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Starcraft 2 Beta Wings of Liberty

Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited to announce the launch of my new website, which will be a Starcraft 2 Fansite:

Here's what you can expect to find on

SC2 Beta Keys Info after the break

And most importantly, what you will find on Starcraft 2 Replays, is an awesome community system, where you'll gain experience, levels, unlock new avatars, gain shields and new priviledges. It's pretty much like the wow-pro karma system, only 10 times better Eye

SC2 Beta Key Contest

We have 3 Starcraft 2 Beta Keys to give away!
The rules of the contest will be announced tomorrow afternoon or monday next week latest. If you want to be informed immediately when the contest starts, follow us on twitter and you'll be the first to know.

HINT: The contest will be about being active on so my suggestion is to visit the website, create an account and get used to the features Eye

If you encounter any bugs while browsing the website or if you want to suggest the addition of other features, you can do it:

  • Directly in the suggestion section of our SC2 Forums, after you've created an account.
  • By e-mail: jame @ wow-pro dot com
  • By posting a comment right here under this news article.


Wow I'm so glad Starcraft 2 came out

I was away from the loop for a while during the time that everyone was getting their beta-key. I'm just glad that I can play now without having to go through that whole "wait for a beta-key" period.

Hello mate! Can I have a

Hello mate! Can I have a beta key for sc2 pls Sad

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Jame has lots of Beta Key

Jame has lots of Beta Key contests on his SC2 site, head over there to see if you can get one!

Hey Jame, Just registered

Hey Jame,

Just registered to say that I really like the design of your new SC2 Website. I haven't found any bugs so far. But I'll keep digging Sticking out tongue

I've been a long time fan of your leveling guides, and I'm still playing wow, but I'll definitely play SC2 too. So I'm looking forward to see what kind of guides you'll write for SC2.