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2018-10-17 02:31 by Ludovicus_EditBot

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2018-10-17 02:12 by Ludovicus_EditBot

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2018-10-03 01:20 by jovieve

Fixed some lead-in quest QID logic stuff. Added a couple of FLY tags.

2018-07-01 23:00 by Emmaleah

Yet another change regarding not here, not now - splitting to two different lines in guide

2018-06-30 21:38 by Ludovicus_Maior

Experiment with [Not Here, Not Now]x4

2018-06-30 05:03 by Emmaleah

Add turning in News from Spires of Arak and Picking up Arakkoa Exodus in the garrison, since it wasnt in the alliance Talador guide, Added Horde steps also incase you didnt do the Talador guide.

2018-06-29 20:37 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added ACTIVE and AVAILIBLE tags to clean things up.

2018-03-06 01:32 by Ludovicus_EditBot

LVL corrections

2018-02-23 01:38 by Ludovicus_EditBot

Upload Grail corrections to PRE/LEAD/QO tags

2018-01-23 01:43 by Ludovicus

The famous "Attempted Murder" fix. Coordinates for Firn Swiftbreeze were VERY wrong.

2018-01-17 00:38 by Ludovicus

New Levels

2017-03-23 19:40 by Ludovicus_Maior


2017-03-17 00:35 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added PREs

2015-12-31 23:37 by Ludovicus_Maior
2015-09-29 07:41 by Crackerhead22
2015-08-09 19:57 by Fluclo
2015-07-05 17:46 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add Icon

2015-06-19 21:49 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add the Garrison Pinchwhistle Gearworks leadins

2015-03-09 19:28 by Ludovicus_Maior

Corrected double N on "h Axefall"

2015-03-09 19:25 by Ludovicus_Maior

CHanged M step to N

2015-03-07 13:22 by Aldavor

Replaced lines (h Southport) and (A Cult of the Ravenspeakers) as they had duplicate N tags.

2015-02-01 22:25 by Ludovicus_Maior

QIDs and typos

2015-01-07 04:36 by Emmaleah

change the QID associated with the f/h steps in Southport/Axefall so they will stay checked off no matter your rank, or quest chain. Added N about the brewerys ability being a portal back, so no need to bind here. remove rank of h step so it shows no matter which rank. edited note at end of brewery specific quest chain

2015-01-04 01:59 by Emmaleah

Added Rank tags so rank 1 is just what it takes to get your garrison outpost book (for a level 2 small/medium blueprint in Ashran) and pinchwhistle gearworks (for salvage yard lvl 1 blueprints). Level 2 is almost everything else. Level 3 includes the out of the way non essential quest lines (such as leorajh and the wanted posters) I have not yet added treasure or rares to the guide (I do not intend to add the archeology treasures to the guide ever) This iteration of the guide is untested. Hopefully I didn't do something too horribly wrong in the rearranging.

2014-12-20 09:18 by Emmaleah

moved the murkbog quest chain earlier in the guide and talonpriest ishaal to the end. added a few notes. moved the wanted poster turn ins (not sure I put them in the right spot tho). Basically my first play thru on live.

2014-12-18 02:56 by Blanckaert

moved Quest 35669 & 35670 turnins up in the guide to clear them from the log

2014-12-14 04:58 by Blanckaert

added LVL 97 tag to the Accept lines horde and alliance, I just hope I did it right

2014-12-14 04:39 by Blanckaert

the quest for Pinchwhistle Gearworks needs a Level tag for lvl 97 - added in comment till fixed.

2014-12-08 10:31 by Emmaleah

moved A Pinchwhistle Gearworks later in the guide. it appears Bliz changed it to lvl 97.

2014-12-08 10:00 by Emmaleah

Add N text to One of our own.

2014-12-08 09:21 by Emmaleah

C steps for Arakoa Exodus were also switched.

2014-12-08 09:19 by Emmaleah

Arakoa Exodus QIDs were switched horde/alliance

2014-11-27 14:31 by Ludovicus_Maior

Finished up!

2014-11-25 13:57 by Ludovicus_Maior

PLayed through [A Worthy Vessel]

2014-11-24 20:40 by Ludovicus_Maior

Playing through on Alliance

2014-11-17 13:06 by Fluclo

Added 36601 to QID of 36606 in case player has gone off-guide and picked up quest from Shadow-Sage Iskar

2014-11-10 11:20 by Emmaleah

removed more duplicate pre tags.

2014-11-09 03:36 by Emmaleah

I was doing code compares on 6.02 vs what I had in my beta directory and it looks like I forgot to post the final version of this guide. Added Pre tags and who knows what else. - Hopefully merged it correctly with the big list o' errors changes ;)

2014-11-08 00:45 by Emmaleah

correct errors per big list

2014-10-06 00:08 by Emmaleah

added header "boilerplate"

2014-10-06 00:04 by Emmaleah

added alliance bits - Emmaleah - 10/4/14

2014-09-27 20:21 by Ludovicus_Maior

Initial copy from Emmaleah's Blog.