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Revisions for The Timeless Isle

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2017-03-11 18:31 by Ludovicus

Added PREs; syntax changes.

current revision
2014-11-08 00:21 by Ludovicus

Removed rogue N tag

2014-07-26 22:26 by Ludovicus

Play through as horde!

2014-07-06 15:51 by Ludovicus

Added levels

2014-06-11 19:21 by Ludovicus

Changed level guide.

2014-04-21 18:34 by Ludovicus

Re-arrange quests a bit.

2014-03-17 20:14 by Ludovicus

Change zone to Temple of the Jade Serpent@EastTemple

2014-02-14 02:55 by Ludovicus


2014-02-13 16:51 by Ludovicus

Cleanup coords, flow. Spend too much time here.

2014-01-13 22:42 by Ludovicus

Ahem, bad coords.

2014-01-12 20:57 by Ludovicus

Break out the chests into another guide and make it useful!

2014-01-02 04:14 by Ludovicus

Initial Draft. Missing many C steps. Order is awful till I play through it.