Alliance - War Campaign

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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('EmmAWarCampaign', 'Leveling', 'Kul Tiras', 'Rajitazi', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:NewGuideLevels(guide,110, 120, 112)
WoWPro:GuideName(guide,'War Campaign')
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'TBD')
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return [[

;starter notes

N Ranks.|N|Rank 1 includes the steps needed for the War Campaign Achievement required for Pathfinder It also includes Warfronts and the quests that follow the purchased Table Missions to open up more outposts. Rank 2 adds the Wanted Posters on Zandalar which are worth 250 faction each. Rank 3 adds other quests on Zandalar. If you want to change ranks mid-guide. You should also reset the guide (from guide title bar) or else you may miss things.|
N Silver Elites|QID|51918^52450|N|The Silver Elites on Zandalar (assuming you are alliance) do not scale to your level and are all level 120-122. You may want to avoid them before 120.|
N Wind's Redemption|QID|53074|N|All of these quest arcs start on Wind's Redemption, a ship in Boralus' harbor. It can be reached going thru the Harbormaster's office or just jumping the railing at the south end of Tradewinds Market.|

;Start of the Campaign
A The War Campaign|QID|52654|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|NA|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|O|;or from Genn in the harbormaster's office
T The War Campaign|QID|52654|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A The War Cache|QID|52544|M|69.26,26.99|Z|Boralus|NA|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52654|
t The War Cache|QID|52544|N|Turn in to UI when complete.|
A Time for War|QID|53332|N|Auto accepted from UI.|PRE|52544|
t Time for War|QID|53332|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Mission from the King|QID|51714|M|69.73,27.80|Z|Boralus|N|From Falstad Wildhammer.|PRE|53332|
C Mission from the King|QID|51714|M|69.72,26.81|Z|Boralus|N|Follow him down the stairs.|
T Mission from the King|QID|51714|M|70.70,27.10|Z|Boralus|N|To Master Mathias Shaw.|
A War of Shadows|QID|51715|M|70.70,27.10|Z|Boralus|N|From Master Mathias Shaw.|PRE|51714|
C War of Shadows|QID|51715|M|70.55,27.19|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Send Falstad on "The Shadow War" mission, and come back in 2 hours. Check off this step manually if you want to begin the Zandalar campaign.|
t War of Shadows|QID|51715|M|70.70,27.10|Z|Boralus|N|To Master Mathias Shaw.|
A Reinforcements|QID|53074|M|70.70,27.10|Z|Boralus|N|From Master Mathias Shaw.|PRE|51715|
C Reinforcements|QID|53074|M|70.70,27.10|Z|Boralus|N|Place a work order (or 4) for reinforcements with Master Mathias Shaw.|
T Reinforcements|QID|53074|M|70.70,27.10|Z|Boralus|N|To Master Mathias Shaw.|
A Adapting Our Tactics|QID|53583|M|70.65,27.39|Z|Boralus|N|From Alleria Windrunner.|LVL|114|
C Adapting Our Tactics|QID|53583|M|70.65,27.39|Z|Boralus|QO|1|N|Choose an upgrade: 40 percent off your hearthstone cooldown or 20 percent mount speed for 5 minutes after landing.|
T Adapting Our Tactics|QID|53583|M|70.65,27.39|Z|Boralus|N|To Alleria Windrunner.|

; Foothold quest intro
A The Zandalar Campaign.|QID|51569|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51714|
C The Zandalar Campaign.|QID|51569|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Click on the scouting map to pick a zone to do first from Halford Wyrmbane.|
t Foothold: Zuldazar|QID|51570|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Nazmir|QID|51571|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Vol'dun|QID|51572|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
T The Zandalar Campaign.|QID|51569|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

;Level 114 Foothold
A Deeper Into Zandalar|QID|53052|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|LVL|114|O|
T Deeper Into Zandalar|QID|53052|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A The Ongoing Campaign|QID|51961|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|LVL|114|PRE|51569|
C The Ongoing Campaign|QID|51961|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Click on the scouting map and choose your next foothold.|
t Foothold: Zuldazar|QID|51570|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Nazmir|QID|51571|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Vol'dun|QID|51572|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
T The Ongoing Campaign|QID|51961|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|;114 Turn in

;Island Expedition Opening
t The Azerite Advantage|QID|53061|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane. This quest is once per account.|O|;Autoaccepted from UI upon achieving level 116
A Island Expedition|QID|51903|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|LVL|116|PRE|53061|
T Island Expedition|QID|51903|M|66.83,33.23|Z|Boralus|N|To Flynn Fairwind.|
A Island Expedition|QID|51904|M|66.83,33.23|Z|Boralus|N|From Flynn Fairwind.|PRE|51903|
C Island Expedition|QID|51904|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Flynn you are ready to go.|
C Investigate the Azerite|QID|51904|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|1|N|Investigate the source of the Azerite.|
C An Oceanic Outcropping|QID|51904|M|79.17,63.79;75.36,55.76;77.35,50.00|CN|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|2|N|Mine the Azerite Crystals.|
C There's More|QID|51904|M|68.18,37.20|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|3|N|Investigate the second source of Azerite.|
C Encrusted Crustacean|QID|51904|M|66.45,32.04|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|4|N|Kill the Encrusted Kingscuttler.|
C Off the Charts|QID|51904|M|39.96,51.31|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|5|N|Investigate the third source of Azerite.|
C Azerite Raid|QID|51904|M|39.96,51.31|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|6|N|Pick up the Azerite from the the 3 Kunzen hozen huts.|
C Escape!|QID|51904|M|75.71,70.62|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|7|N|Escape from Uncharted Isle before the Horde arrive. Don't worry that the quest log shows this quest incomplete, it will be complete when you get back to Boralus.|
T Island Expedition|QID|51904|M|66.83,33.28|Z|Boralus|N|To Flynn Fairwind.|

;Level 118 Foothold
A Pushing Our Influence|QID|53055|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|LVL|118|O|
T Pushing Our Influence|QID|53055|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A The Final Foothold|QID|52443|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51961|LVL|118|
C Pick last Foothold|QID|52443|M|69.27,27.02|NC|Z|Boralus|N|Choose the last available zone to build a foothold at the Zandalar Campaign Table.|
t Foothold: Zuldazar|QID|51570|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Nazmir|QID|51571|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Vol'dun|QID|51572|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To UI Alert.|
T The Final Foothold|QID|52443|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|;118 Turn in

A Voyage to the West|QID|51283|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51572|
C Voyage to the West|QID|51283|M|67.95,26.72|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|If you are ready to travel to Vol'dun and start the War Campaign, tell Jes-Tereth you are ready.|
T Voyage to the West|QID|51283|M|32.91,34.86|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Ooh Rah!|QID|51170|M|32.91,34.86|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51283|
C Ooh Rah!|QID|51170|M|33.12,35.19|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|NC|N|Click the coil of rope to board the landing craft.|
C Ooh Rah!|QID|51170|M|38.58,34.28|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|N|Use extra action button to mark where Sethrak forces are for a little extra DPS.|
T Ooh Rah!|QID|51170|M|39.64,35.70|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Sergeant Ermey.|
A Establish a Beachhead|QID|51229|M|39.64,35.70|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Sergeant Ermey.|PRE|51170|
C Establish a Beachhead|QID|51229|M|37.53,35.33|Z|Vol'dun|NC|N|Click on the banner to plant it.|
T Establish a Beachhead|QID|51229|M|37.72,35.83|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Honor Bound|QID|51349|M|37.72,35.83|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51229|
f Shatterstone Harbor|QID|51349|M|36.68,34.27|Z|Vol'dun|N|At Barnard "the Smasherr" Baysworth.|ACTIVE|51349|
T Honor Bound|QID|51349|M|38.95,42.93|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Sergeant Ermey.|
A Unexpected Aid|QID|51350|M|38.95,42.93|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Sergeant Ermey.|PRE|51349|
A Poisoned Barbs|QID|51351|M|38.95,42.93|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Sergeant Ermey.|PRE|51349|
C Unexpected Aid|QID|51350|M|42.68,39.67|Z|Vol'dun|NC|S|N|Pick up Prickly Pear Root from the ground as you go.|
C Poisoned Barbs|QID|51351|M|39.73,41.46|Z|Vol'dun|N|Kill the Saltspine scorpians for thier barbs.|
C Unexpected Aid|QID|51350|M|42.68,39.67|Z|Vol'dun|NC|US|N|Finish collecting Prickly Pear Root.|
T Unexpected Aid|QID|51350|M|38.95,42.92|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Sergeant Ermey.|
T Poisoned Barbs|QID|51351|M|38.95,42.92|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Sergeant Ermey.|
A Antidote Application|QID|51366|M|38.95,42.92|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Sergeant Ermey.|PRE|51350&51351|
C Antidote Application|QID|51366|M|38.95,42.92|Z|Vol'dun|NC|U|160045|T|Vorrik|N|Apply antidote salve to Vorrik.|
T Antidote Application|QID|51366|M|38.95,42.96|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Vorrik.|
A Friends in Strange Places|QID|51369|M|38.95,42.96|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Vorrik.|PRE|51366|
C Friends in Strange Places|QID|51369|M|39.08,43.06|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|NC|N|Hop on the Pterrordax, enjoy the ride.|
T Friends in Strange Places|QID|51369|M|27.22,53.92|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Vorrik.|
A Defang the Faithless|QID|51391|M|27.22,53.92|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Vorrik.|PRE|51369|
A Break the Siege|QID|51394|M|27.22,53.92|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Vorrik.|PRE|51369|
A Breaking Free|QID|51389|M|27.18,53.91|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Sergeant Ermey.|PRE|51369|
C Defang the Faithless|QID|51391|M|29.02,51.32|Z|Vol'dun|S|N|Kill the snake people as you go.|
C Shatter Spires|QID|51394|M|29.02,54.98|Z|Vol'dun|QO|3<1|NC|N|Click on the spire to shatter it.|
C Crush the Cannons|QID|51394|M|29.56,51.39|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|S|NC|N|Click on the cannons to crush them as you go.|
C Burn the Flags|QID|51394|M|29.41,51.18|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|S|NC|N|Click on the banners to burn them as you go.|
C Breaking Free|QID|51389|M|30.07,53.65|Z|Vol'dun|NC|N|Rescue Private James.|
C Burn the Flags|QID|51394|M|29.41,51.18|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|US|NC|N|Finish burning the banners.|
C Crush the Cannons|QID|51394|M|29.56,51.39|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|US|NC|N|Finish crushing the cannons.|
C Defang the Faithless|QID|51391|M|29.02,51.32|Z|Vol'dun|US|N|Finish killing the Faithless.|
C Shatter Spires|QID|51394|M|28.86,51.47|Z|Vol'dun|QO|3|NC|N|Click on the spire to shatter it.|
f Terrace of the Devoted|QID|51389|M|27.66,50.34|Z|Vol'dun|N|At Vethiss.|ACTIVE|51391|
T Breaking Free|QID|51389|M|27.56,52.62|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Private James.|
T Defang the Faithless|QID|51391|M|27.62,52.57|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Vorrik.|
T Break the Siege|QID|51394|M|27.62,52.57|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Vorrik.|
A The Keepers' Keys|QID|51395|M|27.62,52.57|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Vorrik.|PRE|51389&51391&51394|
C The Keepers' Keys|QID|51395|M|27.57,52.62|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|CHAT|N|Speak to Private James|
C The Keepers' Keys|QID|51395|M|27.12,52.54|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|NC|N|Follow Vorrik|
T The Keepers' Keys|QID|51395|M|27.11,52.58|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Vorrik.|
A Reporting In|QID|51402|M|27.02,52.50|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Sergeant Ermey.|PRE|51395|
F Shatterstone Harbor|QID|51402|M|27.66,50.34|Z|Vol'dun|N|At Vethiss.|ACTIVE|51402|
T Reporting In|QID|51402|M|37.71,35.83|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Champion: Magister Umbric|QID|52008|M|37.47,35.84|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|51402|
T Champion: Magister Umbric|QID|52008|M|37.47,35.84|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Magister Umbric.|
A Return to Boralus|QID|51969|M|37.71,35.82|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51402|
C Return to Boralus|QID|51969|M|34.94,33.76|Z|Vol'dun|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth you are ready to go back to Boralus.|
T Return to Boralus|QID|51969|M|69.28,26.99|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

;Zuldazar Campaign
A Zuldazar Foothold|QID|51308|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51570|
C Zuldazar Foothold|QID|51308|QO|1|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Listen to Halford Wyrmbane's plan.|
C Zuldazar Foothold|QID|51308|QO|2|M|67.95,26.72|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|If you are ready to travel to Zuldazar and start the War Campaign, tell Jes-Tereth you are ready.|
T Zuldazar Foothold|QID|51308|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Brigadier Thom.|
A The Troll's Tale|QID|51201|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Brigadier Thom.|PRE|51308|
C The Troll's Tale|QID|51201|M|77.51,54.60|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Talk to the Captured Zandalari Troll.|
T The Troll's Tale|QID|51201|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Brigadier Thom.|
A Granting a Reprieve|QID|51190|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Brigadier Thom.|PRE|51201|
A Disarming the Cannons|QID|51544|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Brigadier Thom.|PRE|51201|
A A Lack of Surplus|QID|51192|M|77.14,55.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Degdod.|PRE|51201|
A That One's Mine|QID|51193|M|77.14,55.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Degdod.|PRE|51201|
A Save Them All|QID|51191|M|77.13,55.55|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Medic Feorea.|PRE|51201|
f Castaway Encampment|ACTIVE|51191|M|77.66,54.44|Z|Zuldazar|N|At Kaolin.|
C Granting a Reprieve|QID|51190|M|79.11,53.96|Z|Zuldazar|S|N|Kill the Horde on the beach as you go.|
C Save Them All|QID|51191|M|79.11,53.96|Z|Zuldazar|S|NC|N|Click on the injured sailors to heal them as you go.|
C A Lack of Surplus|QID|51192|M|79.11,53.96|Z|Zuldazar|S|NC|N|Pick up bundles of supplies as you go.|
C Disarming the Cannons|QID|51544|M|83.27,54.64|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click on the rope to board the ship and then destroy the cannons.|
K Major Hawkins|ACTIVE|51193|QO|1|M|81.92,51.18|Z|Zuldazar|N|Kill Major Hawkins and loot his hammer.|T|Major Alan Hawkins|
C A Lack of Surplus|QID|51192|M|79.11,53.96|Z|Zuldazar|US|NC|N|Finish collecting the bundles of supplies.|
C Save Them All|QID|51191|M|79.11,53.96|Z|Zuldazar|US|NC|N|Finish up healing the injured sailors.|
C Granting a Reprieve|QID|51190|M|79.11,53.96|Z|Zuldazar|US|N|Finish your quota of killing Horde.|
T A Lack of Surplus|QID|51192|M|77.13,55.59|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Degdod.|
T That One's Mine|QID|51193|M|77.13,55.59|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Degdod.|
T Save Them All|QID|51191|M|77.13,55.54|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Medic Feorea.|
T Granting a Reprieve|QID|51190|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Brigadier Thom.|
T Disarming the Cannons|QID|51544|M|77.54,54.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Brigadier Thom.|
A Xibala|QID|51418|M|77.50,55.21|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|PRE|51190&51191&51192&51193&51544|
C Xibala|QID|51418|M|80.35,55.45|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Hop in the rowboat and enjoy the ride.|
f Xibala|ACTIVE|51418|M|40.59,71.46|Z|Zuldazar|N|At Paula Waverunner.|
T Xibala|QID|51418|M|40.75,70.84|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|
A Mole Machinations|QID|51331|M|40.75,70.84|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|PRE|51418|
A Rocks of Ragnaros|QID|51309|M|40.75,70.84|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|PRE|51418|
C Rocks of Ragnaros|QID|51309|M|39.34,72.48|Z|Zuldazar|NC|S|N|Pick up the Firelands Slag from the landing area as you go.|
C Mole Machinations|QID|51331|M|39.17,73.04|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click on the Dark Iron Mole Machines to let the poor dwarves out.|
C Rocks of Ragnaros|QID|51309|M|39.34,72.48|Z|Zuldazar|NC|US|N|Finish collecting Firelands Slag.|
T Rocks of Ragnaros|QID|51309|M|40.75,70.83|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|
T Mole Machinations|QID|51331|M|40.75,70.83|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|
A Fragment of the Firelands|QID|51359|M|40.75,70.83|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|PRE|51309&51331|
C Fragment of the Firelands|QID|51359|M|40.70,70.87|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|U|160058|N|Click the provided stabilizer to be transferred into a vehicle ui - style elemental.|
C Fragment of the Firelands|QID|51359|M|40.70,70.87|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|N|Go forth and kill goblins.|
T Fragment of the Firelands|QID|51359|M|40.75,70.84|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Anvil-Thane Thurgaden.|
A Champion: Kelsey Steelspark|QID|52003|M|41.76,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|PRE|51359|
T Champion: Kelsey Steelspark|QID|52003|M|41.76,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Return to Boralus|QID|51968|M|40.75,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|PRE|52003|
C Return to Boralus|QID|51968|M|40.47,71.05|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Daria you are ready to return to Boralus.|
T Return to Boralus|QID|51968|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

A Heart of Darkness|QID|51088|M|69.25,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51571|
C Heart of Darkness|QID|51088|M|67.95,26.72|QO|1|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|If you are ready to travel to Nazmir and start the War Campaign, tell Jes-Tereth you are ready.|
T Heart of Darkness|QID|51088|M|62.03,41.60|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Dubious Offering|QID|51129|M|62.03,41.60|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51088|
f Fort Victory|QID|51129|M|62.35,41.38|Z|Nazmir|N|At Selina Duskraven.|ACTIVE|51129|
C Dubious Offering|QID|51129|M|62.12,42.53|Z|Nazmir|NC|N|Hop on the bat to be flown to Zalamar.|
T Dubious Offering|QID|51129|M|31.15,46.70|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Blood of Hir'eek|QID|51167|M|31.15,46.70|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51129|
A Honoring the Fallen|QID|51150|M|31.15,46.70|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51129|
C Honoring the Fallen|QID|51150|M|31.12,47.11|Z|Nazmir|S|NC|N|Click on the alliance corpses to retrieve their dog tags.|
K Blood Witch Pakkala|ACTIVE|51167|QO|1|M|29.13,46.54|Z|Nazmir|T|Blood Witch Pakkala|N|Kill Blood Witch Pakkala.|
C Honoring the Fallen|QID|51150|M|31.12,47.11|Z|Nazmir|S|NC|N|Finish recovering dog tags.|
T Blood of Hir'eek|QID|51167|M|31.15,46.71|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
T Honoring the Fallen|QID|51150|M|31.15,46.71|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Zealots of Zala'mar|QID|51168|M|31.15,46.71|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51167&51150|
C Zealots of Zala'mar|QID|51168|M|30.47,47.32|Z|Nazmir|N|Kill Zalamar Zealot as you run up the spiral.|
T Zealots of Zala'mar|QID|51168|M|30.47,47.32|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard who is right beside you.|
A Flight from the Fall|QID|51169|M|30.47,47.32|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51168|
C Flight from the Fall|QID|51169|M|31.11,47.90|Z|Nazmir|NC|N|Hop on a bat to be flown to Fort Victory.|
T Flight from the Fall|QID|51169|M|62.03,41.60|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Zul'Nazman|QID|51281|M|62.03,41.60|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51169|
h Fort Victory|ACTIVE|51281|M|61.96,40.77|Z|Nazmir|N|Unless you like long runs thru troll infested swamps, setting your hearthstone is recomended at Priestess Islara.|
R Koramar|ACTIVE|51281|M|58.12,45.31;55.01,46.48;53.70,49.79;50.27,49.56|Z|Nazmir|CS|N|Brann could at least run with you and help you find the way, but no.|
T Zul'Nazman|QID|51281|M|49.97,50.92|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Nazmani Cultists|QID|51279|M|49.97,50.92|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51281|
A Offerings to G'huun|QID|51280|M|49.97,50.92|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51281|
C Nazmani Cultists|QID|51279|M|48.49,51.59|Z|Nazmir|S|N|Kill Nazmani trolls as you head thru Koramar.|
C Offerings to G'huun|QID|51280|M|48.67,54.32|Z|Nazmir|NC|N|Click on the urns to destroy Offerings to G'huun.|
C Nazmani Cultists|QID|51279|M|46.00,56.02|Z|Nazmir|US|N|Finish killing Nazmani trolls.|
T Nazmani Cultists|QID|51279|M|45.70,57.47|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
T Offerings to G'huun|QID|51280|M|45.70,57.47|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Captain Conrad|QID|51282|M|45.70,57.47|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51279&51280|
T Captain Conrad|QID|51282|M|44.95,58.59;45.00,57.15|CS|Z|Nazmir|N|To Captain Conrad.|
A Lessons of the Damned|QID|51177|M|45.00,57.15|Z|Nazmir|N|From Captain Conrad.|PRE|51282|
C Lessons of the Damned|QID|51177|M|45.70,59.72|Z|Nazmir|NC|QO|1|N|Listen to Captain Conrad and then follow her.|
K Captain Conrad|ACTIVE|51177|M|45.53,59.83|Z|Nazmir|QO|2|T|Captain Conrad|N|Kill Captain Conrad when she becomes hostile.|
H Fort Victory|ACTIVE|51177|M|45.53,59.83|Z|Nazmir|N|Return to Fort Victory. May even be easier if your hearthstone is set to Boralus.|
T Lessons of the Damned|QID|51177|M|62.02,41.61|Z|Nazmir|N|To Brann Bronzebeard. Yes if you didn't set your hearthstone, you have to run back thru (or preferably around) all those trolls.|
A Champion: John J. Keeshan|QID|52013|M|61.78,41.33|Z|Nazmir|N|From John Keeshan.|PRE|51177|
T Champion: John J. Keeshan|QID|52013|M|61.78,41.33|Z|Nazmir|N|To John Keeshan.|
A Return to Boralus|QID|51967|M|62.03,41.59|Z|Nazmir|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|PRE|51177|
C Return to Boralus|QID|51967|M|61.40,51.11|Z|Kul Tiras|CHAT|N|Tell Desha you want to return to Boralas.|
T Return to Boralus|QID|51967|M|69.27,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane. Don't forget to reset your hearthstone to Boralus.|

;lvl 120
A A Mission of Unity|QID|53063|N|Autoaccepted when you hit 120|LVL|120|O|
T A Mission of Unity|QID|53063|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Uniting Kul Tiras|QID|51918^52450|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|LVL|120|
C Uniting Kul Tiras|QID|51918^52450|S|N|This requires earning friendly reputation with Proudmoore Admirity (Tiragarde Sound), Order of Embers (Drustvar) and Storm's Wake (Stormsong Valley).|

A The Warfront Looms|QID|53175|N|Autoaccepted after turning level 120|LVL|120|O|
T The Warfront Looms|QID|53175|M|65.90,26.10|Z|Boralus|N|To Ralston Karn.|
A To the Front|QID|53194|M|65.90,26.10|Z|Boralus|N|From Ralston Karn.|LVL|120|
A Warfront Contribution|QID|53185|M|65.90,26.10|Z|Boralus|N|From Ralston Karn.|LVL|120|PRE|53175|
P Arathi Highlands|ACTIVE|53194|M|66.23,24.77|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Talk to Yvera Dawnwing for a port to Arathi Highlands.|
T To the Front|QID|53194|M|19.25,61.94|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Captain Roderick Brewston.|
A Touring the Front|QID|53197|M|19.25,61.94|Z|Arathi Highlands|PRE|53194|
C Touring the Front|QID|53197|M|18.26,67.94|Z|Arathi Highlands|QO|3|CHAT|N|View the battleground with Grayson Bell.|
C Touring the Front|QID|53197|M|12.01,52.12|Z|Arathi Highlands|QO|2|CHAT|N|Check on Lumbering Leo.|
C Touring the Front|QID|53197|M|27.55,57.01|Z|Arathi Highlands|QO|1|CHAT|N|Enter the mine and run below to check on Foreman Tully.|
T Touring the Front|QID|53197|M|19.24,61.94|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Captain Roderick Brewston.|
A Back to Boralus|QID|53198|M|19.24,61.94|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Captain Roderick Brewston.|PRE|53197|
P Boralus Harbor|ACTIVE|53198|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|CHAT|N|Talk to Yvera Dawnwing for a port back to Boralus.|
T Back to Boralus|QID|53198|M|65.90,26.10|Z|Boralus|N|To Ralston Karn.|
C Warfront Contribution|QID|53185|M|65.90,26.10|Z|Boralus|QO|1|N|Make a donation to the war effort, if crafting supplies are sparse, you can donate 100g.|
T Warfront Contribution|QID|53185|M|65.90,26.10|Z|Boralus|N|To Ralston Karn and enjoy Warfronts!|
A Death to The Defilers|QID|53153|ACTIVE|5315353192^53179^53146^53162^53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Yvera Dawnwing.|
A Twice-Exiled|QID|53192|ACTIVE|53153^53192^53179^53146^53162^53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Yvera Dawnwing.|
A Executing Exorcisms|QID|53179|ACTIVE|53153^53192^53179^53146^53162^53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Yvera Dawnwing.|
A Boulderfist Beatdown|QID|53146|ACTIVE|53153^53192^53179^53146^53162^53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Yvera Dawnwing.|
A Sins of the Syndicate|QID|53162|ACTIVE|53153^53192^53179^53146^53162^53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Yvera Dawnwing.|
A Wiping Out the Witherbark|QID|53149|ACTIVE|53153^53192^53179^53146^53162^53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Yvera Dawnwing.|
C Twice-Exiled|QID|53192|M|29.76,59.85|Z|Arathi Highlands|S|N|Kill elementals, they have spawn areas all over the map.|
C Boulderfist Beatdown|QID|53146|M|28.75,45.55|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Cave entrance at waypoint, kill the Boulderfist inside.|
C Executing Exorcisms|QID|53179|M|27.01,30.60|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill Ghosts in the area.|
C Sins of the Syndicate|QID|53162|M|49.81,39.77|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill Syndicate in the area.|
C Death to The Defilers|QID|53153|M|53.14,60.05|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill defilers in the area.|
C Wiping Out the Witherbark|QID|53149|M|63.75,72.54|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill trolls in the area.|
C Twice-Exiled|QID|53192|M|29.76,59.85|Z|Arathi Highlands|US|N|Finish killing elementals in this area. There is also the Rumbling Goliath rare here.|
T Death to The Defilers|QID|53153|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Yvera Dawnwing.|
T Twice-Exiled|QID|53192|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Yvera Dawnwing.|
T Executing Exorcisms|QID|53179|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Yvera Dawnwing.|
T Boulderfist Beatdown|QID|53146|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Yvera Dawnwing.|
T Sins of the Syndicate|QID|53162|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Yvera Dawnwing.|
T Wiping Out the Witherbark|QID|53149|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Yvera Dawnwing.|
;End Warfront

; Warfront Scenerio
A Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53414|M|65.87,26.04|Z|Boralus|N|From Ralston Karn.|ILVL|320|O|
C Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53414|M|65.87,26.04|Z|Boralus|QO|1|NC|N|View the War Table and join the queue to defeat the Horde at the Battle for Stromgarde.|ILVL|320|
A Iron Stores|QID|52439|ACTIVE|53414|M|61.05,67.17|Z|1044|N|From Foreman Tully. After taking the mines by killing Overseer Krix.|ILVL|320|
C Iron Stores|QID|52439|M|47.28,74.06|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|Back at the base, access your Iron Stores.|
T Iron Stores|QID|52439|M|47.13,74.18|Z|1044|N|To Henrik.|
A Cutting Out the Competition|QID|52118|PRE|52439|M|36.37,59.61|Z|1044|N|From Lumbering Leo. after taking the Lumber Mill.|ILVL|320|
C Cutting Out the Competition|QID|52118|M|36.71,59.43|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|Grab the Sturdy Axe.|
C Cutting Out the Competition|QID|52118|M|36.35,58.17|Z|1044|QO|2|NC|N|Chop down the Sapling.|
C Cutting Out the Competition|QID|52118|M|36.35,58.17|Z|1044|QO|3|NC|N|Pick up the Freshly-Chopped Wood around the tree you just chopped.|
T Cutting Out the Competition|QID|52118|M|36.65,59.78|Z|1044|N|To Lumbering Leo.|
A Ready for Battle|QID|53672|PRE|52439|M|46.04,73.30|Z|1044|N|From Sergeant Matthew Walker.|ILVL|320|
C Ready for Battle|QID|53672|M|44.40,73.70|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|Recruit a troop from the Barracks, 20 Iron minimum.|
T Ready for Battle|QID|53672|M|46.04,73.29|Z|1044|N|To Sergeant Matthew Walker.|
A Armor Up!|QID|53673|PRE|52439|M|49.60,76.61|Z|1044|N|From Balinda Darkstone.|ILVL|320|
C Armor Up!|QID|53673|M|51.28,74.18|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|See what the Armory has to offer.|
T Armor Up!|QID|53673|M|48.02,80.01|Z|1044|N|To Captain Roderick Brewston.|
A The Altar's Power|QID|53674|PRE|52439|M|48.02,80.01|Z|1044|N|From Captain Roderick Brewston.|ILVL|320|
C The Altar's Power|QID|53674|M|51.42,81.06|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|See what the Altar has to offer at Alterite Jesse Taylor.|
T The Altar's Power|QID|53674|M|48.01,79.96|Z|1044|N|To Captain Roderick Brewston.|
A Welcome to the Workshop|QID|53675|PRE|52439|M|50.73,72.17|Z|1044|N|From Genny.|ILVL|320|
C Welcome to the Workshop|QID|53675|M|49.93,72.26|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|See what the Workshop has to offer.|
T Welcome to the Workshop|QID|53675|M|50.72,72.17|Z|1044|N|To Genny.|
A Establishing a Connection|QID|53678|PRE|52439|M|51.11,47.09|Z|1044|N|From Grayson Bell.|ILVL|320|
C Establishing a Connection|QID|53678|M|51.11,47.09|Z|1044|CHAT|N|Fly back to Stromgarde Keep to get your flightmaster whistle upgrade.|
T Establishing a Connection|QID|53678|M|47.49,75.40|Z|1044|N|To Danath Trollbane.|
A Beasts of Newstead|QID|53677|PRE|52439|M|42.31,39.61|Z|1044|N|From Huntmaster Theodore after capturing Newstead.|ILVL|320|
C Beasts of Newstead|QID|53677|M|41.50,40.54|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|See what Vindicator Banra has to offer.|
T Beasts of Newstead|QID|53677|M|42.33,39.66|Z|1044|N|To Huntmaster Theodore.|
A The Circle's Power|QID|53676|PRE|52439|M|69.62,47.69|Z|1044|N|From High Sorceress Marala after capturing the Circle of Elements.|ILVL|320|
C The Circle's Power|QID|53676|M|67.16,47.39|Z|1044|QO|1|NC|N|See what Justine Frost has to offer.|
T The Circle's Power|QID|53676|M|69.64,47.68|Z|1044|N|To High Sorceress Marala.|
t Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53414|M|65.87,26.04|Z|Boralus|N|To Ralston Karn.|
; End Warfront Scenerio

C Uniting Kul Tiras|QID|51918^52450|US|N|This requires earning friendly reputation with Proudmoore Admirity (Tiragarde Sound), Order of Embers (Drustvar) and Storm's Wake (Stormsong Valley).|
T Uniting Kul Tiras|QID|51918^52450|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

;First Assault
A Overseas Assassination|QID|52026|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|51918^52450|
C Overseas Assassination|QID|52026|M|67.95,26.72|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|If you are ready to travel to Vol'dun|
T Overseas Assassination|QID|52026|M|37.70,35.95|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A The Vol'dun Plan|QID|52027|M|37.70,35.95|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52026|
C The Vol'dun Plan|QID|52027|M|37.70,35.95|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|CHAT|N|Discuss Halford's strategy.|
C The Vol'dun Plan|QID|52027|M|37.75,35.92|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|CHAT|N|Discuss Shandris's strategy.|
T The Vol'dun Plan|QID|52027|M|37.70,35.95|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Comb the Desert|QID|52028|M|37.70,35.95|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52027|

; Jani starting questline.
A Pests|QID|51142|M|36.57,32.30|Z|Vol'dun|LVL|120|N|From Quartermaster Alfin in Vol'dun. This will open up 'Jani' opportunities which give you will find around the Zandalar.|PRE|51969|RANK|3|
C Pests|QID|51142|M|36.90,32.24|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|N|Thieving Snapper spawn all over the place, hunt them down and kill them.|
C Pests|QID|51142|M|36.18,36.78|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|N|Follow the Big One|
T Pests|QID|51142|M|36.19,36.74|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Jani.|
A Curse of Jani|QID|51145|M|36.19,36.74|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Jani.|PRE|51142|
C Curse of Jani|QID|51145|M|36.32,32.80|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|N|Reach Quartermaster Alfin while avoiding guards, you can actually mount here.|
C Curse of Jani|QID|51145|M|36.57,32.30|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|N|Sneak up behind Quartermaster Alfin and bite him.|
T Curse of Jani|QID|51145|M|36.19,36.74|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Jani.|

;First Assault-continued
C Comb the Desert|QID|52028|M|40.72,47.79|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|NC|N|Search for Horde activity.|
T Comb the Desert|QID|52028|M|40.74,47.83|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Dirty Work|QID|52029|M|40.74,47.83|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52028|
K Nazlara|ACTIVE|52029|M|40.89,48.91|Z|Vol'dun|T|Nazlara|QO|1|N|Kill Nazlara walking around the desert a few yards away. Loot the Reliquary Orders.|
T Dirty Work|QID|52029|M|40.70,47.84|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Keep Combing|QID|52030|M|40.70,47.84|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52029|
C Keep Combing|QID|52030|M|44.91,58.83|Z|Vol'dun|NC|N|Search for more Reliquary operatives.|
T Keep Combing|QID|52030|M|44.99,58.75|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Classic Reliquary|QID|52031|M|44.99,58.75|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52030|
C Classic Reliquary|QID|52031|M|45.29,60.65|Z|Vol'dun|N|Kill Elisa Veilsong and Daxx Bombhand to collect the Reliquary Map: Vol'dun|
T Classic Reliquary|QID|52031|M|44.96,58.77|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Never Stop Combing|QID|52032|M|44.96,58.77|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52031|
C Never Stop Combing|QID|52032|M|41.08,72.61|Z|Vol'dun|NC|N|Find the Exiles' Enclave|
T Never Stop Combing|QID|52032|M|41.08,72.61|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Improvised Survival|QID|52035|M|41.08,72.61|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52032|
A A Message to the Zandalari|QID|52034|M|41.11,72.57|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52032|
A They Have Alpacas Here|QID|52036|M|41.14,72.40|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Explosioneer Zoidfuse.|PRE|52032|
C Improvised Survival|QID|52035|M|40.22,75.20|Z|Vol'dun|NC|S|N|Collect Zandalari Dunemelons and Water Jugs as you go|
C They Have Alpacas Here|QID|52036|M|38.65,70.99|Z|Vol'dun|S|N|Find an Alpaca, use the Lasso on it and bring it back to Zoidfuse|U|161333|
C A Message to the Zandalari|QID|52034|M|40.64,75.32|Z|Vol'dun|N|Kill 12 Zandalari Exiles|
C Improvised Survival|QID|52035|M|40.22,75.20|Z|Vol'dun|NC|US|N|Continue Collecting Zandalari Dunemelons and Water Jugs|
C They Have Alpacas Here|QID|52036|M|38.65,70.99|Z|Vol'dun|US|N|Find an Alpaca, use the Lasso on it and bring it back to Zoidfuse|U|161333|
T Improvised Survival|QID|52035|M|41.08,72.61|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
T A Message to the Zandalari|QID|52034|M|41.11,72.57|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
T They Have Alpacas Here|QID|52036|M|41.14,72.40|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Explosioneer Zoidfuse.|
A Splitting Up|QID|52038|M|41.09,72.61|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52034&52035&52036|
C Splitting Up|QID|52038|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|Continue traveling southwest across the desert|
T Splitting Up|QID|52038|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Full of Arrows|QID|52040|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52038|
A Delayed Deathification|QID|52039|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52038|
C Delayed Deathification|QID|52039|M|29.05,76.64|Z|Vol'dun|NC|S|N|Bury the Remote-Detonation Deathbombs|
K Arlethal Sunwatcher|ACTIVE|52040|M|28.70,75.65|Z|Vol'dun|T|Arlethal Sunwatcher|QO|1|N|Kill Arlethal Sunwatcher|
C Delayed Deathification|QID|52039|M|29.05,76.64|Z|Vol'dun|NC|US|N|Continue to bury the Remote-Detonation Deathbombs|
T Full of Arrows|QID|52040|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
T Delayed Deathification|QID|52039|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Report to Wyrmbane|QID|52041|M|29.93,78.55|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52040&52039|
f Deadwood Cove|ACTIVE|52041|M|39.79,83.81|Z|Vol'dun|N|Run to Explosioneer Zoidfuse to grab flightpoint.|
T Report to Wyrmbane|QID|52041|M|39.65,83.91|Z|Vol'dun|N|Run to Halford Wyrmbane in new camp.|
A The Big Boom|QID|52042|M|39.65,83.91|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52041|
C The Big Boom|QID|52042|M|39.79,83.81|Z|Vol'dun|NC|N|Talk with Explosioneer Zoidfuse and get on the chopper. Test each ability as they come available, Big Red Button is last|
T The Big Boom|QID|52042|M|39.65,83.91|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Blood on the Sand|QID|52146|M|39.65,83.91|Z|Vol'dun|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52042|
C Blood on the Sand|QID|52146|M|39.65,83.91|Z|Vol'dun|QO|2|NC|N|Wait for Kelsey Steelspark to return.|
C Blood on the Sand|QID|52146|M|38.68,83.02|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|NC|N|Click on 7th Legion Spyglass and watch cinematic.|
T Blood on the Sand|QID|52146|M|39.65,83.91|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

; 4.5k Friendly with The 7th Legion
A Operation: Blood Arrow|QID|53069|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|Autoaccepted.|O|REP|7th Legion;2159;friendly;4500|PRE|52146|
T Operation: Blood Arrow|QID|53069|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Crippling the Horde|QID|52147|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|REP|7th Legion;2159;friendly;4500|PRE|52146|
C Crippling the Horde|QID|52147|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Speak with Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth to said for Nazmir.|
T Crippling the Horde|QID|52147|M|61.96,41.22|Z|Nazmir|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A How to Kill a Dark Ranger|QID|52150|M|61.96,41.22|Z|Nazmir|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52147|
C How to Kill a Dark Ranger|QID|52150|M|61.96,41.22|CHAT|Z|Nazmir|N|Talk with Shandris Feathermoon.|
T How to Kill a Dark Ranger|QID|52150|M|61.96,41.22|Z|Nazmir|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Tortollans in Distress|QID|52156|M|61.96,41.22|Z|Nazmir|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52150|
A The Savage Hunt|QID|52158|M|61.79,41.32|Z|Nazmir|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|52150|
C The Savage Hunt|QID|52158|M|61.84,24.26|Z|Nazmir|S|N|Kill 15 Blood Trolls and their allies.|
C Tortollans in Distress|QID|52156|M|61.53,25.14|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|NC|N|Rescue 6 Tortollans.|
C The Savage Hunt|QID|52158|M|61.84,24.26|Z|Nazmir|US|N|Continue killing Blood Trolls and their allies.|
C Tortollans in Distress|QID|52156|M|51.25,21.82|CHAT|Z|Nazmir|QO|2|N|Speak with the Rescued Tortollan.|
T Tortollans in Distress|QID|52156|M|51.33,21.87|Z|Nazmir|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
T The Savage Hunt|QID|52158|M|51.27,21.88|Z|Nazmir|N|To John J. Keeshan.|
A One Option: Fire|QID|52171|M|51.27,21.88|Z|Nazmir|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|52156&52158|
A They Can't Stay Here|QID|52172|M|51.27,21.88|Z|Nazmir|N|John J. Keeshan.|PRE|52156&52158|
A Ending Areiel|QID|52170|M|51.33,21.87|Z|Nazmir|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52156&52158|
f Redfield's Watch|ACTIVE|52170|M|50.81,20.78|Z|Nazmir|N|Run to Joseph Redfield to grab flightpoint.|
C They Can't Stay Here|QID|52172|M|41.15,30.02|Z|Nazmir|S|N|Kill 12 Horde Soldiers.|
C One Option: Fire|QID|52171|M|41.27,27.49|Z|Nazmir|QO|3|NC|N|Food Cache destroyed.|
C One Option: Fire|QID|52171|M|39.96,28.49|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|NC|N|Bwonsamdi offerings destroyed.|
C One Option: Fire|QID|52171|M|37.68,28.92|Z|Nazmir|QO|2|NC|N|Medicinal Supplies destroyed.|
K Ranger Captain Areiel|ACTIVE|52170|M|35.87,29.32|Z|Nazmir|T|Ranger Captain Areiel|N|Kill Ranger Captain Areiel and loot the Horde Missive.|
C One Option: Fire|QID|52171|M|37.89,32.31|Z|Nazmir|QO|4|NC|N|Armory Supplies destroyed.|
C They Can't Stay Here|QID|52172|M|41.15,30.02|Z|Nazmir|US|N|Finish killing Horde Soldiers.|
T One Option: Fire|QID|52171|M|51.27,21.88|Z|Nazmir|N|To John J. Keeshan.|
T They Can't Stay Here|QID|52172|M|51.27,21.88|Z|Nazmir|N|To John J. Keeshan.|
T Ending Areiel|QID|52170|M|51.33,21.87|Z|Nazmir|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Meeting of the Minds|QID|52208|M|51.33,21.87|Z|Nazmir|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52170&52171&52172|
C Meeting of the Minds|QID|52208|M|42.13,39.74|CHAT|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|N|Run to new location to talk with Shandris and take the flask of invisibility.|
C Meeting of the Minds|QID|52208|M|39.80,41.99;40.05,43.94|CS|Z|Nazmir|QO|2|NC|N|Use the flask and run to the location to eavesdrop.|U|163196|
T Meeting of the Minds|QID|52208|M|42.13,39.74|Z|Nazmir|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Target: Blood Prince Dreven|QID|52219|M|42.13,39.74|Z|Nazmir|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52208|
C Target: Blood Prince Dreven|QID|52219|M|20.15,60.76|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|CHAT|N|Meet John J. Keeshan and tell him you're ready.|
K Blood Prince Dreven|ACTIVE|52219|M|20.18,60.76|Z|Nazmir|QO|2|T|Blood Prince Dreven|N|Kill Blood Prince Dreven and his cohorts.|
T Target: Blood Prince Dreven|QID|52219|M|61.97,41.24|Z|Nazmir|N|To Shandris Feathermoon - Flightmaster Whistle can be useful here if you don't want to run back.|U|141605|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: Veiled Grotto
A Mission Report: Veiled Grotto|QID|52801|M|70.46,27.13|Z|Boralus|PRE|53747|O|
T Mission Report: Veiled Grotto|QID|52801|M|69.28,26.99|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Veiled Grotto|QID|52802|M|69.28,26.99|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52801|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: Grimwatt's Crash
A Mission Report: Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53006|M|70.45,27.18|Z|Boralus|PRE|53751|O|
T Mission Report: Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53006|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53007|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|PRE|53006|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: Veiled Grotto,part2
R Zuldazar|ACTIVE|52802|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
R The Golden Road|ACTIVE|52802|M|49.21,35.86;48.36,39.71;44.48,36.69|CS|Z|Zuldazar|N|Make your way to the outpost by following the road generally north thru Rastari passage, until you get to Temple of the Prophet, right wall thru the temple, up multiple steps of stairs and then continue up The Golden Road.|FLY|BFA|
C Veiled Grotto|QID|52802|M|44.48,36.69|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|N|Click the banner claim the outpost for the Alliance.|
f Veiled Grotto|ACTIVE|52802|M|44.43,36.84|Z|Zuldazar|N|Get the flightpoint from Isaac "Lefteye" Bentham.|
T Veiled Grotto|QID|52802|M|44.25,36.49|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Kolton Garrick.|
;there is no upgrade for this outpost (unlike all the others)

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: Grimwatt's Crash,part2
R Nazmir|ACTIVE|53007|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Nazmir or get there through other means.|
R Terrace of Sorrows|ACTIVE|53007|M|37.19,48.47;37.84,60.53|CS|Z|Nazmir|N|Make your way to the outpost by following the road generally west until the crossroads at Kazai, turn left (south) and continue on down the road. Turn right (west)off the road at Terrace of Sorrows to find the Crash site.|FLY|BFA|
C Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53007|M|34.16,63.42|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|NC|N|Click the banner claim the outpost for the Alliance.|
f Grimwatt's Crash|ACTIVE|53007|M|34.31,63.20|Z|Nazmir|N|Get the flightpoint from Noella Davenport.|
T Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53007|M|33.88,63.22|Z|Nazmir|N|To Fellyia Wildsong.|
A Mission Report: Ambush at Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53186|M|70.42,27.19|Z|Boralus|PRE|53007|O|
T Mission Report: Ambush at Grimwatt's Crash|QID|53186|M|69.28,27.01|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A An Unexpected Guest|QID|53187|M|69.28,27.01|Z|Boralus|PRE|53186|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|
R Nazmir|ACTIVE|53187|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Nazmir or get there through other means.|
T An Unexpected Guest|QID|53187|M|34.31,63.20|Z|Nazmir|N|Fly to Grimwatt's Crash and turn in to Noella Davenport.|

; 3k Honored with The 7th Legion
A Operation: Cutpurse|QID|53070|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|Autoaccepted|O|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored;3000|PRE|52219|
T Operation: Cutpurse|QID|53070|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Our Next Target|QID|52154|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored;3000|PRE|52219|
C Our Next Target|QID|52154|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Wait for conversation to end.|
T Our Next Target|QID|52154|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A The Void Elves Stand Ready|QID|52173|M|69.35,26.57|Z|Boralus|N|From Magister Umbric|PRE|52154|
C The Void Elves Stand Ready|QID|52173|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|QO|1|N|Speak with Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth to sail for Zuldazar.|
C The Void Elves Stand Ready|QID|52173|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|NC|QO|2|N|Meet Magister Umbric.|
T The Void Elves Stand Ready|QID|52173|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Magister Umbric.|
A Bilgewater Bonanza Go Boom|QID|52205|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52173|
A The Void Solution|QID|52204|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52173|
A Find the Paper Trail|QID|52203|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52173|
C Bilgewater Bonanza Go Boom|QID|52205|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|S|N|Kill 12 goblins and open void tears if you need extra assistance.|
C The Void Solution|QID|52204|M|35.48,68.42|Z|Zuldazar|S|N|Destroy 4 Bilgewater Frackers using the Void Shard.|U|161422|
K Boss Blastmouth|ACTIVE|52203|M|38.62,72.24;35.28,66.66|CS|Z|Zuldazar|T|Boss Blastmouth|N|Kill Boss Blastmouth to loot the Orders from Gallywix.|
C The Void Solution|QID|52204|M|35.48,68.42|Z|Zuldazar|US|N|Destroy 4 Bilgewater Frackers using the Void Shard.|U|161422|
C Bilgewater Bonanza Go Boom|QID|52205|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|US|N|Kill 12 goblins and open void tears if you need extra assistance.|
T Bilgewater Bonanza Go Boom|QID|52205|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Magister Umbric.|
T The Void Solution|QID|52204|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Magister Umbric.|
T Find the Paper Trail|QID|52203|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Magister Umbric.|
A A Greedy Goblin's Paradise|QID|52241|M|40.59,70.68|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52203&52204&52205|
C A Greedy Goblin's Paradise|QID|52241|M|40.55,70.63|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|N|Use the void portal in front of you.|
C A Greedy Goblin's Paradise|QID|52241|M|40.33,39.71|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|NC|N|Meet Umbric at Atal'Dazar.|
T A Greedy Goblin's Paradise|QID|52241|M|40.33,39.71|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Magister Umbric.|
A Chasing Gallywix|QID|52247|M|40.33,39.71|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52241|
C Chasing Gallywix|QID|52247|M|40.35,44.00|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|N|Avoid the fire traps and run up the stairs to find Gallywix.|
C Chasing Gallywix|QID|52247|M|40.41,44.28|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|NC|N|Step onto Gallywix's personal teleporter.|
T Chasing Gallywix|QID|52247|M|21.60,52.55|Z|Azshara|N|To Magister Umbric.|
A I Take No Pleasure In This|QID|52259|M|21.60,52.55|Z|Azshara|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52247|
C I Take No Pleasure In This|QID|52259|M|20.97,57.85|Z|Azshara|N|Crash the party! Kill all guests and blow stuff up.|
T I Take No Pleasure In This|QID|52259|M|20.97,57.85|Z|Azshara|N|Turn in to Magister Umbric wherever you're standing.|
A We Have Him Cornered|QID|52260|M|20.97,57.85|Z|Azshara|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52259|
C We Have Him Cornered|QID|52260|M|21.07,60.66|Z|Azshara|N|Kill Prince Gallywix.|
T We Have Him Cornered|QID|52260|M|20.94,60.48|Z|Azshara|N|To Magister Umbric.|
A Gallywix Got Away|QID|52261|M|20.94,60.48|Z|Azshara|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52260|
P Wind's Redemption|ACTIVE|52261|M|20.94,60.48|Z|Azshara|N|Use the void portal to return to your ship.|
T Gallywix Got Away|QID|52261|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

; 7.5k Honored with The 7th Legion
A Operation: Cutpurse|QID|53070|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|Autoaccepted.|O|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored;7500|PRE|52261|
T Operation: Cutpurse|QID|53070|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Intercepted Orders|QID|52308|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored;7500|PRE|52261|
C Intercepted Orders|QID|52308|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Wait for conversation to end.|
T Intercepted Orders|QID|52308|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Intercepted Orders|QID|52489|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52308|
C Intercepted Orders|QID|52489|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|QO|1|NC|N|Mount Swiftwing.|
C Intercepted Orders|QID|52489|M|37.42,43.30|Z|1156|QO|2|NC|N|Locate Horde ships.|
T Intercepted Orders|QID|52489|M|37.42,43.30|Z|1156|N|Turn in Shandris Feathermoon on the Griffin next to you.|
A Behind Enemy Boats|QID|52490|M|37.42,43.30|Z|1156|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52489|
C Behind Enemy Boats|QID|52490|M|36.57,52.15|Z|1156|QO|1|NC|N|Use the "1" key to signal Halford to drop you off and then, climb in the Banshee's Wail gunport.|
C Kill the Sailors|QID|52490|M|36.59,53.08|Z|1156|QO|2|S|N|Kill 10 sailors.|
A Broadside Bedlam|QID|52491|M|36.93,52.42|Z|1156|N|From a cannon across from you.|PRE|52489|
C Broadside Bedlam|QID|52491|M|36.96,52.04|Z|1156|QO|1|NC|N|Collect the Cannonballs.|
C Broadside Bedlam|QID|52491|M|36.79,52.78|Z|1156|QO|2|NC|N|Collect the Gunpowder.|
C Broadside Bedlam|QID|52491|M|36.62,53.31|Z|1156|QO|3|NC|N|Collect the torch.|
C Broadside Bedlam|QID|52491|M|36.62,53.31|Z|1156|QO|4|NC|N|Fire the 3 cannons.|
C Kill the Sailors|QID|52490|M|36.59,53.08|Z|1156|QO|2|US|N|Finish killing your 10 sailors.|
C Behind Enemy Boats|QID|52490|M|36.59,53.08|Z|1156|QO|3|NC|N|Open the Battlechest of the Horde located on the main deck.|
T Behind Enemy Boats|QID|52490|M|40.89,47.68|Z|1156|N|Wait a bit for Falstad to pick you up and then when available, turn in to Falstad Wildhammer on the Griffin with you.|
T Broadside Bedlam|QID|52491|M|40.89,47.68|Z|1156|N|To Falstad Wildhammer.|
A The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|40.89,47.68|Z|1156|N|From Falstad Wildhammer.|PRE|52490&52491|
C The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|40.67,49.81|Z|1156|QO|1|NC|N|Use "1" key to order Falstad to start the attack.|
C The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|39.27,55.11|Z|1156|S|QO|2|N|Use the "1" key to bomb rowboats and kill sailors, "2" key is a heal.|
C The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|39.27,55.11|Z|1156|QO|3|N|Use the "1" key to burn the deck of The Banshee's Wail.|
C The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|39.27,55.11|Z|1156|QO|4|N|Use the "1" key to burn the sails of The Crimson Squall.|
C The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|39.27,55.11|Z|1156|US|QO|2|N|Finish up the bombing run.|
T The Wildhammer Specialty|QID|52492|M|41.72,57.01|Z|1156|N|Turn in to Shandris Feathermoon.|
A An Unnatural Crew|QID|52493|M|41.72,57.01|Z|1156|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52492|
A Foul Crystals for Foul People|QID|52494|M|41.72,57.01|Z|1156|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52492|
C An Unnatural Crew|QID|52493|M|41.66,55.77|Z|1156|S|N|Kill 12 Horde on the ship.|
C Foul Crystals for Foul People|QID|52494|M|41.66,55.77|Z|1156|NC|N|Destroy 5 San'layn Crystals |
C An Unnatural Crew|QID|52493|M|41.66,55.77|Z|1156|US|N|Continue to kill Horde on the ship.|
T An Unnatural Crew|QID|52493|M|41.67,55.38|Z|1156|N|To Shandris Feathermoon below deck.|
T Foul Crystals for Foul People|QID|52494|M|41.67,55.38|Z|1156|N|To Shandris Feathermoon below deck.|
A Ending the San'layn Threat|QID|52495|M|41.67,55.38|Z|1156|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52493&52494|
C Ending the San'layn Threat|QID|52495|M|41.53,55.66|Z|1156|QO|1|N|Destroy the door and then kill Blood Prince Dreven.|
C Ending the San'layn Threat|QID|52495|M|42.40,55.90|Z|1156|QO|2|NC|N|Escape the ship and when a bit away from the ship, the special action button will appear. Use it to signal Falstad.|
T Ending the San'layn Threat|QID|52495|M|41.44,48.20|Z|1156|N|To Shandris Feathermoon, when she appears on a Griffin next to you.|
A A Clean Escape|QID|52496|M|41.44,48.20|Z|1156|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52495|
P Wind's Redemption|ACTIVE|52496|M|40.57,41.06|Z|1156|N|Let griffin portal you at edge of zone.|
T A Clean Escape|QID|52496|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|

; Revered with The 7th Legion
B Vindicator Jaelaana|QID|53746^53747^53748^53749^53750^53751|M|69.33,24.96|Z|Boralus|S|N|Now that you're Revered you can purchase and use four more Scouting Reports. The sooner you start those missions, the sooner you will have more flightpoints in Zandalar.|REP|7th Legion;2159;revered-exalted|AVAILABLE|53746^53748^53749^53751|

A Operation: Heartstrike|QID|53072|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|Autoaccepted|O|REP|7th Legion;2159;revered;0|PRE|52496|
T Operation: Heartstrike|QID|53072|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Bringing Down the Fleet|QID|52473|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane|REP|7th Legion;2159;revered;0|PRE|52496|
C Bringing Down the Fleet|QID|52473|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Speak with Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth to sail for Zuldazar|
T Bringing Down the Fleet|QID|52473|M|40.77,70.85|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship|QID|52282|M|40.76,70.85|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52473|
C How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship|QID|52282|M|40.76,70.85|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|CHAT|N|Tell Halford you want to discuss the plan.|
T How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship|QID|52282|M|40.76,70.85|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Under the Cover of Swiftwing|QID|52281|M|40.80,70.90|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Falstad Wildhammer.|PRE|52282|
C Under the Cover of Swiftwing|QID|52281|M|40.83,70.92|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|N|Jump on Swiftwing to take a ride.|
T Under the Cover of Swiftwing|QID|52281|M|57.64,87.59|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Ship Logs|QID|52284|M|57.64,87.59|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|PRE|52281|
A Sabotaging the Pa'ku|QID|52283|M|57.64,87.55|Z|Zuldazar|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|52281|
C Ship Logs|QID|52284|M|49.25,37.72|Z|Lower Deck!Breath Of Pa'ku!Dungeon|S|N|Kill crewman as you approach and onboard the ships to loot the navel records needed for this quest. (You can use the boots to kill crew on other boats if you need to, but there should be enough here.) \n\nDon't drive yourself crazy looking for the deathbombs; they are in the water.|U|162264|
C Sabotaging the Pa'ku|QID|52283|M|51.88,87.43|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Plant the deathbombs in the marked spots on the underside of the ship, "Breath of Pa'ku".|
C Ship Logs|QID|52284|M|49.25,37.72|Z|Lower Deck!Breath Of Pa'ku!Dungeon|US|N|Finish collecting the naval records.|U|162264|
T Sabotaging the Pa'ku|QID|52283|M|57.64,87.55|Z|Zuldazar|N|To John J. Keeshan.|
T Ship Logs|QID|52284|M|57.64,87.59|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine|QID|52285|M|57.64,87.59|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|PRE|52283&52284|
C The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine|QID|52285|M|57.41,85.89|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Hop in the Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine for another ride.|
T The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine|QID|52285|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise|QID|52290|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52285|
C My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise|QID|52290|M|48.90,68.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|Tell Umbric you are ready to become a blood troll.|CHAT|
T My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise|QID|52290|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Right Beneath Their Nose|QID|52286|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52290|
A Intelligence Denial|QID|52287|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52290|
A Void Vacation|QID|52288|M|48.90,68.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Magister Umbric.|PRE|52290|
C Void Vacation|QID|52288|M|48.03,63.02|Z|Zuldazar|NC|S|N|Use your extra action button to stealth, and watch for dogs. Throw Horde emissaries into a void rift. This action doesn't break stealth.|U|162450|
K Spymaster Stormhorn|ACTIVE|52287|M|47.48,66.86|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|T|Spymaster Stormhorn|N|Your first target, Spymaster Stormhorn, is up the stairs nearest where you picked up the quest.|
K Spymaster Bloodsnarl|ACTIVE|52287|M|46.80,62.56;45.85,62.12|CS|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|T|Spymaster Bloodsnarl|N|The get to the next target, Spymaster Bloodsnarl, go back down to the main terrace and accross it to the waypoint and up to find him inside.
K Spymaster Bilespreader|ACTIVE|52287|M|46.33,59.95|Z|Zuldazar|QO|3|T|Spymaster Bilespreader|N|Up one more level of stairs to find your last target, Spymaster Bilespreader.|
C Void Vacation|QID|52288|M|50.34,65.80|Z|Zuldazar|NC|US|N|Finish throwing Horde emissaries into the void as you work your way to the ship to plant bombs.|U|162450|
C Right Beneath Their Nose|QID|52286|M|50.34,65.80|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Back into the water to plant deathbombs.|
T Void Vacation|QID|52288|M|48.90,68.58|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Magister Umbric.|
T Right Beneath Their Nose|QID|52286|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
T Intelligence Denial|QID|52287|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|
A Victory is Assured|QID|52289|M|48.89,68.56|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|PRE|52288&52286&52287|
T Victory is Assured|QID|52289|M|40.47,71.49|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Halford Wyrmbane. Your flight whistle will take you right to him.|U|141605|
A Victory Was Assured|QID|52291|M|40.47,71.49|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52289|
C Victory Was Assured|QID|52291|M|40.52,71.34|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|N|Ride Swiftwing to Gral's Call.|
T Victory Was Assured|QID|52291|M|35.13,77.32|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Leave None Alive|QID|52788|M|35.13,77.32|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52291|
C Leave None Alive|QID|52788|M|34.65,76.42|Z|Zuldazar|N|Kill the Zandalari as you head below decks.|
T Leave None Alive|QID|52788|M|34.28,75.70|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Halford Wyrmbane, who is with you and won't be ready to accept the turn in until he is out of combat.|
A Silencing the Advisor|QID|52789|M|34.28,75.70|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52788|
C Silencing the Advisor|QID|52789|M|34.98,77.04|Z|Zuldazar|T|Advisor Ko'jan|N|Advisor Ko'jan slain. All the way down at the bottom level of the boat.|
T Silencing the Advisor|QID|52789|M|34.98,77.02|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A An End to the Killing|QID|52790|M|34.98,77.02|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52789|
C An End to the Killing|QID|52790|M|34.83,76.33|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|N|Go back up to the deck and ask Shandris Feathermoon for a status report. Listen to the RP.|CHAT|
C An End to the Killing|QID|52790|M|34.84,76.41|Z|Zuldazar|QO|3|N|Tell Halford to blow up the ship.|CHAT|
T An End to the Killing|QID|52790|M|85.89,31.64|Z|Stormwind City|N|Take your best route to Stormwind and turn in this quest to Anduin Wrynn and complete the War Campaign.|
A Champion: Shandris Feathermoon|QID|53098|M|85.52,31.88|Z|Stormwind City|N|Speak to Shandris to add her to your champions.|PRE|52790|
T Champion: Shandris Feathermoon|QID|53098|M|85.52,31.88|Z|Stormwind City|N|Speak to Shandris to add her to your champions.|

; The Revered Reputation Mission Report: Vulture's Nest
A Mission Report: Vulture's Nest|QID|53043|M|70.56,27.20|Z|Boralus|PRE|53750|O|
T Mission Report: Vulture's Nest|QID|53043|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Vulture's Nest|QID|53044|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|53043|

; The Revered Reputation Mission Report: Mugamba Overlook
A Mission Report: Mugamba Overlook|QID|52851|M|70.57,27.17|Z|Boralus|PRE|53748|O|
T Mission Report: Mugamba Overlook|QID|52851|M|69.27,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Mugamba Overlook|QID|52852|M|69.27,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52851|

; The Revered Reputation Mission Report: Verdant Hollow
A Mission Report: Verdant Hollow|QID|52886|M|70.52,27.19|Z|Boralus|PRE|53746|O|
T Mission Report: Verdant Hollow|QID|52886|M|69.29,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Verdant Hollow|QID|52888|M|69.29,27.02|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52886|

; The Revered Reputation Mission Report: Mistvine Ledge
A Mission Report: Mistvine Ledge|QID|52962|M|70.55,27.17|Z|Boralus|PRE|53749|O|
T Mission Report: Mistvine Ledge|QID|52962|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Mistvine Ledge|QID|52963|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|52962|

R Vol'dun|ACTIVE|53044|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Vol'dun or get there through other means.|
R Vulture's Nest|ACTIVE|53044|M|53.76,37.79|Z|Vol'dun|N|Make your way to the outpost and claim it for the Alliance.|
f Vulture's Nest|ACTIVE|53044|M|53.60,37.68|Z|Vol'dun|N|Get the flightpoint from Buzz Crankchug.|
T Vulture's Nest|QID|53044|M|53.71,37.72|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Hilda Hammerfast.|
A Mission Report: Missing Supplies|QID|53221|M|70.56,27.19|Z|Boralus|O|
T Mission Report: Missing Supplies|QID|53221|M|69.26,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Necessary Supplies|QID|53222|M|69.26,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|53221|
R Vol'dun|ACTIVE|53222|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Vol'dun or get there through other means.|
T Necessary Supplies|QID|53222|M|53.60,37.67|Z|Vol'dun|N|Fly to Vulture's Nest and turn in to Buzz Crankchug.|

P Zuldazar|ACTIVE|52852^52888^52963|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|;not sure this is needed... not sure it hurts anything either.

P Zuldazar|ACTIVE|52852|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
R Mount Mugamba|ACTIVE|52852|M|45.47,28.70|Z|Zuldazar|N|Make your way to the outpost. If you run there from Veiled Grotto, go back down to the Old Merchant Road, then follow it up the hill, until you see a small path to your left across a pool of water. Run up that path to find the overlook.|
C Mugamba Overlook|ACTIVE|52852|M|44.72,27.47|CS|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click the banner to claim it for the Alliance.|
f Mugamba Overlook|ACTIVE|52852|M|44.84,27.07|Z|Zuldazar|N|Get the flightpoint from Drager Smokewing.|
T Mugamba Overlook|QID|52852|M|44.86,27.40|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Darchelle Hayes.|
A Mission Report: Spare Parts|QID|53275|M|70.57,27.18|Z|Boralus|O|
T Mission Report: Spare Parts|QID|53275|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Spare Parts|QID|53276|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|53275|
R Zuldazar|ACTIVE|53276|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
T Spare Parts|QID|53276|M|44.94,27.25|Z|Zuldazar|N|Fly to Mugamba Overlook and turn in to Giblin Clockspark.|

P Zuldazar|ACTIVE|52888|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
R Verdant Slope|ACTIVE|52888|M|54.23,24.89|Z|Zuldazar|N|Make your way to the outpost. If you run there from Mount Magumba, first go down to the Golden Road and turn left following the road generally east thru the Garden of the Loa and on down eventually crossing a swinging bridge.|
C Verdant Hollow|ACTIVE|52888|M|55.23,25.25|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click the banner to claim it for the Alliance.|
f Verdant Hollow|ACTIVE|52888|M|55.65,24.85|Z|Zuldazar|N|Get the flightpoint from Kina Cobbleflame.|
T Verdant Hollow|QID|52888|M|54.87,25.55|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Argrim Stonedeep.|
A Mission Report: Dino Research|QID|53267|M|70.56,27.17|Z|Boralus|O|
T Mission Report: Dino Research|QID|53267|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Dino Research|QID|53268|M|69.28,27.00|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|53267|
R Zuldazar|ACTIVE|53268|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
T Dino Research|QID|53268|M|54.87,25.55|Z|Zuldazar|N|Fly to Verdant Hollow and turn in to Argrim Stonedeep.|

P Zuldazar|ACTIVE|52963|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
F Atal'Gral|ACTIVE|52963|M|40.59,71.46|Z|Zuldazar|N|At Paula Waverunner. If you don't have this Flight Point, fly to Castaway Encampment and run up the coast to Atal'Gral.|FLY|BFA|
R The Slough|ACTIVE|52963|M|66.60,37.43|Z|Zuldazar|N|Run inland, generally west following the road. When you approach Warbeast Kraal (unless you like to live dangerously), veer off the road and circle around to the north through Beastwatcher Glade and the Slough to find the road again.|FLY|BFA|
C Mistvine Ledge|ACTIVE|52963|M|64.90,43.37;63.46,46.71;64.46,47.48|CS|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click the banner to claim it for the Alliance.|
f Mistvine Ledge|ACTIVE|52963|M|64.33,47.33|Z|Zuldazar|N|Get the flightpoint from Sornoth Slagmane.|
T Mistvine Ledge|QID|52963|M|64.46,47.29|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Neva.|
A Mission Report: Jungle Escort|QID|53306|M|70.56,27.18|Z|Boralus|O|
T Mission Report: Jungle Escort|QID|53306|M|69.27,26.99|Z|Boralus|N|To Halford Wyrmbane.|
A Jungle Escort|QID|53307|M|69.27,26.99|Z|Boralus|N|From Halford Wyrmbane.|PRE|53306|
R Zuldazar|ACTIVE|53307|M|67.94,26.70|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Jes-Tereth to take you to Zuldazar or get there through other means.|
T Jungle Escort|QID|53307|M|64.46,47.29|Z|Zuldazar|N|Fly to Mistvine Ledge and turn in to Neva.|

;Vol'dun quests
A WANTED: Sandscout Vesarik|QID|51165|M|27.36,53.28|Z|Vol'dun|LVL|120|N|From Notice Board at the Terrace of the Devoted in Vol'dun.|PRE|51969|RANK|2|
K Sandscout Vesarik|ACTIVE|51165|M|42.44,46.19|Z|Vol'dun|QO|1|T|Sandscout Vesarik|N|You need to kill Sandscout Vesarik, this one will require a group as he is quite difficult to solo for "most" classes.|
t WANTED: Sandscout Vesarik|QID|51165|M|26.79,52.87|Z|Vol'dun|N|To Zareen.|

;Zuldazar Quests
A WANTED: Dark Chronicler|QID|51085|M|40.79,71.13|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|51968|LVL|120|N|To help grind out 7th Legion Rep, head to Zuldazar and grab the quests.|RANK|2|
A The Thrill of Exploration|QID|49276|M|41.33,71.43|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|51968|LVL|120|N|From Acadia Chistlestone.|RANK|3|
C The Thrill of Exploration|QID|49276|M|41.28,71.70|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click on a fossile in the pit, after the first you can click the Excavation Elemental to finish it quick.|
T The Thrill of Exploration|QID|49276|M|41.35,71.45|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
A Morgrum's Survey|QID|49274|M|41.35,71.45|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|49276|N|From Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
A Archaeological Efficiency|QID|50044|M|41.35,71.45|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|49276|N|From Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
A Xibalan Ecology|QID|49060|M|41.33,71.43|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|49276|N|From Acadia Chistlestone.|
C Xibalan Ecology|QID|49060|M|42.11,75.04|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|S|N|Kill the Xibalan predators in the area.|
C Archaeological Efficiency|QID|50044|M|42.13,75.02|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|S|NC|N|Click on the Elemental Summoning Stone to have the elemental uncover the glowing dirt piles, and then loot the bones.|U|159640|
C Morgrum's Survey|QID|49274|M|42.48,72.25|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|N|Survey the outer ruins.|
C Morgrum's Survey|QID|49274|M|42.78,73.86|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|NC|N|Survey the ruins.|
C Morgrum's Survey|QID|49274|M|41.36,75.40|Z|Zuldazar|QO|3|NC|N|Survey "The Foot".|
C Archaeological Efficiency|QID|50044|M|42.13,75.02|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|US|NC|N|Click on the Elemental Summoning Stone to have the elemental uncover the glowing dirt piles, and then loot the bones.|U|159640|
K Dark Chronicler|ACTIVE|51085|M|43.25,76.42;43.82,76.48|CS|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|T|Dark Chronicler|N|Go up to about the middle of the hill to find a tunneled hole entrance. Run down to the Dark Chronicler and kill it. Can be tough without a group, skip the step if you want to do it later.|
C Xibalan Ecology|QID|49060|M|42.51,73.13|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|US|N|Finish killing the Xibalan predators in the area.|
T Archaeological Efficiency|QID|50044|M|41.33,71.42|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Acadia Chistlestone.|
T Xibalan Ecology|QID|49060|M|41.33,71.42|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Acadia Chistlestone.|
T Morgrum's Survey|QID|49274|M|41.35,71.44|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
A Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|41.35,71.44|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|49274&49060&50044|N|From Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
t WANTED: Dark Chronicler|QID|51085|M|40.79,71.13|Z|Zuldazar|N|Return to the Wanted Board.|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.10,75.03|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|NC|CHAT|N|Speak to Excavator Emberflint in the ruins.|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.31,74.79|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|NC|N|First survey started|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.31,74.79|Z|Zuldazar|QO|3|N|Defend Emberflint until the First survey is complete|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.61,74.95|Z|Zuldazar|QO|4|NC|N|Second survey started|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.61,74.95|Z|Zuldazar|QO|5|N|Defend Emberflint until the Second survey is complete|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.81,74.33|Z|Zuldazar|QO|6|NC|N|Third survey started|
C Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|43.81,74.33|Z|Zuldazar|QO|7|N|Defend Emberflint until the Third survey is complete|
T Morgrum's Extended Survey|QID|49282|M|44.46,73.45|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
A Grand Theft Telemancy|QID|49428|M|44.46,73.45|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|49282|N|From Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
A Not Our Purple Elves|QID|49427|M|44.46,73.45|Z|Zuldazar|PRE|49282|N|From Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
C Not Our Purple Elves|QID|49427|M|46.57,72.13|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|S|N|Kill Horde forces.|
K Third Telemancer Syranel|ACTIVE|49428|M|47.38,72.11|QO|1|Z|Zuldazar|T|Third Telemancer Syranel|N|Kill Third Telemancer Syranel.|
C Grand Theft Telemancy|QID|49428|M|47.42,72.18|QO|2|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Click on the Breath of Xibala to take it.|
C Not Our Purple Elves|QID|49427|M|46.57,72.13|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|US|N|Finish killing Horde forces.|
T Grand Theft Telemancy|QID|49428|M|44.46,73.45|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|
T Not Our Purple Elves|QID|49427|M|44.46,73.45|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Excavator Morgrum Emberflint.|

A Hunt for King K'tal|QID|47706|M|67.44,17.92|Z|Zuldazar|LVL|120|N|From the Notice Board at Nesingwary's Trek in Zuldazar.|RANK|2|
A WANTED: Ten'gor and Nol'ixwan|QID|51091|M|67.44,17.92|Z|Zuldazar|LVL|120|N|From the Notice Board at Nesingwary's Trek in Zuldazar.|RANK|2|
K Nol'ixwan|ACTIVE|51091|M|61.94,24.19|Z|Zuldazar|S|QO|1|T|Nol'ixwan|N|Kill Nol'ixwan, one of the 2 dinosaurs fighting each other.|
K Ten'gor|ACTIVE|51091|M|61.93,25.16|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|T|Ten'gor|N|Kill Ten'gor, one of the 2 dinosaurs fighting each other.|
K Nol'ixwan|ACTIVE|51091|M|61.94,24.19|Z|Zuldazar|US|QO|1|T|Nol'ixwan|N|Kill Nol'ixwan, one of the 2 dinosaurs fighting each other.|
K King K'tal|ACTIVE|47706|M|69.41,23.08|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|T|King K'tal|N|You will find King K'tal roaming up and down the path, kill and loot his Skull.|
t Hunt for King K'tal|QID|47706|M|67.50,17.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Huntmaster Vol'ka.|
t WANTED: Ten'gor and Nol'ixwan|QID|51091|M|67.50,17.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Huntmaster Vol'ka.|

;Nazmir Wanted
A WANTED: Tojek|QID|51139|M|62.15,41.03|Z|Nazmir|LVL|120|N|From Notice Board at Nazwatha in Nazmir.|RANK|2|
A WANTED: Ayame|QID|52480|M|62.39,41.31|Z|Nazmir|LVL|120|N|From Notice Board at Nazwatha in Nazmir.|RANK|2|
K Ayame|ACTIVE|52480|M|58.17,34.13|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|T|Ayame|N|Not too far from the camp, kill Ayame and claim its head. This recommends 3 people but it's incredibly easy.|
K Tojek|ACTIVE|51139|M|26.61,66.02|Z|Nazmir|QO|1|T|Tojek|N|If you have Grimwatt's Crash, it's the only flight path near Tojek. This recommends 3 people but it's incredibly easy.|
t WANTED: Tojek|QID|51139|M|61.89,41.48|Z|Nazmir|N|To Garrick Blacksteel.|
t WANTED: Ayame|QID|52480|M|61.89,41.47|Z|Nazmir|N|To Garrick Blacksteel.|

; Rep Gated Notes
N Come back at level 114|QID|51961|LVL|-114|N|Next foothold can be done when you are level 114.|PRE|51569|
N Come back at level 116|QID|51903|LVL|-116|N|Island Adventures can be done when you are level 116. This quest can be done once per account.|PRE|51961|
N Come back at level 118|QID|52443|LVL|-118|N|Last foothold can be done when you are level 118.|PRE|51961|
N Rep Gated until 4.5K into Friendly|QID|52147|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront and do WQs that give 7th Legion Faction. Next segment is available at 4.5K into friendly.|PRE|52146|REP|7th Legion;2159;friendly;4500;true|
B Scouting Missions|AVAILABLE|53751^53747|M|69.33,24.96|Z|Boralus|N|Now that you're Honored you can purchase 2 Scouting Reports from Vindicator Jaelaana (the Emissary)that become available at Honored. Use the Scouting Reports to cause a mission to be available at your table. Complete the table missions to start quest chains that unlock outposts (additional flight paths!).|PRE|52219|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored-exalted|
N Rep Gated until 3K into Honored|QID|52154|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront and do WQs that give 7th Legion Reputation. The next segment is available at 3K into honored. If you are lost in Fort Victory, with your heartstone down, Desha Stormwalllow, will give you a ride home in her rowboat, right outside the Fort.|PRE|52219|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored;3000;true|
N Rep Gated until 7.5K into Honored|QID|52308|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront and do WQs that give 7th Legion Faction. Next segment is available at 7.5k into honored.|PRE|52261|REP|7th Legion;2159;honored;7500;true|
N Rep Gated until Revered|QID|52473|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront and do WQs that give 7th Legion Faction. Next segment is available at revered.|PRE|52496|REP|7th Legion;2159;revered-exalted;0;true|
B More Scouting Missions|QID|53746^53747^53748^53749^53750^53751|M|69.33,24.96|Z|Boralus|US|N|Go do those scouting missions and earn the outpost/flight poiints.|REP|7th Legion;2159;revered-exalted|AVAILABLE|53746^53748^53749^53751|
N Outposts and Rep|QID|52802^53187^53222^53276^53268^53307|N|Continue to build and upgrade your outposts and collect rep to exalted if you want the Dark Iron Dwarves Allied Race|PRE|52790|


End of Source Code

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possible names for zone number

895 = Tiragarde Sound   

895 seems also to be (part in the prison) =  Kul Tiras

1021 = ChamberOfHeart

started recording in prison so don't know zones before that


I can give you all the names

I can give you all the names for any of the mapIDs you want.


local continents = C_Map.GetMapChildrenInfo(946, Enum.UIMapType.Continent, true)

for i, continentInfo in ipairs(continents) do

local zones = C_Map.GetMapChildrenInfo(continentInfo.mapID, Enum.UIMapType.Zone, true)

for j, zoneInfo in ipairs(zones) do

print(zoneInfo.mapID .. ": " ..




You can also use Enum.UIMapType.Dungeon and Enum.UIMapType.Orphan for the other interesting things in the continents.  The Orphan has been needed for Stormsong Valley as it was not listed as a Zone (at least not in 26567).


You can also use:




which also gives you back the same structure as "zoneInfo" above.