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Revisions for Pre-Patch BFA - Alliance side - The Burning of Teldrassil and The Battle for Lordaeron

Revision Operations
2018-11-12 10:06 by Emmaleah

Added profession trainers. Archeology and Fishing do not autocomplete as I am unable to determine the correct Recipe ID (its not the one that the tool tip shows when you learn it).

current revision
2018-10-31 08:26 by jovieve

Added T and A step to prevent unnecessary jumping to War Campaign guide for just two steps.

2018-10-17 02:22 by Ludovicus_EditBot

And/Or Edit

2018-09-12 04:11 by Emmaleah

Added note about starting in Stormwind.

2018-09-10 20:38 by Emmaleah

minor updates, mostly around adding back the [a load of scrap] quest

2018-09-02 19:17 by Ludovicus

Removed pre-patch material.

2018-08-15 03:09 by Chromaflo

Changed further map ids and coordinates, especially from "Tiragarde Sound" to "Boralus". This will fix the waypoints with |CC| or |CS| tags.

2018-08-15 01:07 by Chromaflo

Changed to under map id: Tol Dagor that waypoint sequences will work again.

2018-08-14 21:18 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added my changes on top of Emmaleah's

2018-08-14 17:52 by Chromaflo

Changed the QID for Quest "A Dying World" to 52946 and the Quest steps a bit.

2018-08-14 17:40 by Ludovicus_Maior
2018-08-13 12:55 by Ludovicus_Maior

"Chamber Of Heart" => "Chamber of Heart"

2018-08-08 21:31 by Ludovicus_Maior

commas, not semis!

2018-08-08 21:30 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add back in first line!

2018-08-08 20:43 by Ludovicus_Maior

Playthrough on Live

2018-08-07 20:18 by Emmaleah

updated quest triggers.

2018-08-07 19:23 by Emmaleah

very minor adjustments, add next weeks content.

2018-08-02 09:56 by Emmaleah

Figured out how to make A flicker of Hope stay checked off.

2018-08-01 09:34 by Emmaleah

corrections per Grail and play thru on live 7/31/18

2018-07-24 20:24 by Emmaleah

play thru on live 7/24/18. Minor note changes and fixed a few typos.

2018-07-16 23:16 by Ludovicus_Maior

sync headers

2018-07-16 20:09 by Emmaleah

fix NewGuideLevel. Added guide name function to registration. other minor wording changes.

2018-07-15 04:44 by Emmaleah

change sort level

2018-07-08 21:22 by STrek

Corrections made with a test run

2018-07-08 15:11 by STrek

added battle for Lordaeron by Emmaleah (from War Campaing)

2018-07-08 13:05 by STrek

changed zone to Azeroth and added zone tag were it was left out because of default zone

2018-07-08 12:49 by STrek

explanation note added at beginning to explain story order

2018-07-08 12:43 by STrek

changed name and title guide to better reflect this as the pre patch guide. Will also move in battle for lorderonn in this guide from War Campaign guide by Emmaleah

2018-07-07 18:47 by STrek

added part 2 from PTR

2018-07-07 16:17 by STrek

corrected a few errors that came up in a test run

2018-07-07 13:10 by STrek

added PRE - Non Combat - Sticky tags and some clean up

2018-07-05 23:05 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add WoWPro:GuideQuestTriggers()

2018-07-03 19:36 by Ludovicus_Maior


2018-07-03 02:53 by Emmaleah

updated next guide

2018-06-24 18:45 by STrek

added rest of this guide

2018-06-24 15:49 by STrek

was wrong input format and few other minor changes

2018-06-24 15:39 by STrek

start pre patch guide