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2018-10-17 02:30 by Ludovicus_EditBot

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2018-09-28 21:19 by elidion

Reverted to old guide before RARE edits were made and went through manually adding RARE and FLY tags, cleaned up the ACTIVE/AVILABLE/PRE tags on N,R,H,h,P,F & f steps.

2018-09-24 07:45 by elidion

Updated zone tags, skip F tags if you have legion flying.

2018-09-13 00:56 by elidion

Changes for skip rares and treasures feature.

2018-08-01 10:20 by Emmaleah

Changed Thundertotem/6 to Highmountain/6

2018-01-17 00:42 by Ludovicus

New Levels

2017-03-26 07:51 by Emmaleah

Added turn in of final instance and the quests that pop up after that. Efficiency changes (Moved The High Chieftain, done several steps, move I have a strange feeling, changed wording on follow up. Move Glimmering chest to when leaving Torok's mesa.) and probably a few other things.

2017-03-26 01:06 by Emmaleah

Change QID on first Elevator down step so it doesnt autocomplete before you read it.

2017-03-16 22:56 by Ludovicus_Maior

Syntax correction.

2016-12-28 22:05 by Blanckaert

added a note about treasure 40489, and added a few steps of a Leatherworking Quest

2016-12-10 21:08 by Blanckaert

added LW quest, put /6 back in for a turn ins, added a couple RANK 2

2016-12-06 23:54 by Blanckaert

added PRE Tags per Ludo's new changes.

2016-12-05 07:09 by Emmaleah

Added $ Glimmering Treasure Chest|QID|39471|; redid the 8 lines starting with C Skies of Highmountain to reflect zone name Thunder Totem instead of Highmountain/6 some coord changes.

2016-11-29 08:05 by Emmaleah

Change QID for f Sylvan Falls to the next quest instead of a treasure (skipped on RANK 1)

2016-11-08 06:18 by Emmaleah

part 2 of 3 Play thru tweaks.

2016-11-07 10:22 by Emmaleah

minor tweaks from a fresh play thru. (part 1)

2016-11-07 06:17 by Emmaleah

Changed first Fly to Thunder Totem to an "F" Step.

2016-11-07 06:11 by Emmaleah

added line for treasure in Dargul's cavern ($43489) updated zone name for $40471 eliminated |CC| on R Path of Sky

2016-11-04 05:44 by Emmaleah

correct spelling of murloc

2016-10-30 01:19 by Emmaleah

Added Treasure chest during evacuating snowmane $42453 but I dont know its not phased out then, need to verify

2016-10-22 23:10 by Ludovicus_Maior

Zone updates and play through tweaks.

2016-10-21 12:36 by Ludovicus_Maior

Play-though tweaks

2016-10-19 20:57 by tubera

fix US and spelling on Vengeance for the Stonedark

2016-10-19 01:06 by Ludovicus_Maior

Level tweak

2016-10-09 18:08 by tubera

Fix PRE tags from 39831 to 39381

2016-10-08 02:05 by tubera

Fix US on shiny, but deadly, fix coordinates of treasure 40494

2016-10-05 02:20 by Ludovicus_Maior

*Someone* chopped off the header to the guide, so it failed to update after 2016-09-19 20:19.

2016-09-24 18:43 by Emmaleah

Play thru RANK|1, minor refinements, added a couple of rank|-1| R steps, tweaks to coords in thunder totem interior and nelterian's lair.

2016-09-19 20:19 by Emmaleah

The order of quests has been rearranged for what I think is more efficient. (which I had planned to do for the last 3 weeks, just not been able to get to it). It does not involve the backtracking to Skyhorn that it had before. If you are currently in progress on this guide, i hope it isnt too much inconvenience. Also, moved all bonus objectives, treasures and rares that were on rank 1 to rank 2.

2016-09-17 21:32 by Ludovicus_Maior

Missing '

2016-09-17 20:37 by Ludovicus_Maior

added missing ","

2016-09-16 22:43 by Emmaleah

change registration levels to 100-109 and next guide to Blanc_Suramar

2016-09-14 09:54 by Emmaleah

Added LVL|-109| to A XXX-Bonus Objectives Added Icon Registration DID NOT YET move treasure/rares/Bonus Objectives out of rank 1 also there are some z tags incorrect s/b Highmountain/6 (ThundertotemInterior) instead of Thundertotem. waiting to test the guide to correct them.

2016-09-09 06:52 by Emmaleah

3 corrections per Tubera - $40510-typo on coordinates,$40483-better |N|, C39429-Track down the errant |US|step and put it where it belonged. (it was about 5 or 6 lines after you turn in the quest... /sigh.

2016-09-06 04:35 by Emmaleah

correct |M| for $40507, Correct |N| for T39862

2016-09-03 20:05 by Emmaleah

add Z|ThunderTotem| to buy bottle of airspark

2016-09-03 08:16 by Emmaleah

Slight map changes /step rearranging per Blanckaert.

2016-08-30 20:59 by Ludovicus_Maior

Restored Header.

2016-08-30 02:23 by Emmaleah