human character and try it out. The best thing would be the possibility to try the tourguide style addon with the wow pro guild Smiling

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Just read Jame's blog and I

Just read Jame's blog and I went here to comment. It seems very good (at least on the alliance side ,for now) and very efficent.

I have to ask if it is possible to choose between Maw's 12-20 leveling guide and Boston's 12-20 leveling guide.

Thanks for your attention Smiling

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No, not yet, I'm still

No, not yet, I'm still working on Maw's 12-20. So for now you'll have to stick with Boston's 12-20. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's not as high quality as this one, and also it requires a few adjustments at the start, because Maw's guide isn't supposed to flow well into Boston's.

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This stuff is very nice! I

This stuff is very nice! I just moved into outland with my DK and I must say this is really handy, I have 2 monitors of which I used 1 to always look at jame's guide web page but now I don't have to anymore Laughing out loud

I am encountering one problemem frequently though, on hellfire peninsula I often get !swatter to report to me that sometimes tourguide failed to set a note because the zone is unknown (HFP in this case)
I use Cartographer waypoint coz I had some trouble with tomtom but my friend who uses tomtom says he also had those errors but somehow it just set them in the current zone but I cant seem to find this option anywhere. Is there a fix to this?
Help greatly appreciated.

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Yes, it's normal. A few zone

Yes, it's normal. A few zone tags are missing here and there. We'll fix it soon, look out for updates in the coming days and weeks Eye

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I just released a new

I just released a new version and added my first contribution. The quality is very high, I recommend everyone to try it. (Maw's Human 1-12 is the one I did)

More info here on my latest blog entry.


This is an amazing addition to one of the already best guides for WoW. Even if you're a user of Quest Helper, Carbonite Quest or other questing addons, this still improves questing speed for me. Many thanks!

My Setup:
- Carbonite Quest
- Tour Guide
- WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Alliance file

Tour Guide is able to plot waypoints on the already fantastic GoogleMaps-style Carbonite maps/minimaps. No need for any other addons. Carbonite perfectly coexists with Tour Guide and adds value.

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Hmm yea, Carbonite quest or

Hmm yea, Carbonite quest or lightheaded, both do the job.

I personally go with lightheaded because it's a lighter addon and it's enough to plot the coords to quest NPCs.

Since I don't need all the extra features from carbonite really, I just go with the lighter addon. Once you're following my guides in TourGuide format, carbonite and/or questlhelper really become nearly useless.

Questhelper useless?

I just wanna point out one little extra feature why Im still using QuestHelper atm since Im running guides. It is that thing when u select random creature it shows if u need this one for any of your quests, so you dont actually have to remember names from Guidenotes, but u can easily see by targeting mob while running around.

Only thing I needed to change in Questhelper setting was option called "Disable Weapon Arrow" so it doesnt automatically re-set your TomTom arrow with some random quest you are not actually going to do.

So thats why Im still using QH, but maybe there is some other "ligher" addon to show this info in tooltip? I dont know.

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I agree providing there is

I agree providing there is sufficient waypointing/mapping done (using tomtom or whatever). Tourguide was light on waypoints when I tried it but that is down to whoever is coding tha particular guide. If anyone has seen how Zygor's Guide works then thats the ideal situation for me. Practically every step has a corresponding waypoint using tomtom so I can check roughly where it is on my world map as well as having teh funky arrow. I'd hope for close to Zygor functionality from our guides to be honest and that is really down to how the guides are coded as the addons are packed with features and the guides are excellent.

Was left a bit disappointed when I tried the WoW-Pro addon, didn't seem to be any waypoints and I have to click next step most of the time. It may seem petty but when talking about ease of use even having a 'next step' keybinding is more work than is necessary for the user. More automation would be nice and like I say this may be a coding issue rather than a lack of add-on functionality. Its a shame Zygor guides are crap as guides really Sticking out tongue cos I love the way the addon works. Our add-on makers should actually check it out if they can.

tag. Smiling

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WoW-Pro addon

Tag wrote:
Was left a bit disappointed when I tried the WoW-Pro addon, didn't seem to be any waypoints and I have to click next step most of the time. It may seem petty but when talking about ease of use even having a 'next step' keybinding is more work than is necessary for the user. More automation would be nice and like I say this may be a coding issue rather than a lack of add-on functionality. Its a shame Zygor guides are crap as guides really cos I love the way the addon works. Our add-on makers should actually check it out if they can.

The issue is with the guides - the addon is all the time more and more capable of detecting which steps to show and to automatically move on to the next step.

For example, just during the last few days, there's come features for knowing when you've bound somewhere, when you've discovered a new flight path, etc. It's just that the guides written for it aren't quite up to date (except for Snowflake's Blood Elf Starting Guide, which is using just about all the latest features of the WoWPro addon).

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I figured that might be the

I figured that might be the case. I shall try the belf starting guide and see how I go then (I've only tried the human one and a bit of the orc/troll one so far)! Cos I love these guides and the idea of an add-on with WoW-Pro guides has me all excited Laughing out loud

I should really get into helping get some of these guides into add-on format but I have coffee to drink and it doesn't make itself you know! Laughing out loud

Anyway I'll try that belf guide!

Tag. Smiling

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Yep, the lack of arrows and

Yep, the lack of arrows and auto completion is because of the way the .lua is written, not because of the addon Eye

I just finished writing a Human 1-12 myself, tourguide version. I'll upload it later tonight and I encourage everyone to try it for fun. You'll see what kind of standards I want to reach with each chapter:

-TomTom arrow for EVERY step requiring you to move, even short distances.
-Auto-completion for 99% of the steps. When it's not an auto-complete step, I actually mention it and tell you to close the step once you finish reading.
-class quests included
-optional quests included
-Even giving directions to the nearest repair NPC when the guide mentions to "Sell junk and repair"

I cannot find your guide

I cannot find your guide anywhere in the list. Could you tell me what the name of it is? Or is it still in there?


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Just spent an hour with

Just spent an hour with Snowflakes belf starter guide (WoW Pro add-on) and I have to say its pretty awesome. even worked with TomTom and everything. If they're all of this quality then I'd take the WoW-Pro add-on over TourGuide because in later guides there is plenty of space to add extra snippets of info Shocked

Funky stuff. I'll try your Human guide tomorrow if its up (tag needs his beauty sleep now Sticking out tongue)!

Tag. Smiling

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Thanks for the nice comments on the belf starter guide for the WoW-Pro Addon. You can probably guess how it feels to hear something is "pretty awesome", when you've taken the time to make sure everything possible is autocomplete, not to mention the time spent on improving the addon itself for all those extra features that allow the guide to be autocomplete for almost every step.

But thanks really go to Jahwo, who gracefully has let me meddle with his code with full rights to change it in the repository. Without that, the addon wouldn't be as great at automatically completing steps, and neither would a guide writer be able to add in class or race-specific quests, etc. It's been a fun, but busy, few days since I grabbed the guides to do and sent Jahwo the first fix for the addon by private message. Smiling

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try your Human guide tomorrow

Hey Tag,

I tried the Human guide with a pally and noticed a lack of auto complete in some locations. I'm not sure this was due to an older version of the AddOn (could be), but I forgot to write down where and when.

In case you find time, perhaps you could write down these issues if they in fact exist and have the Human guide updated.

One thing I did miss in the guide : CLUCK! Eye

zyzx - Orc Warrior - Wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
Diskspace - Troll Priest - Wildhammer (guide test char)

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Hmm that's because I haven't

Hmm that's because I haven't uploaded the file yet. The current human guide you see in the tourguide list is not maw's guide, it's Joan's guide, it's kinda old too and the tourguide version wasn't made by me.

I'll upload the good one tonight, just be patient, I've had a bunch of issues today with the site I had to fix Sticking out tongue

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I left that quest out on

I left that quest out on purpose, in the fact that it is not relevant to leveling fast in any way Sticking out tongue

Hello everyone

Im pretty new to using leveling guides at all, but recently I decided to make myself shammy alt and wanted to try out James guides as they have been recommended to me by my friends. So it seems I actually came at nice time as there was those addon version released recently. So far I have to say - it is really great. But there is one problem I cant seem to solve by myself. Im using TourGuide version and at some points of questing, when it comes to "Get quest X" from NPC which is not near the location Im currently at, Im lost finding where they are and where to get my new quest to continue. So far I was just searching those quests at wowhead.com, clicking to Start NPC and typing their coords to TomTom. Is it just me that I cant see where to actually get these quests or is that because those guides are still in progress and those coords are missing? Turning in isnt problem as Im using QuestHelper, going to quest objectives is fine too as there were coords so far, but when in comes to getting new quest "in the middle of the jungle", TourGuide wont help me. Am I missing something important?

Thank you for you help and for all the great job you guys doing!

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Yes you're missing something

Yes you're missing something Eye But I think it's because it's not explained somewhere...
If you install the addon Lightheaded, tourguide will automatically add coordinates to quetsigvers.

Thank you

Thank you for your reply, it really works as it was intended now, I suppose. Way better! Smiling Anyway, just if you curious - there was some info about Lightheaded in addons but I prolly havent noticed its required and most importantly missed the part with - it maps coords from Tourguide. So I just thought it "only" reads data about quests from wowhead.com and found it "not needed that bad". Anyway, thank you, it works perfectly now.

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I decided to try out

I decided to try out TourGuide today (did the Horde Nagrand part) and I really love this! The addons aren't complete to make it as smooth as the real guides, but with time and updates I`m sure they will be. What I missed is the TourGuide version but with wow-pro custom's design. That would be epic. I look forward to continuing with the rest of the Horde Nagrand guide now on the character I tested with. Good stuff. I love it.


I've downloaded tomtom and the coordinates addon but can't seem to get the download for the actual guides. It won't let me download the .rar files. Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong? (Using Vista)

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Please hang on a few

Please hang on a few minutes. I'm currently updating all the uploads with a newer version in .zip file.

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I never thought that .rars

I never thought that .rars are such a big problem Laughing out loud

Jame's picture

Me neither, but I've had

Me neither, but I've had several requests, so I just decided to go for .zip and be done with it forever.

WinRAR can open .zip files as well, so that way everyone is happy.

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.rar's shouldn't be a big

.rar's shouldn't be a big problem, almost all downloaded files are in .rar, so everyone should have winrar at there computer Smiling

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Hello Jamie,

Would it be an option to put a forum online for the guide editors and proggers.
I mean, a blog is fun and all that, but it isnt ideal for discussions.
Since we will be working on the addons and guid translations, it may be way easier to have a forum going, so every comment, question and update can be properly located and easy to vieuw back.
As it is now, i notice i read over the addon threads almost completely almost every time, missing posts, etcetera.
With it subcategorised in the different addons and then working / editing and maybe even per guide, more information can be gathered / added and sorted in much less time.


Jame's picture

Hmm, but we already have a

Hmm, but we already have a forum, there's a link to it on the top menu.

I just created two new threads in the Guide Discussion forums section. One for each addon:

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well, i feel daft now.
Anyways, since it is in there, could you add notes to both guides that the discussion and questions about the guides should be in the forum.
That way people can leave regular comments and thats etcetera on the blog part, and soon as it goes techie, keep it sorted on the forum ?
Would make life easier i think.

Oh, btw, i started working on a web based interface for the guides, will be a while before it is ready tough.

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Actually, you can do it

Actually, you can do it yourself, because these pages are wiki pages Sticking out tongue