Stormsong Valley - Alliance

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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('Freitas_Stormsong', 'Leveling', 'Stormsong Valley', 'MateusFreitas', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,110, 120)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, nil)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[
A Stormsong Valley|QID|47962|M|70.45,27.14|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Lead-in quest from mission table.|
T Stormsong Valley|QID|47962|M|42.97,56.64|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Taelia inside Harbormaster's Office.|
A The Missing Fleet|QID|47952|M|73.82,25.09|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Taelia.|
C The Missing Fleet|QID|47952|M|74.17,24.79|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Talk to Will Melbourne for a ride.|
T The Missing Fleet|QID|47952|M|65.07,68.92|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|To Taelia on the dock.|
A Searching for Answers|QID|51487|M|64.87,68.84|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Taelia.|
C Searching for Answers|QID|51487|M|68.42,74.28|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|NC|N|Question Sister Adrianna.|
C Searching for Answers|QID|51487|M|66.10,84,10|Z|Boralus|QO|3|NC|N|Question Sister Celicia.|
C Searching for Answers|QID|51487|M|60.50,85.20|Z|Boralus|QO|2|NC|N|Question Brother Darrel.|
T Searching for Answers|QID|51487|M|65.07,68.92|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|To Taelia on the dock.|
A Archived Knowledge|QID|51488|M|60.46,85.27|Z|Boralus|N|From Taelia.|
C Archived Knowledge|QID|51488|M|68.35,81.45|Z|Boralus|QO|1|NC|N|Question Brother Alen.|
C Archived Knowledge|QID|51488|M|68.35,81.45|Z|Boralus|QO|2|NC|N|Follow him into the basement.|
C Archived Knowledge|QID|51488|M|73.71,39.55|Z|Boralus|QO|3|N|Speak with him to begin the fight with Wade.|
T Archived Knowledge|QID|51488|M|73.71,39.55|Z|Boralus|N|To Taelia next to you.|
A Time to Leave|QID|51489|M|73.73,39.49|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Taelia.|
C Time to Leave|QID|51489|M||Z|Boralus|NC|N|Hop on Galeheart for a ride to Stormsong Valley.|
T Time to Leave|QID|51489|M|57.89,85.93|N|To Taelia.|
A Border Issues|QID|51490|M|57.91,85.93|N|From Taelia.|
$ Smuggler's Chest|M|58.61,83.88|N|Underneath the dock. Loot for resources and gold.|RANK|2|
A Argussian Reach|QID|48642|M|44.44,55.56|
A Court of Farondis|QID|42420|M|30.34,66.78|
A The Wardens|QID|42422|M|31.86,69.46|RANK|2|
C Border Issues|QID|51490|M|57.00,84.00|N|Talk to guards and deal with them.|
T Border Issues|QID|51490|M|57.91,85.93|N|From Taelia.|
A Carry On|QID|51401|M|57.89,85.92|N|From Taelia.|
K Kill Squall|M|57.00,75.80|N|Kill rare for loot and resources.|
f Brennadam|M|59.72,70.56|N|From Anna Skyspirit.|
A Circle the Wagons|QID|52793|M|60.17,70.51|QO|1|U|155859|N|From Marilyn Hood.|
A Sometimes Less Is More|QID|52796|M|60.17,70.51|QO|2|N|From Marilyn Hood.|
T Carry On|QID|51401|M|59.16,69.48|N|To Taelia.|
A A Risky Ploy|QID|49725|M|59.18,69.45|N|From Taelia.|
C A Risky Ploy|QID|49725|M|59.13,69.06|N|Blow the whistle in the crowd.|RANK|2|
C A Risky Ploy|QID|49725|M|59.13,69.06|QO|1|S|N|"Subdue" the Citizen.|
T A Risky Ploy|QID|49725|M|59.23,68.63|QO|1|NC|N|To Brother Pike on the stairs.|
A House Stormsong|QID|49703|M|59.23,68.63|QO|3|N|From Brother Pike.|
K Kill Grimscowl the Harebrained.|M|62.17,73.84|N|Kill rare for loot and resources.|
C Sometimes Less Is More|QID|52796|M|63.10,75.25|N|From Marilyn Hood.|
C Circle the Wagons|QID|52793|M|63.77,73.82|N|Lorraine is here.|
C Circle the Wagons|QID|52793|M|64,89,76.78|QO|2|N|Mallory is here.|
A A Saur Point|QID|52795|M|64.88,76.79|N|From Mallory Hood.|
C A Saur Point|QID|52795|M|65.36,77.99|N|Kill Sourtooth in the cave.|
T A Saur Point|QID|52795|M|64.88,76.79|N|Back to Mallory.|
C Circle the Wagons|QID|52793|M|63.29,77.74|N|Darion is here.|RANK|2|
T Sometimes Less Is More|QID|52796|M|60.17,70.51|N|From Marilyn Hood.|
T Circle the Wagons|QID|52793|M|60.17,70.51|N|From Marilyn Hood.|
K Kill Foreman Scripps|M|64.43,65.93|N|Kill rare for loot and resources.|
T House Stormsong|QID|49703|M|63.40,64.73|N|To Brother Pike.|
T House Stormsong|QID|49703|M|63.40,64.73|N|To Brother Pike.|
A Unnecessary Duress|QID|49705|M|63.40,64.73|QO|1|U|155893|S|N|From Brother Pike.|
A Proclamation Investigation|QID|49706|M|63.40,64.73|QO|1|S|N|From Brother Pike.|
A Haywire Harvesters|QID|49704|M|63.47,64.96|QO|1|S|N|From Taelia.|
C Unnecessary Duress|QID|49705|M|61.93,65.11|N|Click on item next to human workers.|RANK|2|
C Haywire Harvesters|QID|49704|M|61.93,65.11|N|Looted from mechs you kill.|
C Proclamation Investigation|QID|49706|M|61.93,65.11|N|Read 3 Proclamations hanging from posts and walls. |
$ Small Treasure Chest|M|61.56,63.80|N|Underneath the building. Loot for resources and gold.|
T Unnecessary Duress|QID|49705|M|63.40,64.73|N|To Brother Pike.|
T Proclamation Investigation|QID|49706|M|63.40,64.73|N|To Brother Pike.|
T Haywire Harvesters|QID|49704|M|63.47,64.96|N|To Taelia.|
A The Rising Tide|QID|49794|M|63.46,64.95|QO|1|U|155919|S|N|From Taelia.|
A Lost, Not Forgotten|QID|49791|M|63.42,64.74|QO|1|NC|N|From Brother Pike.|
A Means to an End|QID|49793|M|63.42,64.74|NC|N|From Unknown.|
C Lost, Not Forgotten|QID|49791|M|63.42,64.74|N|After you kill the humans, click on the item to release their souls. |
A Forced Labor|QID|49887|M|64.60,62.11|QO|1|S|N|From Samuel Williams.|
C Forced Labor|QID|49887|M|64.71,62.10|QO|1|NC|N|Free him from the "Anchor" right next to you.|RANK|2|
T Forced Labor|QID|49887|M|64.60,62.11|QO|2|NC|N|To Samuel Williams.|
A Bound and Oppressed|QID|49792|M|64.60,62.12|QO|2|NC|N|From Samuel Williams.|
C Means to an End|QID|49793|M|63.42,64.74|QO|1|US|N|Click on the glowy item here.|
K Sister Absinthe|M|61.69,56.97|N|Kill rare for loot and resources.|
C Means to an End|QID|49793|M|64.76,57.90|N|Click on the glowy item here.|
C The Rising Tide|QID|49794|M|65.54,60.76|QO|3|NC|N|Kill Sister Ava on the boat.|
A Make it Mildenhall|QID|51582|M|66.35,57.20|N|From the sign on the pole.|
T The Rising Tide|QID|49794|M|66.50,56.48|QO|1|N|From Taelia.|
C Means to an End|QID|49793|M|66.86,60.61|N|Click on the glowy item here.|
T Means to an End|QID|49793|M|66.79,60.67|N|Tp Brother Pike who shows up right beside you.|
C Lost, Not Forgotten|QID|49791|M|63.42,64.74|N|Finish up releasing souls.|
C Bound and Oppressed|QID|49792|M|64.60,62.12|N|Finish up clicking the anchors.|
T Lost, Not Forgotten|QID|49791|M|67.19,59.38|QO|1|U|157859|NC|N|From Brother Pike.|
T Bound and Oppressed|QID|49792|M|64.60,62.12|N|From Samuel Williams.|
A Rest in the Depths|QID|49975|M|66.33,56.52|N|From Brother Pike.|
C Rest in the Depths|QID|49975|M|66.33,56.52|N|Click on the ringer one more time, and wait for it to finish.|
T Rest in the Depths|QID|49975|M|66.33,56.52|N|To Brother Pike.|
A Rearmament|QID|49996|M|66.50,56.51|N|From Taelia.|
A Fabricated Fabrications|QID|49995|M|66.49,56.44|QO|1|S|N|From Samuel Williams.|
A The Days Are Just Packed|QID|51552|M|66.79,56.48|S|N|From Hobbs.|
A The Missing Link|QID|50139|M|68.71,54.40|QO|1|N|From the book on the ground here.|
C Fabricated Fabrications|QID|49995|M|69.30,51.49|QO|1|N|Kill pirates and loot the blueprints.|
C Rearmament|QID|49996|M|69.30,51.49|NC|US|N|Click on the glowing weapons in camp.|
C The Missing Link|QID|50139|M|69.99,50.16|US|N|Kill Tideguard Pontus and loot the cipher.|
K Corrupted Pod|M|66.96,50.19|N|Kill rare for loot and resources.|RANK|2|
C Fabricated Fabrications|QID|49995|M|69.30,51.49|N|Finish up looting blueprints.|
C Rearmament|QID|49996|M|69.30,51.49|N|Finish up getting weapons.|
K Kill Galestorm|QID|123|M|71.34,54.23|N|Kill and loot|
T Fabricated Fabrications|QID|49995|M|66.49,56.44|N|To Samuel Williams.|
T The Missing Link|QID|50139|M|68.71,54.40|QO|1|N|To Samuel Williams.|
T Rearmament|QID|49996|M|66.50,56.51|QO|2|N|To Taelia.|
A Storm's Judgment|QID|49997|M|66.33,56.51|QO|3|N|From Brother Pike.|
C Storm's Judgment|QID|49997|M|69.29,58.70|N|Speak to Brother Pike here.|
C Storm's Judgment|QID|49997|M|66.33,56.51|N|Defeat the waves of elementals, including the big one.|
T Storm's Judgment|QID|49997|M|66.28,56.45|N|To Brother Pike.|
A Voices Below|QID|49998|M|66.28,56.45|N|From Unknown.|
f Mildenhall Meadery|M|68.53,64.98|
T Make it Mildenhall|QID|51582|M|68.88,65.16|N|To Ancel Mildenhall.|
A Mayhem at Mildenhall Meadery|QID|50343|M|68.88,65.16|N|From Unknown.|
C Mayhem at Mildenhall Meadery|QID|50343|M|68.49,67.60|N|Run up the hill.|
T Mayhem at Mildenhall Meadery|QID|50343|M|68.49,67.60|S|N|Ancel will up up beside you.|
A Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|68.49,67.60|QO|1|NC|N|From Ancel Mildenhall.|
A Cleanup Duty|QID|50359|M|68.49,67.60|NC|N|From Ancel Mildenhall.|
C Cleanup Duty|QID|50359|M|68.49,67.60|NC|N|Kill Honey and Mead while you find the clues.|
C Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|68.52,69.00|QO|1|NC|N|Click on the boots here. ---JPL - this chain autocomplete doesnt work right yet---|
C Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|68.52,69.00|NC|N|Click on the flask on the barrel.|
N Honey Bear|M|66.48,71.17|US|N|What the heck is this thing supposed to do??|
C Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|69.22,70.75|QO|1|NC|N|Click on the rough map.|
C Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|70.82,69.66|N|Click on the book on the table.|
C Cleanup Duty|QID|50359|M|68.49,67.60|N|Finsh up the killing.|
C Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|70.82,69.66|N|Click on the honey fragment in the house.|
T Detective Mildenhall|QID|50070|M|70.79,69.61|QO|1|N|To Ancel Mildenhall.|
T Cleanup Duty|QID|50359|M|70.79,69.61|QO|2|N|To Ancel Mildenhall.|
A Don't Go in the Basement|QID|50064|M|70.79,69.61|N|From Ancel Mildenhall.|
C Don't Go in the Basement|QID|50064|M|70.75,69.15;70.81,69.08|CN|N|Go down in the basement and click on the barrel. [JPL - need to figure out how to make run steps work]|
C Don't Go in the Basement|QID|50064|M|70.79,69.61|QO|1|NC|N|From Ancel Mildenhall.|
T Don't Go in the Basement|QID|50064|M|71.04,69.25|QO|2|NC|N|To Ancel Mildenhall.|
A Recovering Raimond|QID|50161|M|71.04,69.25|N|From Ancel Mildenhall.|
C Recovering Raimond|QID|50161|M|71.63,67.99|N|His other boot is here.|
C Recovering Raimond|QID|50161|M|72.42,69.68|N|Pages are found are on the ground around here.|
T Recovering Raimond|QID|50161|M|74.12,72.72|S|N|To Raimond Mildenhall in the cave..|
A Royal Succession|QID|50168|M|74.12,72.72|N|From Raimond Mildenhall.|
A Sticky Situation|QID|50162|M|74.12,72.72|US|N|From Raimond Mildenhall.|
C Sticky Situation|QID|50162|M|73.29,72.30|N|Click on the hives and kill bees on your way.|
C Royal Succession|QID|50168|M|74.77,71.43|N|Kill the Queen inside the cave.|
C Sticky Situation|QID|50162|M|73.29,72.30|N|Click on the hives and kill bees on your way.|
T Royal Succession|QID|50168|M|74.12,72.72|QO|1|N|To Raimond Mildenhall.|
T Sticky Situation|QID|50162|M|74.12,72.72|N|To Raimond Mildenhall.|
A Honey Glazed Sam|QID|50504|M|74.13,72.74|N|From Unknown.|
C Honey Glazed Sam|QID|50504|M|72.81,72.25|N|Free Sam from the honey.|
T Honey Glazed Sam|QID|50504|M|72.81,72.25|N|To Sam.|
A Free the Farmhands|QID|50264|M|72.81,72.25|N|From Sam Robinson.|
A Fetching Wrex|QID|50493|M|72.81,72.25|QO|1|S|N|From Sam Robinson.|
A The Bee Team|QID|50165|M|72.81,72.24|S|N|From Raimond Mildenhall.|
A Wendigo Away|QID|50534|M|72.81,72.24|N|From Raimond Mildenhall.|
C Free the Farmhands|QID|50264|M|71.52,71.80|QO|1|N|Rescue farmers from the hives.|
C The Bee Team|QID|50165|M|71.52,71.80|US|N|Kill the maulers.|
C Fetching Wrex|QID|50493|M|68.71,72.91|N|There are 5 caves in the area - click on the small honey globs in them until you find Wrex.|
C Wendigo Away|QID|50534|M|65.83,78.70|N|Inside the cave.|
C The Bee Team|QID|50165|M|71.52,71.80|N|Kill the maulers.|
C Free the Farmhands|QID|50264|M|71.52,71.80|N|Rescue farmers from the hives.|
T Free the Farmhands|QID|50264|N|To Raimond, who shows up beside you.|
T Fetching Wrex|QID|50493|N|To Raimond.|
T The Bee Team|QID|50165|N|To Raimond, again.|
T Wendigo Away|QID|50534|O|N|And one more...|RANK|3|
A Back to the Lab|QID|50553|N|From Raimond Mildenhall, should still be next to you.|
T Back to the Lab|QID|50553|M|70.75,69.18|N|Back to the basement "Lab".|
R Wrex needs love.|M|71.03,69.11|CC|N|Give him a pat - doesn't do anything but makes you feel good.|
F Brennadam|M|68.55,65.01|N|Fly to Brennadam.|
T The Days Are Just Packed|QID|49745|M|57.60,66.38|N|To Hobbs.|
A Bombs, Away|QID|49746|M|57.60,66.38|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
A You Have Their Orders|QID|49744|M|57.64,66.47|N|From Mayor Roz.|
A Dousing the Flames|QID|49745|M|57.64,66.47|N|From Mayor Roz.|
N The Battle for Brennadam|M|57.55,66.32|N|JPL - INSERT BONUS OBJ. QUEST FOR THIS HERE.|
C You Have Their Orders|QID|49745|M|54.38,61.23|N|Kill and loot the Champion.|
$ Disguised Lunchbox|M|58.21,63.68|QO|1|N|Reached by jumping up the boxes onto the ledge.|
C Dousing the Flames|QID|49746|M|57.60,66.38|N|Click on the buckets of water around the area, then use extra action button on fires. You can sometimes do 2 at once.|
C Bombs, Away|QID|49744|M|55.17,63.41|N|Click on the big red bombs around, mostly next to walls. If you're fast, you can also disarm the ones which are thrown from the blimps.|
C Bombs, Away|QID|49744|M|55.08,60.76|N|Place the bombs around these two Demolishers.|
T Bombs, Away|QID|49744|M|57.60,66.38|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
T You Have Their Orders|QID|49745|M|57.64,66.47|QO|1|N|From Mayor Roz.|
T Dousing the Flames|QID|49746|M|57.64,66.47|QO|2|N|From Mayor Roz.|
A Heavy Artillery|QID|49755|M|57.63,66.48|QO|3|N|From Mayor Roz.|
C Heavy Artillery|QID|49755|M|57.73,61.41;56.12,58.37|N|Up the hill. Kill the Engineers and Wormwood hops out of the tank. Kill him too.|
C Heavy Artillery|QID|49755|M|56.12,58.37|N|Destroy the forces with your 1st ability. DO NOT use ability 2 until you finish this stage.|
C Heavy Artillery|QID|49755|M|56.12,58.37|N|NOW you can use ability #2.|
T Heavy Artillery|QID|49755|M|57.63,66.48|N|You can steer your parachute. Turn in to Mayor Roz.|
A There's Gold in Them There Fields|QID|50157|M|57.63,66.49|N|From Mayor Roz.|
A Checking Out the Collapse|QID|50158|M|57.63,66.49|N|From Mayor Roz.|
A Survivors|QID|52067|M|57.61,66.41|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
A Raiders of the Lost Crop|QID|51310|M|54.95,67.99|QO|1|NC|N|From Farmer Max.|
A Grain Drain|QID|51314|M|54.95,67.99|N|From Farmer Max.|
C Raiders of the Lost Crop|QID|51310|M|53.76,68.19|N|Kill the orcs in the fields all around you.|
C Grain Drain|QID|51314|M|53.76,68.19|N|Pick up the grain as well.|RANK|2|
T Raiders of the Lost Crop|QID|51310|M|54.95,67.99|N|To Farmer Max|RANK|2|
T Grain Drain|QID|51314|M|57.61,66.41|N|To Farmer Max|
K Strange Mushroom Ring|M|53.69,72.00;53.07,69.10|N|Go for the chest, but watch out - 5 mobs are going to pop out!|
K Jakala the Cruel|M|53.41,64.50;53.44,64.39|N|[JPL - this event didnt work... dont know why]. In the basement - talk to Doc Marrtens to start event. |
T Checking Out the Collapse|QID|50158|M|51.59,65.97|S|N|To Farmer Burton|
A Bonus Objective: Weed Whacking|QID|50133|M|51.59,65.97|S|N|Auto-accept on entering area.|
A Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty|QID|50134|M|51.59,65.97|QO|3|N|From Farmer Burton.|
A Stop Vining!|QID|50135|M|51.59,65.97|N|From Farmer Burton.|
C Bonus Objective: Weed Whacking|QID|50133|M|51.59,65.97|QO|2|N|Auto-accept on entering area.|
C Stop Vining!|QID|50135|M|49.07,65.48;48.04,65.94|QO|1|N|Head into this cave for Vinemaster Smagh. [ JPL-dual coords might not work.]|
K Captain Razorspine|M|47.35,65.41|NC|N|Now its Razorspine's turn. (coords inside the cave area)|RANK|2|
C Stop Vining!|QID|50135|M|46.64,64.39|N|Orgsteen is next (coords still in cave).|
C Stop Vining!|QID|50135|M|48.26, 63.52|N|Guff is the last one (coords still in cave).|
$ Small Treasure Chest|M|48.42,64.65|N|Pick this up on the way out.|
C Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty|QID|50134|M|51.59,65.97|N|From Farmer Burton.|
C Bonus Objective: Weed Whacking|QID|50133|M|51.59,65.97|N|Auto-accept on entering area.|
T Bonus Objective: Weed Whacking|QID|50133|M|51.59,65.97|N|Will auto complete when finished. [JPL - auto complete zone obj??]|
T Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty|QID|50134|M|51.59,65.97|QO|1|N|From Farmer Burton.|
T Stop Vining!|QID|50135|M|51.59,65.97|N|From Farmer Burton.|
A Farming Stimulator|QID|50136|M|51.59,65.96|N|From Farmer Burton.|
C Farming Stimulator|QID|50136|M|51.59,65.96|N|Hop in the mech, and get your revenge!|
T Farming Stimulator|QID|50136|M|51.59,65.96|N|To Farmer Burton.|
f The Amber Waves|M|50.75,70.22|N|Pick up the flight path from Karla.|RANK|2|
A Follow Your Nose|QID|49886|M|51.01,70.17|N|From Houndmaster Archibald.|
A Sic 'Em!|QID|49960|M|51.01,70.17|N|From Houndmaster Archibald.|
K Vinespeaker Ratha|M|51.49,67.78|N|Found in the bottom of this cave.|
C Sic 'Em!|QID|49960|M|51.55,68.37;51.56,68.13|N|Razorgnarl is at the bottom of this cave. [JPL-two waypoint doesnt work yet.]|
C Follow Your Nose|QID|49886|M|51.01,70.17|N|Use your extra action button FROM RANGE on the red clouds of dust and kill the tunneler which comes out. If you get too close, they will not count for the quest.|
T Follow Your Nose|QID|49886|M|51.01,70.17|N|From Houndmaster Archibald.|
T Sic 'Em!|QID|49960|M|51.01,70.17|N|From Houndmaster Archibald.|
T There's Gold in Them There Fields|QID|50157|M|50.75,73.18|U|160561|S|N|To Mayor Roz, on the 2nd floor of this building..|
A A Pocketful of Shells|QID|50041|M|50.76,73.15|QO|1|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
A A Reason to Stay|QID|50065|M|49.85,73.54|QO|1|N|From a pocketwatch on the ground.|
C A Pocketful of Shells|QID|50041|M|50.76,73.15|US|N|'Skin' the boars with this after you kill them.|
C A Reason to Stay|QID|50065|M|50.04,71.45|N|Pick up the sword here.|
C A Reason to Stay|QID|50065|M|48.89,71.23|N|Pick up the locket in the building.|
C A Pocketful of Shells|QID|50041|M|50.76,73.15|N|'Skin' the boars with this after you kill them.|
T A Pocketful of Shells|QID|50041|M|50.76,73.15|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
T A Reason to Stay|QID|50065|M|49.85,73.54|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
A Goldfield's War|QID|50069|M|50.75,73.13|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
C Goldfield's War|QID|50069|M|50.76,73.00|QO|1|N|Pick up the rifle right next to Goldfield and help him out. Click on then kill the invaders with ability 1. Ability 2 will stun them.|
T Goldfield's War|QID|50069|M|50.75,73.13|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
A Golden Fields Forever|QID|50088|M|50.75,73.13|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
C Golden Fields Forever|QID|50088|M|50.75,73.13|N|Pick carnations here.|
T Golden Fields Forever|QID|50088|M|50.67,77.03|N|To Goldfield by the grave.|
A Deal's Off|QID|50622|M|50.67,77.03|N|From Farmer Goldfield.|
K The Lichen King|M|51.78,79.05|N|Its Bolivar Spore-dragon. ;-)|
T Deal's Off|QID|50622|M|44.76,64.53|N|To Mayor Roz in the house.|
A Look Out!|QID|50354|M|44.76,64.53|QO|1|NC|N|From Mayor Roz.|
A Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|44.73,64.61|QO|1|NC|S|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
A Totems, Totems, Totems!|QID|50111|M|42.46,67.58;44.04,72.44|QO|1|US|N|Head up to the highlands, and accept the quest from the totem. [JPL-has a double coords - need to fix.]|
C Totems, Totems, Totems!|QID|50111|M|44.04,72.46|QO|4|NC|N|Destroy the same totem.|
C Look Out!|QID|50354|M|42.50,67.69|QO|1|NC|N|Kill the scouts - you can use the dart to put them to sleep. [JPL - useable item id keeps deleting]|
C Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|45.44,72.50|QO|1|NC|N|Free the farmer.|
C Totems, Totems, Totems!|QID|50111|M|44.04,72.46|QO|1|NC|N|Southern totem here.|
C Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|46.23,72.73;47.25,74.32|QO|3|NC|N|Two more farmers in this cave, bear right. [JPL - has two coord error]|
C Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|46.83,72.60;47.89,73.35|QO|1|NC|N|Back out, and into the next cave for two more.|RANK|2|
C Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|46.51,71.97|QO|2|N|Back out and next farmer here.|
C Totems, Totems, Totems!|QID|50111|M|44.04,72.46|QO|2|NC|N|Central totem here.|RANK|2|
C Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|46.17,72.04|QO|2|N|Last farmer here.|
$ Small Treasure Chest|M|46.50,71.27|N|Here.|
C Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|46.17,72.04|N|Farmer Deal down here.|
C Totems, Totems, Totems!|QID|50111|M|47.00,70.22|N|Last totem down the hill and around the corner.|
C Look Out!|QID|50354|M|42.50,67.69|N|Kill the scouts - you can use the dart to put them to sleep.|
T Look Out!|QID|50354|M|45.88,70.12;46.01,73.88;46.59,74.04|N|Head up to the top for the turn-in.|
T Boaring Company|QID|50353|M|46.65,73.86|N|To Sergeant Calvin.|
T Totems, Totems, Totems!|QID|50111|M|46.65,73.86|N|To Calvin.|
A War Pigs|QID|50363|M|46.65,73.86|NC|S|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
A Run For the Hills|QID|50365|M|46.65,73.86|QO|1|NC|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
A Steal Them Back|QID|50340|M|46.31,77.03|QO|1|NC|N|Head over to the left.|
C War Pigs|QID|50363|M|46.65,73.86|NC|US|N|Click on the pigs along the way.|
C Steal Them Back|QID|50340|M|47.41,77.09|QO|2|NC|N|Into the cave to the left.|
C Run For the Hills|QID|50365|M|46.33,78.17|QO|3|NC|N|Up inside the cave - there is also a crate inside.|
C Steal Them Back|QID|50340|M|46.21,80.16|QO|1|N|There is another in the next cave.|
C Run For the Hills|QID|50365|M|44.86,77.33|N|Up inside the cave - there is also a crate inside.|
C Run For the Hills|QID|50365|M|45.82,77.07;43.54,78.58|N|Up the hill ans inside the cave - there is also a crate inside. [JPL-mutilple coords...]|
C Steal Them Back|QID|50340|M|42.72,78.85|N|5/5 Stolen Crate|
C War Pigs|QID|50363|M|46.65,73.86|N|Click on the pigs along the way.|
T Steal Them Back|QID|50340|M|46.65,73.82|N|Back to Sergeant Calvin.|
T War Pigs|QID|50363|M|46.65,73.86|QO|1|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
T Run For the Hills|QID|50365|M|46.65,73.86|N|Back to Sergeant Calvin.|
A Anger in a Bottle|QID|50367|M|46.65,73.82|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
C Anger in a Bottle|QID|50367|M|45.96,73.25|N|Head back down into the fray. Most mobs drop this.|
T Anger in a Bottle|QID|50367|M|46.65,73.82|N|To Sergeant Calvin.|
A Terror of the Kraul|QID|50368|M|46.64,73.85|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
C Terror of the Kraul|QID|50368|M|45.84,74.41;38.26,49.61|N|Kill Bramblefist inside the cave.|
T Terror of the Kraul|QID|50368|M|71.22,52.33|N|To Sergeant Calvin. (note this coord is in a cave).|
A A Question of Quillpower|QID|50640|M|71.22,52.33|Z|Thornheart!Dungeon|N|From Sergeant Calvin. Hop on the boar and ride back to Mayor Roz.|
R A Question of Quillpower|QID|50640|M|50.75,70.21|N|Hop on the boar and ride out of the cave.|
K Osca the Bloodied|M|42.12,63.13|N|On our way to get a flight point - kill bear along the way.|
A Undelivered Package|QID|51218|M|38.43,62.99|N|Pick up from a package on the road.|
K Poacher Jane|M|34.64,67.98|N|Might as well take the Poacher out too.|
f Millstone Hamlet|N|Pick up the flight point from Alexa Davenport.|
F Brennadam|N|Fly to Brennadam for turn-in.|
A Trouble at Fort Daelin|QID|49818|M|59.52,69.95|N|From Squire Augustus III.|
T A Question of Quillpower|QID|50640|M|58.63,70.44|Z|Thornheart!Dungeon|N|From Sergeant Calvin.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|49818|M|59.79,70.23|N|At Handyman Ebert.|
F Millstone Hamlet|QO|3|N|Fly back to the Hamlet.|
T Undelivered Package|QID|51218|M|30.34,66.81|N|To Marie Davenport.|
A Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|30.34,66.81|N|From Marie Davenport.|
C Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|29.79,67.05|N|Grab some logs here.|
A Gunpowder Plot|QID|51492|M|29.81,67.10|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A Aww, Rats|QID|51205|M|29.81,67.10|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|M|29.81,67.10|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A WANTED: Razorclaw Alpha|QID|51204|M|30.69,68.14|N|From the bulletin board.|
C Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|29.79,67.05|N|Grab the water here.|
A WANTED: Thundersnout|QID|49730|M|30.69,68.14|N|From the bulletin board.|
A Cry Wolf|QID|51203|M|31.85,69.52|N|From Shepherd Milbrooke.|
C Cry Wolf|QID|51203|M|30.20,72.21|S|N|From Shepherd Milbrooke.|
C WANTED: Razorclaw Alpha|QID|51204|M|27.30,76.28;28.01,78.07|QO|2|N|In the cave up on the hill.|
C The Black Sheep|QID|51200|M|26.55,75.36|N|Save Millie.|RANK|2|
C Cry Wolf|QID|51203|M|30.20,72.21|US|N|From Shepherd Milbrooke.|
C Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|M|28.64,71.17|N|Kill spiders around the area.|
C Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|29.27,69.65|N|Grab the flour here.|
K Broodmother|M|29.51,69.57|N|Kill Broodmother in the basement.|
C Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|M|28.64,71.17|N|Kill spiders around the area.|
T The Black Sheep|QID|51200|M|31.85,69.52|U|159882|N|To Shepherd Milbrooke|
T Cry Wolf|QID|51203|M|31.85,69.52|N|To Shepherd Milbrooke.|
T WANTED: Razorclaw Alpha|QID|51204|M|27.30,76.28;28.01,78.07|N|To Shepherd Milbrooke.|
C Aww, Rats|QID|51205|M|28.37,66.74|N|Click on the small rats to collect them. You can use the item to stun them.|
C Gunpowder Plot|QID|51492|M|28.37,66.74|N|Kill the big rats for gunpowder.|
T Aww, Rats|QID|51205|M|29.81,67.10|N|To Charles Davenport.|
T Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|M|29.81,67.10|N|To Charles Davenport.|
T Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|30.34,66.81|N|To Marie Davenport.|
T Gunpowder Plot|QID|51492|M|29.81,67.10|QO|1|U|159782|S|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A Milking Goats|QID|51215|M|30.34,66.80|N|From Marie Davenport.|
$ Curious Grain Sack|M|32.13,66.12|QO|1|U|159782|US|N|Inside the house in a barrel.|
C Milking Goats|QID|51215|M|33.71,69.95|N|Milk the Mother Goats around the edges of the ettin camp. Note you can do this while mounted.|
$ Ancient Tidesage Scroll|M|31.95,72.90|N|Examine this here (for some achievement...) JPL - note sure what this is yet...|
C Milking Goats|QID|51215|M|33.71,69.95|NC|N|Milk the Mother Goats around the edges of the ettin camp. Note you can do this while mounted.|
T Milking Goats|QID|51215|M|30.34,66.80|N|To Marie Davenport.|
A Cookies and Cream|QID|51335|M|30.34,66.80|N|From Marie Davenport.|
C Cookies and Cream|QID|51335|M|30.38,66.89|N|Sit in the chair and enjoy.|
T Cookies and Cream|QID|51335|M|30.34,66.80|N|To Marie Davenport.|RANK|2|
A Ettin It Done|QID|51207|M|30.33,66.81|N|From Marie Davenport.|
A Cookie Delivery|QID|51504|M|30.33,66.81|N|From Marie Davenport.|
$ Small Treasure Chest|QID|123|M|34.94,71.75|N|Loot for loot.|
T Cookie Delivery|QID|51504|M|36.20,74.73|S|N|Run these over to Chuck.|
A Wheat A Minute|QID|51208|M|36.20,74.73|S|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A Mighty Grokkfist|QID|51209|M|36.20,74.73|U|160052|N|From Charles Davenport.|
C Wheat A Minute|QID|51208|M|36.16,75.43|U|160063|N|Loot these from the ground along the way.|
C Ettin It Done|QID|51207|M|36.16,75.43|N|Kill ettin on the way. Use the flour bombs to help you.|
C Mighty Grokkfist|QID|51209|M|38.77,72.90|N|Kill Grokkfist, use the rats to help you.|RANK|2|
C WANTED: Thundersnout|QID|49730|M|41.06,72.82|N|Head over to this cave to kill Thundersnout. Solo'able by decently geared toons.|RANK|2|
K Ragna|M|41.50,74.12|N|Kill Ragna for loot.|
K Haegol the Hammer|M|35.16,77.86|N|Kill Haegol for loot.|
C Wheat A Minute|QID|51208|M|36.16,75.43|N|Loot these from the ground along the way.|
C Ettin It Done|QID|51207|M|36.16,75.43|N|From Marie Davenport.|
T Wheat A Minute|QID|51208|M|30.42,66.90|N|To Charles Davenport.|
T Mighty Grokkfist|QID|51209|M|30.42,66.90|N|To Charles Davenport.|
T Ettin It Done|QID|51207|M|30.33,66.81|N|From Marie Davenport.|RANK|2|
K Kickers|QID|123|M|31.28,61.70|N|Kill Kickers|
T Trouble at Fort Daelin|QID|49818|M|30.17,59.22|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
A Caught in the Net|QID|50621|M|30.17,59.22|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
A Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|M|30.17,59.22|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
A A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|M|30.17,59.22|S|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
C Caught in the Net|QID|50621|M|27.20,62.08|S|N|Kil naga for keys and free prisoners from cages.|RANK|2|
C Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|M|27.20,62.08|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
$ Small Treasure Chest|M|28.12,61.36|US|N|Loot|
C A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|M|27.70,62.48|N|Kill the Binder and loot the Songstone from her.|
C Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|M|27.20,62.08|N|Kill the elementals as you go.|RANK|2|
C Caught in the Net|QID|50621|M|27.20,62.08|US|N|Kil naga for keys and free prisoners from cages.|
T Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|M|30.16,59.19|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
T A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|M|30.16,59.19|N|Kill the Binder and loot the Songstone from her.|RANK|2|
T Caught in the Net|QID|50621|M|30.16,59.19|N|Kil naga for keys and free prisoners from cages.|
A The Shifting Tides|QID|50635|M|30.16,59.19|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
f Fort Daelin|M|35.11,49.67;34.28,47.21|N|Pick up the flight point.|
T The Shifting Tides|QID|50635|M|35.04,47.65|N|To Rikal|
A Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|M|35.04,47.65|N|From Rikal.|
A Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|M|35.04,47.65|N|From Rikal.|
A Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|M|34.57,47.12|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|M|34.57,47.12|S|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
C Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|M|32.04,42.47|S|N|Click on the soldiers you see.|
C Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|M|32.04,42.47|S|N|Click on the glowing beacons.|
C Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|M|32.04,42.47|US|S|N|Kill the naga as you go.|
C Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|M|32.04,42.47|N|Kill and loot the little eels.|
A An Illegible Scroll|QID|49832|M|32.21,40.02|N|Pick up quest from scroll on beach.|RANK|2|
K Seabreasker Skoloth|QID|49832|M|33.64,37.93|QO|1|N|Kill rare for loot.|
C Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|M|34.60,42.06|N|16/16 Abyssal Fang|
C Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|M|32.04,42.47|N|Kill the naga as you go.|
C Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|M|32.04,42.47|N|Click on the glowing beacons.|
C Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|M|32.04,42.47|N|Click on the soldiers you see.|
T Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|M|34.58,47.15|N|Kill the naga as you go.|
T Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|M|34.58,47.15|N|Click on the soldiers you see.|
A Any Ammo Will Do|QID|50672|M|34.58,47.15|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Piercing the Shield|QID|50679|M|34.58,47.15|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Problem Solving with Gunpowder|QID|50698|M|34.58,47.15|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
T Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|M|35.02,47.68|N|To Rikal|
T Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|M|35.02,47.68|N|To Rikal|
A You're a Shark|QID|50773|M|35.02,47.68|N|From Rikal.|
C You're a Shark|QID|50773|M|35.02,47.68|N|Speak to Rikal to have him cast his spell. You will be transformed into shark. Just run over murlocs - dont use your ability - it returns you to Rikal.|
T You're a Shark|QID|50773|M|35.02,47.68|N|To Rikal.|
C Problem Solving with Gunpowder|QID|50698|M|31.24,46.73|N|Click on the little bombs on the ground. These both on the upper platform and down on the middle beach.|
C Piercing the Shield|QID|50679|M|31.24,46.73|N|Rod is looted from Seacllers.|
C Any Ammo Will Do|QID|50672|M|31.24,46.73|N|Harpoons can be looted from the ground or looting catapaults.|
T Any Ammo Will Do|QID|50672|M|34.58,47.12|N|To Specialist Wembley.|
T Piercing the Shield|QID|50679|M|34.58,47.12|N|To Specialist Wembley.|
T Problem Solving with Gunpowder|QID|50698|M|34.58,47.12|N|To Specialist Wembley.|
A A Snake with Three Heads|QID|50705|M|34.58,47.12|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Clearing the Delta|QID|50706|M|34.58,47.12|S|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
C Clearing the Delta|QID|50706|M|34.58,47.12|QO|2|U|158332|N|Kill the Zeth'jir.|
C A Snake with Three Heads|QID|50705|M|32.63,53.97|QO|1|U|158332|N|Kill Binder. Use the item to make it vulnerable.|
C A Snake with Three Heads|QID|50705|M|32.14,55.03|QO|3|U|158332|N|Kill Binder. Use the item to make it vulnerable.|
C A Snake with Three Heads|QID|50705|M|32.68,55.97|N|Kill Binder. Use the item to make it vulnerable.|
C Clearing the Delta|QID|50706|M||N|Kill the Zeth'jir. Note murlocs along the shore are much easier kills.|
T A Snake with Three Heads|QID|50705|M|34.11,54.88|N|To Commander Kellam.|
T Clearing the Delta|QID|50706|M|34.11,54.88|N|To Commander Kellam.|
T Clearing the Delta|QID|50706|M|34.11,54.88|N|To Commander Kellam.|
A From the Depths|QID|49831|M|34.11,54.88|N|From Commander Kellam.|
T From the Depths|QID|49831|M|34.11,54.88|N|To Commander Kellam.|
A Back to Brennadam|QID|49908|M|34.10,54.87|N|From Commander Kellam.|
F Brennadam|QID|1|M|34.28,47.22|N|Fly back to Brennadam.|
T Back to Brennadam|QID|49908|M|59.51,69.94|N|To Squire Augustus III|
T WANTED: Thundersnout|QID|49730|M|58.63,70.43|N|To Mayor Roz.|
F Fort Daelin|N|Fly back to Fort Daelin.|
A Surveying the Wharf|QID|53045|M|34.77,47.47|N|From Lieutenant Harris.|
T Surveying the Wharf|QID|53045|M|26.01,55.23|N|To Coxswain all the way at the top of the 'ship' building.|
A Deadliest Cache: Reel Big Fish|QID|50376|M|26.01,55.23|QO|1|CHAT|N|From Coxswain Hook.|
C Deadliest Cache: Reel Big Fish|QID|50376|M|26.01,55.23|QO|2|N|Coxswain Hook has a story.|
C Deadliest Cache: Reel Big Fish|QID|50376|M|26.00,55.22|QO|3|N|Use ability 3 to leap to a group, ability 2 to stun them and ability 1 to finish killing.|
C Deadliest Cache: Reel Big Fish|QID|50376|M|26.28,52.75|N|Kill Tidemaw the same way you did the others.|
T Deadliest Cache: Reel Big Fish|QID|50376|M|26.00,55.22|N|To Hook.|
A Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.91,55.17|QO|1|CHAT|N|From Master Gunner Line.|
C Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.91,55.17|QO|2|N|From Master Gunner Line.|
C Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.91,55.21|QO|3|N|Pick up the 'rod' next to you.|
C Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.95,54.55|QO|4|N|Along the way, click 3 cannons on the dock.|
C Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|26.46,54.29|QO|5|N|Go do some 'fishing'. Use ability 1 to pull groups and then ability 2 to blow them up.|
C Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.03,54.24|QO|6|N|Kill the big tentacles.|
C Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.03,54.24|N|Big mob, big bullet.|
T Deadliest Cache: Gun Fishin'|QID|50391|M|25.91,55.17|N|To Master Gunner|
A Deadliest Cache: Sink and Swim|QID|50418|M|25.84,55.24|QO|1|CHAT|N|From "Sinker".|
C Deadliest Cache: Sink and Swim|QID|50418|M|25.84,55.24|QO|2|N|"Talk" to Sinker.|
C Deadliest Cache: Sink and Swim|QID|50418|M|25.97,55.13|QO|3|N|Use ability 1 on the blue spot.|
C Deadliest Cache: Sink and Swim|QID|50418|M|25.84,55.23|N|Go mount the laser dolphin. For the next phase - drop a bomb (ability #2) on the three idols (on minimap). #1 shoot s a laser - kill 15 fish. #3 is swim speed. |
C Deadliest Cache: Sink and Swim|QID|50418|M|25.84,55.23|N|Drop a bomb (ability 2) on the three idols, and kill 15 fish (ability 1). |
T Deadliest Cache: Sink and Swim|QID|50418|M|25.84,55.23|N|To "Sinker"|
A Deadliest Cache: Carpe Diem|QID|52130|M|26.01,55.22|N|From Coxswain Hook.|
T Deadliest Cache: Carpe Diem|QID|52130|M|25.03,54.26|N|To Hook.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|52130|M|35.51,48.73|N|At Assurance Engineer Cole.|RANK|2|
K Pinku'shon|M|38.05,51.07|N|Kill rare for loot.|
T An Illegible Scroll|QID|49832|M|40.67, 45.61|N|To Scrollsage Nola.|
A Cleaning Bills|QID|51339|M|40.67,45.61|N|From Scrollsage Nola.|
A Swimming Lessons|QID|51343|M|40.67,45.61|N|From Scrollsage Nola.|
A Don't Play with Matches|QID|51352|M|40.60,45.41|S|N|From Toki.|
C Don't Play with Matches|QID|51352|M|39.69,41.30|S|N|Mobs along the beach.|
C Cleaning Bills|QID|51339|M|39.69,41.30|QO|3|N|Clean the birds up.|
C Swimming Lessons|QID|51343|M|38.68,44.57|QO|1|N|Next to the ship.|
C Swimming Lessons|QID|51343|M|38.71,39.34|N|Inside the cave.|RANK|2|
C Swimming Lessons|QID|51343|M|34.35,36.41|N|On the island.|RANK|2|
$ Small Treasure Chest|M|35.11,34.44|N|Loot|
K Sabertron|QID|1|M|34.91,32.58|N|Rare. in this cave.|
C Don't Play with Matches|QID|51352|M|39.69,41.30|N|Mobs along the beach.|
C Cleaning Bills|QID|51339|M|39.69,41.30|N|Clean the birds up.|
T Don't Play with Matches|QID|51352|M|40.21,37.65|N|To Toki.|
A Make Loh Go|QID|53369|M|40.21,37.65|QO|1|CHAT|N|From Toki.|
C Make Loh Go|QID|53369|M|40.21,37.65|QO|2|NC|N|After you chat, you will control Toki the turtle. He moves in the cardinal directions. Get him to the goal using the 'abilities'.|
C Make Loh Go|QID|53369|M|40.21,37.65|QO|3|NC|N|Simple. Up and over - dont hit the boxes on the ground.|
C Make Loh Go|QID|53369|M|40.21,37.65|N|Top right is the finish line goal. |
T Make Loh Go|QID|53369|M|40.21,37.65|N|Complete to UI turn in.|
f Seeker's Vista|M|40.02,37.32|N|Pick up flight point.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|51353|M|40.06,37.16|N|At Zooka.|
T Cleaning Bills|QID|51339|M|40.42,36.96|N|To Scrollsage Nola.|
T Swimming Lessons|QID|51343|M|40.42,36.96|N|To Scrollsage Nola.|
A Cave of Ai'twen|QID|51353|M|40.42,36.96|N|From Scrollsage Nola.|
T Cave of Ai'twen|QID|51353|M|37.20,32.60;|CN|N|To Lorja. Get out your turtle mount, this one is underwater.|
A Flavorable Offering|QID|51371|M|35.68,31.23|N|From Loroja.|
A Response Required|QID|51221|M|35.68,31.23|S|N|From Loroja.|
C Flavorable Offering|QID|51371|M|38.39,28.21|N|Completed by killing and looting underwater mobs and collecting plants.|
C Response Required|QID|51221|M|36.89,29.29|US|N|On the island beach. Make sure you tag her when she jumps out of mech otherwise she will de-spawn.|
A Explosive Situation|QID|51540|M|37.82,28.50|N|From the bomb underwater.|
C Explosive Situation|QID|51540|M|38.89,27.01|N|Collect bombs while you also get seaweed.|
K Slickspill|M|40.02,37.32|N|Rare.|
C Flavorable Offering|QID|51371|M|38.39,28.21|N|Completed by killing and looting underwater mobs and collecting plants.|
T Flavorable Offering|QID|51371|M|37.14,32.55|N|Back to the underwater cave. To Loroja.|
T Response Required|QID|51221|M|35.68,31.24|N| To Loroja.|
T Explosive Situation|QID|51540|M|35.68,31.24|N|To Loroja.|
A I like Turtles|QID|51427|M|35.68,31.24|N|From Loroja.|
A Breaker Bad|QID|51545|M|35.68,31.24|N|From Loroja.|
C I like Turtles|QID|51427|M|35.71,31.04|N|Place on the seaweed right next to you.|
T I like Turtles|QID|51427|M|35.68,31.23|N|To Loroja.|
A Deep Sea Venture|QID|51220|M|35.68,31.23|N|From Loroja.|
A What's Yours is Mined|QID|51222|M|35.75,31.30|N|From Toki.|
C Breaker Bad|QID|51545|M|35.53,27.05|N|Use the bomb ability on the mech. Note this will most of the mobs around it too.|
C Deep Sea Venture|QID|51220|M|36.90,25.55|N|Kill the goblins.|
C What's Yours is Mined|QID|51222|M|36.90,25.55|N|Grab the underwater mines.|
T Deep Sea Venture|QID|51220|M|36.90,25.55|N|Back to the underwater cave.|
T Breaker Bad|QID|51545|M|35.68,31.25|N|To Loroja|
T What's Yours is Mined|QID|51222|M|34.35, 26.29|N|To Toki.|
A Battle Victorious|QID|51386|M|34.35,26.29|QO|1|N|From Toki.|
C Battle Victorious|QID|51386|M|34.35,26.29|QO|2|N|Hop on the turtle.|
C Battle Victorious|QID|51386|M|34.35,26.29|N|Revenge time. Use ability 1 on the mobs. |
T Battle Victorious|QID|51386|M|40.19,37.63|N|To Toki.|
N Response Required|QID|51221|M|36.89,29.29|N|Need to pick up Deadwash flight point priot to this step. Then delete this.|
F Deadwash|M|40.00,37.33|N|Fly to Deadwash.|
A More Fodder -- THIS NEEDS TO GO BACK IN GUIDE WHERE IT IS ACCEPTED|QID|52069|M|33.21,45.59|N|From William.|
T More Fodder|QID|52069|M|42.99,56.61|N|To Leo Shealds.|
A Break 'Em Out|QID|50810|M|42.99,56.61|N|From Leo Shealds.|
A Iron Low Tide|QID|50802|M|42.99,56.61|S|N|From Leo Shealds.|
A Two Faced Pirate Scum|QID|50674|M|42.99,56.61|N|From Leo Shealds.|
C Iron Low Tide|QID|50802|M|44.14,56.07|US|N|Kill pirates in the area.|
C Two Faced Pirate Scum|QID|50674|M|41.15,57.08|N|Kill Tommy.|
C Break 'Em Out|QID|50810|M|44.47,58.22|N|Click on the balls.|
C Iron Low Tide|QID|50802|M|44.14,56.07|N|Kill pirates in the area.|
T Break 'Em Out|QID|50810|M|42.96,56.59|N|To Leo Shealds.|
T Iron Low Tide|QID|50802|M|42.96,56.59|N|To Leo Shealds.|
T Two Faced Pirate Scum|QID|50674|M|42.96,56.59|N|To Leo Shealds.|
A Treasure Hunting|QID|50675|M|42.96,56.59|N|From Leo Shealds.|
T Treasure Hunting|QID|50675|M|44.48,55.50|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
A Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|M|44.48,55.52|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|M|44.48,55.52|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|M|44.47,55.58|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|M|44.48,55.54|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|M|48.01,56.82|S|N|Gather ship parts on the ground.|
C Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|M|48.01,56.82|S|N|Kill the big rock dudes.|
C Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|M|44.42,55.51|U|158226|S|N|Areas are marked with a glowing sign (and on your map). Use the Metal Collector 3-4 times in each area..|
C Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|M|48.72,56.57|QO|2|N|Click on the pile of bombs.|
C Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|M|44.42,55.51|QO|1|N|Click on these bombs too.|
T Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|M|50.88,58.26|N|To Moxie Lockspinner right beside you.|
A Share the Wealth|QID|51140|M|50.86,56.71|N|Pick up inside the Eastern Cave from treasure pile.|
K Crushtacean|M|51.72,55.32|N|Kill rare.|RANK|2|
C Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|M|48.01,56.82|US|N|Finish gathering ship parts.|
C Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|M|48.01,56.82|U|158226|US|N|Finish up with rock mobs..|
C Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|M|50.88,58.53|N|Finish up with coins.|
T Share the Wealth|QID|51140|M|42.98,56.60|N|To Leo Shealds.|
T Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|M|42.99,56.62|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
T Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|M|44.47,55.54|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
T Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|M|44.47,55.54|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
A Don't Turtle|QID|50741|M|44.47,55.54|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A A Horrible Place|QID|50814|M|44.21,54.10|N|From Grettle Haribull behind the building.|
C Don't Turtle|QID|50753|M|42.68,54.31|CHAT|N|Chat with Moxie, option 2..|
C Don't Turtle|QID|50753|M|42.55,54.35|CHAT|N|Talk to Maokka right next to her, option 1.|
$ Small Treasure Chest|M|42.43,52.29|N|Loot.|RANK|2|
A A Horrible Place|QID|50814|M|41.44,52.39|QO|1|N|Collect the small turtles. This makes the big turtles mad, so avoid them if possible.|
T Don't Turtle|QID|50753|M|42.68,54.33|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm|QID|50753|M|42.68,54.33|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
T A Horrible Place|QID|50814|M|44.20,54.07|N|To Grettle Haribul|
C Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm|QID|50753|M|41.87,52.77|QO|1|U|158635|N|Use the Remote on the dust puffs. Kill the worm and loot meat.|
T Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm|QID|50753|M|42.54,54.36|N|To Maokka.|
A No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|M|42.68,54.31|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|M|39.49,51.50|QO|1|N|Kill the Guardian.|
T No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|M|42.68,54.31|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Cave Commotion|QID|50793|M|42.68,54.31|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
T Cave Commotion|QID|50793|M|41.13,54.08|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
A I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|41.13,54.08|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A We're Not Friends|QID|50955|M|41.13,54.08|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
A The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|M|41.13,54.08|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|39.87,54.73|S|N|Kill and loot the Irontide. Sometimes they also drop these.|
C The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|M|41.13,54.08|S|N|Use the zone ability bomb to blow up rum barrels.|
C We're Not Friends|QID|50955|M|36.78,58.86|US|N|Kill Captain McGee.|
T We're Not Friends|QID|50955|M|35.90,56.30|N|To Moxie Lockspinner next to you.|
A All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|35.91,56.11|N|From the chest on the wagon.|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|35.22,54.75|QO|3|CHAT|N|Chat with Balor.|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|35.91,56.11|QO|1|N|Chat with Eddard.|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|38.80,58.54|QO|3|N|Chat with Eddard.|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|35.87,56.11|QO|4|N|Loot the chest.|
C I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|39.87,54.73|N|Kill and loot the Irontide. Sometimes they also drop these.|
C The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|M|41.13,54.08|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
T I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|41.13,54.09|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
T The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|M|41.13,54.90|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
T All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|42.98,56.60|N|To Leo Shealds.|
T I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|43.04,56.53|N|To Leo Shealds.|
F Mindenhall Meadery|QID|1|M|42.71,57.41|
T Survivors|QID|52067|M||N|To Patrick Eckhart.|
A Smells like Trouble|QID|50908|M|57.86,55.31|N|From Patrick Eckhart.|
A Dangerous Game|QID|50910|M|57.86,55.31|N|From Lea Martinel.|
A Never Outgunned|QID|50909|M|57.93,55.55|N|From poster on building.|
A WANTED: Yarsel'ghun|QID|51217|M|57.84,55.83|N|From Lea Martinel.|
C Bring out the Big Gun|QID|51159|M|57.94,55.43|N|Drag this back to camp.|
T Bring out the Big Gun|QID|51159|M|57.94,55.52|N|To Lea Martinel.|
C Never Outgunned|QID|50909|M|60.67,50.28|S|N|Pick up weapons as you go.|
C Dangerous Game|QID|50910|M|60.67,50.28|S|N|Kill the Keenblades.|
C Smells like Trouble|QID|50908|M|59.09,48.60|QO|2|N|Inside the cave.|
C Smells like Trouble|QID|50908|M|56.60,47.41|QO|1|N|Inside the cave.|
C Dangerous Game|QID|50910|M|60.67,50.28|N|Kill the Keenblades.|
C Never Outgunned|QID|50909|M|60.67,50.28|QO|1|N|Pick up weapons as you go.|
T Smells like Trouble|QID|50908|M|57.86,55.31|N|To Patrick Eckhart|
T Dangerous Game|QID|50910|M|57.86,55.31|N|To Patrick Eckhart|
T Never Outgunned|QID|50909|M|57.95,55.57|N|To Lea Martinel.|
A Worse Than It Looks|QID|52065|M|57.85,55.32|N|From Patrick Eckhart.|
C Voices Below|QID|51552|M|66.43,50.67|CHAT|N|Speak with Brother Pike.|
f Tidecross|QID|50814|M|65.57,48.01|N|From Marla Featherfoot.|
T Voices Below|QID|49744|M|66.18,47.44|N|To Brother Pike.|
C WANTED: Yarsel'ghun|QID|51217|M|57.84,55.83|N|From Lea Martinel.|


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It's incomplete

WoWPro_RecorderDB = {    ["Stormsong and Dance"] ...  Guide moved into main page


Emmaleah's picture


Beautiful... Except it was victim of a bug that didnt save coordinates on C steps.. Ludo fixed it today, So, please if you would, download the recorder and do it again or manually add in the coordinates. I know its sad and painful, but it must be done at some point.


Look at the bright side, you get to do things that you thought might be better in a diff order.  (I think I recorded Kun-Lai summit at least 3 times before I had it the way I wanted it and played thru it 3 or 4 more to test the guide, rearranging sections and stuff)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Isn't Moxie's positions on a

Isn't Moxie's positions on a lot of these basically next to you wherever you are at the time?  Does the hardcoded location in the guide matter for those?

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re: Moxie

true, Moxie's position doesnt matter.  I wish there was a way to have the arrow point at your location (i.e. stay with you) for steps like that.

Alas, what is missing above is all the places where you DO stuff. (The "C" steps) There was a bug in the recorderfor a few days, where it wasnt saving that info.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling