Profession (First Aid)

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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide("TwiFirstAid","Profession","First Aid", "Twists", "Neutral")
WoWPro:GuideName(guide, "First Aid")
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[
N Learn Apprentice First Aid|QID|901290000|P|First Aid;129;*;0;75|N|Learn from a Trainer in any major city.|
N Linen Bandage|QID|901290001|P|First Aid;129;1;40;|N|1;Linen Cloth;50;170|
N Heavy Linen Bandage|QID|901290002|P|First Aid;129;40;80;|N|2;Linen Cloth;120;120|
N Learn Journeyman First Aid|QID|901290003|P|First Aid;129;*;0;150|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city.|
N Wool Bandage|QID|901290004|P|First Aid;129;80;115;|N|1;Wool Cloth;60;180|
N Heavy Wool Bandage|QID|901290005|P|First Aid;129;115;150;|N|2;Wool Cloth;120;120|
N Learn Expert First Aid|QID|901290006|P|First Aid;129;*;0;225|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city.|
N Silk Bandage|QID|901290007|P|First Aid;129;150;180;|N|1;Silk Cloth;50;150|
N Heavy Silk Bandage|QID|901290008|P|First Aid;129;180;210;|N|2;Silk Cloth;100;100|
N Learn Artisan First Aid|QID|901290009|P|First Aid;129;*;0;300|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city. You must be level 35 or above.|
N Mageweave Bandage|QID|901290010|P|First Aid;129;210;240;|N|1;Mageweave Cloth;50;110|
N Heavy Mageweave Bandage|QID|901290011|P|First Aid;129;240;260;|N|2;Mageweave Cloth;60;60|
N Runecloth Bandage|QID|901290012|P|First Aid;129;260;290;|N|1;Runecloth;50;80|
N Heavy Runecloth Bandage|QID|901290013|P|First Aid;129;290;300;|N|2;Runecloth;30;30|
N Learn Master First Aid|QID|901290014|P|First Aid;129;*;0;375|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city. You must be level 50 or above.|
N Netherweave Bandage|QID|901290015|P|First Aid;129;300;340;|N|1;Netherweave Cloth;45;115|
N Heavy Netherweave Bandage|QID|901290016|P|First Aid;129;340;365;|N|2;Netherweave Cloth;70;70|
N Learn Grand Master First Aid|QID|901290017|P|First Aid;129;*;0;450|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city. You must be level 65 or above.|
N Frostweave Bandage|QID|901290018|P|First Aid;129;365;400;|N|1;Frostweave Cloth;40;110|
N Heavy Frostweave Bandage|QID|901290019|P|First Aid;129;400;425;|N|2;Frostweave Cloth;70;70|
N Learn Illustrious Grand Master First Aid|QID|901290020|P|First Aid;129;*;0;525|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city. You must be level 75 or above.|
N Embersilk Bandage|QID|901290021|P|First Aid;129;425;475;|N|1;Embersilk Cloth;50;76|
N Heavy Embersilk Bandage|QID|901290022|P|First Aid;129;475;500;|N|2;Embersilk Cloth;26;26|
N Learn Zen First Aid|QID|901290023|P|First Aid;129;*;0;600|N|Visit your Trainer in any major city. You must be level 80 or above.|
N Windwool Bandage|QID|901290024|P|First Aid;129;500;550;|N|1;Windwool Cloth;50;125|
N Heavy Windwool Bandage|QID|901290025|P|First Aid;129;550;600;|N|3;Windwool Cloth;75;75|

N First Aid.|N|That completes First Aid.|

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