Dedication to the Cast of Wow-Pro Cataclysm

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A Big Dedication and Thank You To the Team of people who made this happen, Albiet Administration, Addon Design/Support, or Guide Creation.


This message was originally supposed to go out to all the people in a private message format, but then it occured to me that that is in no way a loud and proud way to go about things.

  • WoW-Pro Officials - Jame, Jiyambi, Snowflake (Administators) WKJezz (Moderator)
  • WoW-Pro Addon Gurus - Jiyambi, Gameldar, Gylin, Shakazhan, Silvann, Twists
  • Horde Kalimdor Creative Team - Jiyambi, Manovan, Bitsem, Pretzl, Malorajan and  Gylin
  • Horde Eastern Kingdoms Creative Team -  Liavan, Manovan, Crackerhead22, Snowflake, Malorajan, AyaJulia, Jiyambi, WKJezz and Dakota Fanning...?
  • Alliance Kalimdor Creative Team - Crackerhead22, Solitha, Bitsem, Jame, WKJezz
  • Alliance Eastern Kingdoms Team -  Rpotor, Tarix, Jame, Gylin, Kurich, Savagefool, Bitsem, Crackerhead22, Twists
  • Cataclysm Content Team (Inc. Starter Zones) - Arixan, Tarix, Sksus, MagicSN, Liavan, Bitsem, Jame, Jiyambi, Malorajan, Pretzl, Protor, Tarix

For an idea for anyone unfamiliar with the project who arereading this post.  We produced over 45% of the content in the two weeks before cataclysm's launch. I have never seen a team of VOLUNTEERS dedicate themselves and rally to get a project done of this size so fast!

I would like to make a few SPECIAL dedication to the following people

Jame - Your guides have been an inspiration to us all. When I first heard the concept of cataclysm, I was excited as im sure many were. Later I thought about what it is you had done, and how I was gutted that the guides that you had brilliantly produced, were going to have to be a product of the Wow-pro archieves. Although your original guide and revisions may not be current with content, they will and should always remain the very bases of content we create on Wow-pro.

Jiyambi - How do you do it... I mean really... How?  Jiyambi is someone I have not only admired as a motivator and determined person, but has also become a good friend.  So often on sites you see Admins very detatched from their community baring a select few.  Jiymabi has always welcomed and encouraged visitors, new members, senior members, and yes even moderators with all they do. Not to mention her massive involvement in the Addon, guide writing all mixed in with a hectic school schedule.

Snowflake - Websites often develop and adapt over time.  In the middle of the cataclysm project Snowflake came in and took many of the suggestions and wishes of the community, and made them happen.  I think I have seen this website evovle before my eyes in 2 weeks!  Chat rooms for User Support, social networking interfacing and many many more technical hoo-ja-ma-flips that I will never understand!

The Community - For a World of Warcraft Site, our community is one of the most respectful ones I have ever seen.  We have the odd gripe or snipe surface, but never have I seen the kind of hateful and disrespectful trolling on here that you see commonly on other sites (including Blizzard's Own)  Moderating this site is fun, not a chore. Also for your hard work every day!

Wow-Pro Cataclysm team... This one, is for you!





* 17 Spelling and Grammar checkers were harmed during the making of this post.


Thanks for the Praise. It

Thanks for the Praise. It surely was quite some work. You mistyped my name, BTW,  it is "MagicSN", not "MagigSN" (no worries!)

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Fixed :D

Fixed :D

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Proud member!

I love the wow-pro community so much. Compared to other WoW community sites, this is the one where I can honestly say that EVERYONE is awesome and worthy of respect for their dedication, kindness and helpfulness. I wish I could have done more to help, but I go to Stockholm every weekday to study (where I don't have my computer and cannot do anything else than studying from Monday to Friday) and the weekends are too limited for me to be able to fully dedicate myself to finishing the guides. I would have liked to do more before Cataclysm, but I will finish my projects now after release instead.

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Pssshh, no apologies

Pssshh, no apologies necessary! School always comes first! Glad to hear you'll still be around though :)

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Thank you Wkjezz! I honestly

Thank you Wkjezz! I honestly don't know what to say, I feel like I haven't done enough lately to deserve the praise. It's amazing how many helpful people are part of this community nowadays, and I think we're just getting started :)

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*tear* Aaaaaw! This has


Aaaaaw! This has honestly been so much fun! All the volunteers have been amazing and upbeat through the whole process. I'm amazed! Thanks from me too for welcoming a coding newb and always answering my multitude of assinine questions... repeatedly. I'm not gonna start naming names. You all know who you are!!!!!! This is the best group of people I've ever worked with! <3 you all! YOU ROCK!!!

*gets pom-poms ready*




p.s. A special thanks to Dakota Fanning??? For keeping our insanity focused on one youtube video. Silly Jezz is still Silly, even when he's Moderator Jezz Moderating. ;D

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Thanks wkjezz! Can't believe

Thanks wkjezz! Can't believe how much the community evolved in the past few months.

But please share the Dakota Fanning video!

WoW-Pro Admin