Jame's Leveling Guide: Addon Version - Cataclysm Ready

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Our wow leveling addon has gone through a huge revamp and is now 100% Cataclysm ready.

Follow the link below to access the information and download page:


  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!


Found another little

Found another little waypoint problem in the Orc/Troll 1-12 guide.

The Warlock class quest "The Binding" has a coordinate problem. The numbers are right, but the waypoint is in Durotar, when it should be in Orgrimmar.

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Way to go, Jame! You're on WOWinsider ^^

Nice article here:


I hope that because of that article, more people will get to know your guides an especially the new "kickass"-addon-version. Smiling Smiling Smiling

The addon helped me to level my resto-shaman as resto shaman parallel to playing and raiding my main (and getting some rl and doing my 9-5 job ^^), without ever having the feeling that it took to long...
Because of the rested bonus gained during the week (when my chars where sleeping Eye and i was at work) few quick instance runs, the guides helped me to ding, while I was in Grizzly Hills! Smiling

Now it's all about playing the guide till the end, to earn some quest-cash Smiling

Hope you will find some time soon to complete your guides / addon for the last few "open" zones, so that earning cash will be easy as pie Smiling

Big thanks to you and this great community for the guides and the addon! Keep up the great work Smiling

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Thank you, didn't know about

Thank you, didn't know about that interview as well. It's a nice reading but a bit too much about Deathknights and the new patch, and too less about wow-pro. But thats just my opinion Laughing out loud

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Hah, agreed!

Hah, agreed!

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Wow, thanks for the link!

Wow, thanks for the link! That was a fun read Smiling I didn't know Jame had done another interview. Well, cool!

I had another little problem

I had another little problem with the 1-12 Orc/Troll guide.

This time it was with finding Gazz'uz in Skull Rock. Since I was unfamiliar that mob and there was no waypoint, I had to search the whole cave for him. A waypoint or at least a description where in the cave to find him would be welcome.

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Orc/Troll Starter Update

Very true, sorry I missed this one! File has been edited and you can download it here. It's also updated on the works in progress page.

12-20 Maw's Guide

Finally got my priest to level 20 yesterday.
Here's my feedback on the guide :

There is two quest related steps with no autocompletion. They are both in the Loch Modan part (16-18). There is no QID tag for those steps in the file, so i guess you did'nt include them on purpose. Probably because you provide a given path to get to the questgiver and don't want ligthheaded to mess with it. Maybe it could be done with a 'Run here' step detecting the zone name and then the quest step.
The first one is the turn in step for Ironband's Excavation. The second one is the accept step for A Dark Threat Looms. This one is a little more annoying since by ticking this step TourGuide automatically tick the turn in, and you can't have the arrow to get to the complete step.

I had troubles to find Ol'Sooty for the Vyrin's Revenge Quest. I waited for him in his cave like 15 mins, then went to wowdbu and found him wandering down the hill. That's something you may want to add to the step note.

I did'nt found any other problems.

My played at level 20 was 13h12. It's already 4h behind holyjame, but i believe it's still good considering i level a priest.
The grinding session in level 19 was terrible, more than 1h for 60% exp. Maybe some of the 20-30 part could be transferred here, since you found yourself a lot ahead at the end of the 30 part. But it would probably mess with the 12-20 boston's guide, and got me a lot of money, wich i'll need for my mount.


I found a little coordinate

I found a little coordinate bug in the 1-12 Orc/Troll starter guide.

The quest NPC for the quest "Finding the Antidote" was moved in WotLK, but the addon still shows the waypoint in his old location. He's now at (43, 50).

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Yeah, I noticed this too.

Yeah, I noticed this too. It's not too far off, but it really should be fixed. I'll do it when I get around to it, if someone hasn't already by then. Thanks for the tip! Smiling

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Problem with the Drenai Guides


I am having a problem with the drenai Guide.

When I finish the 1-12 Part it always resets back to this guide and unticks most non quest related things that you have to click yourself.

Is there a way to change this, as I am really loving the guides and just wanted to level another character using it, wihtout worries Eye


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Major issue with first Tanaris guide

Hey folks, I discovered a significant chunk of quest accepts and turn ins missing from the first Horde Tanaris guide. A hotfix can be found here. I was planning on linking the full 41-51 guide when I finished it, but this is important enough that I wanted to link it sooner. The other updates I am working on can all be found here if anyone in that level range needs them. They aren't perfect yet, but they are an improvement.

1-12 Maw's Human Guide

Hello =)

First, i need to say your guides are really great, and the addon is even greater, so thanks a lot.
Just started a human priest and it seems they are by far worse levelers than paladins. Took me 4h30 to reach the end of the 1-12 Maw's guide, while being 36% ahead of level 12.

I really died A LOT, like 10-12 times in the 8th level. Priests are so weak in early levels ='(

The class quests didn't show up for me, but it semms to be related to my french client. TourGuide does'nt seem to handle any localisation. Didn't notice any other problem. I'll try to be better in the next part =p

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Hello Sephrenya. First,

Hello Sephrenya.

First, please note that there is a french page for the plugin:


You can notice that the "1-12 Maw's Human Guide" was one of the few already translated - the class-specific quests would have been handled Smiling

Yes, leveling a priest is not very easy for the first levels... But getting the Power word: Shield and the fear will help - and knowing when to flee!!!

My advice is: don't spare your mana, use it intensively, and buy plenty of water to replenish it! I remember when I was a young priest, I was trying to spare my mana by fighting with my staff and my wand - I lost plenty of time doing that...

Good luck in your leveling!!

I intalled the french

I intalled the french version, thanks =) I'll try it for the end of the 12-20 part. Maybe a link on the main page to a list of all translations available could be of some use. I've been using the guides for a while, and still did'nt now there was a french version. Anyway, using the original one makes me improve my english level ^^

I'm currently 16, and the shield makes things a lot easier. Can't wait level 20 to get Mind Flay.

I did'nt take a look at all the levels time, but i think i'm a lot closer to Jame's speed in this part.

Weird note

In the 20-30 Alliance guide, part Wetlands (25-26), right after you turn in Uncovering the Past, there is a note that says "From now on, kill on sight. Close this step."

I think there should be a mob name in there. Alternatively, if you are meant to kill absolutely every mob you see, "kill everything on sight" would be clearer.

In the same part of the

In the same part of the guide, the coordinates for turning in the quest "The Search Continues" are wrong. The correct coordinates are (13.61 , 38.22).

The follow-up "Search More Hovels" has no coordinates whatsoever.

The circuits in this part of the guide also seem a bit inefficient to me, you might want to look at them again.

For instance, it might make more sense to do these quests on the way from Menethil to the place where you kill the Giant Wetlands Crocolisks, then move in the direction of the Greenkeeper while killing Fen Creepers and then do the quests at the orc camp and the digsite.

I am following the guide,

I am following the guide, and I have sofar 2 comments, and I will add more when I find them: In Howling Fjord, you tell the player to do the quest "Of Keys and Cage" but the quest itself is actully called "Of Keys and Cages".

Also prior to this, you say that you should do:

Finish "Tridents of the Son"
Turn in "Tridents of the Son"
Finish of "And You thought Murlocs smelled bad"
Turn in "And You thought Murlocs smelled bad"
Turn in "Bring down those Shields"

But when you go to kill the mob Rotgill (for Tridents of the Son) you pass the turnin point for both "and you thought murlocs smelled bad" and "Bring down those Shields". Soo wouldn't it be better to turn them in then, since you are gonna HS after anyway?

Anyway, love your guides!!

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Could you please tell us for

Could you please tell us for which faction this is? ...


Alliance side, I don't play as the hordies...

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Thanks Smiling

It's alliance side, in the

It's alliance side, in the 48-50 section of jame's leveling guide addon

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thank you Could you use the

thank you Smiling Could you use the "reply" function the next time? It's hard to relate comments if they are not replied to each other. Eye

Something is wrong with the

Something is wrong with the loading of the Blood Elf starter guide.
When starting a new character, this guide is loaded, instead of no guide. Also, this guide does not show up in the guide selection list.

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Hmm that's weird. Maybe it's

Hmm that's weird. Maybe it's an issue with the new feature that the standard guides are removed, but I really don't know. We'll look into it..

I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem as well.

I found a temporary fix for the problem

I believe that something in the Blood Elf guide causes it to be removed from the guide list along with the original Tourguide guides. WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Horde.lua is the name of the file that seems to remove the other guides. If you remove the file that causes just the Wow-pro guides to load, the BE guide is selectable again (along with all the old tourguide guides as well). You can find it within the *\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Horde folder.

Hope this helps. These guides are great!

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You can try adding the

You can try adding the

<script file="000_1_12_Snowflake_Blood_Elf_Starter.lua"/>

line a second time. This would probably still make the guide auto-load, but it would also appear in the list.

The quest Pristine Yeti Hide

The quest Pristine Yeti Hide with tourguide tells you to go to tanaris, when the correct location is still Feralas, just helpin =) will report any other issues i find

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That's nice but could you

That's nice but could you tell us a bit more specifically in which guide and on which faction this is? Smiling

Disabled by default

Hello, Im not going to repeat how amazing these guides and addons are (as we all already know Smiling ), just wanna quickly thanks to all who contributed on these projects and here is little thingy I just found installing v0.61 of alliance guides:

In the WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Alliance.toc file there is:

## DefaultState: disabled

I dunno if its intended but it made me 30 mins of starving to addons folder trying to find out why there is no wow-pro guide in-game Smiling

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This line only means that

This line only means that the addon is not enabled in the ingame AddOns list by default. Meaning that it is not ticked and you have to do it manually.

Yep I know what it means,

Yep I know what it means, but since previous version were enable by default, I havent been checking it at login screen and thought there is something wrong. So just wanted to give you little info in case someone got same problem / in case it was not intended (cant imagine what would be pros of having it disabled by default?)

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The thing is that the

The thing is that the wow-pro packages remove the standard guides, which are not available in any way, unless you disable the addon. I think that could be a reason for making it disabled by default Smiling

But thanks for the info!

Typo/missing quest in alliance Howling Fjord guide

Thanks so much for the tourguide guides. Working on yet another alt, and even though I've used your website for leveling before, not having to tab back and forth saves even more time!

While using the Alliance Howling Fjord guide (Jame's 72-74) I came across a quest that I wasn't told to pick up - 'Of Keys and Cages' from Father Levariol. The guide lists this quest as 'Of Keys and Cage' (note the missing s at the end). I'm guessing just adding the 's' to make it 'Cages' would properly flag the quest as something to pick up.


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New version

New version uploaded:

Alliance v0.6.1

WoW-Pro-TourGuide_Alliance v 0.6.1 -- Short fix

*Snowflake's Draenei 1-12 should now load properly
*Added Sven's Bloodmyst 12-20 | Coder: Culin23 | Needs testing

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New version

New version uploaded!

Alliance v0.6

*BIG CHANGE: The default guides will no longer appear on the list. WoW-Pro guides will now appear on top of the list. Thank you Jahwo!
*NEW: Added Boston's 20-30 | Coded by jame | Quality should be very high!
*Fixed all the file names
*Added NLX3647's Icecrown 79-80 | Warning: This is not really a wow-pro leveling guide, it's closer to a default TourGuide guide | Needs testing
*Fixed Tanaris 48-50 .lua. Should now load properly

New version

Thanks Jame, I've been using your guides for several years now, they are good.

But i miss the Dranei guide 12-20 (think it was snowflake that made it) in the new version of tourguide.
Or do you recomend got to Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdom for lvl 12+ ?

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Guys, please remember that

Guys, please remember that you still can use the PAPER version of the guides when TourGuide fails.

I know the addon is more fun and faster than having to alt-tab, but come on, the paper versions are still totally viable!

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Definitely not, from what I

Definitely not, from what I understand Bloodmyst is the best place to level period. I think that guide accidentally got left out of the Guide file in this version, I'm sure Jame will fix it in the next day or so and have the new file available for download.

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It's broken!!

With the removal of the included guides, we are now missing the Draenei 12-20, however, upon starting a new Draenei, The old snowflake 1-12 is still loading for me. They're not in the list though.

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And bam, new version

And bam, new version includes Sven's 12-20 Bloodmyst guide!

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Many thanks, oh quick fixer!

Many thanks, oh quick fixer!

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New version uploaded! Horde

New version uploaded!

Horde v0.4

*BIG CHANGE: The default guides will no longer appear on the list. WoW-Pro guides will now appear on top of the list. Thank you Jahwo!
*REVAMP: Zerinj's Orc/troll starter 1-12 | Jiyambi | High Quality, test it!
*REVAMP: Hosho's Barrens Guide 12-20 | Jiyambi | High Quality, test it!
*Fixes made to Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 31-41 | Jiyambi

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dude, Jame ur a really

Sticking out tongue dude, Jame ur a really nice guy but you really need work on ur guide. I could help you making a "testing video".

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I really have no clue what

I really have no clue what you're talking about Sticking out tongue

You're replying to a comment where I mention a bunch of improvements to the addon, and you say I need to work on my guide. Does that make any sense? ^^

I also have no idea whatsoever what you mean by making a "testing video". Wth is that?

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He probably means what has

He probably means what has been mentioned in a comment in your blog before. A video of you, leveling from 1 to 80 *yawn* Eye

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With all due respect, using

With all due respect, using words like "ur" does not inspire confidence in your help. Jame works his butt off on these guides, and a lot of other folks have put in a lot of time and energy into them. If you are going to criticize, at least give some useful input and feedback.

Making a testing video would be nice, but it's probably not high on Jame's list of priorities right now. It's more important to get the guides polished, and I know lots of folks are looking forward to some more guides for Northrend and even Outland (Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley). If you want to make a video, and it's high quality and professional looking, then Jame would probably be interested in it - but please don't imply that he is not working hard, nor that his guides are not of high quality. Because frankly they are the best guides on the internet right now, paid or free.

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I second that motion Smiling
No further comments.

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Thanks Jame! Unfortunately

Thanks Jame! Unfortunately I've already found some issues with the Barrens guide, I'll upload a new file as soon as possible. Keep in mind I am only now testing it, my previous revamping was done out of game. But the problems are mostly minor - most importantly so far is that it used "Crossroads" instead of "The Crossroads" and things weren't auto-completing as they should.