Jame's Leveling Guide: Addon Version - Cataclysm Ready

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Our wow leveling addon has gone through a huge revamp and is now 100% Cataclysm ready.

Follow the link below to access the information and download page:


  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!


Terrokar Guide

So me and my friend dommycakes, err I mean Dom were running your terrokar guide and the guide told us to get the quest "The Master's Grand Design". But when the quest text opened it said this quest is not listed in your current guide. This also happened like a few quests later but i forgot witch one it was. I am fairly certain it was "A Hero Is Needed". I am 100% certain on The Master's Grand Design. Just thought i would point that out.

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Probably due to the quest

Probably due to the quest name being typed in correctly. I'll fix it eventually if no one gets to it, but I won't be running through those guides for quite some time, so it would be nice if someone else would.

Fix for this plus other issues in Horde Outland guides

I have a fix for this and several other quests in the Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, and Terokkar guides. I can send patchfiles for the guides, but don't know who to send them to. Who's handling updates to the Horde Outland guides?

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Jiyambi has already answered

Jiyambi already answered your question here Laughing out loud

I'll get on that

Well I plan on leveling using your guides from outland to northrend so I will point out any errors I or my friend run into. Smiling

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Durotar Guide Speed Testing

In case anyone is interested, I did a speed leveling test of Zerinj's Durotar Guide 1-12. The end result was 4h 14min, and I'm a little disappointed in this time when compared to the human starting area time of 2h 54min. If you'd like the full story, check out my blog post about it.

I also made a few more corrections to the file as I went, the newest one be found here.

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Just great Jiyambi, but

Just great Jiyambi, but damn, you must be even more of a masochist than I am. Crazy handicaps Sticking out tongue

Ran trough borean and howling fjord today

i did a full run trough the borean/howling guides today, found no additional errors other than the ones caused by the phasing engine. excellent quality, good job and thanks alot! waiting eagerly for the dragonblight one.

I'm testing the Orc/Troll

I'm testing the Orc/Troll guide right now and found that the Shaman class quests are a bit broken.

Since the quests "Call of Earth" and "Call of Fire" are multi-part quests, they need to be split up like other multi-parters ("Call of Earth (Part1)" and so on). This need to be done to prevent all of them becoming flagged as done, when the first part is completed.

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Yeah, I realized that today

Yeah, I realized that today when looking through the coding guide. I'll fix it today or tomorrow if someone doesn't get to it before me. Can't do it right at this moment since I'm at school about to start work on my plant design project >_<

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Updated the file, it can be

Updated the file, it can be downloaded here. Also fixed the warrior quest, which I had the warriors picking up and turning in twice. Fail!

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Thanks and Questions

Firstly, let me thank all of you for helping make the best WOW leveling guide in the world even better. Having it in this format has greatly improved the gameplay for me while following the guides.

I have been using an add-on called Carbonite for 8 months now and Tour Guide meshes with it perfectly. This is instead of using TomTom. However, I have had one bit of a problem. I am running through the Maw's Human guides. I noticed a problem when I reached Loch Modan. It seems that when there are "Follow the arrows" waypoints, they are exactlly backwards. This is from the run from Ironbad's Excavation to the Farstrider's Lodge. It happened every time after that. Wasn't sure what was going on.

One more thing to note: Would it be possible to get this add-on added to WowMatrix, as I use this to manage the updating of all of my add-ons. It would make things a lot easier with all of the updates.

Thanks again.

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The thing with the arrows is

The thing with the arrows is something I need to fix. What happened is I put several coords on the same step, so that you get a "Follow the arrow" circuit within a single step, without having to click.

The problem is that past the first coords, TomTom will automatically send you to the CLOSEST other coords in that step, instead of following the order where I put them.

And sometimes this messes up the order.

Anyway, I'll fix it in a later release.

And about WoW-Matrix, Ji and Jah (mwahah, I'm gonna refer to you both as JiJah from now on!) answered your question perfectly. Smiling

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Had a hard time following

Had a hard time following the replies. Thanks for the answers. I totally understand about the update sites.

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Now that is just silly.

Now that is just silly. Besides the fact it was Elmo who helped answer the question, not Jah (though he is in general full of awesome).

PS. The arrow problem could probably be solved by making multiple |R| steps or something.

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Oh dear, I'm that tired?

Oh dear, I'm that tired? Sorry Elmo!

And yes, it could be solved by making several R steps, but that would require checking off every step, which is what I was trying to avoid, but anyway, I'll pretty much do something in between. All you have to do is be careful when putting several coords on the same step, make sure that the next coords are the closest from the previous coords, or they will be skiped. If that's unavoidable, then you have to use multiple steps.

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R steps automatically

R steps automatically complete when you enter the correct zone. I'd have to look at the guide in question, but I'm reasonably sure we could make it work.

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Problem is that the

Problem is that you stay in the same sub-zone while making those mini ciruits with arrows, so the R steps do not auto complete.

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Oh. Well fail then.

Oh. Well fail then.

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yes it can

The coords should auto complete when you get close enough,
even in the same subzone, it would be a matter of experimenting with accuracy.
a 4 digit or 8 digit or 6 digit.

The larger the flex i the sooner the arrows will go to the next point but the more accuracy you miss.
This is of course assumig a run to point go to coords
instead of go to zone

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Yes but that's not the issue

Yes but that's not the issue at hand.

The issue is that when you put several coords in the same step to make a "circuit", it doesn't always follow the order in which you put the coords, it always jumps to the closet next coords, which is fine most of the time, but not always.

TomTom arrows always automatically switch to the next coords when you reach the current location, that we know. But the tourguide step doesn't autocomplete upon reaching a certain coordinates. The only way to have a tourguide step auto-complete when going to another location is when you change zone or subzone, which is not always the case when making small "Follow the arrows" circuits.

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Hmmm, no idea what's

Hmmm, no idea what's happening with the arrows, hopefully someone else can help with that.

As for WoWMatrix - I am fairly certain Jame does not plan on adding this to any site or service such as WoWMatrix or Curse. The reason is that this would severely drop the traffic to this site. This was the original reason Jame was against having the addon in the first place.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, the reason this site can exist and be a place to share these guides, and the reason Jame can continue to do the great work he does, is from revenue from adds. If no one comes to the site, that revenue disappears.

Possibly more importantly, there are "paper" guides on this site that are very useful but could not be put into the addon format, such as class or instance guides. Reducing traffic to the site from the leveling guide crowd would mean these other high quality guides that the WoW-Pro community has put a lot of time into would get little or no exposure.

Hope this helps to answer your question!

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and let us not forget

And let us not forget the feedback.
If you would keep your addon updated trough another site (* who makes money with it ) , you would hardly come by and check on the updates. Also this would mean, that since you are not visiting ayways, many would not be very inclined to log in and post a comment.
Comments either being a simple thank you, or a comment that would enable jame and others to improve the guides, fix bugs etcetera.
This would also slow down perfectioning and keeping this site and all its guides optimal and up to date.

Slowly but steadyly i would think the progress and great benefit this site has to so many people would come to a grinding halt. And thus in the long run, no one, not the users, not the posters, not jame, no one.... would benefit from putting it on such a site in the long run.

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Very well put.

Very well put.

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Arathi Highlands 35-37

I was playing through the guide on my Pally and came across some errors. I updated the 35-37 section of the Arathi Highlands, it's by no means perfect but if anyone wants a slightly updated version it can be found here.

"The Ashenvale Hunt" deprecated

The quest "The Ashenvale Hunt" is no longer avilable from the warcaller patrolling the city. I have checked diverse forums and it seems to be a change related to the 3.0.2 patch. This should be fixed in both the addson tour guides and Jamies leveling guides! I think the quest is still there, but you now do it differently and you definitely can't pick it up at level 21 after having talked to Senani Thunderheart!

Ghostlands tested

Travel to Tranquillien: no arrow!

Taking the quest Spirits of the Drowned: waypoint is about 20 yards off.

Down The Dead Scar: arrow missing! And there should proberly be a note here telling you to keep all the Rotten Hearths you find.

Goldenmist Village: arrow off by about 70-90 yards

The Plagued Coast: arrow missing! The arrow should point westwards, as it is where the beach starts and when you arive, it should point southwards.

Curbing The Plaque: note is unnessecary and confusing at best. The arrow is spot on and is all that is needed.

Getting the quest Underlight Ore Samples: arrow off by 20 yards

Trouble at the Underlight Mines: there should be a note about the patrolling shaman and generally a note about the high difficulty of this quest. And perhaps also a note about that it's not safe to stand close to the questgiver.

After completing the above mentioned quest: you should use your hearthstone to get back to Tranquillien! (I might be wrong though, as you are told to use your hs after the next quest run, which ends farther away and proberly takes less than an hour to complete)

After getting back to Tranquillien: the quest turn in and take order is illogical and needs to be reworked.

Turning in Tomber's Suplies: arrow off by about 26 yards

Turning in Goldenmist Village: arrow off by about 20 yards.

The next time you return to Tranquillien, the turn in and quest take order is illogical and needs to be reworked!

Quest turn in: Delevering the Plans to An'telas: the arrow is confusing and leads the player to a dead-end. The player should be lead east first, then to the location!

Attack on Zeb'Tela: arrow missing!

Taking the quest: Escape from the Catacombs: arrow off by about 300 yards! (Starnge thing: I died and had to retake it: this time the arrow is correct. Note: the arrow seems to point randomly on one of the many dots that mark the path. Tehre should only be one dot (at least until you actually take the quest.))

Deactivating An'Owyn: the note should tell about the drop you have to aquire.


Sorry to tell you, but with that many problems, I am sure you wasted your time with the TourGuide guides that come with the add-on. To find the official james guide you must scroll down. Don't worry though, I am on it now.

Boston's 12-20 Alliance

I tested this guide, works fine and got my new toon to 20 super fast Sticking out tongue

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Horde updated to v0.3

Horde updated to v0.3:

*Added SilverKnight's Silverpine 12-20 | Coder: Clearasil | Needs testing
*Zerinj's Orc/Troll starter 1-12 IMPROVED | 1st Revamp: Clearasil Final Revamp: Jiyambi | Quality should be PERFECT.
*Fixes made to Hillsbrad Foothills 22-24 | Jiyambi
*Fixes made to Ashenvale 24-25 | Jiyambi
*Fixed .xml for Hosho's Barrens 12-20. It should now properly appear in the list

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Thanks Jame. Note that I

Thanks Jame.

Note that I didn't play every class through that first guide, but I am *mostly* certain that the class quests should work fine. If anyone has trouble with them please let us know!

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Hosho's Barrens 12-20

Is it just me or is the 12-20 guide to the barens not by Hosho?
I know that guide by heart and there were no hapries involved anywhere.

I'm currently following this guide with a shammy and the quest loops are small, spread apart and vary between slightly to high and too low of a difficulty, whereas the real Hosho's guide was much better...

zyzx - Orc Warrior - Wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
Diskspace - Troll Priest - Wildhammer (guide test char)

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Scroll down, you're probably

Scroll down, you're probably using the (slightly annoying) Tourguide guides, that come with it. The real Wow-Pro guide will have something along the lines of: Wow-Pro: Hosho's 12-20 Barrens Guide. Hope that solves yoru problem Smiling

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If you're right...


I'll let you know Eye

zyzx - Orc Warrior - Wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
Diskspace - Troll Priest - Wildhammer (guide test char)

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A couple of things really....

First, I'd like to announce that I figured out the tourguide addon(yay me). If you seen any of my earlier posts, I could never get the guides to scroll, not to mention, not having all the guides load. What I ended up doing was, going into the tourguide file prior to unzipping it, delete the horde version, unzip file, and wouldn't you know it, it worked!!(p.s....whoever added the scroll bar, you are offically my new hero)

Secondly, I was running the 21-31 Horde-Jame version of the addon(with my shiny new hunTER), and noticed a step out of place. When first enetering Tarren Mill, it's telling me to grab the "Souvenirs of Death" quest. Now, I might be mistaken, but I believe you don't get that quest until you return to Tarren Mill after your first circuit.

Just wanted to give a heads up. The rest of the guide, to that point obviously, is point on(was actually using the site version as well as the addon version, for comparison). Sorry if this error was pointed out in a earlier post.

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Yup, that step is out of

Yup, that step is out of place. I made that and a few other revisions to the guide and uploaded a new version, I think Jame will include it in the next release.

In case you want to use the two revised guides I've worked on before then, I'm keeping all of my revisions here: Jiyambi's Revisions to the Horde Leveling Guide.

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Thank You Jiyambi for the feedback.

BTW...BIG gratz to you on the promotion!

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Thank you!

Thank you! Smiling

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Other language localization - feedback

Hi Jame (and others).

I put my hand on an attempt to (start to) localize the Human's Maw 1-12 guide to French, since it's the most achieved one for now. I only localized the first steps, to see what happens.

I created my character, I enabled the addons, I chose the guide.
My first feeling after having selected the guide was: "so, what?"

I was expecting to have "something" shown somewhere - a point, an arrow, something... But nothing.
Of course I had "Adjoint Willem" with his yellow "!" in front of me, but nothing was indicating me that I had to speak with *that* guy.

So, I took "Menace intérieure" (the french quest name). Next step appeared: . Again, no indication, besides the nice yellow "?"...

I validated and took the following quest, and then next step was "Go and take quest Eagann Tannepeau".
But once again, no direction - and my minimap was displaying 2 yellow "!", so which one to choose?

I don't know if that lack of direction is a french specific thing - the TomTom arrow and map/minimap point appeared when I took the "Eagann Tannepeau" quest, and was present in almost all the following steps, but that lack of direction for the first steps was my greatest surprise...

Second point, there is a specific thing related to french (and other languages as well): a "Warrior" can be either a "Guerrier" or a "Guerrière", according to the sex of the character. It means that we have to duplicate all the class-specific Addon "rules" for both versions of that class to have them display correctly for all of them. I guess the same goes for races specific rules if there are any on other addons.

These are the only problems I noticed for now - I can manage the "duplicate class/race specific rules" thing, but I wonder if the "no visual indication" at the start of that guide is french-specific or if it's a "standard" addon thing.


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It's french specific. There

It's french specific. There is a TomTom arrow guiding you for every quest accept / quest turn in step in the english version.

And I think I know why it's not working with the French localization.

See, we don't put coords for Quest Turn-in and Quest Accept steps in the .lua, because Lightheaded does it for us. Lightheaded tracks the quest ID and automatically creates a waypoint to the quest NPC related to this quest ID. Which is great becauses this saves us a lot of time when coding the guide in .lua

And sadly, it appears that Lightheaded doesn't work with the french version (or maybe you didn't install Lightheaded ?)

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Lightheaded does work with

Lightheaded does work with the german client so I don't see why it should not work with the french... After all it uses, as you said, the quest ID and therefore is independant from the language.

I don't think that lightheaded is the problem, but maybe I'm wrong, as I don't have a clue what could be the mistake =/

Souricette, it'd be nice if you could give some more information about what addons you have installed and maybe give a short code snippet?! Smiling


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Horde howling fjord guide

just tested the howling fjord guide and there are a few wrong locations!

the guestgiver for "against nifflevar" is located wrong. this problem only happens on turn-in!

the guestgiver for "beachfront property" is located in howling fjord by tomtom!

warsong hold shows up in howling fjord by tomtom!

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Big Updates

Big Updates today!

Alliance v0.5 changes:

*Howling Fjord now COMPLETE! + Quality improved | Coder: Wizerd | Needs further testing
*Minor fixes to Maw's 12-20 | Jame / Mishab
*Minor fixes Taralom's 1-12 | Mishab
*Fixed the bug with the Dustwallow Marsh 38-41 section - Should load properly now | Mishab

Horde v0.2 changes:

*Added Jame's 31-41 | Coder: Clearasil | Needs testing
*Added Jame's 41-51 | Coder: Plover2 | Needs testing
*Added Snowflake's Blood Elf 1-12 | Coder: Inyurbak | Needs testing
*Added Zerinj's Orc/Troll 1-12 | Coder: Clearasil | Needs testing
*Added Manovan's Undead Starter | Coder: Romgar | Needs testing
*Added Hosho's Barrens 12-20 | Coder: Clearasil | Needs testing
*Fixed file names. Please follow this naming format from now on.
*Fixed file names INSIDE the files. Please follow this naming format from now on.

Enjoy. Please test them well and leave feedback!

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Okay, going through the

Okay, going through the Hillsbrad part of the Horde guide with my warlock. I found an issue and wondered if there was a place you would prefer issues to be reported. For now I'll put it here, but you may want to add a note so people can all five feedback in the same place.

In the Hillsbrad part of the 20-30 guide, where it tells you to get "Souvenirs of Death", the quest is not available for me yet. I seem to recall on other characters that you have to do the first part of Battle for Hillsbrad first - I'll confirm that as I go.

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This is definitely true, the

This is definitely true, the quest is not available until after you turn in the first Battle for Hillsbrad. I am making some other minor corrections to this part of the addon as I go, I will upload it someplace when I'm done.

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Slight revisions

Two guides with very minor revisions (and with that quest moved a little later) uploaded:

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I'll add them in the next

For some reason, your files still use the old naming format. Even though I changed it all in the last version I uploaded.

Anyway, it's not a problem, I've just replaced the body of the file with yours. But I'm just curious as to why your files still have the old naming style.

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I think the best place to

I think the best place to leave feedback about mistakes would be under the List of Works in Progress section.

Ideally, you can also send a PM to the person who wrote the section to make sure he/she doesn't miss it Smiling

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Thanks Jame!

Thanks Jame!

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The undead starter guide

The undead starter guide seems good, I only tested the last two levels tough as I started with the paper guide.

I also want to say that the guides I converted don't have all the coords necessary for each step. If you want to help, please pm me the coords that are missing for each step and I'll update them!