Earning Kurenai / Mag'har Reputation

Earning Kurenai / Mag'har Reputation

Background and Prerequisites
Probably one of the first things that comes into mind with all of World of Warcraft, is how things would look on you, and how much of a brag it would be to show off your latest Epic. One of the nicer looking mounts is the Kurenai / Mag'har's Talbuk Epic ground mounts, which is a cross between a Ram, and a Unicorn, shall I say.

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Bind to Account Level Scaled Items aka Heirloom Items

A new type of loot is already available on the wrath of the lich king beta servers. You all already know the other categories:

  • Bind on Pick up
  • Bind on Equip

We'll now have Bind to Account items. This means that when one of your characters buys such an item, ALL the other characters on your account can also use it. These items also have another special feature: they scale with levels.

You can read all about it on my latest blog entry.

Have a good read!


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[Rogue] Jame's Guide on How to Level a Rogue


When writing my leveling guides, I use a rogue most of the time. It's just more convenient for me to be able to stealth and vanish whenever I need to explore an area, test something or simply alt-tab out to take some notes or do some research. As a result, I've leveled a LOT of rogues, and here's what works best for me.


First, find a HIGH DAMAGE main hand weapon, and generally, the slower the weapon, the higher the damage (2.6 speed or higher if possible).

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Release Dates - Updated 15th February

These are the release dates for the upcoming guides, it will be updated regularly, so keep checking it! I will do my best to stick to those deadlines, but they might not always be respected. Sometimes they will be delayed, but they can also be published before the deadline. So if you want to get the guide as soon as possible, my advice is to check the front page regularly.

Also, if you want to know what are my future plans, check this Blog Post.

Anyway, here are the current release dates:

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Good times are coming!

Hey everyone,

I'm bringing very very good news. But before that, I would like to apologize for my lack of presence this past month. I had hollydays, and then I moved to a new place and a new country, and got started with a new job. As a result, I've let the site unattended for nearly a month. For that, I'm sorry.

But now the good news is

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Site back up / Please help

We apologize for the downtime, but our server went down unexpectedly and it took some time to fix the problem. The site is back up for now and technicians are working on getting the speed back up to par. In the meantime we ask everybody who has started posting our guides on forums and spreading them on other websites to stop immediately and take them down. Jame has full copyright on his work and he did not grant anyone permission to publish, distribute, sell or otherwise use his guides on any site but www.wow-pro.com.
If you see our guides posted anywhere else, please leave a comment and inform us about it, we'll write to the site-owner.

Thank you.

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Myahraven's Jewelcrafting Guide 1-350

Myahraven's Jewelcrafting Guide 1-350

Here's the guide I made while I was leveling my character to 350.  I was level 68 when I did this and had a ton of gold.  I tried this 3 times with different races and classes, and found that sometimes the skill level varied if I stopped crafting something and then start again. 

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Scheduled Maintenance: June 28th / 3 pm (GMT+1)

Hello everyone

The site is undergoing scheduled maintenance at about 3 pm (gmt+1) and might be down for some time. The CMS will be renewed as well as the theme. The site itself will be simplified a little and cleaned up. Please make sure that any work in progress is saved. There might be a few bugs or errors during the installation and we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Should you experience any problems while navigating through the site in the coming days, please use the contact form to tell us about it.


- Snowflake

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5000g in 7 days - Part 3 - Daily Grind (Retired Guide due to Wrath Expansion)

My tried and tested Week of epic mount money making!

In the last Installment we earned ourselves 1630g (1740 if Alchemy lab is open on your realm)

This is the part of the series that will make you moan and groan, but that being said, it all boils down to how much you want to make that money.

At this stage following the guide word for word you will need around 3400g (not including the sale of everything you've gathered on the way), and it comes down to Primals.

When going on a grinding spree, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember the Farmer's Oath


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5000g in 7 days - Part 2 - Outland (Retired Guide due to Wrath Expansion)

Welcome to part 2 of 3 in my tried and tested Week of epic mount money making!

In the last Installment we earned ourselves 650g (730 if Alchemy lab is open on your realm)

If you have done part one, you should be in Shattrath with the following daily quests:

Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
The Multiphase Survey
Gaining the Advantage
Sunfury Attack Plans

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