Jame's Leveling Guide: Addon Version - Cataclysm Ready

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Our wow leveling addon has gone through a huge revamp and is now 100% Cataclysm ready.

Follow the link below to access the information and download page:


  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!


Another error.

On Horde side the quest The Sub-chieftains in Borean does not auto-complete when quest is complete.

Thats three errors I found in two zones =)

*Outlands was practically flawless, however*

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If anyone is running into to

If anyone is running into this guide - http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/leveling/ - I advise you to don't buy it. It's REALLY looking like TourGuide/Wow-Pro addon and this website is trying to sell something we can get for free.

If there is a reason, I'm sorry that I blamed UltimateWowGuide.

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It *is* TourGuide...

I had a look at the screenshots provided - and that addon *IS* TourGuide. Same layout, same strings, same pictures...

I wonder if Tekkub is aware of that.

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Well, it clearly is Tour

Well, it clearly is Tour Guide. However...

If go to this page, you can test out the guide yourself, and see that it's not a WoW-Pro guide at all.
For example, Dugi's guide includes a 12-17 Darkshore part, and that doesn't exist on WoW-Pro.

Dugi has also made other guides, such as a Daily Quest & Events guide.

You can see by this that Dugi simply uses the Tour Guide to make his own in-game guides.

Although, he MAY have just edited the already existing guides built into Tour Guide and just added a whole bunch more information. And he may also have used Lyran's Daily Quest Guide to make his own Daily Quest & Events guide.

I'm not judging nor protecting Dugi in this matter, just enlightning Eye

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It's not what I said :)

I didn't say that he "plagiated" (I hope the verb exists in English Smiling) some other guides - he is certainly the one who wrote them, since they also exist in a paper form, and they may be excellent.

I just said that he is using the "guide engine addon" TourGuide to distribute them, and I wonder if Tekkub knows that someone takes profit from his addon - this is the point annoying me.

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I understood what you ment

I understood what you ment in your first comment, np Sticking out tongue

My above comment was more a reply to Eric, who said that the guides themselves look like Tour Guide or WoW-Pro guides.

There are others too that have made profit from Tour Guide, one of them is Gavin.

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Thanks to you both to get

Thanks to you both to get this clear Eye

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WoW-Pro guides vs. Paid guides...

I got asked this question today: "What's so special about those WoW-Pro guides? Why would I use a crappy free guide over something I have to pay for like Joana's? Surely if I pay for something it's going to be better."

I answered it very easily, I'll share that answer here and now.

I actually have Joana's guide - one of the many (and probably one of the best known) guides you have to pay for. It was given to me as a present by a friend who got me into WoW - he paid for it for me once I had been playing a few weeks and asked him about any guides n whatnot. Now, why would I use the guides here on WoW-Pro rather than Joana's guide?

  1. Joana's guide is designed purely for use for a Warlock or Hunter, commonly considered the fastest levelers due to their exceptional abilities at being able to go for long sustained periods of time without taking a break. Jame's guides work for every single class equally.

  2. Joana's guide is extremely poor in it's appearance. In my eyes, it looks like it was put together by a bunch of 7 year-olds. It follows very basic stages: do this, do that, then go here and do this... Jame's guides look absolutely amazing, you can really appriciate the time and effort he put into them and see that they are very well presented. You never get stuck or lost as everything is explained in crystal-clear detail.

  3. Why pay for something when you can get it (and so much more) for free? Free is the best price you can pay.

  4. Joana's guide is exactly that, nothing more. WoW-Pro is so much more than just a collection of guides, even if that collection is vast and covers almost every aspect of the game. It has a large community of friendly and helpful people who are always willing to offer advice and criticism in a good way. You can make alot of good friends in a community like this. You will also learn alot more about the game here too compared to following Joana's guide.

There you have it. That's short and simple I know, but I think it sums it up pretty well.

I would like to make it clear though that I don't intend for this to offend anyone. I used Joana's guide as an example as it was brought up in the question and I have it myself and so I feel like I can compare the two as I have reasoning and experience of both behind my opinions. If Joana reads this then I do appologise to you if this offends or upsets you, that was never my intention.

Anyway, peace out!

- Skumball

Speaking of Brian Kopp...

You also don't end up where his customers are right now. Ripped off. He never released a completed 70-80 guide which he wanted to charge more money for, and he has been missing ever since. Almost a year now and his forums are filled with angry people unable to get a refund. Finally Spugnort or w/e his seller is, had to make posts to calm people down.

With wow-pro, if Jame ever stops there are others who will be happy to take over or pitch in. The beauty of open source is anyone can help and you get a great community like you have here.

Bagels n' Lox

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Agreed. Jame's guides have

Agreed. Jame's guides have increased my leveling speed at all level brackets with about 30-50% (depending on the bracket), and that is compared with my leveling speed while following various other guides such as Joana's, Brian Kopp's, Idemise & Zygor.

I've tried most of the paid guides, and yet I end up following Jame's. This, and the bold text above, speaks for itself when it comes to WoW-Pro guides vs. Paid guides.

By the way, thanks for posting, Skumball, I were thinking about the very same things just yesterday.

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Well, as someone who has

Well, as someone who has bought many different paid guides (I don't like to download paid things for free, I much prefer wasting money), SPEED-wise, they're all pretty good and comparable with the WoW-Pro guides. (I should point out that I am speaking solely of leveling guides.) However, WoW-Pro beats them in one very significant way: details. When using the other guides I would often go to a location and be told to do a quest, and that's it. I'd spend a lot of time going to Wowhead in order to look up what I was supposed to do in the obscure quests. Seriously, just giving a location and a quest name isn't enough sometimes. Wow-Pro's guides however go into a staggering about of detail by comparison. The level of detail here made it so I almost never had to go to Wowhead to look things up, and the few times I did were for situations like running out of enemies to kill and looking up other locations, and such. (Well, and that Red Rocket PvP quest in Grizzly Hills, which Jame says to skip anyway.) So, yes, the details provided on the guides here at WoW-Pro, to me, set the guides here head and shoulders above the rest.

tl;dr version: Details are good.

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Just wanted to mention that

Just wanted to mention that in Tour Guide on ally side there is apparently a...

[WoW-Pro | NLX3647's] Icecrown (79-80)

Icecrown, huh?

I thought we didn't have an Icecrown guide.

No big deal, though, cause I'm gonna use it! Sticking out tongue

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I think this was made by one

I think this was made by one of our users, to hold us until Jame comes out with his Smiling

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*Pokes head in*

Huh? What? Eye

Yeah, Tekkub's and Jame's guides, as well as some user created guides for Dragonblight and Grizzly hills, basically left only one area to have a guide for, and that was Icecrown. So I made a basic guide for it. It'll get you the achievement, but you'll need some help in the end for the group quests. I'd like to work on it a little more to improve the questcircuits, but I need to find time to do that.

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Adventures of Mokrana: Capter 3!

Hey all!

I just finished speed testing levels 21-31 with Jame's leveling guide. See the results on my blog. Overall this section went pretty well, though there was a bit of grinding involved. I expect things to improve as we go!

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I'm at 28 now on a Shaman

I'm at 28 now on a Shaman and tbh there's ALOT of grinding I'm doing, I've even ran an instance for the 30-40% level exp to catch up.

I don't remember doing this when I leveled my druid through this guide at this stage using the paper version but I will confess I'm not killing anything besides quest objectives this time round - I'm lazy and want to get it leveled and get everything done as fast as I can. That's probably why it's llike this for me.

- Skumball

Funding the War Effort

The order of Beachfront Property, The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die, and Funding the War Effort should be the opposite order. Funding, Forsaken, then Beachfront.


How to know if u have completeded the quest the guide tells go to do Example : my 28 druid doing bostons guide 28-29
it tells me to go to Wetlands and pick up a Quest when im there i can only get another quest that the guide says nothing about. please help

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Chances are you haven't done

Chances are you haven't done the pre-quest or there may be a bug with the guide.

Make a note exactly which quest it is and post it on here and it will be looked into.

- Skumball

The Book Of Runes Waypoint

Howling Fjord Horde Version.

Waypoint is incorrect.

Most likely the waypoint for Skorn instead of the waypoint for The Book of Runes.

Good luck =)

34-35 arathi

This quest "(35)Crystal in the mountains" popped up from no where when i didn't even have the item to accept the quest.

Jame love your guides, made most of my toons to 80.

i have one request, when is allience DK guide going to be up?

Great Guides

You're add on has been extremely helpful in leveling new toons, but I don't think I saw a 12-20 guide for night elves. Should I just follow another 12-20 guide or is a night elf guide in progress?

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Just follow Maw's 12-20

Just follow Maw's 12-20 Guide. I think that's the best option for a Night Elf, since Boston's doesn't have a "Getting Started" section, so you'll have a harder time using that one.

Carbonite + Jame's Leveling Guide Addon Version = Good Times!!!!

Hey Jame,

Thanks for all the great work you've done on these guides.
I just wanted to point out that Carbonite compliments the Addon Version of your guide extremely well.
I strongly suggest you recommend the combo to your readers.


OMG! Thanks Jame!

I used this about a hour, and i am lvl 7 Dranei Warrior. BTW it is some problems with Snowflakes 1-12 guide. Thanks

- Goblini

Problem with map

I dont think you guys are responsible for mapping dots on map pretty sure thats one of the other addons but anyways...My dots for anyplace except an npc are like on the other continent and always in the wrong place, wondering if theres a fix you may know? Thanks in advance.

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If you are using Horde

If you are using Horde leveling guide 21-31, just download the newest version of the addon and that should fix the problem - this section was coded without zone tags to tell the addon where to put the dots.

If you are using a different section and it's doing this, please let us know which one so we can fix it Smiling


Yes i was using the 21-31 guide for horde and just downloaded the new version, i havent got to try it yet but im sure it'll fix that problem.

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Heh, well I may have missed

Heh, well I may have missed one or two of the tags, please post here if you notice any and include information about what step it is that's messed up. Thanks for the feedback!

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New versions

New versions out!


  • NEW: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight | JamesL85
  • REVAMP: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Zangarmarsh | Arannar
  • REVAMP: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Terokkar (Aldor) | Arannar
  • REVAMP: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Terokkar (Scryer) | Arannar
  • REVAMP: Jame's Alliance leveling GUide Borean Tundra | JamesL85
  • REVAMP: Jame's Alliance leveling GUide Howling Fjord | JamesL85
  • REVAMP: Jame's Alliance leveling GUide Grizzly Hills | JamesL85
  • MISC: Fixed the TOC. Addon will no longer appear as "out of date" | Jahwo/Jame


  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Nagrand | Jiyambi
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Howling Fjord | Jiyambi
  • REVAMP: Mannovan's Undead Starter | Skully0815
  • REVAMP: Snowflake's Ghostlands | Skully0815
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (21-31) | Jiyambi
  • MISC: Fixed the TOC. Addon will no longer appear as "out of date" | Jahwo/Jame

Jame's 30-40 Stranglethorn Vale

I keep getting error messages. Apparently, the text inside the TourGuide addon for this segment keep trying to direct TourGuide to "Strangethorn Vale". Naturally, since there is no such place, an error keeps popping up with each new step in the guide. Just thought that I would let you know. Otherwise, great addon.

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Hmmm, I thought someone

Hmmm, I thought someone fixed this, sorry. What faction, Alliance or Horde?


Sorry. It was in the 30-40 Alliance guide

another addon error

Azhara 51-52
the boat to auberdine goes from SW now, not menethil harbor

error in the addon

Alliance side
The quest/part called "pristine yeti hide" links to a spot outside gadgetzan, but should link to 63,52 in Feralas. Lvl 49

Thanks for the addon!

Finally finished!

Alrighty I have finally finished up with James Super Duper leveling addon in grizzly hills and I am standing at lvl 79.25. Smiling

I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped put together this awsome guide and I hope i see some more soon.


bug report for Terrokar and Nagrand:


Entering Auchindon to get the quest "I See Dead Draeni" and others - wrong coords, enter through stairs down not upper level (for some reason I didn't type proper coords when jotting this down, sorry).

Finding Dirty Larry for "What Book? I don't see any book" the Tour Guide interface is applying the coords given to Terrokar instead of Shattrath

Quest "Talbuk Mastery (part 1)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Windroc Mastery (part 1)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Clefthoof Mastery (part 1)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Talbuk Mastery (part 2)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Windroc Mastery (part 2)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Clefthoof Mastery (part 2)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Talbuk Mastery (part 3)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Windroc Mastery (part 3)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "Clefthoof Mastery (part 3)" has a "this quest is not listed in your current guide" warning

Quest "HELP!" - when told to get this quest and when you are told to turn it in, no arrow pops up for directions on the main screen or mini map, nor is the location marked on the main map. There are no coords given when you mouse over the quest name in the log box.

Quest "The Consortium Needs You" directs alliance players to the Consortium representative outside the Horde city of Garadar instead of the one at 51.11, 69.78.

Guide does not recognize when Cho'war the Pillager has been killed, does not proceed to next step

Guide does not tell you to free Corki after getting the key from Cho'War. It seems that it marks the quest as turned in at Arechron in Telaar as soon as you loot the key.

Guide does not tell you to turn in "Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor" either before or after turning in "Wanted: Giselda the Crone." Both must be turned in before you can take "Wanted: Durn the Hungerer," which the guide tells you to take after turning in "Wanted: Giselda the Crone."

"Nitrin's Instructions" can be destroyed after turning in the quest "Vision of the Dead." Actually, it can be destroyed immediately upon getting it since the player is following the quest guide.

Guide never tells you to turn in the quest "Fierce Enemies."

That concludes my Terrokar / Nagrand report. I'll be starting Blade's Edge on Monday.

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Thanks for the detailed bug

Thanks for the detailed bug report, I'm assuming this is for Alliance?


Sorry, yes, that was for the Alliance Wow-Pro guide.


Yes forgot to mention that it was the horde side. Smiling

Error in Grizzly Hills Addon Guide

"1. Ride east to Silverbrook Hills (26,31)." is correct in the online version but gives (26,13) in the add-on guide. Tom-Toms arrow guide leads you to Zul'Drak.

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I'm assuming you're talking about the Horde guide? I looked in the Alliance side and couldn't find that text.



Is there a version of this for DK leveling? I can't seem to see the ones for the DK areas...

yes there is


the 2 top of the list are jame's.

however he havnt had time to update talents for 3.1 .. and i hope its coz he's busy with the 77-80 levelling guides ^^

No guide

I cannot get any guide at all to load on the game. There is no little box on the upper end to says "No guide loaded" or anything.

No Guide, No Arrow, No Nothing

First I want to say thank you to all the people who made these guides possible. I would literally be lost without them. I see a marked difference in my levelling from BG (before guide) to AG (after guide). This is awesome and thanks again for your wonderful work. Smiling

I have all of James' Guides for Horde and Alliance. They worked fine last night. Now I've updated WoW with their stupid patch and my guides won't work. I get no green arrow telling me where to go next. I can't load a guide at all. None of the guides now say James, Snowflake,Boston, Maw or Pro anything. The only thing that seems to work is QuestHelper and I get the information for WowHead in my quest log. So I can search for a quest and read comments. However the guides aren't working for me or my boyfriend. Any information on when they will be updated or any help is appreciated. Laughing out loud

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I second that. It's a bit

I second that. It's a bit irritating as I was planning on leveling my druid tonight. Sticking out tongue

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Yeah I hope the author of

Yeah I hope the author of TourGuide and the one for Cartographer get their updates in some time tomorrow morning. It seems its not Jame's Addon. There were a few changes to how a character is located in terms of local, along with changes to how quests and a few other things are handled. I've been leveling my Dwarf and don't want to stop.

all i want in life is to be happy!

All I Want In Life Is To Be Happy!!! - Korn

Jame's Horde Howling Fjord, v0.5.2

Against Niffelwar - Turn in coords are completely off for some reason, should be 67.50, 60.54 and indicate Ranger-Captain Areiel. The next turn in, The Enemy's Legacy, could have an add on the NPC, Scribe Seguine (obvious, though, he's right next to the ranger, so meh).