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Guide Horde de Jame 60-62 - Péninsule des Flammes infernales

Notes du traducteur:

Ce guide est la première partie de la traduction du Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter V (60-65).
N'hésitez pas à signaler toute erreur de traduction ou toute "typo" qui aurait pu s'y glisser!

Contrairement au guide original, celui-ci a été séparé en plusieurs parties, chacune d'elle décrivant une zone spécifique de l'Outreterre.

[i]Je tâcherai de répercuter les mises à jour qui sont effectuées au fil du temps sur le guide original, mais cel

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Site move is done - Everything is back to normal now

This time it's for good. The site has been moved, completely. It's stable and it's running fast.

Update: Comments are working again. Post away! Smiling


[Death Knight] shopping list - Farming Guide

1. Intro
2. Getting Started
3. Farming Circuit

[Gold Making] 115g in 30 mins - Isle of Quel'Danas dailies


The aim of this guide is the most efficient gold farming in the least required time, so its perfect for players who need gold and dont have a lot of time. With this guide, you get the most efficient way to get through your daily Isle of Quel'Danas quests.
I made the guide for players that dont know the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies yet or just would like to uptimize their route. I will instruct in details what to do in each quest and place.

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Jiyambi's Leatherworking Guide

This guide is designed to help you quickly and cheaply level your leatherworking. There are points in the leatherworking profession that can be quite frustrating to those who don't know it in and out - this guide will help you prepare for these dry spells with the leather you need ahead of time. I do my best to avoid rare recipes (those found as drops or from out the way trainers) and recipes which require rare or expensive materials.

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Guide to a Successful Guild

Being in a good guild is one of the most rewarding and fun aspects of World of Warcraft. Running a good guild is like being the captain of a winning sports team - everyone loves you for it and you have a blast. Unfortunately running a guild successfully is also fairly difficult. Most new guilds never get off the ground, and those that do will always have occasional problem members, activity problems, and other upsets. This guide will help you make sure your guild is a place everyone wants to be, and help it stay active for a long time.

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Want to climb the wow-pro ladder? Then read this.

Would you like to become an important member of the wow-pro community? Want more of those yellow stars under your avatar? Tired of waiting for your comments to go through the moderation queue? Interested in gaining more user priviledges on wow-pro and helping this website become the best out there?

Then you should probably read my Blog Post about our Ranking System and find out about the Karma Sheet.

Keep on climbing our Karma Rankings and who knows, you might end up being the first wow-pro member to reach the status of Moderator:

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Alchemy 1 - 375 in Dutch (Nederlands)

Alchemy 1 - 375 in Dutch ( Nederlands )


Een dubieuze, dure maar toch interessante en goed verdienende skill, Alchemy kan een groot benefiet zijn voor je character. Dit is de snelste weg om je Alchemy te levelen van 1 tot 375. Deze guide gebruikt alleen recipes die herbs en vials nodig hebben.

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Tailoring 1 - 375 in Dutch ( Nederlands )

Tailoring 1 - 375 in Dutch ( Nederlands )

Stap 1

Stap 1: Koop alle items hieronder bij AH/VENDOR.

Let op!: Alles gemarkeerd met(*) kan gekocht worden bij een trainer, dus doe geen overhaaste aankopen.

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Leveling Inscription from 1 - 375

Leveling Inscription from 1 - 375


With the new expansion WoTLK coming, many new features have been added since patch 3.0.2. The new profession Inscription is one of them.

Inscription is different from any profession to date while utilizes a lot of traits for other professions.

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