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Source Code

L Bountiful Cookbook|QID|14023|M|34.0,51.6|Z|Elwynn Forest|L|46809|N|Sold by Wilmina Holbeck|
N Open the Cookbook|U|46809|N|Open the cookbook to get at the recipes|
N Recipe: Spice Bread Stuffing|QID|14023||U|44860|N|Learn to cook Stuffing|
N Recipe: Pumpkin Pie|QID|14024|U|44862|N|Learn to cook Pie|
N Recipe: Cranberry Chutney|QID|14028|U|44858|N|Lean to cook Chutney|
N Recipe: Candied Sweet Potato|QID|14033|U|44859|N|Learn to cook Yams|
N Recipe: Slow-Roasted Turkey|QID|14035|U|44861|N|Learn to cook Turkey|
L Buy Autumnal Herbs|L|44835 20|N|You need 20 Herbs from Wilmina Holbeck|
L Buy Simple Flour|L|30817 10|N|You need 10 Flour|
L Buy Mild Spices|L|2678|N|You need 10 Simple Spices|
L Buy Ripe Elwynn Pumpkin|L|46784 10|You need 10 Pumpkins|
L Buy Honey|L|44853 30|You will need 30 Honeys|
A Spice Bread Stuffing|QID|14023|M|34.0,51.6|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|From Gregory Tabor|
L Spice Bread|QID|14023|L|30816 5|N|Cook up some Spice Bread|
L Spice Bread Stuffing|QID|14023|L|44837 5|N|Cook up some stuff'n|
T Spice Bread Stuffing|QID|14023|M|33.8,50.8|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|To Jasper Moore|
A Pumpkin Pie|QID|14024|M|33.8,50.8|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|From Jasper Moore|
L Pumpkin Pie|QID|14024|L|44836 5|N|Cook up some pie|
T Pumpkin Pie|QID|14024|M|59.8,34.2|Z|Dun Morogh|N|To Edward Winslow|
A Cranberry Chutney|QID|14028|M|59.8,34.2|Z|Dun Morogh|N|From Edward Winslow|
L Buy Tangy Wetland Cranberries|L|44854 5|Buy 5 Cranberries from the Pilgrim's Bounty vendor|
L Cranberry Chutney|QID|14028|L|44840 5|N|Cook up some Chutney|
T Cranberry Chutney|QID|14028|M|33.8,50.8|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|To Jasper Moore|
A They're Ravenous In Darnassus|QID|14030|M|33.8,50.8|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|From Jasper Moore|
L Spice Bread Stuffing|QID|14023|L|44837 5|N|Cook up some stuff'n|
L Pumpkin Pie|QID|14024|L|44836 5|N|Cook up some pie|
T They're Ravenous In Darnassus|QID|14030|M|61.4,49.2|Z|Darnassus|N|To Isaac Allerton|
A Candied Sweet Potatoes|QID|14033|M|61.4,49.2|Z|Darnassus|N|From Isaac Allerton|
L Buy Teldrassil Sweet Potato|L|44855 5|N|Buy 5 Yams from the Pilgrim's Bounty vendor|
L Candied Sweet Potatoes|QID|14033|L|44839 5|N|Cook up some yams|
T Candied Sweet Potatoes|QID|14033|M|34.0,51.6|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|To Gregory Tabor|
A Slow-roasted Turkey|QID|14035|M|34.0,51.6|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|From Gregory Tabor|
L Wild Turkey|QID|14035|M|34.0,51.6|Z|Elwynn Forest|L|44834 5|N|Get the raw turkeys|
L Slow-roasted Turkey|QID|14035|L|44838 5|N|Cook up the turkeys|
T Slow-roasted Turkey|QID|14035|M|61.4,49.2|Z|Darnassus|N|To Isaac Allerton|
N Fini|N|Time to take a nap!|

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