Alliance - Drustvar

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Draft 1 - the Drustvar guide (BFA)/ Alliance.

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; possibly not needed because choice is already made in intro guide-never hurts to have it tho
A Drustvar|QID|47961|M|73.89,25.10|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From the scouting map. Choose the zone quest Drustvar.|

T Drustvar|QID|47961|M|73.81,25.07|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Taelia.|
A The Vanishing Lord|QID|48622|M|73.81,25.07|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Taelia.|
C The Vanishing Lord|QID|48622|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|NC|N|Take the ferry to Drustvar - chat option.|


C The Vanishing Lord|QID|48622|QO|2|N|Meet with Cyril White - magnify glass option|
C The Vanishing Lord|QID|48622|QO|3|N|Destroy the effigy.|
T The Vanishing Lord|QID|48622|M|55.91,35.14|N|To Cyril White.|
A Signs and Portents|QID|47968|M|56.13,35.26|N|From Cyril White.|
A Fallhaven's Curse|QID|47969|M|56.13,35.26|N|From Cyril White. - Bonus quest: attack everything related to the curse.|
C Signs and Portents|QID|47968|QO|2|N|Find Rancher's Letter lying on the ground.|
C Signs and Portents|QID|47968|QO|3|N|Ava's Note is lying on a little ton.|
C Signs and Portents|QID|47968|QO|1|N|Find Farmer's Journal.|
T Signs and Portents|QID|47968|M|55.73,35.66|N|Find ledger on the table.|

A The Wayward Crone|QID|47978|M|55.73,35.66|N|Autoaccepted.|
T The Wayward Crone|QID|47978|M|60.54,31.60|N|To Helena Gentle.|
A Witch Hunt|QID|47979|M|60.54,31.60|N|From Helena Gentle.|
C Witch Hunt|QID|47979|QO|1|N|Take a seat.|
A Cracking the Curse|QID|47981|M|60.55,31.48|N|From spellbook at exit of Helena's house.|
A Furious Familiars|QID|47980|M|60.81,30.74|N|From dead Fallhaven Villager lying on the ground.|

C Witch Hunt|QID|47979|QO|2|N|Kill Helena Gentle.|
T Witch Hunt|QID|47979|M|58.35,27.84|
C Furious Familiars|QID|47980|QO|1|N|Kill Enthralled Wildlife.|
T Furious Familiars|QID|47980|M|55.75,28.27|
C Cracking the Curse|QID|47981|QO|1|N|Destroy Lesser Effigies.|

T Fallhaven's Curse|QID|47969|M|57.24,35.34|N|Complete this bonus quest.|
T Cracking the Curse|QID|47981|M|55.93,35.11|
A The Final Effigy|QID|47982|M|55.93,35.11|
C The Final Effigy|QID|47982|QO|1|N|Break Cursed Effigy.|
C The Final Effigy|QID|47982|QO|2|N|Kill Deathcursed Terror.|
T The Final Effigy|QID|47982|M|55.95,35.14|N|To Cyril White.|

A The Waycrest Daughter|QID|48108|M|55.95,35.14|N|From Cyril White.|
A To Market, To Market|QID|47945|M|55.57,34.85|N|From Elijah Eggleton.|
A WANTED: Rindlewoe|QID|51547|M|55.73,34.90|N|From wanted poster.|
f Fallhaven|QID|51547|M|55.12,34.76|N|At Clarence Page.|
A The Northern Caverns|QID|48948|M|55.17,35.12|N|From Maude Rifthold.|
h The Swine's Larder|QID|48948|M|55.47,34.27|N|At Dinah Wellard.|

;Adventurer's Society

C WANTED: Rindlewoe|QID|51547|QO|1|N|Rindlewoe slain - He is found at the end of the stream at the waterfall - optional- possible alone.|T|Rindlewoe|

T The Northern Caverns|QID|48948|M|53.96,27.10|N|To Thaddeus "Gramps" Rifthold is i the woods. There is a pad up the hill that goes from the field where you found the farmer's journal at the back off Fallhaven.|
A The Adventurer's Society|QID|48793|M|53.96,27.10|N|From Thaddeus "Gramps" Rifthold.|
A Menace to Society|QID|48792|M|53.96,27.10|N|From Thaddeus "Gramps" Rifthold.|
K Bonegnasher trogg |QID|48792|QO|1|N|Kill 10 Bonegnasher trogg.|S|
C Backpack |QID|48793|QO|1|N|There is a backpack lying on the ground. Click on it and investigate.|
l scroll "Beginner's guide to Archeology" |QID|48793|QO|2|L|152677|N|In first cave lying on box.|
l book "Is it a rock? How to identify relics" |QID|48793|QO|3|L|152685|N|in second cave on the ground.|
l book "Half eaten journal" |QID|48793||QO|4|L|152676|N|In damaged crate before the pond.|
C The Adventurer's Society|QID|48793|QO|1|N|Look for signs of the children.|
C Menace to Society|QID|48792|QO|1|N|Kill Bonegnasher troggs.|US|

T The Adventurer's Society|QID|48793|M|51.39,23.31|N|To Marcus Howlingdale at the bridge.|
T Menace to Society|QID|48792|M|51.39,23.31|N|To Marcus Howlingdale.|
A Mistakes Were Made|QID|48804|M|51.39,23.31|N|From Marcus Howlingdale.|
A Research Recovery|QID|48805|M|51.76,22.85|N|From evacuation inventory on the ground on other side of the route.|

C Mistakes Were Made|QID|48804|QO|1|N|Jonathan Presterby saved - he is in the cave to the right.|
C Mistakes Were Made|QID|48804|QO|2|N|Amelia Tidecrest saved - on the rocks in the middle. No need to go up there. You can call her down from the ground beside the rock.|
l "Genuine Titan Disc"|QID|48805|QO|2|L|152703|N|On the ground in the middle.|
l "Ancient Potsherds"|QID|48805|QO|3|L|152699|N|On the ground to the left.|
C Mistakes Were Made|QID|48804|QO|3|N|Euphemia Batten-Chase saved - at the entrance of the cave to the left.|
l "Relic of the Makers"|QID|48805|QO|1|L|152704|N|On higher ground at the back.|

T Mistakes Were Made|QID|48804|M|50.63,24.31|N|To Marcus Howlingdale acrros the bridge.|
T Research Recovery|QID|48805|M|50.63,24.31|N|To Marcus Howlingdale.|
A Terminal Degree|QID|48853|M|50.63,24.31|N|From Marcus Howlingdale.|
K Cragg the Stoneshaker|QID|48853|QO|1|N|Go a little back and then on the right in the cave.|
C Terminal Degree|QID|48853|QO|2|N|Help Nigel Rifthold from abaove the fire little bit further in the cave.|
T Terminal Degree|QID|48853|M|50.62,24.44|N|To Thaddeus "Gramps" Rifthold who is with the rest of the children now.|
H The Swine's Larder|QID|48948|U|6948|N|Use your hearthstone to go back to Fallhaven|QID|51547|M|55

T WANTED: Rindlewoe|QID|51547|M|55.86,35.07|N|To Mayor Cyril White.|

;Meat Quests

T To Market, To Market|QID|47945|M|63.22,27.10|N|To Thomas Staughton - go to the coast and follow the pad to the north|
A Save Their Bacon|QID|47946|M|63.22,27.10|N|From Thomas Staughton.|
A Big Bad Wolves|QID|47947|M|63.22,27.10|N|From Thomas Staughton.|
A Pork Chop|QID|47948|M|63.22,27.10|N|From Thomas Staughton.|

K Hexed Howler |QID|47948|QO|1|N|Kill 10 spellbound beasts|S|
C Save Their Bacon|QID|47946|QO|1|N|1/1 Trevor Hightide freed - on the left off the road. He is one off the pigs that is bound to a pole.|
C Save Their Bacon|QID|47946|QO|2|N|1/1 Travis Daybreak freed - somewhat down the road on the right|
A That's Not My Fetish|QID|47949|M|63.36,30.17|N| Inside the building on the right from the pig head on the wall|
K Roland Hacksaw|QID|47948|QO|1|N|He is in the second part of the building|
C Save Their Bacon|QID|47946|QO|4|N|1/1 Burke Stevenson freed - outside the second part of the building|
C Save Their Bacon|QID|47946|QO|3|N|1/1 Kyle Sailford freed - at the back of the small building|
C Big Bad Wolves|QID|47947|QO|1|N|10/10 Spellbound beasts slain|US|

T Save Their Bacon|QID|47946|M|63.26,27.14|N|To Thomas Staughton.|
T Big Bad Wolves|QID|47947|M|63.26,27.14|N|To Thomas Staughton.|
T Pork Chop|QID|47948|M|63.26,27.14|N|To Thomas Staughton.|
T That's Not My Fetish|QID|47949|M|63.26,27.14|N|To Thomas Staughton.|
A Cured Ham|QID|47950|M|63.26,27.14|N|From Thomas Staughton.|

; don't have item-id
U Pig Effigy|###|QID|47950|QO|1|N|Use the item to toss it in the campfire near Thomas Staughton|

;Wicker Worship

f Trader's Camp|QID|47950|M|62.64,23.92|N|Follow the route to the nort and find Anna Ridgeley before the bridge to the left.|

A Wicker Worship|QID|48677|M|62.58,23.94|N|From David Maldus.|
T Wicker Worship|QID|48677|M|59.50,21.97|N|Before the bridge go left and follow the route to Autumvale where you find Lord Autumnvale.|
A Questionable Offerings|QID|48678|M|59.50,21.97|N|From Lord Autumnvale.|
C Questionable Offerings|QID|48678|QO|1|N|You find things to offer to the rocks behind you. Take "bundle of wincker", "Entrails" and the "Bones" to the offer table|
C Questionable Offerings|QID|48678|QO|2|N|1/1 Witness Autumnvale's Ritual|
T Questionable Offerings|QID|48678|M|59.44,21.96|N|To Lord Autumnvale.|
A Not the Bees!|QID|48680|M|59.44,21.96|N|Autoaccept Bonus Qust|
A Mind the Hives|QID|48679|M|59.44,21.96|N|From Lord Autumnvale.|

C Mind the Hives|QID|48679|QO|1|N|1/1 Find Edwin in the back of the cave|
C Not the Bees!|QID|48680|QO|1|N|Drive back the Barbthorn Swarm|
T Not the Bees!|QID|48680|M|60.57,17.45|

T Mind the Hives|QID|48679|M|59.10,22.40|N|To Initiate Peony back at the wicker man.|
A A Simple Sacrifice|QID|48682|M|59.10,22.40|N|From Initiate Peony.|

C A Simple Sacrifice|QID|48682|QO|1|N|Go forward to a other cave. Listen in and the kill Lord Autumnvale to Save Edwin, again|
T A Simple Sacrifice|QID|48682|M|56.60,24.03|N|To Edwin Maldus.|
A Changing Seasons|QID|48683|M|56.60,24.03|N|From Edwin Maldus.|

C Changing Seasons|QID|48683|QO|1|N|Follow Edwin to the wickerman|
C Changing Seasons|QID|48683|QO|2|N|Click on Wicker Man to burn it|
T Changing Seasons|QID|48683|M|59.33,22.02|N|To Edwin Maldus.|

H The Swine's Larder|QID|48948|U|6948|N| Use your heartstone to go back to Fallhaven|

;Tea Party

A Teddies and Tea|QID|47289|M|54.51,39.34|N|At the back of Fallhaven go left over the bridge and find a little singing girl Abby Lewis.|
C Teddies and Tea|QID|47289|QO|2|N|In the house before the fire - Trunksy found|
C Teddies and Tea|QID|47289|QO|1|N|on the ranch at the house on the other side - Mr. Munchykins found|
C Teddies and Tea|QID|47289|QO|3|N|On a pole just before the third house - Mayor Striggs found|
T Teddies and Tea|QID|47289|M|56.24,38.18|N|To Abby Lewis standing right beside you.|
A Kitty?|QID|47428|M|56.24,38.18|N|From Abby Lewis.|
T Kitty?|QID|47428|M|55.67,41.17|N|To Smoochums sitting on a rock with a backpack.|
A The Accursed Thicket|QID|45972|M|55.67,41.17|N|Auto accepted Bonus quest.|
A The Village of Glenbrook|QID|45079|M|55.67,41.17|N|From Smoochums.|

C The Village of Glenbrook|QID|45079|QO|2|CHAT|N|In a cave. Look at body off Jonathan Hayes and investigate. Then take the letter|
C The Village of Glenbrook|QID|45079|QO|3|N|Look at axe on the ground off Samuel Hawthorne|
C The Village of Glenbrook|QID|45079|QO|1|N|look at book off Mary Hayes on the ground in a other cave|

C The Accursed Thicket|QID|45972|QO|1|N|Purge the woods|
T The Accursed Thicket|QID|45972|M|54.25,45.10|
T The Village of Glenbrook|QID|45079|M|54.76,49.06|N|To Annie Warren in yet a other cave.|
A Tea Party|QID|44785|M|54.76,49.06|N|From Annie Warren.|
C Tea Party|QID|44785|QO|1|N|1/1 Abby Lewis followed|

C Tea Party|QID|44785|QO|2|N|1/1 So sit dauw and drink tea.|
K Tea Party|QID|44785|QO|3|N|Kill Conjured Horror|
T Tea Party|QID|44785|M|57.76,47.76|N|To Annie Warren.|

;Seeing Spirits (optinal)

A Seeing Spirits|QID|48475|M|62.61,42.99|N|From Caretaker Allen.|
A Crypt Keepers|QID|48474|M|62.61,42.99|N|Autoaccept Bonus Quest|
C Seeing Spirits|QID|48475|QO|1|N|10/10 Gravebloom collected|

C Seeing Spirits|QID|48475|QO|2|N|Create the salve with the graveblooms collected and this pot and apply it|
C Seeing Spirits|QID|48475|QO|3|N|Click on Aaron Cresterly to free him|
T Seeing Spirits|QID|48475|M|60.72,46.56|N|To Aaron Cresterly.|
A Split Party|QID|48476|M|60.72,46.56|N|From Aaron Cresterly.|

C Split Party|QID|48476|QO|1|N|1/1 Bridget Fairwater Freed|
T Split Party|QID|48476|M|59.84,48.96|N|To Bridget Fairwater.|
A Looking For One More|QID|48477|M|59.84,48.96|N|From Bridget Fairwater.|

C Looking For One More|QID|48477|QO|1|N|1/1 Sister Westwood slain|
T Looking For One More|QID|48477|M|59.50,51.15|N|To Mercy Fairwater.|

T Crypt Keepers|QID|48474|M|60.39,50.03|

;The Witch Trial

f Hangman's Point|QID|48181|M|71.04,40.83|N|At Aaron Ridgeley.|
T The Waycrest Daughter|QID|48108|M|70.11,42.94|N|To Constable Henry Framer.|
A Standing Accused|QID|48283|M|70.11,42.94|N|From Constable Henry Framer.|
C Standing Accused|QID|48283|QO|1|N|1/1 Speak with Lucille Waycrest|
T Standing Accused|QID|48283|M|69.75,43.17|N|To Marshal Everit Reade.|
A The Woods Have Eyes|QID|48109|M|69.75,43.17|N|From Marshal Everit Reade.|
A In Case of Ambush|QID|48110|M|69.75,43.17|N|From Marshal Everit Reade.|

C In Case of Ambush|QID|48110|QO|1|N|6/6 Traps placed|
C The Woods Have Eyes|QID|48109|QO|1|N|4/4 Watchful Raven slain|
C The Woods Have Eyes|QID|48109|QO|2|N|6/6 Darkmaw Prowler slain|

T The Woods Have Eyes|QID|48109|M|69.63,43.18|N|To Marshal Everit Reade.|
T In Case of Ambush|QID|48110|M|69.63,43.18|N|To Marshal Everit Reade.|
A Trial by Superstition|QID|48111|M|70.10,42.83|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C Trial by Superstition|QID|48111|QO|1|N|5/5 Villager questioned|
T Trial by Superstition|QID|48111|M|70.10,42.84|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A A Pungent Solution|QID|48113|M|70.10,42.84|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
A Once Bitten, Twice Shy|QID|48170|M|70.10,42.84|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
A Harmful If Swallowed|QID|48165|M|70.10,42.84|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C Once Bitten, Twice Shy|QID|48170|QO|1|N|1/1 Bug-Catching Jar|

A Quill or Be Quilled|QID|49242|M|66.91,42.17|N|From Adela Hawthorne.|
C A Pungent Solution|QID|48113|QO|1|N|1/1 Juicy Onion|
C Quill or Be Quilled|QID|49242|QO|1|N|6/6 Invasive Quillrat slain|
T Quill or Be Quilled|QID|49242|M|66.88,42.13|N|To Adela Hawthorne.|
C Harmful If Swallowed|QID|48165|QO|1|N|5/5 Intact Venom Gland|
C Once Bitten, Twice Shy|QID|48170|QO|2|N|8/8 Bloodflies caught|

T A Pungent Solution|QID|48113|M|70.10,42.81|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T Once Bitten, Twice Shy|QID|48170|M|70.10,42.81|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T Harmful If Swallowed|QID|48165|M|70.10,42.81|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A The Burden of Proof|QID|48198|M|70.10,42.81|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C The Burden of Proof|QID|48198|QO|1|N|1/1 Speak with Constable Framer|
C The Burden of Proof|QID|48198|QO|2|N|1/1 First test given|
C The Burden of Proof|QID|48198|QO|3|N|1/1 Second test given|
C The Burden of Proof|QID|48198|QO|4|N|1/1 Third test given|
T The Burden of Proof|QID|48198|M|70.08,42.90|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|

A The Curse of Fletcher's Hollow|QID|48171|M|70.08,42.90|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|

;fishing side quests (optinal)

A Mean Gulls|QID|48880|M|71.76,50.41|N|From Art Hughie.|
A Take the Bait|QID|48904|M|71.76,50.41|N|From Art Hughie.|
A I Like Fish Guts and I Cannot Lie|QID|48882|M|70.82,50.81|N|From Art Hughie.|
A The Reel Deal|QID|48881|M|71.13,52.26|N|From Art Hughie.|
C The Reel Deal|QID|48881|QO|1|N|6/6 Fishing Rod reeled in|
T The Reel Deal|QID|48881|M|69.62,55.74|
C I Like Fish Guts and I Cannot Lie|QID|48882|QO|1|N|9/9 Mudfish Innards|
C Take the Bait|QID|48904|QO|1|N|15/15 Snapclaw Meat|
C Mean Gulls|QID|48880|QO|1|N|10/10 Ravenous Gull slain|
T Mean Gulls|QID|48880|M|71.76,50.46|N|To Art Hughie.|
T Take the Bait|QID|48904|M|71.76,50.46|N|To Art Hughie.|
T I Like Fish Guts and I Cannot Lie|QID|48882|M|71.76,50.46|N|To Art Hughie.|
A Big Gulls Won't Die|QID|48883|M|71.76,50.46|N|From Art Hughie.|
C Big Gulls Won't Die|QID|48883|QO|1|N|1/1 Brinebeak slain|
T Big Gulls Won't Die|QID|48883|M|71.77,50.41|N|To Art Hughie.|

;Fletcher's Hollow

f Timbered Strand|QID|48883|M|70.17,60.47|N|At Bridget Bran.|
T The Curse of Fletcher's Hollow|QID|48171|M|70.05,60.39|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
A Save Who We Can|QID|48518|M|70.05,60.39|N|From Evelyn Pare.|
A Clear-Cutting|QID|49295|M|70.05,60.39|N|From Evelyn Pare.|

C Clear-Cutting|QID|49295|QO|1|N|8/8 Curseformed Familiar slain|
C Save Who We Can|QID|48518|QO|1|N|6/6 Frightened Woodsman rallied|
C The War Cache|QID|52544|QO|1|N|104/100 War Resources|

T Save Who We Can|QID|48518|M|70.03,60.20|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
T Clear-Cutting|QID|49295|M|70.03,60.20|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
A Hope They Can't Swim|QID|48519|M|70.03,60.20|N|From Evelyn Pare.|
C Hope They Can't Swim|QID|48519|QO|1|N|1/1 Villagers defended|
T Hope They Can't Swim|QID|48519|M|70.04,60.26|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
A Break Them to Splinters|QID|48525|M|70.04,60.26|N|autoaccept - bonus quest|
A The Three Sisters|QID|48520|M|70.04,60.26|N|From Evelyn Pare.|

A Charming the Lifeless|QID|48521|M|70.04,62.94|
C The Three Sisters|QID|48520|QO|3|N|1/1 Sister Mooring slain|
C The Three Sisters|QID|48520|QO|2|N|1/1 Sister Early slain|
C The Three Sisters|QID|48520|QO|1|N|1/1 Sister Ashwell slain|
A A Revealing Missive|QID|48522|M|68.55,63.29|
C Charming the Lifeless|QID|48521|QO|1|N|1/1 Dormant Ravager controlled|
T Break Them to Splinters|QID|48525|M|67.95,66.85|

T The Three Sisters|QID|48520|M|70.05,60.32|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
T Charming the Lifeless|QID|48521|M|70.05,60.32|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
T A Revealing Missive|QID|48522|M|70.05,60.32|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
A The Murderous Matron|QID|48523|M|70.05,60.32|N|From Evelyn Pare.|
A Culling the Coven|QID|48524|M|70.05,60.32|N|From Evelyn Pare.|
C The Murderous Matron|QID|48523|QO|1|N|1/1 Control the Dormant Ravager|

C Culling the Coven|QID|48524|QO|1|N|25/25 Heartsbane minions slain|
C The Murderous Matron|QID|48523|QO|2|N|1/1 Matron Levae slain|

T The Murderous Matron|QID|48523|M|70.03,60.33|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
T Culling the Coven|QID|48524|M|70.03,60.33|N|To Evelyn Pare.|
A An Airtight Alibi|QID|48538|M|70.03,60.33|N|From Evelyn Pare.|
F Hangman's Point|QID|48538|N|Fly to Hangman's Point|

;The Witch Trial - part 2

T An Airtight Alibi|QID|48538|M|70.09,42.91|N|To Constable Henry Framer.|
A And Justice For All|QID|49259|M|70.08,42.86|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C And Justice For All|QID|49259|QO|1|N|1/1 Lucille untied|
C And Justice For All|QID|49259|QO|2|N|1/1 Defeat the Heartsbane ambush|
L Level 112|QID|49259|LVL|112|N|You should be around level 112 by this point.|
T And Justice For All|QID|49259|M|69.67,43.27|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A A Slight Detour|QID|48941|M|69.67,43.27|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|

;Gol Koval

A Gol Koval|QID|48947|M|69.52,43.71|N|From Auntie Amanda Hale.|
R Drustvar|QID|48181|M|68.34,48.57|CC|N| Take this smaal pad to the right afther you have crossed the bridge|
A Nooooope|QID|48181|M|68.01,48.88|N|Autoaccept - bonus quest|
T Nooooope|QID|48181|M|65.53,53.58|
T Gol Koval|QID|48947|M|64.66,54.77|N|To Rebecca Hale.|
A Deliverance|QID|52074|M|64.66,54.77|N|From Rebecca Hale.|

T Deliverance|QID|52074|M|61.94,59.31|N|To Ranger Wons.|
A Rescue Rangers|QID|48179|M|61.94,59.31|N|From Ranger Wons.|
A Boned|QID|52075|M|61.94,59.31|N|From Ranger Wons.|
A Total Cairnage|QID|48182|M|61.89,59.30|N|From Thornspeaker Birchgrove.|
A The Hills Are Alive|QID|48183|M|61.89,59.30|N|From Thornspeaker Birchgrove.|

C Boned|QID|52075|QO|1|N|8/8 Vengeful Bones slain|
A Really Big Problem|QID|48180|M|58.50,63.25|N|From Arthur Tradewind.|
C Really Big Problem|QID|48180|QO|1|N|1/1 Ancient Sentinel slain|
C Total Cairnage|QID|48182|QO|1|N|4/4 Minor Ancient Cairns destroyed|
C Total Cairnage|QID|48182|QO|2|N|1/1 Major Ancient Cairn destroyed|
C Rescue Rangers|QID|48179|QO|1|N|10/10 Injured healed|
C The Hills Are Alive|QID|48183|QO|1|N|8/8 Runic Power Core|

T Total Cairnage|QID|48182|M|61.89,59.37|N|To Thornspeaker Birchgrove.|
T The Hills Are Alive|QID|48183|M|61.89,59.37|N|To Thornspeaker Birchgrove.|
T Really Big Problem|QID|48180|M|61.89,59.37|N|To Thornspeaker Birchgrove.|
T Rescue Rangers|QID|48179|M|61.89,59.37|N|To Ranger Wons.|
T Boned|QID|52075|M|61.89,59.37|N|To Ranger Wons.|
A The High Thornspeaker|QID|53110|M|61.89,59.37|N|From Thornspeaker Birchgrove.|

H The Swine's Larder|QID|48948|U|6948|N| Use your heartstone to go back to Fallhaven|

;Order of Embers

T A Slight Detour|QID|48941|M|46.17,33.35|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A Yeti to Rumble|QID|48942|M|46.17,33.35|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
A Salvage Rights|QID|48943|M|46.17,33.35|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|

C Salvage Rights|QID|48943|QO|1|N|1/1 Wrapped Supplies|
A If Bones Could Talk|QID|51134|M|45.23,33.62|N|from UI by looting bone from Awakend dead|
C Salvage Rights|QID|48943|QO|2|N|1/1 Cask of Salted Fish|
C Salvage Rights|QID|48943|QO|3|N|1/1 Hardened Lockbox|
C If Bones Could Talk|QID|51134|QO|1|N|1/1 Pristine Rune-Etched Bone|
C Salvage Rights|QID|48943|QO|4|N|1/1 Bucket of Grain|
C Yeti to Rumble|QID|48942|QO|1|N|8/8 Chillfur Yeti slain|
C If Bones Could Talk|QID|51134|QO|1|N|1/1 Pristine Rune-Etched Bone - Make sure you get this before you turn in the other quest to Lucille Waycrest|

T Yeti to Rumble|QID|48942|M|44.74,28.48|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T Salvage Rights|QID|48943|M|44.74,28.48|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T If Bones Could Talk|QID|51134|M|44.74,28.48|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A Diversionary Tactics|QID|48963|M|44.74,28.48|N|From Lucille Waycrest. Before you accept this quest, be sure you have done "If Bones Could Talk" and turn it in. There will no possiblility anymore afther this|
C Diversionary Tactics|QID|48963|QO|1|N|1/1 Frostmange slain|
T Diversionary Tactics|QID|48963|M|45.05,27.80|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A Unlocking History|QID|48944|M|45.05,27.80|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C Unlocking History|QID|48944|QO|1|N|1/1 Secret Passage found - use looking glass on handle left off bookcase and pull it|

T Unlocking History|QID|48944|M|44.94,27.50|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A Thze Ruins of Gol Var|QID|48945|M|44.94,27.50|N|From Unknown.|
C The Ruins of Gol Var|QID|48945|QO|1|N|1/1 Escort Lucille into Gol Var|
T The Ruins of Gol Var|QID|48945|M|42.62,25.07|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A The Order of Embers|QID|48946|M|42.62,25.07|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C The Order of Embers|QID|48946|QO|1|N|1/1 Tome of Silver and Ash|
T The Order of Embers|QID|48946|M|42.64,25.10|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A Take the High Road|QID|48986|M|42.64,25.10|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|

; I think that this questline is still incomplete...
C The High Thornspeaker|QID|53110|QO|1|N|1/1 Meet Arthur Tradewind|
C The High Thornspeaker|QID|53110|QO|2|N|1/1 Ride up to Ulfar's Den|
T The High Thornspeaker|QID|53110|M|45.30,45.75|N|To Ulfar.|

A WANTED: The Rime Huntress|QID|52033|M|41.27,41.03|N|group quest - optinal|
C WANTED: The Rime Huntress|QID|52033|QO|1|N|1/1 The Rime Huntress slain|

T Take the High Road|QID|48986|M|36.88,50.14|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A A Lesson in Witch Hunting|QID|49443|M|36.88,50.14|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C A Lesson in Witch Hunting|QID|49443|QO|1|N|6/6 Candle lit|
C A Lesson in Witch Hunting|QID|49443|QO|2|N|1/1 Notes taken|
C A Lesson in Witch Hunting|QID|49443|QO|3|N|1/1 Lucille's Sewing Kit|
T A Lesson in Witch Hunting|QID|49443|M|36.87,50.11|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A Sharp Thinking|QID|49804|M|36.87,50.11|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
A Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|M|36.92,50.09|N|From Marshal Everit Reade.|

A Implements of Ill Intent|QID|49805|M|37.66,50.34|N|From object on the ground.|
A Hidden Dealings|QID|49806|M|37.78,50.17|
C Sharp Thinking|QID|49804|QO|1|N|10/10 Corlain Refugee tested|
C Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|QO|2|N|1/1 Ensign Yorrick recruited|
f Arom's Stand|QID|49806|M|38.14,52.50|N|At Jess Albury.|
C Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|QO|5|N|1/1 Falconer Notley recruited|
C Hidden Dealings|QID|49806|QO|1|N|1/1 Explore the cellar|
C Hidden Dealings|QID|49806|QO|2|N|1/1 Sister Littlefield slain|
C Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|QO|4|N|1/1 Ensign Mace recruited|
C Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|QO|3|N|1/1 Lieutenant Sterntide recruited|
C Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|QO|1|N|1/1 Captain Cleardawn recruited|
C Implements of Ill Intent|QID|49805|QO|1|N|12/12 Heartsbane objects destroyed|

T Sharp Thinking|QID|49804|M|36.93,50.14|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T Implements of Ill Intent|QID|49805|M|36.93,50.14|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T Hidden Dealings|QID|49806|M|36.93,50.14|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
T Changing of the Guard|QID|49803|M|36.93,50.14|N|To Marshal Everit Reade.|
A A New Order|QID|49807|M|36.93,50.14|N|From Lucille Waycrest.|
C A New Order|QID|49807|QO|1|N|5/5 Recruits inducted|
C A New Order|QID|49807|QO|2|N|1/1 Lucille's orders issued|
T A New Order|QID|49807|M|36.89,50.03|N|To Lucille Waycrest.|
A The Road to Corlain|QID|49926|M|36.95,50.08|N|From Marshal Everit Reade.|

;Durst History

A Through the Old Roads|QID|48504|M|37.26,50.22|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
h Northwood Home|QID|48504|M|37.41,48.61|N|At Owen Northwood.|

T Through the Old Roads|QID|48504|M|40.19,56.51|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Pieces of History|QID|48184|M|40.19,56.51|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Honorable Discharge|QID|48517|M|40.19,56.51|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Clear Victory|QID|49898|M|39.65,57.89|N|From Captain Lilian Nottley.|

C Pieces of History|QID|48184|QO|1|N|1/1 First Stone examined|
C Pieces of History|QID|48184|QO|2|N|1/1 Second Stone examined|
C Honorable Discharge|QID|48517|QO|1|N|10/10 Weary Spirit released|
C Pieces of History|QID|48184|QO|3|N|1/1 Third Stone examined|
C Pieces of History|QID|48184|QO|4|N|1/1 Fourth Stone examined|
C Pieces of History|QID|48184|QO|5|N|1/1 Fifth Stone examined|
T Pieces of History|QID|48184|M|36.63,61.32|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
T Honorable Discharge|QID|48517|M|36.63,61.32|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
C Clear Victory|QID|49898|QO|1|N|15/15 Drust Skeletons slain|
T Clear Victory|QID|49898|M|39.68,58.03|N|To Captain Lilian Nottley.|

A Drustfall|QID|49890|M|36.63,61.32|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
C Drustfall|QID|49890|QO|1|N|1/1 Cave investigated|
C Drustfall|QID|49890|QO|2|N|1/1 Runekeeper Construct slain|
T Drustfall|QID|49890|M|40.50,62.58|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A To Falconhurst!|QID|49896|M|40.50,62.58|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|

A Saplings in the Snow|QID|51543|M|33.41,65.12|N|From Adalyn Forestwatcher.|
C Saplings in the Snow|QID|51543|QO|1|N|6/6 Mountain Sapling|
T Saplings in the Snow|QID|51543|M|33.41,65.17|N|To Adalyn Forestwatcher.|
A Greenstalker|QID|50953|M|33.41,65.17|N|From Adalyn Forestwatcher.|

C Greenstalker|QID|50953|QO|1|N|1/1 Greenstalker slain|
T Greenstalker|QID|50953|M|33.44,65.09|N|To Adalyn Forestwatcher.|
A Life Preserver|QID|51472|M|33.49,65.23|N|From Zallestrasza.|


T To Falconhurst!|QID|49896|M|26.94,65.78|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Breaking Hag|QID|50001|M|26.94,65.78|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|

A Spell Bound|QID|50251|M|26.20,66.48|N|From Captive Villager.|
C Spell Bound|QID|50251|QO|1|N|8/8 Destroy Binding Runes|
C Breaking Hag|QID|50001|QO|1|N|15/15 Briarwood Monsters slain|

T Breaking Hag|QID|50001|M|25.80,70.21|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
T Spell Bound|QID|50251|M|25.80,70.21|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Hold The Barricade!|QID|50177|M|25.80,70.21|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
C Hold The Barricade!|QID|50177|QO|1|N|(Optional) 1/1 Speak with Inquisitor Cleardawn|
C Hold The Barricade!|QID|50177|QO|2|N|1/1 Survive the Assault!|
T Hold The Barricade!|QID|50177|M|25.77,70.27|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A So Long, Sister|QID|49939|M|25.77,70.27|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Village Repair|QID|50091|M|25.77,70.27|N|Bonus quest|

C So Long, Sister|QID|49939|QO|1|N|1/1 Sister Noella Briarwood slain|

f Falconhurst|QID|50091|M|26.97,72.36|N|At Viviana Swailes.|
A Bramblethorn|QID|50238|M|26.97,71.35|N|From Lynn Sweet.|
A WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats|QID|51390|M|26.42,72.16|N|From Lynn Sweet.|
T So Long, Sister|QID|49939|M|26.64,72.17|N|To Leandro Royston and follow him.|

C Bramblethorn|QID|50238|QO|1|N|1/1 Lord Sharptooth rescued|
C A Missing Master|QID|50903|QO|1|N|1/1 Master Ashton found in a cellar|
C A Missing Master|QID|50903|QO|2|N|1/1 Speak to Master Ashton|
T A Missing Master|QID|50903|M|25.34,67.87|N|To Warren Ashton.|
A Curiously Strong|QID|50092|M|25.34,67.87|N|From Warren Ashton.|

T Bramblethorn|QID|50238|M|26.98,71.34|N|To Lynn Sweet.|
A Building Defenses|QID|50090|M|25.54,70.06|N|From Leandro Royston.|

C Building Defenses|QID|50090|QO|1|N|10/10 Lumber Collected|
C Building Defenses|QID|50090|QO|2|N|4/4 Defenses Placed|

C WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats|QID|51390|QO|1|N|1/1 Mareen Sherwood slain|
C WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats|QID|51390|QO|3|N|1/1 Thorn Sutton slain|
C WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats|QID|51390|QO|2|N|1/1 Wallis Crowder slain|
T Village Repair|QID|50091|M|26.92,66.96|

T Building Defenses|QID|50090|M|25.56,70.08|N|To Leandro Royston.|
T WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats|QID|51390|M|25.56,70.07|N|To Leandro Royston.|

C Curiously Strong|QID|50092|QO|1|N|20/20 Fires extinguished|

T Curiously Strong|QID|50092|M|25.25,67.22|N|To Warren Ashton.|
A A Weapon of Old|QID|50036|M|25.25,67.22|N|From Warren Ashton.|
C A Weapon of Old|QID|50036|QO|1|N|1/1 Speak with Warren Ashton|
C A Weapon of Old|QID|50036|QO|2|N|Help create a Liquid Fire potion. Mix the potion by clicking the items that Warren Ashton asked. Position yourself before the tables in the middle. From left to right you have Heartbloem, volaite sap, saltpaper and sulfer|
T A Weapon of Old|QID|50036|M|25.18,67.19|N|To Warren Ashton.|
A Fighting With Fire|QID|50063|M|25.18,67.19|N|From Warren Ashton.|

C Fighting With Fire|QID|50063|QO|1|N|3/3 Briarwood Bulwark slain|
T Fighting With Fire|QID|50063|M|25.09,67.29|N|To Marten Webb.|
A Into the Crimsonwood|QID|50172|M|25.12,67.34|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|


T Into the Crimsonwood|QID|50172|M|20.61,57.49|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Saving Master Ashton|QID|50265|M|20.61,57.49|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Odds and Ends|QID|50306|M|20.61,57.49|N|From Marten Webb.|

C Saving Master Ashton|QID|50265|QO|1|N|1/1 Master Ashton freed|
A Bittersweet|QID|50266|M|21.16,55.08|N|From Samantha Sweet.|
C Bittersweet|QID|50266|QO|1|N|1/1 Release Samantha Sweet|

C Bittersweet|QID|50266|QO|4|N|1/1 Gauntlet recovered|
C Bittersweet|QID|50266|QO|3|N|1/1 Sword recovered|
C Bittersweet|QID|50266|QO|5|N|1/1 Cuirass recovered|
C Odds and Ends|QID|50306|QO|2|N|3/3 Bag of Reagents|
C Bittersweet|QID|50266|QO|2|N|1/1 Boots recovered|
C Bittersweet|QID|50266|QO|6|N|1/1 Return Samantha's gear|
C Odds and Ends|QID|50306|QO|1|N|4/4 Organic Matter Sample|

T Odds and Ends|QID|50306|M|20.64,57.54|N|To Marten Webb.|
T Bittersweet|QID|50266|M|20.64,57.54|N|To Samantha Sweet.|
T Saving Master Ashton|QID|50265|M|20.64,57.54|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A A Little 'Pick Me Up'|QID|50327|M|20.64,57.54|N|From Marten Webb.|
C A Little 'Pick Me Up'|QID|50327|QO|1|N|1/1 Give Master Ashton the potion|
C A Little 'Pick Me Up'|QID|50327|QO|2|N|1/1 Listen to Master Ashton|
T A Little 'Pick Me Up'|QID|50327|M|20.64,57.54|N|To Warren Ashton.|
A Deeper into the Woods|QID|50370|M|20.64,57.54|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|

C Deeper into the Woods|QID|50370|QO|1|N|1/1 Go deeper into the woods|
T Deeper into the Woods|QID|50370|M|24.55,56.66|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Stopping the Grand Rite|QID|50325|M|24.55,56.66|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Witch Way Out?|QID|50530|M|24.55,56.66|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Controlling the Situation|QID|50445|M|24.57,56.74|N|From Warren Ashton.|
A Matrons of the Crimsonwood|QID|50329|M|24.57,56.74|N|From Warren Ashton.|

C Stopping the Grand Rite|QID|50325|QO|1|N|1/1 First Focus destroyed|
C Witch Way Out?|QID|50530|QO|1|N|10/10 Captive Villagers freed|
C Stopping the Grand Rite|QID|50325|QO|3|N|1/1 Third Focus destroyed|
C Controlling the Situation|QID|50445|QO|1|N|5/5 Control Charm collected|
C Stopping the Grand Rite|QID|50325|QO|2|N|1/1 Second Focus destroyed|


A An Economic Opportunity|QID|50988|M|22.91,46.31|N|From Cesi Loosecannon.|
T An Economic Opportunity|QID|50988|M|20.63,46.26|N|To Cesi Loosecannon.|
A Cutthroat Business Practices|QID|51020|M|20.82,46.21|N|From Fixi Slyshiv.|
C Cutthroat Business Practices|QID|51020|QO|1|N|1/1 Gary Cofferdam slain|
A She's Got it Where it Counts|QID|51019|M|19.93,44.32|N|From Klause Fairwind.|
C She's Got it Where it Counts|QID|51019|QO|1|N|1/1 Miranda freed|
T She's Got it Where it Counts|QID|51019|M|19.95,44.26|N|To Klause Fairwind.|
T Cutthroat Business Practices|QID|51020|M|20.82,46.16|N|To Fixi Slyshiv.|
A Out With the Old Boss|QID|50978|M|20.64,46.17|N|From Cesi Loosecannon.|
C Out With the Old Boss|QID|50978|QO|1|N|1/1 Richard Tornsail slain|
T Out With the Old Boss|QID|50978|M|19.15,43.52|N|To Cesi Loosecannon.|

f Anyport|QID|50978|M|19.19,43.30|N|At Tan Lotuswind.|
A WANTED: Anchorface|QID|51240|M|19.55,43.62|N|From Tan Lotuswind.|
A Every Day I'm Smugglin'|QID|51001|M|20.89,43.65|N|From Clonk Greaseybit.|
A Asking for a Friend|QID|51018|M|20.80,45.98|N|From Kane Carlyle.|
C Asking for a Friend|QID|51018|QO|1|N|1/1 Xun Xun asked|
C Asking for a Friend|QID|51018|QO|2|N|1/1 Century Sauce obtained|
A Court of Farondis|QID|42420|M|20.14,43.75|N|From Merchant Kooda.|
C WANTED: Anchorface|QID|51240|QO|1|N|1/1 Anchorface slain|
C Every Day I'm Smugglin'|QID|51001|QO|1|N|5/5 Smuggled Goods collected|
T WANTED: Anchorface|QID|51240|M|19.16,43.51|N|To Cesi Loosecannon.|
T Every Day I'm Smugglin'|QID|51001|M|20.87,43.67|N|To Clonk Greaseybit.|
T Asking for a Friend|QID|51018|M|20.80,46.00|N|To Kane Carlyle.|

;Crimsonwood - part 2

C Matrons of the Crimsonwood|QID|50329|QO|1|N|1/1 Matron Elsbeth Garrick slain|
C Matrons of the Crimsonwood|QID|50329|QO|3|N|1/1 Matron Wilona Blackwood slain|
C Matrons of the Crimsonwood|QID|50329|QO|2|N|1/1 Matron Stefania Denholm slain|

T Witch Way Out?|QID|50530|M|24.55,56.67|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
T Stopping the Grand Rite|QID|50325|M|24.55,56.67|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
T Matrons of the Crimsonwood|QID|50329|M|24.55,56.67|N|To Warren Ashton.|
T Controlling the Situation|QID|50445|M|24.55,56.67|N|To Warren Ashton.|
A In the Hall of the Drust King|QID|50481|M|24.55,56.67|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|

C In the Hall of the Drust King|QID|50481|QO|1|N|1/1 Gorak Tul slain|
C In the Hall of the Drust King|QID|50481|QO|2|N|1/1 Escape the Chamber|

T In the Hall of the Drust King|QID|50481|M|26.81,58.09|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
A Stick It To 'Em!|QID|50533|M|26.81,58.09|N|From Inquisitor Cleardawn.|
C Stick It To 'Em!|QID|50533|QO|1|N|1/1 Use Greater Control Charm|
C Stick It To 'Em!|QID|50533|QO|2|N|Destroy Witch Forces|
C Stick It To 'Em!|QID|50533|QO|3|N|1/1 Signal Point reached|

C Stick It To 'Em!|QID|50533|QO|4|N|1/1 Tell Cleardawn to send signal|
T Stick It To 'Em!|QID|50533|M|37.85,49.99|N|To Inquisitor Cleardawn.|

;quest to be done at the end of this guide

C The War Cache|QID|52544|QO|1|N|100/100 War Resources|
T The War Cache|QID|52544|M|65.09,51.78|
A Time for War|QID|53332|M|65.09,51.78|