Gaining Alterac Valley (AV) Faction points

The Different Factions

You may already know this but I figured it would be best to give you the details of all factions you get in AV.

The best way to gain reputation in AV for each faction is to:

  1. Do Consistant Supply runs. The Cold Tooth mind gives 10 faction per run (Takes 2k Faction for friendly, 6k Faction for Honored, 12k For Revered and 21k for
  2. Do Irontooth Supply runs, 25 Faction per run.. Alot easier if you have the Rune of Recall so you can get back to the town easier. (The horde has to OWN this mine which
    means you are advancing past stormpike graveyard.)
  3. Kill the Alliance and Shift-Right Click the body's, faction varies (It automatically loots everything on that body).
  4. Farm Alterac Ram Hides, each hide givs 10 faction when you turn it in at the Wolf Commander. Can only be done 25 times.. when the Wolf Commander dies it can be
    done another 25 times. (South of Frostwolf).
  5. Repeatedly do the Lost Stables Quest it gives 10 faction per complete but can only be done 25 times (Until the commander dies then can be done another 25 times) Same as the
    Alterac Hide quest.
  6. If you are friendly get a small group together and kill NPCs they give 5 faction per kill (THE OPPOSING FACTION NPCS! Normal ones DO NOT work.) Once you reach honored the NPCs do not give you faction anymore.

List of Items

Here is a list of the different turn-ins and how much faction they give you:

  • Bone Chips - 10 Undercity + 10 Frostwolf
  • Tuft of Gnome Hair - 10 Frostwolf + 3 Thunder Bluff
  • Stormpike Blood - 5 Frostwolf (Per Blood) + Some other faction that i cannot remember
  • Night Elf Head - 10 Frostwolf + 5 Darkspear Trolls
  • Dwarf Spines - 10 Frostwolf + 5 Orgrimmar

I hope you enjoyed reading this Smiling


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If anyone can give me an idea

If anyone can give me an idea of how up to date this guide is, that would be great. I'm not much into PvP so I can't really judge whether this needs to be archived or not.

Awesome job there

Awesome job there Marveltool. Was looking for one to get my 60 warrior a boost of exp from the Stormpike Insignia Quests. Was wierd when I read 'C. Kill The Alliance'. I was like "...You can KS?!" Anyhow, the guide is really awesome. I didn't know about the Alterac Ram Hides, so I gave it a go and it really gave me fine +rep.

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Nice work Marveltool, I took

Nice work Marveltool, I took the liberty to add a bit bbcode to your guide, it should be easier to read now.

Thank you for your work.

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