Choose a Moderator's (Crackerhead22) class.

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20% (8 votes)
Death Knight
13% (5 votes)
35% (14 votes)
10% (4 votes)
10% (4 votes)
13% (5 votes)
Total votes: 40


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The poll is closed, and the winner is...

The poll is closed, and the winner is...  Hunter!   Either you guys are just messing with me or you like hunter, either way, hunter it is.  It will probably be a few days before I can start it, but once I do, and get out of the starting area, I will let you know.

Just my two coppers...

but I'm partial to druids these days.  I rolled everything when wow was new, but settled on hunter because everyone kept telling me they're useless.  Now everyone has one, so I think I'm more drawn to the class that isn't in everyone's stable right now.  Waiting times are shorter if you planned on doing dungeons and what nots that way.

If this is just for fun, use heirlooms.  I don't have them, since I have no patience for dungeon groups, but my husband loves his.  However it would be a bigger challenge without them.

I've been thinking of rolling an alt who will level using only quest items and whatever I can craft on that toon alone, just to see how far I get before pulling my hair.  Make it a challenge and you'll never be bored, and whatever you do play, I hope you have a lot of fun :)

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Druids are my flavor of the quarter ...

What other class can be a tank, dps and healer?

I currently have a Druid Feral Tank, Agriotherium, that I do nothing but dungeons and PVP on.  I tank as a Bear and then do PvP as a cat.  Kitties are murder on cloth wearers and are fun rogue killers.

I play with a co-worker who is a healer and her brother, dps.   We rarely wait for more than 30 seconds to get into the dungeon of our choice.

So whatever you choose, go for a Tank or a Healer, just to save time on the dungeon finder!

PS: I am in the process of comparing all the tanking classes.  But this will take me many months.   Play the game to make the time you spend on it fun!


PS:  OK, I lied about not doing the quests on Agrio.  I am an achievement w....

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Chose warrior, for the same

Chose warrior, for the same reason I'm using warrior for my speed testing. There is one for every race, they aren't OP, but they don't suck.

If you are planning on recording your speed as you go, we could compare to what I'm getting :) I'm not using heirloom items, so if you happen to have them, it might be cool to see how much faster they make leveling!

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Ok, these are the some

Ok, these are the some classes I currently do not have on my current server.  The poll will be up for 4 weeks.  At the end of the four weeks I will level up the class that  you, the community of WoWPro, chose for me up to level 85.  Leave your thoughts on whether or not I should use the exp boost heirlooms or not, and I will take that into account as well.