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Hi folks, and welcome to my blog! With this blog, I'll be talking about various things relating to WoW-Pro and WoW in general.

Today I'm going to give you guys a little sneak peak into my upcoming projects here on WoW-Pro. Now that the insane rush to get all of our Cataclysm zones covered by the leveling guide is finally over, I am very excited to start working on some new things.

Dailies Addon Module

My first project, which should enter the testing phase in a few days, is a dailies module for the WoW-Pro addon. I'm very excited for this project, not only because it will be an awesome part of the addon in it's own right, but because it will allow us to streamline our module system for the addon to pave the way for future modules, such as the dungeon and professions modules that are currently in development.

What will the dailies module do? Well, it will do pretty much most of the things that the Leveling module currently does, but with added support for dailies. Here are a few of the things we have in mind:

  • Auto-load a guide based on zone (can be turned off)
  • Know when your dailies have reset and reset it's guides
  • Know what quest chains to unlock dailies you have completed and respond accordingly
  • Know what dailies you can do based on rep
  • Have one daily quest you always skip? You can skip it and the guide won't tell you to do it again until you manually reset the guide!

Guide Videos

I've had fun messing around with creating and editing videos, and I think I'd like to make some more videos in the future. I may put out a poll shortly to see what people would most like to see as video guides. Things I may cover:
  • Boss Guides for Instances
  • Tutorial guide on how to use the addon
  • Achievement Guides
  • Class Guides (Boomkin, Resto)
  • Addon Guides (not just for our addon, but covering many addons)
Let me know which of these you may be most interested in, or if you have any other suggestions!

Paper Guides

I plan to return to writing some "paper" guides. Topics I may cover:
  • Update to my Resto guide
  • Boomkin leveling and/or raiding guide
  • Achievement or Collectibles guides
  • Instance guides


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ETA + offer

What's the ETA for the Dailies Module?  I just hit 85, looked around for a guide, and finding none was about to make my own.  I'd love to start building a regular guide for dailies if the Module is in the distant future.  The syntax looks simple enough and I have to other programmers in my guild who will help test.

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You are in luck, I'm

You are in luck, I'm releasing the beta of this module in about an hour!

The syntax is pretty much identical to the leveling guide syntax except:

  • You can list multiple QIDs on accept steps so that it will get checked off if ANY of those quests are accepted
  • All non-accept steps with a listed QID are treated as optional - they don't display unless the user has that quest in their log

Both of these changes were implemented to handle situations where a daily quest can be one of several quests.

I'll be posting a news update with info on how to download the daily module.

Will be looking forward to seeing your guides! Smiling Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything!