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Revisions for Alliance - War Campaign

Revision Operations
2018-10-17 08:32 by Emmaleah

delete extranious (and erroneous) line :jani intro take CHAT| out of f steps

current revision
2018-10-14 23:38 by Emmaleah

change warfront to |Z|1044| so arrow works again. many minor tweaks such as adding K's with |T|s rewording a few steps to make clearer.

2018-10-05 08:04 by elidion

Accuracy Pass

2018-10-01 07:42 by Emmaleah

updated Nazmir foothold. few other minor adjustments.

2018-09-30 07:55 by elidion

Added an active tag to initial warfront quests so it won't hijack the guide until you do it (which can be impossible when it's not your turn).

2018-09-27 00:42 by elidion

Fixed a few more ACTIVE tag issues

2018-09-27 00:29 by elidion

Fixed a double ACTIVE tag on a line in the Zuldazar foothold line.

2018-09-24 19:14 by elidion

added LVL tags for some post 120 questlines that were missing.

2018-09-24 08:50 by Emmaleah

minor adj to zuldazar foothold.

2018-09-23 23:28 by elidion

Accuracy pass, all 7th legion rep quests on Zandalar

2018-09-20 08:24 by elidion

Added alliance warfront scenario questline.

2018-09-17 22:59 by jovieve

Added appropriate CHAT and NC tags. Some minor note changes.

2018-09-16 17:56 by Emmaleah

tweaks to first Voldun outpost

2018-09-15 22:32 by elidion

Accuracy pass on the 3k honored questline.

2018-09-13 15:53 by elidion

Added one of the outpost upgrades and the PRE/O tags

2018-09-13 08:23 by elidion

Added the Zuldazar quests.

2018-09-13 06:15 by elidion

Added Honored Outpost missions

2018-09-12 00:54 by jovieve

Added PRE tags

2018-09-12 00:28 by jovieve

Fixed bad X coord

2018-09-11 23:59 by jovieve

Recorded War Campaign at the Revered rep gate and added to the guide.

2018-09-10 20:40 by Emmaleah

change note of [The War Campaign]

2018-09-10 07:34 by elidion

Accuracy pass on the 4.5k friendly questline

2018-09-09 11:15 by elidion

Accuracy pass on First Assult

2018-09-09 01:03 by elidion

Incorrect Note Tag

2018-09-08 22:36 by elidion

Added the Warfront missions when you own Arathi.

2018-09-08 09:58 by elidion

Removed the bbcode-code tag

2018-09-08 09:57 by elidion

Updated Warfront waypoints, Portal step and arrangement to be more friendly for new players.

2018-09-07 06:00 by elidion

Updated the Vol'dun questline to use the new objective type.

2018-09-07 04:02 by elidion

Accidentally copied the wrong guide...

2018-09-07 04:00 by elidion
2018-09-07 00:57 by elidion

Near complete re-write of the guide copying most of the Horde side features/changes

2018-08-29 02:16 by elidion

Fixed some Zuldazar Campaign issues, such as incorrect waypoints and mistyped PRE questIDs

2018-08-14 05:52 by Emmaleah

add guide name registration and delete ref to first foothold at 112, (changed to 110)

2018-08-12 23:57 by Emmaleah

change end level to 120

2018-08-12 20:18 by Emmaleah

deleted part that is in the BFA intro

2018-08-12 18:59 by Ludovicus_Maior

"Chamber Of Heart" => "Chamber of Heart"

2018-07-15 04:43 by Emmaleah

change sort level

2018-07-14 23:05 by Emmaleah

change zone name from ChamberOfHeart to Chamber Of Heart

2018-07-08 15:16 by STrek

comment battle for Lordaeron out (it has been copied to Pre-patch guide)

2018-07-03 02:51 by Emmaleah

changed guide registration to reflect this is the War Campaign Guide.

2018-06-18 22:29 by Emmaleah

More war campaign quests added. NOT FINISHED

2018-06-07 18:14 by Emmaleah

Fix J steps now that the names of the other guides are known.

2018-06-06 17:41 by Emmaleah

Updated for changes in June 1 build (

2018-05-13 02:18 by Emmaleah

changed guide icon, changed zone name to Kul Tiras, added coords for infusing the heart, changed next guide to TBD

2018-05-11 08:37 by STrek

added quest "the war campaign" and The Warcache at the end. Quest log says 'before you leave.." so best do this before we go to our first zone of choose.

2018-05-10 18:45 by STrek

added following line: C Infusing the Heart|QID|52428|Z|ChamberOfHeart|QO|1|N|Azerite wounds absorbed| Seems they added a step more to compelte the quest "Infusing the heart

2018-05-09 22:35 by Ludovicus_Maior

Fix [The Dark Lady] coordinate error.

2018-05-06 22:13 by Emmaleah

To correct syntax and the node #

2018-05-06 21:52 by Emmaleah

Draft 1 - Opening Scenario/quests for Alliance. The zone numbers will need replaced with names when they are available.