MoP Dailies and Acheivement (Request for Volunteers)

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OK Folks, time for the next round of guide writing.   We have a new set of factions to gain rep with and we have some races that have acquired monks as a class.   We need to write new guides for the new factions and edit the existing starting guides to add the monk specific quests.

So I think the list is as follows: 


  1. Shado-pan
  2. The Golden Lotus (Estelyen)
  3. August Celestials
  4. Klaxxi (Way2hairy)
  5. Order of the Cloud Serpent
  6. The Lorewalkers
  7. The Brewmasters
  8. Tillers
  9. Anglers (Ludovicus)

I call first dibs on the Anglers!


Monk Starters: (For now, I will do ALL of these, as they require changes to a zone mapping table).

  1. Dwarf (Ludovicus)
  2. Human (Ludovicus)
  3. Blood Elf (Fluclo, Ludovicus)
  4. Tauren (Ludovicus)
  5. Forsaken (Ludovicus)
  6. Draenei (Ludovicus)
  7. Gnome (Ludo, requires dual zone mapping code that will be used for Orc/Trolls as well)
  8. Night Elf
  9. Orc
  10. Troll

Sign up by being the first to volunteer by posting a comment to this blog entry.

I will create source code pages for the 9 new factions.


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Questions re: achievement guides

Based on the thread in the Kun Lai guide page, I searched out all the "one time" items in MoP.  I found there are 54 of them. 22 of them can count towards the Lost and Found achievement.  The last achievement in the chain ( called "Is another man's treasure") requires finding 20 such items.  All of those 22 items are rare and as such are not always spawned.  The remaining 32 items *I think* are always up, but I haven't quite verified that.  All of the items give gold and/or an item as well as XP when looted. 

While digging up all of this I decided I may as well make an achievement guide for Lost and Found. (since I now had all the info collated).  Anyway, that brings me to the point of this post...questions?

1) what do the ACH/QID tags in achievment module do.  They don't appear to let you auto complete steps.  They don't appear to let you click on the line and bring up the achievement pane?

2)Can Rank tags be used in the Achievement module? It seemed like this was a good use RANK|1| includes ALL 54 items, |RANK|2| would elimitate the lesser value ones (~10 have a value under 30g) and |RANK|3| would have only the 22 that count towards the achievement.

If it currently isn't in there, I think it would be a great addition, it would also let CATA elders/candy buckets/fires be included in the EK/Kalimdor guides.  It seems to not work, but maybe I am doing something wrong.  Changing the rank settings didn't change what appears in the guide window.

3. When I reset the guide, shouldn't the achievement steps that have been completed stay checked off, Doesn't it query the server for competed quests or something?  For this guide I used the FLAG quests QIDs. These are items that somehow Blizzard tracks, but they don't show in your quest log. (to make these items be one time loot).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Questions re: achievement guides

The ACH tags let you skip a step if the acheivement is already complete.

For example: ACH|844;1|

Corresponds to: 

You have the RANK values mixed up.  RANK=1 is for the BOAed out, just give me the basics crowd.

I'll check the acheivement module to make sure I added the server query code changes to it correctly.  Blizzard changed that API as part of MoP.





Since Estelyen is doing such a bang up job on Golden Lotus, I'll take on the Klaxxi Reputation guide.

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I put one day worth of dailies in the dread waste guide (which need to be removed... I wasn't thinking about the fact that the ones you get are random) If you want you can grab those steps and copy them.  I had 3 or 4 sets of the dailies saved to a file on my hard drive, but when I went looking for it (when Ludovicous asked for volenteers for the daily guides) I coulcn't find it... I guess I deleted it when I deleted the beta :(  (but its not in recycle bin either... )


Good Luck!

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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I'm in

I already started a guide about the Golden Lotus, so if that is still free, I'll take care of that one.

Also, the Brewmasters do not have any daily quests as far as I know... And the only way to gain rep with the Lorewalkers is to discover the hidden objects around Pandaria, but that is not supposed to be done daily. So if someone writes a guide for that (it'll probably just be full of waypoints and nothing else :P), I think it would better fit in the achievement module of the addon than in the daily module.

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