Jame's Leveling Guide: Addon Version - Cataclysm Ready

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Our wow leveling addon has gone through a huge revamp and is now 100% Cataclysm ready.

Follow the link below to access the information and download page:


  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!


Jame's Horde Terokkar v0.5

Waypoint for step "Steal the Eye of Shienor" is off, should be at 57.91,23.08

Jame's Horde v0.5, Zangarmarsh

Step to get quest What's Wrong With Cenarion thicket (right after accepting Watcher Leesa'oh) appears to point to the Cenarion thicket itself in Terokkar instead of the quest giver Lethyn Moonfire (78.58, 63.13 in Zangarmarsh). The waypoint arrow text further refers to Tooki as the person you should talk to, which I recon should be the person you turn the quest in in the Terokkar guide instead.

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Fished in the works in

Fished in the works in progress version, thanks Smiling will be in the next release.

Still Horde Zangarmarsh, Step A Spirit Ally (Action)

This one's marker is only a tiny bit off but a PITA because you have to drop a totem in the right smallish area. Suggest pointing the marker to 44.36, 66.28 and rephrase the mouseover comment text that you have to be smack in the middle of the lower stairs to place it.

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Coordinate was changed also

Coordinate was changed also in the new version, I think. I'll add the comment for mouseover though.

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I love it!

I've tried Zygor's in-game leveling guide (for both Horde and Alliance), Brian Kopp's add-on and Joana's add-on, but seriously, NONE of them are as good as this! It's so easy to use and fun to follow! Thanks!

I was really hoping to be

I was really hoping to be able to use this because your written guide was great Smiling But it seems that after I install the addon, it says there is a dependency missing.
Have any idea what I could do?

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You need the base addon.

You need the addon TourGuide installed to run our addon. Go to the Main Info Page and read the installation section, it will tell you exactly what you need and has links to the download pages for TourGuide, TomTom, and Lightheaded, as well as the Horde and Alliance version of the WoW-Pro guides.

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Adventures of Mokrana Chapter 2!

Hey folks!

I just finished speed testing Hosho's Barrens guide. It wasn't the best result ever, but this time I think I have good reasons why not, and I'm confident that the next chapter is going to go a LOT faster.

For more details check out my blog post - you can also follow my blog if you have a blogger account or use an RSS tracker.

Horde Guide

I love this guide and think its great but i was wondering if there is any time on when we(horde) will be getting the 51-60 guide in addon version. I have stopped lvling my priest b/c i hate using the paper version and dont wanna screw up the guide for later by not having certain quests if i lvl myself so...yea.

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I just finished writing it

I just finished writing it this week! You can download it from the Work in Progress page, where all the cutting edge stuff is before Jame compile sit for a major release Smiling


Okay so im kinda lost on how i get this data in the game to work...what i did was downloaded the 51-60 files and put them into the existing wow pro guides folder under wow addons while deleting some of the files with same names(like 1 or 2 of the sections already were in the orignal addon. but I still see the old files and cant find the new ones ingame...Any help would be great Smiling

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You need to delete the old

You need to delete the old "guides" file and put the new one in. That's what controls the index of guides in game.

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Enhancement shammy ftw But

Enhancement shammy ftw Smiling

But yeah, I can understand where you're coming from with the low level enhancement difficulties. We're just a little toothless until a certain point, then things start getting fun.

At your level, you've basically got earthshock.

But when you reach the higher levels, you get more totems, stormstrike, maelstrom, lava lash, feral spirit, etc.

This slow progression of skills is why hancy is so great for new players, but can be frustrating for more experienced players (and why I always take ele until 40, or at least I would if I'd ever been bothered to get past 36.

Anyway, don't get disheartened, and goodluck with the next installment, it can only get better from here.

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Thanks Brune! I am really

Thanks Brune!

I am really glad to have Water Shield now, I can use it when I'm low on mana Smiling

Also I get my ghost wolf form now, yay speed increase! Smiling

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What then if you use Gavin's

What then if you use Gavin's Leveling Guide?

EDIT: This comment came at the top of the page eventhough I'm pretty sure I clicked reply, but anyways, this comment is a reply to Jiyambi's post 2 posts below Smiling

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*Any* guide other than

*Any* guide other than WoW-Pro's will be hidden when the WoW-Pro guides are enabled, from what I understand. Again, we're working on a fix for this, but that the moment you'll need to disable WoW-Pros guides to see other guides.


Love the guides, but after I installed them again with WOW Matrix, I lost the ability to acces the SSO Daily I had created, as well as the older guides that were present.
If I can figure it out and fix the problem, then I can think about helping test the remaining guides

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The non-wow-pro guides are

The non-wow-pro guides are hidden when the wow-po addon is enabled. This is because we received multiple complaints about people being unable to find our guides, since you have to scroll down to find them. There is currently discussion going on to make "subfolders" within the Tourguide menu to fix this problem, but for now you'll need to disable the WoW-Pro portion of the addon to see those other guides. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jame's Horde HFP guide - Marking the Path

The marker for the South beacon is off, should point to 36.07, 65.51. All three steps autocomplete properly though.

Applies to V0.5

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Fixed! Also, thanks for including the version, faction, and zone. Makes this so much easier!

Glad to be of assistance

Glad to be of assistance Smiling

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I happen to use WowMatrix (link) to update my addons, and I noticed that your (awesome) addon has been added to their list of supported addons. Just thought I'd let ya know.

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Thanks! It seems one of our

Thanks! It seems one of our users added us, unfortunately Jame is not sure he wants the addon available for download there. It's being looked into.

Grizzly Hills guide - two notes

I've seen a couple of spots in the guides where the location being marked is the location that the quest is completed at, but it's an underground or lower-level location where it's not immediately obvious how to get there. One example is in the Grizzly hills guide, on the step 'A Dark Influence', where the arrow points to a location that is a big grassy field. There is no mention of the entrance that takes you to that spot underground.

The sequence for "Heart of the Ancients" and "My Heart is in Your Hands" also seemed confused. It seemed to indicate I should use the elixir to summon the troll at the lumber camp, but that was where I was supposed to loot the heart. I couldn't summon him until I had gotten 5 desperate mojos, which is the step listed after the quest turnin, and was a significant distance away. I had to go to the paper version to figure out the correct sequence.

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Dragonblight Guide?

First off, great work everyone. There are some people doing some hard, largely thankless work, and people like me appreciate their efforts. Smiling So far I have run my 70 (now 74) Hunter through both the Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord guides. I did not alt tab at all, and went expressly by what the guide told me. There weren't any MAJOR issues, just a couple bad waypoints, and a couple times when the guides failed to send me back to a quest hub for turnins.

My question though, is this, where is the Dragonblight guide? I see it as being listed elsewhere, and thought there was one in the addon at one point, but now I don't see it in the latest version. Has it just not been created yet, or did it get pulled accidentally from the addon?

Author of http://parttimedruid.com, a WoW blog about Druids, Warriors and Casual Play.

Author of http://parttimedruid.com, a WoW blog about Druids, Warriors and Casual Play.

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There's one that's included in the original TourGuide mod, but it's not from here. When you install the wow-pro mod, it disables those guides included in TourGuide.

On the Works in Progress page (http://www.wow-pro.com/wiki/addon_in_progress), it shows that Dragonblight is being worked on, but hasn't been released.

This is, of course, assuming you're talking about the Alliance side....LOL



In post http://www.wow-pro.com/wiki/addon_in_progress#comment-22789 Rhovanion posted a Dragonblight guide he whipped up. I've tried it, it seems pretty good. Maybe it should be used?

The file seems to still be up at
despite his warning it may disappear. I just copied it to the addon folder, and then edited the Guides.xml file with notepad, adding an entry for the file. I found it to be self-explanatory, if anybody else wants to try it.

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I'd forgotten about that, thanks for reminding me. I'm fumbling through the last 4 zones with my 4 highest level toons. I'll take a look at this guide when I finish.


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Cords on horde guides are all off

Love the site just recently signed up. Been using tour guide to level my new priest horde side. They work fine just the cords for all major towns are completely off. Its telling me Org is in Stonetalon Mountains and that Splintertree post is in Hillsbrad. its not a big deal for me but for someone who's never played it would be confusing. Keep up the good work other than that small issue its great.

Coords at startup

There's sometimes an issue when you first start up, and tourguide doesn't detect the zone you're in when it starts. It then maps the coordinates to the world map. If this happens, right-click on the addon, then select 'guides', and switch to another guide. When you switch back, it should map the coordinates to the correct zone.

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Bloodmyst Isle Addon Guide

In the guide to Bloodmyst Isle I found a error:

When you first arrive at Blood Watch you are told to (amongst others) to take "Know Thine Enemy" and "Bear Neccesities" (sorry for the spelling). Now, I was level 12 when I arrived there and I couldn't take it. It's greyed out!

EDIT: It seems I have made a mistake here. This does not apply to your guides, but the "default" ones. I apoligise for the misunderstanding.

I found some problems in the

I found some problems in the Barrens guide:

1. The fly to crossroads and set heartstone to crossroads items does not auto-complete. This is because the place is named "The Crossroads", not crossroads.

2. The "Plainstrider Menace" quest does not auto-complete and when I check it manually it also checks the turn-in as complete. I think this is caused by wrong QID. It looks like it should have QID 844 NOT 871.

Still another problem found

Still another problem found in the Barrens guide:

- The "Call of Fire" Shaman quest chain needs to be split up into parts and the numbers needs to match the ones in the Durotar guide.

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Thanks much, the Barrens

Thanks much, the Barrens guide probably has a lot of errors since I didn't test it after coding, I was waiting for Hosho to finish his revamp.

Howling Fjord - clarification needed

I forgot to note that I've tried and enjoyed the Howling Fjord guide. I used it almost entirely without issue. The one issue I found was that when you're in Gjalerbron and have to wake Dormant Vrykul and kill Fearsome Horrors, it's not clear where to go. The web version of the guide leads you to the correct entrance, but I hadn't seen the entrance when I came up the stairs, and the addon simply pointed to the coordinate without noting where the entrance was.

Thanks for the hard work, everybody!


Ok well i added all of the addons YES all of them (4), and when i extract them into my addons folder nothing happens.. im using vista btw. and i really want to use this guide.

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By 'nothing happens' do you

By 'nothing happens' do you mean you don't see them on the addon menu that appears when you click on the 'addons' button in the bottom corner when you are at the WoW character selection screen? You have to close the WoW window and re run it for it to work.

Clarify please? Smiling

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Big update

Big update today!


WoW-Pro-TourGuide_Alliance v 0.6.2 -- Update March 13th 2009*

*Fixes to Snowflake's Draenei Guide (1-12)
*Fixes to Sven's Bloodmyst Leveling Guide (12-20)


WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Horde v0.5 -- Updated March 13th 2009

*Added Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide | Coder: Gethe |
*Added Shinke's Tauren Starter | Coder: TzTz |
*REVAMP: Zerinj's Orc Starter
*REVAMP: Snowflake's Blood Elf Starter
*REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 21-31
*REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 31-41
*REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 41-51
*REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Hellfire Penninsula
*REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Zangarmarsh
*REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Terokkar

Please continue helping us with the testing and revamping.

And enjoy!

Badlands and Swamp of Sorrows switched?

Great to see such a big update Smiling

I do have a question though: it seems Badlands and Swamp of Sorrows are switched. The guides will have you go to the badlands, crush some rock elementals on the way and then you have to go straight to the swamp of sorrows. In the paper version you stay in the Badlands and when finished you continue in the swamp of sorrows...is this a glitch or is this intentional swapped in the addon guide?

keep up the good work, its getting better every time Laughing out loud

Horde Lvl'ing guide add-on

On the add-on char screen being told 'dependency missing'

Really wanna use add-on same with friend. Great raves from it in game.

PLZZZZZZ help me Puzzled

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I deleted your double post,

I deleted your double post, I responded to your comment here. If you have any other questions feel free to ask Smiling

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Sounds like you are missing

Sounds like you are missing some of the base required addons (most likely, Tour Guide itself). You need to have four total addons installed:

  • Tour Guide
  • WoW-Pro's Tour Guide files (separate ones exist for Horde and Alliance)
  • TomTom or Cartographer
  • Lightheaded

Please see the Main Info Page of the addon for links to download each of these, it should be near the top.

In the entire month regarding

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An Apology and a Farewell

First off, I'm very sorry to everyone here for disappearing without a trace. Several things all came together at once, and because of this, I've basically had no free time for the last month or so.

Long story short; year 12 and a young lady.

As such, I've had to reshuffle my priorities, and for the forseeable future, WoW is a long way down the list. I've cancelled my account and don't plan on returning.

So, once again, I'm very sorry for pulling a Houdini, and wish you all the best here at WoW-Pro.

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Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your contributions Black Cat. You'll always be welcome here!

Good luck with everything Smiling

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Thanks for all the hard work

Thanks for all the hard work you put on the addon Black Cat.

Good luck !

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We'll miss you Black Cat,

We'll miss you Black Cat, thanks for all the work you did on the addon! You know you're always welcome here, should your life become less hectic!

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Horde 41-51 UPDATE

Hey folks,

I just finished testing and doing a massive revamp on the Horde 41-51 section. It's far from perfect, but also much better than it was. This shouldn't receive the "quality" sticker just yet, but it's definitely play-able now and shouldn't have any major problems. Most remaining issues are stylistic and will be fixed slowly as folks play it through.

The file can be downloaded here, is linked in the table above, and will be part of the next addon release.