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Revisions for Warlock Artifact and Class Guide

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Syntax corrections.

2017-01-10 21:24 by Blanckaert

Added: Obliterum Quest Chain

2016-09-28 22:18 by Ludovicus


2016-09-14 09:34 by Emmaleah

Update Jump to Stormheim for Alliance/Horde Update C In the Blink of an Eye|QO|2 to Dalaran@DeadwindPass

2016-08-31 03:18 by Emmaleah

Per Tubera's post. PRE Tag on A The New Blood, and N tag correction for U Return to Dalaran|QID|40712| As to scenario steps, I think its still a bit rocky. I know I made some mistakes in formatting (which have hopefully all been fixed now) because I had never made a guide that used scenario steps before.

2016-08-30 22:15 by Ludovicus

Corrected Zones

2016-08-20 00:56 by Emmaleah