Herbalism Circuit - Storm Peaks


First of all I would like to say that this is my first guide, so any comments on how to improve it would be great. I would also like to add that I am no expert, and have only been playing WoW for about 4 months. This circuit is something that I have developed over the past month.


You must have these listed below


This is neat little program which remembers where you have picked up herbs and nodes. It records them on your map and you can also display them on your HUD. I cannot EXAGGERATE how good this addon is. ALSO it can allow you to gather both nodes and herbs at the same time (once you have gathered information on the location of the nodes and herbs

The FULL Circuit

This is the full circuit and will take approximately about 45 mins.

If you follow this circuit you should end up with (approximately)

  • 3-5 Stacks of Lichbloom and Icethorn
  • 3-5 Frost Lotus
  • 4-6 Eternal Life

Prices taken from my server.

Minimum profit = (3x25g) + (3x40g) + (3x15g) + (4x30g)

Total = 360g

Maximum profit = (5x25g) + (5x40g) + (5x15g) + (6x30g)

Total = 580g

Sweet profit eh?

The EXPRESS Circuit

This is the express circuit and will take approximately 20-25 mins.

If you follow this circuit you should end up with (approximately)

  • 2-3 Stacks of Lichbloom and Icethorn
  • 2-3 Frost Lotus
  • 3-4 Eternal Life

Again, the prices are taken from my server.

Minimum profit = (2x25g) + (2x40g) + (2x15g) + (3x30g)

Total = 250g

Maximum profit = (3x25g) + (3x40g) + (3x15g) + (4x30g)

Total = 360g

Not bad for 25 mins work?

Herb Locations

Just if you’re interested here is ALL the herbs I have collected and recorded over the last month.


  1. Prices do vary across servers.
  2. Prices are slowly decreasing, especially on Eternal Life as I used to get 70g+ on the AH and now I only get 30g.
  3. It will take some time to get used to the route and you will have to keep referring back to the guide, so don't worry if it's taking you an hour plus.
  4. The more you do if the easier it will become, as you will have more herbs recorded and plotted on your map.
  5. DO NOT stack the market; if you do this too often then you are going to drive the price down constantly. I would advise only to do this 2-3 a day max.
  6. If the price is low then wait for it to go back up. This will be easier to track if you have Auctioneer (http://auctioneeraddon.com/dl/) installed.

Rounding up

So if you want to get up to 580g for only 45 minutes work then leveling up herbalism is well worth it. This is the amount you can earn with ONLY herbalism. Imagine the profit you could acquire with mining or alchemy as well.

Thanks for reading please leave any comments below.


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Cartographer 3.0 and GatherMate

If you are using Cartographer 3.0 you may want to consider using Gathermate and Gathermate_Data. They carry out the same function that Gatherer did for earlier versions of Cartographer.

This is the first comment I

This is the first comment I am making on here since becoming a member. Awesome guide. I just maxed my herbalism at 465 last night. Bout 1500G away from having my epic flying skill and cold flying (78 DK) but I am probably gonna hoof this path a time or two to help with that contribution to further my gathering abilities. Sticking out tongue

P.S. Been usin this guide post HF in Borean and am 78 and only just getting into Grizzly Hills. So, on a side note to Jame, if people do the instances in the zones and all the groups...you wind up way ahead of your projected level per zone while still maximizing XP intake all along. Awesome guides.

Can be slow with a 60%

Can be slow with a 60% flying mount, but it will still bring the same rewards will just take a little bit longer Laughing out loud

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Hope this won't be your last

Hope this won't be your last comment as well! Eye

This is truly a fantastic

This is truly a fantastic money making circuit. I can do the whole circuit in about 30-40 minutes with my druid in swift flight (not having to remount saves a lot of time) and the prices on my server are still very high. Stacks of Lich were selling for upto 100g as of yesterday. If you wanna add a little variety to your farming, there are a couple of caves up by thunderfall that you can farm some crystallized air and fire in at a 25% drop rate. It certainly adds to the time, but if your not in a rush, it's a quick stop and a break from the herbing.

I have often tried this out,

I have often tried this out, but the drop rate is about~20%. I usually go to wintergrasp and farm there if i need eternals. http://www.wow-pro.com/gold_making_guides/eternal_farming is a good guide mentioning this

I also to use swift flying, it so good not having to mount up everytime.

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Under your description of Gatherer you have "(once you have gathered information on the location of the nodes and herbs" which is missing an end parenthesis. Another thing I'd like to point out is that it would be great if you could mention that with GathererDB WoWHead you can upload Wowhead's database of herbs, treasures, and nodes onto your Gatherer add-on, which is really handy if you don't want to go out and build up your Gatherer database from scratch. Smiling It's a very nice guide overall. Kinda sad that the prices are decreasing, though. Sad

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

I never knew about that, I

I never knew about that, I will have a look into it and then add it to the guide thx for the input.

The prices are decreasing, but the price of lichbloom has stayed very high since I started collecting it. It would be great to find a quick way of gathering lichbloom, but it seems to be mixed in with icethorn everywhere I look.

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That's a very nice tip.

That's a very nice tip.

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That's indeed very nice for

That's indeed very nice for a first guide Smiling Well done!

Thanks, you inspired me to

Thanks, you inspired me to write it Laughing out loud

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Awesome first guide!

This is a very nice guide and an absolutely excellent first contribution Smiling Thanks very much for making it!

A couple of pointers. First, you can link a word itself instead of just listing the url after it using the following code:

    [url=YOUR URL HERE]Text you want to be the link here[/url]

Second, you may want to mention that cartographer also has a built in gatherer-type function. In addition, it is possible to access gatherer/cartographer databases from websites such as wowhead. I can't recall at the moment how to do this but I know it's possible as I have done it before.

Anyways, great job and keep it up!

I'll add that in. I like to

I'll add that in. I like to read about each of the programs before I add them in, so I have a full understanding. I will also put the links in. I meant to do that orginally just forgot Laughing out loud .