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Revisions for Horde - War Campaign

Revision Operations
2018-08-14 07:20 by Emmaleah

removed lvl 112 from first foothold

current revision
2018-08-13 16:46 by Emmaleah

played thru 2nd lvl 120 quest arc

2018-08-11 00:50 by Emmaleah

War Campaign thru the end, but untested, last 4 steps from You Tube/Wowhead. (thanks to Varenne for her excellent posts and videos.) Ultimately I would like this guide to contain all Kul Tiras quests, rares, treasure and probably explore points. But that is a longer term goal than release of BfA

2018-07-10 10:35 by Emmaleah

war campaign - first 2 footholds. still need Tiragarde. Took all the stuff that was here and moved to Intro guide for prepatch.

2018-07-03 02:49 by Emmaleah

Oops, missed editting title

2018-07-03 02:48 by Emmaleah

changed guide registration to be war campaign

2018-05-13 05:51 by Emmaleah

Many note updates, add more guide registration icon, and autoswitch, fixed up J steps to reflect correct guide. Note that coords in Orgrimmar need updated as they changed with the last patch.

2018-05-12 17:55 by Ludovicus_Maior

Use a real nil in GuideNextGuide()

2018-05-08 21:54 by Emmaleah

First Draft.