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[Rogue[ Pyros lvl 19 twink Rogue guide


Hey guys, and welcome to my long awaited UPGRADED version of my twink guide which I can safely say that it INCLUDES EVERYTHING you need to get for your twink, EVERYTHING to make your twink better and a whole lot of useful information that you can use to improve the way you use your twink. I have had a lot of people suggesting stuff to include in this upgraded version and I have included it all, and I am VERY happy with the result, so I hope this helps you guys make the best possible twink rogue that you can. GOOD LUCK.

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Jame's Alliance leveling Guide - Chapter II (40-50) Revamped!

Damn, that was a long week-end. I've really pushed myself to get the guide out tonight. I wouldn't have made it today without Snowflake's help, who found the time to help me with the text formatting, despite being totally overworked IRL at the moment. So you can thank her as well for that.

Anyways, I've been in front of this screen far too long this week-end, so I'm gonna keep it short. Here is the link to the revamped version of my Alliance Leveling Guide Chapter 2 (40-50), enjoy, and please write a comment if you see any mistakes:

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Release dates

Hello everyone

Sorry for the lack of activity and updates lately, we've been pretty busy. But now this should change, so here are the approximate release dates for the upcoming guides:

  • Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide chapter II (40-50): 25th May
  • Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide chapter III (50-60): 4th July June
  • Extra circuits for level 70 gold making, Netherstorm: 6th July
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Guide Horde de Jame 21-31

Notes du traducteur:

Ce guide est la traduction du Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter I (21-31).
N'hésitez pas à signaler toute erreur de traduction ou toute "typo" qui aurait pu s'y glisser!

Je tâcherai de répercuter les mises à jour qui sont effectuées au fil du temps sur le guide original, mais cela peut prendre du temps - alors ne soyez pas surpris si vous trouvez des différences entre l'original et la copie.

[i]En ce qui me concerne, je n'ai pas localisé les ima

[PvP][AB] Victory in Arathi Basin, by Kaeldar of "Never Lose"

Victory in Arathi Basin

(Want more on PvP? Never lose a battleground.)

You’re tired of losing. It slows your honor. It slows your marks. Worst of all, it’s demoralizing. No matter which side you play, there are stretches when you get repeatedly stomped, especially if you’re PUGing.

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Sorry everyone!

Snowflake and I have been very busy in the past few weeks, and we haven't taken care of the site as much as we'd like to. Do not worry about the comments, the problem is sorted, it's just that we haven't had the time to moderate them all. Things should be back in order soon though, and we're still working on the last 2 alliance revamp chapters, among other things. So please bear with us and thank you all for your support and your patience, we really appreciate it.

-Jame & Snowflake

Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Kapitel I (30-40) (2.4) (Danish)

Jame's Alliance leveling Guide - Kapitel I (30-40)


Denne guide er oversat fra engelsk til dansk. Da forskellige ord ikke er nemme at oversætte, så vil der i denne guide være ord, som forbliver engelske:

  • Mob(s) = Slang ord for monstre.

  • Instance = Som regel et område, der kun indholder elite mobs. Dvs mobs, som kan være samme level som dig selv, men har langt mere liv/mana og kan være svære at klare alene. Instances skal oftes klares i gruppen af 5, 10, 15, 25 eller 40 mand samtidig.

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Chinese version: Youri's Level 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide

This guide is a prequel to Jame's leveling guide found here on wow-pro. At the end of this guide, you will have the necessary flight paths and an almost completely empty quest log, with exception of a few quests that will be handed in while following Jame's guide. It is a lot less polished than Jame's guide, but should provide sufficient information where you can complete the quests even without maps. That being said, if you plan to rewrite it in the same style as Jame's guides, feel free to do so, just be sure to credit me for it.

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Database bug: a few comments were lost

It appears that we have lost a big part of the comments which were made over the past 3 weeks due to a bug with our database. Unfortunately, those comments are not retrievable. We sincerely apologize to all of our posters whose comments were lost.

The bug is fixed now, so this shouldn't happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience and please don't stop posting comments, they are what keeps this website growing and improving.

-The wow-pro team

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Making Macros - General Information

Hello all.

I'm writing this guide to help you in creating those useful things that macros are.
Some of you could even have no idea of what macros are, so we'll start from the beginning.

Open your menu panel(press esc).
Now open macro panel(notice that we have general and character's specific macros, in two different tabs).

Press new.
Now choose a icon you like.
Press ok.
If we choose the question mark(the first icon)the button we'r gonna create will show us which spell will be casted when we press it, but we'll see this later.

Let's start with somet

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