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Revisions for Horde Grogond Source Code

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2018-03-06 01:26 by Ludovicus_EditBot

LVL strip

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2018-02-22 23:35 by Ludovicus_EditBot

Upload Grail corrections to PRE/LEAD/QO tags

2018-01-17 00:39 by Ludovicus

New Levels

2017-03-23 19:16 by Ludovicus_Maior


2017-03-16 17:08 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added PREs

2016-10-15 01:12 by tubera

Add more bonus objectives; Tweak order; Add missing Vine;

2016-10-07 14:34 by tubera

Change treasure/resource to $ steps. Add Bonus objective. Change order on a few quests and fix pre tag on bushwacker.

2016-07-30 18:51 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add some @Gorgrond

2015-12-31 23:40 by Ludovicus_Maior
2015-09-07 19:27 by Crackerhead22
2015-07-05 17:49 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added Icon

2015-05-03 17:39 by Emmaleah

removed the multiple ";" from C Leave every soldier behind, apparently it keeps trying to parse after it comes to the first one.

2015-05-02 23:01 by Ludovicus_Maior

Converted some --'s in the guide to ; to get rid of parsing errrors.

2015-05-02 22:57 by Ludovicus_Maior

quid correction

2015-05-02 22:51 by Ludovicus_Maior

QID for [Proof of Strength: Goren Tooth] was wrong.

2015-05-02 22:48 by Ludovicus_Maior

Removed reference to QID 36290, which is for Nagrand and level 100!

2015-04-05 07:26 by Emmaleah

suntouched spear should be rank 3 (or maybe 2... but not none like it was)

2015-03-09 19:38 by Ludovicus_Maior

Tag twiddles

2015-02-01 22:23 by Ludovicus_Maior

Played through and corrected coords and things.

2015-01-03 01:13 by Emmaleah

and delete change log out of header :(

2015-01-03 01:12 by Emmaleah

correct typo and fix incorrect garrison resouces item code (from 924 to 824)

2015-01-03 01:10 by Emmaleah

Copy of the revision from Wed, 2014-12-31 20:32.

2015-01-03 01:10 by Emmaleah

Correct item code for Garrison Resources from 924 to 824.

2015-01-01 06:32 by Emmaleah

Added all treasure (with Item tags), non 100 named mobs (with item tags) and hardened vines/odd boulders. Set Rank for None, if you just want to get your book and ability to buy garrison plans. 2 is most of the quest content 3 includes all the treasure / rare mobs, etc. Added/improved a few notes, Added more R steps ... including one about avoiding Highpass. Removed all garrison building specific parts (since Ludo is making a new guide type that will include that) I left in fishing and Cordana's quest, but they should probably be deleted too.

2014-12-05 23:34 by Emmaleah

Bliz changed the treasure map to be soulbound. Changed note accordingly.

2014-11-29 09:24 by Emmaleah

took out the a (replaced with A) added note explaining those steps. Changed some QID's so R steps would stay checked off. Added Woodfist to note on Centurian Without a Cause.

2014-11-22 13:50 by Ludovicus_Maior

Rid of a stutter ||

2014-11-22 12:11 by Ludovicus_Maior

Tag Fixes

2014-11-22 07:14 by Emmaleah

Added note about where to get treasure map. Fixed BADd routing to Mistcreep Mire, various other improvements from run thru with sparring arena on live.

2014-11-19 08:38 by Emmaleah

play thru on live. added 2 more followers (tornmark and blook) - didn't check sparring arena quest line at this time.

2014-11-08 03:53 by Emmaleah

corrections per list o' errors

2014-11-02 10:03 by Emmaleah

I appear to have had a minor copy/paste error with the Moira's Rise Section. all better.

2014-11-02 09:07 by Emmaleah

moved tangleheart quest section, fixed all |Z|tags, fixed many missing explanations, S/US, etc. The lumberyard doesn't flow as well as the sparring arena and I don't think its because im trying to combine both in the same guide, I think it just flows poorly...

2014-09-18 23:56 by Ludovicus_Maior

Copy from Emmaleah's blog