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Revisions for Battle Pet Levelup 1-25

Revision Operations
2017-03-05 18:34 by Ludovicus

Fix Shu's RANK setting

current revision
2016-12-28 17:09 by Ludovicus

Add Markup like [ability=112/peck] to guide.

2016-11-09 21:55 by Ludovicus

Add missing |STRATEGY|Elfuego/Burning| from [Burning Pandaren Spirit]

2016-10-13 23:15 by Ludovicus

[Whispering Pandaren Spirit] hits the leveling pet for H>500F

2016-08-15 22:22 by Ludovicus

Use Rank2 for the extra trainers. Use Rank3 for the hard strategies.

2016-07-19 18:55 by Ludovicus

Major re-write.

2016-03-23 02:09 by Ludovicus

Um, 'nil' is not nil

2016-01-08 23:16 by Ludovicus
2016-01-08 23:15 by Ludovicus

Initial Version