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Class Specific Leveling Guides: Which Next?

If you want to take part in the dicussion, please check my Latest Blog Article. I could use some input from everyone about which class guide I should write next, you will find the details in the blog article.

Please read the article before you reply, don't just jump to your "post comment" button and say "Wurriorz cuz its my class lolz". Sticking out tongue
I'd appreciate if you could reply directly on my blog. If you can't for a technical reason though, here is fine.

Thanks everyone!

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[WotLK] Jewelcrafting 1 to 450

The following is how I prefer to level my Jewelcrafting. I've used this guide several times and seems to work well enough for myself. Shortly after finishing my Blacksmithing guide I started on this one but never found the time to get it posted. So here it is for your approval. As always I based this guide off of information gathered from www.wowhead.com using the updated level ranges for professions.

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Guide Horde de Jame 51-60

Notes du traducteur:

Ce guide est la traduction du Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter IV (51-60).
N'hésitez pas à signaler toute erreur de traduction ou toute "typo" qui aurait pu s'y glisser!

[i]Les lieux, objets ou monstres spécifiques dont je n'ai pas trouvé la traduction sont indiqués en étant entourés de "###".

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Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (Alliance) - PREVIEW

As I promised yesterday on my blog, here is a preview of my Death Knight Leveling Guide. Both the Alliance and the Horde ones are pretty much finished at this point, but I won't release them now for security reasons (too many shady websites ripping off my guides :/ )

Anyway, here are a few pieces of my guide, just to give you a taste of how my first class specific leveling guide will look like, and that's just the tip of the iceberg Sticking out tongue

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[Death Knight]Starting Gear

Starting Gear - Green Quality

The Death Knight starts with a full set of green items

Head - Acherus Knight's Hood
Neck - Choker of Damnation
Shoulders - Acherus Knight's Pauldrons
Back - Acherus Knight's Shroud
Chest - Acherus Knight's Tunic
Wrist - Acherus Knight's Wristguard

Hands - [url=

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[General] Death Knight Beginner FAQ

What is a Death Knight?

The Death Knight is the first hero class implemented in World of Warcraft, it will be available to players when the Wrath of the Lich King expansion goes live. Blizzard has announced that there will be one new hero class added to the game for every following expansion. They are a hybrid melee class, with a mix of melee abilities and spells. They can wear plate.

How do I become a Death Knight?
You first need a level 55+ character of any class on your account.

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[66-68] Mewbaraue's guide to: Caverns of Time: Durnholde

Caverns of Time:

The Caverns of Time is a place in where you can find 3 different instances: Escape from Durnholde Keep, The Black Morass and the raid Hyjal Summit.
In this guide we'll be focusing on the Escape from Durnholde Keep part.

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What's the best Death Knight talent build for leveling? - Updated 19th September -

That's what I'm trying to figure out at the moment. As I'm currently writing my Death Knight Leveling Guide, I've been testing various builds and trying to find out which talent build allows you to level the fastest.

I can't say I'm a pro about the Death Knight class, it's fairly new and the talents are changing every week, so it's hard to tell, but I've done my math and my research and I came up with a build which I believe is the best for leveling, doing solo quests and farming.

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Guide Horde de Jame 41-51

Notes du traducteur:

Ce guide est la traduction du Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter III (41-51).
N'hésitez pas à signaler toute erreur de traduction ou toute "typo" qui aurait pu s'y glisser!

Je tâcherai de répercuter les mises à jour qui sont effectuées au fil du temps sur le guide original, mais cela peut prendre du temps - alors ne soyez pas surpris si vous trouvez des différences entre l'original et la copie.

[i]En ce qui me concerne, je n'ai pas localisé les

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Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide - (55-61) (Alliance)


The aim of this guide is to help you level your Death Knight as fast as possible, while having as much fun as possible and doing as many quests as possible. Thanks to optimized quest circuits, you will get XP at a very high rate and never feel like you're running around too much. I will also recommend which talents to take, which gear upgrades to get and where to find them. I'll do my best to help you know your class better. As the Death Knight class is new and in constant evolution, I apologize in advance if some of the information I provide is outdated, and I kindly ask you to leave a comment if you find something that needs updating. I'll do my utmost to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible, until it reaches perfection.

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