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Revisions for Demon Hunter Starter - Source Code

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2017-03-17 01:23 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added missing MardumtheShatteredAbyss

current revision
2017-03-16 22:51 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added PREs; syntax corrections.

2017-03-16 22:21 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added PREs.

2016-09-14 02:36 by Ludovicus_Maior

Deleted duplicate CH

2016-09-13 18:26 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add proper name to LinksDHArtCH100100

2016-08-11 11:23 by Emmaleah
2016-08-11 11:20 by Emmaleah

fix typo "clikcking" corrected Izal's gender, added ClassSpecific Registration to the 3rd (Orgrimmar) guide

2016-08-10 06:54 by Emmaleah

Changes only made to the Mardum (1st) guide. Added Item Tags, added NC tags, deleted NC tags so the CHAT tags would show.

2016-08-10 04:34 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added Blue items and tweaked for Live instead of Beta. Added support for Vengance DH.

2016-07-30 16:02 by Ludovicus_Maior

Zone tweaks

2016-07-01 02:22 by Ludovicus_Maior

Just the usual tweaks.

2016-06-30 23:25 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add class restriction and icons.

2016-06-28 05:32 by Linkslegend5

Finished the DH rough draft, with the Artifact and Class Hall, it ends with picking a zone to start. Only has the DPS spec Artifact, but the recorder didn't get those steps (due to a scenario issue).

2016-06-28 02:02 by Ludovicus_Maior


2016-06-28 00:37 by Linkslegend5

Added Vault of the Warden, the next step after Mardum.

2016-06-28 00:34 by Linkslegend5

Wow-Pro Recording of Mardum, the Shattered Abyss.

2016-06-28 00:05 by Ludovicus_Maior

Initial blank