Stormsong Valley - Alliance

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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('Freitas_Stormsong', 'Leveling', 'Stormsong Valley', 'MateusFreitas', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,110, 120)
WoWPro:NewGuideLevels(guide,110, 120)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()

return [[

C Break 'Em Out|QID|50810|QO|1|N|10/10 Chain Broken|
C Iron Low Tide|QID|50802|QO|1|N|10/10 Irontide Pirates slain|
T Break 'Em Out|QID|50810|M|42.97,56.64|N|To Leo Shealds.|
T Iron Low Tide|QID|50802|M|42.97,56.64|N|To Leo Shealds.|
C Two Faced Pirate Scum|QID|50674|QO|1|N|1/1 Two Faced Tom slain|
T Two Faced Pirate Scum|QID|50674|M|42.96,56.65|N|To Leo Shealds.|
A Treasure Hunting|QID|50675|M|42.96,56.65|N|From Leo Shealds.|
T Treasure Hunting|QID|50675|M|44.42,55.50|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
A Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|M|44.42,55.50|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|M|44.42,55.50|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|M|44.42,55.50|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|M|44.42,55.50|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|QO|2|N|1/1 Western Cave Opened|
C Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|QO|1|N|60/60 Lost Coins Found|
T Fun With Magnets|QID|50696|M|49.63,53.14|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
C Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|QO|1|N|1/1 Eastern Cave Opened|
T Bomb Beats Rock|QID|50697|M|50.88,58.53|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Share the Wealth|QID|51140|M|50.82,56.83|N|From Shale Crawler.|
C Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|QO|1|N|12/12 Old Ship Parts|
C Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|QO|1|N|10/10 Restless Stone slain|
T Share the Wealth|QID|51140|M|44.42,55.51|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
T Not On Our Payroll|QID|50691|M|44.42,55.51|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
T Anchors Aweigh Too Much|QID|50704|M|44.42,55.51|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
A Don't Turtle|QID|50741|M|44.42,55.51|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
C Don't Turtle|QID|50741|QO|1|N|1/1 Speak to Moxie|
C Don't Turtle|QID|50741|QO|2|N|1/1 Speak to Maokka|
T Don't Turtle|QID|50741|M|42.65,54.32|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm|QID|50753|M|42.65,54.32|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm|QID|50753|QO|1|N|8/8 Mud Worm Meat|
T Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm|QID|50753|M|42.54,54.32|N|To Maokka.|
A A Turtle's Invitation|QID|50797|M|42.54,54.32|N|From Maokka.|
A No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|M|42.65,54.36|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
A A Horrible Place|QID|50814|M|44.21,54.02|N|From Grettle Haribull.|
C No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|QO|1|N|1/1 Mud Burrow Guardian slain|
C No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|QO|2|N|1/1 Save Earl-E|
C A Horrible Place|QID|50814|QO|1|N|6/6 Wetshell Turtles Collected|
T No Bot Left Behind|QID|50774|M|42.70,54.30|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
A Cave Commotion|QID|50793|M|42.70,54.30|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
T A Horrible Place|QID|50814|M|44.19,54.03|N|To Grettle Haribull.|
T Cave Commotion|QID|50793|M|41.19,54.06|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
A I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|41.19,54.06|N|From Nedly Grinner.|
A The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|M|41.19,54.06|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
A We're Not Friends|QID|50955|M|41.19,54.06|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C I Want It All Now|QID|50803|QO|1|N|12/12 Irontide Coin Bag|
C We're Not Friends|QID|50955|QO|1|N|1/1 Captain Calico McGee slain|
T We're Not Friends|QID|50955|M|36.30,56.21|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
A All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|35.91,56.02|N|From Moxie Lockspinner.|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|QO|3|N|1/1 Get Big Find Balor|
C The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|QO|1|N|6/6 Irontide Rum Stash destroyed|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|QO|1|N|1/1 Get Toothless Eddard|
T The Proof of Piracy|QID|52132|M|37.76,54.03|N|To Moxie Lockspinner.|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|QO|2|N|1/1 Get Chopper Darry|
C All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|QO|4|N|1/1 Take the Loot|
T I Want It All Now|QID|50803|M|41.13,54.06|N|To Nedly Grinner.|
L Level 114|QID|50742|LVL|114|N|You should be around level 114 by this point.|
T All Laid Out For Us|QID|50742|M|43.02,56.62|N|To Leo Shealds.|
A Helping Out, Somewhere Else|QID|52068|M|43.02,56.62|N|From Leo Shealds.|
A Undelivered Package|QID|51218|M|38.50,63.02|
A The Black Sheep|QID|51200|M|31.88,69.40|N|From Shepherd Milbrooke.|
A Cry Wolf|QID|51203|M|31.88,69.40|N|From Shepherd Milbrooke.|
A WANTED: Razorclaw Alpha|QID|51204|M|30.72,68.11|N|From Shepherd Milbrooke.|
A Gunpowder Plot|QID|51492|M|29.79,67.14|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A Aww, Rats!|QID|51205|M|29.79,67.14|N|From Charles Davenport.|
A Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|M|29.79,67.14|N|From Charles Davenport.|
C Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|QO|1|N|8/8 Spider Silk|
C Cry Wolf|QID|51203|QO|1|N|10/10 Feral Razorclaw slain|
C The Black Sheep|QID|51200|QO|1|N|1/1 Millie rescued|
C WANTED: Razorclaw Alpha|QID|51204|QO|1|N|1/1 Razorclaw Alpha slain|
T WANTED: Razorclaw Alpha|QID|51204|M|31.82,69.54|N|To Shepherd Milbrooke.|
T Cry Wolf|QID|51203|M|31.82,69.54|N|To Shepherd Milbrooke.|
T The Black Sheep|QID|51200|M|31.82,69.54|N|To Shepherd Milbrooke.|
f Millstone Hamlet|QID|51251|M|30.78,66.63|N|At Alexa Davenport.|
T Undelivered Package|QID|51218|M|30.37,66.83|N|To Marie Davenport.|
A Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|30.37,66.83|N|From Marie Davenport.|
T Basement Dwellers|QID|51251|M|29.84,67.11|N|To Charles Davenport.|
C Be A Dear|QID|51214|QO|3|N|1/1 Logs|
C Be A Dear|QID|51214|QO|1|N|1/1 Water Bucket|
C Be A Dear|QID|51214|QO|2|N|1/1 Sack of Flour|
T Be A Dear|QID|51214|M|30.35,66.75|N|To Marie Davenport.|
C Aww, Rats!|QID|51205|QO|1|N|8/8 Bilge Rats collected|
C Gunpowder Plot|QID|51492|QO|1|N|100/100 Gunpowder collected|
T Aww, Rats!|QID|51205|M|29.82,67.10|N|To Charles Davenport.|
T Gunpowder Plot|QID|51492|M|30.36,66.79|N|To Marie Davenport.|
A Milking Goats|QID|51215|M|30.36,66.79|N|From Marie Davenport.|
C Milking Goats|QID|51215|QO|1|N|6/6 Mountain Goat Milk|
T Milking Goats|QID|51215|M|30.32,66.77|N|To Marie Davenport.|
A Cookies and Cream|QID|51335|M|30.32,66.77|N|From Marie Davenport.|
T Helping Out, Somewhere Else|QID|52068|M|30.19,59.16|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
T Trouble at Fort Daelin|QID|49818|M|30.19,59.16|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
A Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|M|30.19,59.16|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
A A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|M|30.19,59.16|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
A Caught in the Net|QID|50621|M|30.19,59.16|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
C Caught in the Net|QID|50621|QO|1|N|5/5 Villagers freed|
C A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|QO|1|N|1/1 Binder Sa'thress slain|
C A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|QO|2|N|1/1 Songstone|
C Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|QO|1|N|6/6 Bound Seasurge slain|
T Caught in the Net|QID|50621|M|30.18,59.28|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
T A Bit of a Bind|QID|50616|M|30.18,59.28|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
T Freedom for the Sea|QID|50614|M|30.18,59.28|N|To Lieutenant Bauer.|
A The Shifting Tides|QID|50635|M|30.18,59.28|N|From Lieutenant Bauer.|
f Fort Daelin|QID|50635|M|34.29,47.29|N|At Misty Koret.|
T The Shifting Tides|QID|50635|M|34.97,47.69|N|To Rikal.|
A Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|M|34.97,47.69|N|From Rikal.|
A Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|M|34.97,47.69|N|From Rikal.|
A Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|M|34.61,47.27|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|M|34.61,47.27|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
C Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|QO|1|N|15/15 Northern Naga forces slain|
C Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|QO|1|N|8/8 Battalion Soldiers saved|
C Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|QO|1|N|7/7 Tidal Beacon|
C Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|QO|1|N|16/16 Abyssal Fang|
T Facing the Invaders|QID|50644|M|34.56,47.21|N|To Specialist Wembley.|
T Reclaiming our Defenses|QID|50653|M|34.56,47.21|N|To Specialist Wembley.|
A Problem Solving with Gunpowder|QID|50698|M|34.56,47.21|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Any Ammo Will Do|QID|50672|M|34.56,47.21|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
A Piercing the Shield|QID|50679|M|34.56,47.21|N|From Specialist Wembley.|
T Eeling in a Big One|QID|50645|M|34.96,47.68|N|To Rikal.|
T Filching from Thieves|QID|50649|M|34.96,47.68|N|To Rikal.|
A You're a Shark|QID|50773|M|34.96,47.68|N|From Rikal.|



End of Source Code

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It's incomplete

WoWPro_RecorderDB = {    ["Stormsong and Dance"] ...  Guide moved into main page


Emmaleah's picture


Beautiful... Except it was victim of a bug that didnt save coordinates on C steps.. Ludo fixed it today, So, please if you would, download the recorder and do it again or manually add in the coordinates. I know its sad and painful, but it must be done at some point.


Look at the bright side, you get to do things that you thought might be better in a diff order.  (I think I recorded Kun-Lai summit at least 3 times before I had it the way I wanted it and played thru it 3 or 4 more to test the guide, rearranging sections and stuff)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Isn't Moxie's positions on a

Isn't Moxie's positions on a lot of these basically next to you wherever you are at the time?  Does the hardcoded location in the guide matter for those?

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re: Moxie

true, Moxie's position doesnt matter.  I wish there was a way to have the arrow point at your location (i.e. stay with you) for steps like that.

Alas, what is missing above is all the places where you DO stuff. (The "C" steps) There was a bug in the recorderfor a few days, where it wasnt saving that info.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling