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Shadowfang Keep Guide


The Shadowfang Keep is a level 20-26 instance which is loacated in Silverpine Forest. The monsters in this instance have a wide level range starting from 18 and going up to 27 so if you wish to make an efficient one-time run then your group members should be at least 25 or higher. Of course your healer may be a bit lower.
This instance is made for Horde, kinda as an equivalent to The Stockade for Alliance. Nonetheless Paladins and Warlocks have class related quests there.
Time needed approximately for this instance: 1-2 hours



  • [27] Arugal Must Die (Elite): This is your main quest, you can get it from Dalar Dawnweaver in The Sepulcher (Silverpine Forest). The goal of this quest is to kill the main boss of Shadowfang Keep > Arugal. Rewards:

  • [25] Deathstalkers in Shadowfang (Elite): You can get this quest from High Executor Hadrec in The Sepulcher (Silverpine Forest). You need to find the Deathstalkers in Shadowfang. One of the Deathstalkers is still alive and will open the door for you to the CY, the other one will be dead lying in the Courtyard. You will be able to finish this quest by turning it in to the dead Deathstalker Vincent. Rewards:

  • [26] The Book of Ur (Elite): This quest is available from Keeper Bel'dugur in The Apothecarium of Undercity. You need to find the Book of Ur in Shadowfang, you will find it in a shelf after killing Fenrus the Devourer. As a reward you will be able to choose between:


  • [25] The Orb of Soran'ruk (elite): Warlocks get this quest from Doan Karhan, who can be found in a tent between Camp Taurajo and Northwatch Hold in The Barrens. One part of the quest involves killing in Blackfathom Deep, the other one requires you to loot an item in Shadowfang Keep. As a reward you will be able to choose between:


  • [22] The Test of Righteousness (elite): This Paladin only quest requires the Paladin to get one part out of four ("Jordan's Smithing Hammer") from the Shadowfang Keep instance. While the quest says 22, level 24 is recommended for attempting to get this part solo. The final reward for this quest (after 2 more steps in the quest line) is:

Group Composition

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • If you want to make a successful one time run, make sure that your group members are at least level 25. (Your main healer may be a tad lower)
  • A curse remover - may it be a mage or a druid, both work, mage is nice because he can sheep humanoids and beasts. Druid can hibernate only beasts but can offtank sometimes as well if needed and can also help on healing shadowbolts on the last boss mob.
  • A priest is very useful if not necessary as healer. Furthermore he can remove magic and shackle undead, brief your priest before you go in about the details
  • A Shaman is useful for the end boss (purge totem) he can also support heal
  • As a tank I'd suggest a Warrior as sometimes there is too many things spawning around and only a Warrior is really able to tank several targets well without dropping down too fast, also there is encounters that hit fairly hard throughout the whole dungeon
  • Don't get too many casters as damage dealers into your group as the Shadowfang Moonwalkers cast immune magic shields and as there are Wailing Guardsmen who cast silence
  • Optimal group setups would be: Warrior, Priest, Mage (can be exchanged for a Druid, however if you plan on getting a Shaman too then let your druid mainheal and get another dmg dealer instead of the priest), Rogue and Shaman/Hunter.


Opening the Door to the Courtyard

As you enter the instance your only way is to go directly right into a building. You will encounter pulls of level 18 Shadowfang Whitescalps and Bleak Wolves, nothing special about these, keep on killing them to penetrate further into the building.
Once you climb up the second pair of stairs you'll get to a platform with a door that leads to the courtyard, however you can't open it yet, that's normal, just continue killing to the left, towards position 1 of the map.

After turning left you'll see two more wolves and werewolves in front of you, kill those before moving on to Rethilgore.

Now when you look down to the prison cells where Rethilgore stands. You see that you'll have to deal with 2 wolves, one werewolf and Rethilgore himself. Let your rogue sap the werewolf and your mage sheep one of the wolves. Let your warrior get aggro on the last wolf and Rethilgore and burn down both as fast as possible, Rethilgore is just a simple melee mob, nothing special. Then deal with the other mobs that were sheeped/sapped/hibernated.

Now if you take a look at the cells you will see one with Sorcerer Ashcrombe inside - and one with Deathstalker Adamant. Sorcerer Ashcrombe is the NPC that will open the door to the Courtyard for Alliance characters (as Paladins and Warlocks need to do quests here too) and Adamant is the equivalent for Horde. Use the lever next to the cell that corresponds to your faction. Enter the cell and talk to the NPC.

You can ask him to open the Courtyard door for you that was looked before.

Clearing the Courtyard

After he opens the door make sure not to run down fast, stay on the top of the stairs and carefully pull to there. The Shadowfang Moonwalkers cast a nasty immune-magic shield, so have your casters melee him. You will see when this happens as there is a green aura that appears around the werewolves.

After taking a look to the right you will notice Deathstalker Vincent lying dead on the floor. Clear around him by pulling to the stairs up until the way is safe so your group can run to the NPC and finish [25] Deathstalkers in Shadowfang (Elite).

Mobs here are still lower level (between 18 and 20) but have your mage/druid/rogue crowd control anyway if you happen to get too many.
From the place where the Deathstalker is lying you have a safe spot to pull to. Always watch out with the Haunted Servitors, those wander around like patrols and cast a nasty curse:

GENERAL INFO: Haunted Servitors cast a debuff on you that is called "Haunting Spirits". This is a 5 minute curse, which periodically and randomly will spawn ghosts called "haunting spirit" that have very low HPs but hurt a lot. As you don't want those to add in fights, have your mage or your druid remove this curse asap

Now after the CY is clear you will see stables to the left with one werewolf guarding them. This is an optional target, you don't have to kill the Steeds, but if you do you have 3 times a 20% chance of receiving a 10 slot bag.

PALADIN NOTE: 'Jordan's Smithing Hammer' for your quest is here in the stables, you can loot it after the way is clear.

If you decide to go for these you should first pull out and eliminate the Werewolf inside the stables.
Now you'll be standing in front of three horses which are not aggro yet, have your druid and/or mage crowd control one and kill off the other two. (Once you attack one of the steeds, the other two will become aggro too) Make sure that your warrior taunts these well off your healer as they hit fairly hard. After killing the horses step out of the stables. You have two ways now.

Through the Dining Room into the Fortress

One way leads upstairs and one, to the left that leads into a building. I suggest you to take the way through the building as this way includes two extra bosses that can drop nice loot. When you step into the building you need to kill two Haunted Servitors first then you can see a room with more of these servitors along with our second boss mob Razorclaw the Butcher. Stay in the room where you are and pull the Haunted servitors to you.
Now you can step into the Butchers room and kill him carefully. Be careful to kill him close or inside the room where you come from because on the other side of the Butchers room there is a werewolf patrol that sometimes enters and can aggro.

The Butcher is a fairly easy fight, the only thing to keep in mind is that he casts a spell called "Butcher Drain" which drains 350 mana. Else it's just tank, heal and dps. He can drop this:

After the Butcher you will be able to access the 'dining' room which is full of mobs. Werewolves as well as Haunted Servitors. The Shadowfang Gluttons drain life. Have someone carefully pull mobs from the dining room into the room before, where your group is standing. Pull out all the mobs that stand around the table until there is none left in the dining room anymore beside Baron Silverlain at the other end.
Wait until the Shadowfang Wolfguard patrol roams down into the room and eliminate this one as well before proceeding to Baron Silverlaine.

This fight is very easy if you know the trick. Right at the start the Baron casts a curse that is called 'Veil of Shadows". This curse reduces all healing effects by 75%. So let your warrior charge the Baron and as he gets cursed let your mage or druid remove the curse as fast as possible. The rest of the fight is pretty easy, tank heal and dps. He can drop this:

Now getting up the stairs is tricky, because there are Shadowfang Darksouls patroling on top of the stairs behind walls. But as those werewolves move around a lot you can get them solo. Make your rogue hunter or warrior climb the stairs behind the Baron's spawn location and scout for the Shadowfang Darksouls. When they move away and when there is only one standing on the left pair of stairs you quickly pull them down to your group which still stands at the barons spawn location. Rinse and repeat until all three Shadowfang Darksouls are dead that roam these two sets of stairs.

Shadowfang Darksouls are the mobs that drop the Large Soran Fragments that you need, be careful these are immune to shadow magic.

Commander Springvale

Now that the way is clear you can go up left or right, go left... as there is nothing particular waiting on the right, just more mobs to clear.
In front you'll find Shadowfang Darksouls. They are pretty easy, the only special thing about them is an occasional Shadow Word: Pain that can be removed by your priest with remove magic. Just clear the way into the next room.

Now up the little stairs in the next room waits a new type of monster:
Wailing Guardsmen. These are particularly annoying because they cast "Screams of the Past" which is an area silence. This means: have your casters and especially your priest stand back at max casting range while the melees fight the Guardsmen. Taunt them well and keep them at one spot so that the silence only hits the melees, this is vital, else you might die without even recieving a single heal.
IF your mage for example gets hit by the silence nonetheless, your priest can remove this debuff with "Remove Magic". Pull out the Wailing Guardsmen carefully one by one out of the room to empty it. It might be that at some point you get 2 or even 3 if unlucky, should this happen have your priest stand back far away and shackle undead one. If you have a hunter he can freeze trap one as well... etc.
Really make sure you are full mana before the second and third pull out of that room and that your casters stand back far enough. Clear everything beside Commander Springvale and his two Guardians that stand on the left side of the room on a platform. Carefully move into the room with your group.

Next fight is tough as it is three undeads. Make your priest stand in the back of the room and let your warrior charge one Wailing Guardsman. While all three are on him the priest needs to shackle one of the Wailing Guardsmen fast (already start casting the shackle while your Warrior runs to the mob). The Commander is a Paladin and doeasn't hurt that much, he should be offtanked by either a druid in bear form, a hunter pet or a rogue with dodge disc - just make sure that they stay in front of the room and don't get close to your healer.
Now burn down the Guardsman as fast as possible while keeping the other one shackled, then kill the Captain, he is annoying and heals himself, or uses invulnerability disc, just keep on hitting him until he finally drops. Recover a bit if needed while your priest keeps the last guardsman shackled and when you are ready kill it and enjoy the loot:

Attention: Commander Springvale's death spawns a two mob Shadowfang Wolfguard patrol which roams from the stairs to Baron Silverlaine all the way up, past the room where you are in currently. Have your puller pull this patrol to your group and take it out before moving on.

To the Battower

Now after drinking etc, move on down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs you'll find two more Wailing Guardsman that patrol from there over the outside wall and back. Clear those safely before moving outside on the wall.
Move out over the Wall and carefully kill the Wailing Guardsmen. At the end of the wall lies the entrance to the bat tower.

In this tower you have two bats and Odo the Blindwatcher. The two bats will forcefully aggro at the same time as Odo, so have your Mage sheep one bat and your druid hibernate the other. If you only have either druid or mage, offtank Odo while fast killing one bat and keeping the other one sheeped/hibernated. The bats don't have any special ability (Someone told me that one disarms and one silences, I am not sure as this didn't happen when I was there, so if someone can confirm this, please drop a post) just a minor physical damage increase debuff. Now proceed quickly to kill Odo, be very carefull as he might not hurt much at the start but while his hitpoints decrease he gains several stages of 'Howling Rage' where he grows and deals more damage - burn him down as fast as possible. Recover if needed and kill the last bat. Possible loot:

First Level of Arugal's Tower

From the bat tower you can access the second wall. Heal up and cross that wall by carefully pulling the Tormented Officers to you. Beware, these patrol and roam, so you might want to wait in the batroom and split patrols with a puller from there. Tormented Officers randomly cast curses that decrease weapon skill, skills in general, spell damage etc. Very annoying curses but can easily be removed by a mage or a druid.

After crossing the wall you will get into a tower. At this spot you will sometimes find a rare spawn called Deathsworn Captain. Inside the tower there is a Shadowfang Ragetooth that patrols, pull that one first before stepping inside. These aren't special, they just enrage towards the end of the battle, so finish them off fast. At the bottom of the stairs you'll find another one of these, kill it and move your group to the bottom
of the stairs. Now inside the next room you will have one Son of Arugal (he is no boss mob) and a Shadowfang Ragetooth close to you, try to pull it out solo. Then pull the Son of Arugal. These hit fairly hard and cast a spell called "Arugal's Gift". This is a curse that inflicts 175 to 225 Shadow damage to an enemy every 60 sec. for 5 min. So make sure to remove curse that one.

There is a Lupin Horror (a ghost wolf) on the left side of that room. Let a rogue or someone else carefully pull it. On the stairs there is another Shadowfang Ragetooth with a Lupine Horror, pull that one too if you didn't get it as add already, remember those are humanoids and can be sheeped/sapped. The horrors are undeads and can be shackled. It would be good to shackle the wolf because he spawns 'Lupine Delusions' as his guardians which are non elite level 25 mobs. They dies in one hit, make sure to hit it fast before it damages you any further, then continue hitting the wolf. Either that or kill the ghost wolf as fast as possible so he cant spawn more Delusions.

Climb up the stairs, and wait infront of the upper room for a Shadowfang Ragetooth that will roam outside. After killing this one make your Mage cast Polymorph on the Son of Arugal. Two undead Wolves will run out, shackle one and kill the other.
After finishing off this pull proceed in the same way with next pull, sheep/sap/shackle what you can and then kill off slowly. Now move onto the stairs leading to the next level of the tower you come from. You will see another Son of Arugal. At the bottom of the stairs, pull it and kill it before moving inside. On the stairs you'll find another Shadowfang Ragetooth
that you must kill.

Second Level of Arugal's Tower

Now after climbing the stairs you will be infront of Fenrus the Devourer. Make sure that you are full mana and then rush into the room to kill him. He is a pretty easy kill, only casts some poison. However after you kill him be careful as there will be 4 Voidwalkers that will spawn right after the death of Fenrus. Those are level 24 non-elite demons, just kill them by using AE skills.

QUEST ITEM HERE: On the left side of the door where you entered the room you can find "The book of Ur" to finish your quest, in a shelf.

Now move out of Fenrus' Room. On the stairs you'll encounter a Shadowfang Ragetooth, kill it and move up the stairs. You will find yourself directly above Fenrus room. From this platform pull the Son of Arugal that is roaming behind the door that you must pass to move on.

Third Level of Arugal's Tower

After moving through that door and running up the stairs you will be in front of Wolf Master Nandos' room.

Some info:
Bleak Worgs cast "Worg's Weavering Will" that will last 60 seconds, and reduce your attack speed by 20%, your casting speed by 20% and your movement speed will be reduced to 80%. This is magic and can be dispelled.

Apparently while pulling the worg to the close left or right side, the four worgs that are in the room will run to you and attack you. Sheep a worg and shackle an undead wolf then kill off the rest. When these are dead, Wolf Master Nandos will rush to you and attack you. Kill him while shackling his undead wolf guardian. This is a pretty hard fight but with some organisation and eventual offtanking it can work. Some very nice loot:

After he is dead the door behind him opens and you can access Arugal's room. From the top of the stairs where you are, carefully pull the sons of Arugal one by one to you and kill them. After clearing the three sons you will have to face Arugal himself.

Some infos: he is a mage and casts 300 damage shadow bolts which hurt a lot. He has a big mana pool so mana drain doesn't quite work on him. Also he likes to blink around between three or four spots and nuke the heck out of you. What you have to do is keep the aggro with your warrior on Arugal. This way he will be the only target of bolts and the priest can heal him while others continue damaging him. If you have a Shaman let him set up a purge totem to dispell Arugal's shield. He will immediately recast his shield, every time it wears off, so this prevents him from shadow bolting and makes him empty his mana pool fairly quick.

He also sometimes turns one of your party members into a werewolf that will attack your group, in this case sheep the werewolf or immobilize it.

Arugal likes to Thundershock as well in order to stun you so he can move away and nuke you. Everything will be fine as long as your Warrior keeps the aggro well on him, if you have a support healer, he should help on healing the warrior. Also when he blinks, your warrior will most likely lose aggro and the closest person to Arugal will get it, so be sure to position yourself well so your warrior is always the closest one to Arugal. Sometimes this wont be possible (depends on where Arugal blinks to). If this should be the case just run out of his line of sight and give your Warrior time to get aggro back.This is by far the hardest fight, keep your long time abilities for this fight and burn down the mage as fast as possible.

QUEST COMPLETED: After he is dead you will have [27] Arugal Must Die (Elite): complete and one of these items can drop for you:

Congratulations, you have beaten this dungeon!

- Snowflake

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Needs an update

We are recently working on improving the quality of content here on, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see the full news post detailing this process.

This guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.0. However it still has enough useful information that it will be left in it's proper section as-is.

In Cataclysm, this instance is being completely re-made as a level 85 heroic, and this guide will be moved to the archive section at that time.

If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

SFK and 2.3

I really like the guide, but like a lot of instance guides, it needs some updating. First off, the trash is no longer so hard that you must have a priest or it's GG. In fact, I've done this instance with nobody above level 19 and no CC and no wipes (Arugal was hard though). The instance is now perfectly doable with almost any standard group composition. Some curse dispel is still highly recommended though.

No mob is higher than lvl 21 now.

Baron Silverlain apparently can cast the curse DURING the fight now, but it has a cast time so it can be interrupted (and should be).

Arugal had his lvl reduced, but he hits just as hard as before. He's VERY hard for his level. Note that the tank is the usual target of the Mind Control; be ready for it.