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Revisions for Nazmir - Horde

Revision Operations
2018-09-15 21:04 by Emmaleah

Add RARE tags; Change C steps with a target, where appropriate, to K steps; Change all K steps without a RARE tag from QID to ACTIVE

current revision
2018-08-27 23:38 by jovieve

Moved step for killing Xak'lar to after taking the boat ride in Down by the Riverside. (It was 2000 yards away before the ride. It's 200 yards away after the ride.)

2018-08-26 09:07 by jovieve

Updated note about quest giver.

2018-08-19 10:41 by Emmaleah
2018-08-19 10:28 by Emmaleah

Added Pre Tags - per Grail - and notes where I disagreed. Pre's not tested

2018-08-18 03:30 by Emmaleah

Play tested on Rank 1 on live, various tweaks, Added Jani's trashpiles.

2018-08-13 21:12 by Emmaleah

Added Ranks

2018-08-13 16:52 by Emmaleah

Play test on Beta 10 Aug 2018 All Rares, treasures, explore included. Ranks/Pres NOT done.

2018-08-12 19:01 by Ludovicus_Maior

|LVL-120| aint right.

2018-08-07 04:27 by Emmaleah

I apparently didn't keep good version control and overwrote the end of this guide. Will test soonest! Recovered a great deal of it from my backup on 7/19; this wasn't the final copy and undoubtedly needs more work.

2018-08-04 20:29 by Emmaleah

Delete the quests from the beginning that are properly part of Zuldazar guide, improve registration

2018-07-11 08:53 by Emmaleah

Finish up Western side of Nazmir

2018-07-10 10:31 by Emmaleah

First part of Nazmir. 3/8 story arcs done.

2018-07-03 19:59 by Ludovicus_Maior
2018-07-03 02:47 by Emmaleah

Added an actual stub guide that can load in Wow.

2018-05-25 20:07 by Emmaleah

blank stub guide