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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide("JamHel6063", "Hellfire Peninsula", "Jame", "60", "63", "JamZan6365", "Horde", function()
return [[
H Undercity|QID|9407|U|6948|
R Portal to the Blasted Lands|QID|9407|N|By the Portal Trainer |Z|Undercity|M|84,15|
A Through the Dark Portal |QID|9407|M|58.0,56.0|
R Hellfire Peninsula|N|Through the great big portal.|Z|Blasted Lands|QID|9407|M|58.7,60.0|
T Through the Dark Portal |QID|9407|M|87.3,49.8|
A Arrival in Outland |QID|10120|M|87.3,49.8|
T Arrival in Outland |QID|10120|M|87.3,48.1|
A Journey to Thrallmar |QID|10289|M|87.3,48.1|
F Thrallmar|QID|10289|
h Thrallmar|QID|10121|M|56.7,37.5|
T Journey to Thrallmar |QID|10289|M|56.0,37.0|
A Report to Nazgrel (Part 1)|QID|10291|M|56.0,37.0|
T Report to Nazgrel (Part 1)|QID|10291|M|55.0,36.0|
A Eradicate the Burning Legion |QID|10121|M|55.0,36.0|
A Bonechewer Blood |QID|10450|M|55.1,36.4|
A I Work... For the Horde! |QID|10086|M|55.2,38.8|

N Flying|QID|10809|N|Expert Riding may be purchased for 225g, you will also need 50g for a mount. Wind Rider Jahubo.|M|54.2,41.6|
T Eradicate the Burning Legion |QID|10121|N|If you take the south exit from Thrallmar, head east and you'll find the quest NPC.|M|58.0,41.5|
A Felspark Ravine |QID|10123|M|58.0,41.5|
; The quest "Invading the Citadel" on the following line has wrong caps on 'The' so it does not auto-accept since it is optional.|
A Invading The Citadel|QID|2954|M|61.7,60.8|N|From Sergeant Shatterskull. This quest leads into Hellfire Ramparts, this is completely optional, there will be no follow up for it. Once you take it, feel free to join queue for Hellfire Ramparts if you wish.|

C Felspark Ravine |QID|10123|N|It's just to the east.|M|62,39|

C I Work... For the Horde! |QID|10086|N|Head south to the cliff at about , go along the ridgeline, killing orcs and picking up the wood and metal.|M|60,45|
C Bonechewer Blood |QID|10450|M|56.5,47.0|

T Felspark Ravine |QID|10123|M|58.0,41.5|
A Forward Base: Reaver's Fall |QID|10124|M|58.0,41.5|

T I Work... For the Horde! |QID|10086|M|55.2,38.8|
A Burn It Up... For the Horde! |QID|10087|M|55.0,39.0|
A Falcon Watch |QID|9498|R|Tauren, Orc, Undead, Troll|M|55.2,39.1|
T Bonechewer Blood |QID|10450|M|55.0,36.5|
A Apothecary Zelana |QID|10449|M|55.0,36.5|

T Forward Base: Reaver's Fall |QID|10124|N|SE of Thrallmar, at .|M|66,44|
A Disrupt Their Reinforcements |QID|10208|M|66.0,43.5|
T Apothecary Zelana |QID|10449|M|66.2,42.0|
A Spinebreaker Post |QID|10242|M|66.2,42.0|

K Demons|QID|10208|L|28513 4|N|Kill demons in the area until you have 4 Demonic Rune Stones. |M|70.91,45.28|
N Disrupt Port Xilus|QID|10208|QO|Disrupt Port Xilus: 1/1|N|Step inside the gates and right click to disable.|M|70,45|
K Demons|QID|10208|L|28513 4|N|Kill demons in the area until you have 4 Demonic Rune Stones. |M|73.98,39.11|
N Disrupt Port Kruul|QID|10208|QO|Disrupt Port Kruul: 1/1|N|Step inside the gates and right click to disable.|M|74.0,38.7|

T Disrupt Their Reinforcements |QID|10208|N|Back at Reaver's Fall.|M|66,44|
A Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz |QID|10129|M|66.0,43.5|
C Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz |QID|10129|U|28038|N|Talk to Wing Commander Brack and you'll go on a controlled flight, your job is to throw bombs at the Gateways, which look like the portals we just destroyed.|M|66.0,43.5|
T Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz |QID|10129|M|66.0,43.5|
A Mission: The Abyssal Shelf |QID|10162|M|66.0,43.5|
A Return to Thrallmar |QID|10388|M|66.0,43.5|
C Mission: The Abyssal Shelf |QID|10162|U|28132|N|Pretty much the same as the last quest, except you're killing mobs this time. It doesn't matter if you don't get them all the first time, you can do it again.|M|66.0,43.5|
T Mission: The Abyssal Shelf |QID|10162|M|66.0,43.5|
F Spinebreaker Post |QID|10242|N|Talk to Wing Commander Brack and click the dialog.|

T Spinebreaker Post |QID|10242|M|61.0,82.0|
A Boiling Blood |QID|10538|M|61.0,82.0|
A Make Them Listen |QID|10220|M|62.0,81.5|
A The Warp Rifts |QID|10278|M|62.0,81.5|
A Preparing the Salve |QID|9345|M|61.0,81.5|
A Wanted: Worg Master Kruush |QID|10809|N|From the sign post in the front. |M|61.2,80.6|

C Wanted: Worg Master Kruush |QID|10809|N|Go to Zeth'Gor the stables are directly east of your entry point, gather any Hellfire Spineleaf on your way. |M|68,74|
K Orcs|QID|10538|L|30425 12|N|Keep killing orcs until you have 12 blood.|
C Boiling Blood |QID|10538|N|Go just outside of the gate where we entered, clear around it and right click the cauldron. Rinse and repeat till you have 12 Boiled Blood. |M|65,71|
C Preparing the Salve |QID|9345|

T Wanted: Worg Master Kruush |QID|10809|M|61.0,81.5|
A Zeth'Gor Must Burn! |QID|10792|M|61.0,81.5|
A The Eyes of Grillok |QID|10813|M|61.5,82.0|
T Boiling Blood |QID|10538|M|61.0,82.0|
A Apothecary Antonivich |QID|10835|M|61.0,82.0|
T Preparing the Salve |QID|9345|M|61.0,81.5|
A Investigate the Crash |QID|10213|M|61.0,81.5|
F Thrallmar|QID|10388|

A Falcon Watch |QID|9499|R|Blood Elf|M|55.0,39.0|
T Return to Thrallmar |QID|10388|M|55.0,36.0|
A Forge Camp: Mageddon |QID|10390|M|55.0,36.0|
A The Assassin |QID|9400|M|55.0,36.0|
A Weaken the Ramparts |QID|9572|
T Apothecary Antonivich |QID|10835|N|He/silly's in a building in NW Thrallmar. |M|52,36|
A A Burden of Souls |QID|10864|M|52.5,36.5|

C Forge Camp: Mageddon |QID|10390|N|North east of Thrallmar. |M|64,31|
A Vile Plans |QID|10393|U|29590|M|64.5,32.0|

T Forge Camp: Mageddon |QID|10390|M|55.0,36.0|
A Cannons of Rage |QID|10391|M|55.0,36.0|
T Vile Plans |QID|10393|M|55.0,36.0|

C Cannons of Rage |QID|10391|N|Kill the fel canons at Forge Camp: Rage. |M|59,32|

T Cannons of Rage |QID|10391|M|55.0,36.0|
A Doorway to the Abyss |QID|10392|M|55.0,36.0|

K Warbringer Arix'Amal|QID|10392|L|29795|N|Head to Invasion Point: Annihilator, kill Warbringer Arix'Amal and loot the key |M|53.1,26.4|
C Doorway to the Abyss |QID|10392|N|Stand in the portal infront of the glyph, left-click the glyph.|M|53.0,26.5|

A Outland Sucks! |QID|10236|N|Foreman Razelcraz|M|51.5,30.5|

C Outland Sucks! |QID|10236| |N|By the canyon to the south|M|49.0,35.5|
A Missing Missive |QID|9373|O|U|23338|M|48.0,66.0|

T Outland Sucks! |QID|10236| |N||M|51,30|
A How to Serve Goblins |QID|10238|M|51.5,30.5|

N Save Manni|QID|10238|QO|Manni Saved: 1/1|N|Manni, the first goblin is to the SW.|M|45.1,41.1|
N Save Moh|QID|10238|QO|Moh Saved: 1/1|N|Moh is south of Manni.|M|46.4,45.2|
N Save Jakk|QID|10238|QO|Jakk Saved: 1/1|N|Jakk is again south of Moh. |M|47.5,46.7|

T The Assassin |QID|9400| |N|Follow the road west through the ramparts, till you see wooden spikes beside the roads. At them, take a sharp right. You'll find a Fel Orc Corpse at .|M|34,44|
A A Strange Weapon |QID|9401|M|33.5,43.5|

T Falcon Watch |QID|9499| |R|Blood Elf|M|28.5,60.0|
T Falcon Watch |QID|9498| |R|Tauren, Orc, Troll, Undead|M|28.5,60.0|
A The Great Fissure |QID|9340|M|28.5,60.0|
A Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage |QID|9466|N|From the Wanted Poster |M|28,60.3|
A Birds of a Feather |QID|9397|M|27.5,60.5|
A In Need of Felblood |QID|9366|M|27.0,59.5|
A Magic of the Arakkoa |QID|9396|M|27.0,60.0|
A Source of the Corruption |QID|9387|M|27.0,59.5|
A Arelion's Journal |QID|9374|M|26.5,60.5|

C The Great Fissure |QID|9340|N|Head east into the Great Fissure, at .|M|30,62|
C Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage |QID|9466|N|Kill Blacktalon inside the cave.|M|33,63|

C A Burden of Souls |QID|10864| |N|Head SE to the Southern Ramparts and kill the orcs for the quest.|M|44,62|

T Investigate the Crash |QID|10213| |N|The Zeppelin Crash.|M|49,75|
A In Case of Emergency... |QID|10161|M|49.0,75.0|
A Ravager Egg Roundup |QID|9349|M|49.0,75.0|

C Ravager Egg Roundup |QID|9349| |N|Head back to the road and follow it SW to Razorthorn Trail at . The eggs and ravagers are here.|M|42,83|

T Ravager Egg Roundup |QID|9349|M|49.0,75.0|
A Helboar, the Other White Meat |QID|9361|M|49.0,75.0|

C Helboar, the Other White Meat |QID|9361| |N|Head to the NE and work your way south, you should find plenty of Deranged Helboars. If you didn't get the Eroded Leather Case yet, kill the Crustbursters too.| |U|23268|M|50.0,75.0|
K Worms|QID|9373|L|23338|N|Kill the worms on this area until you loot an Eroded Leather Case.|
A Missing Missive |QID|9373|U|23338|M|48.0,66.0|

T Helboar, the Other White Meat |QID|9361|M|49.0,75.0|
A Smooth as Butter |QID|9356|M|49.0,75.0|

K Unyielding Knight |QID|10229|N|They're to the south at the Expedition Armory at. Until they drop the item "A Mysterious Tome".| |L|28552|M|55,76|
A Decipher the Tome |QID|10229|U|28552|M|58.0,79.0|

C Smooth as Butter |QID|9356|N|Go through the Vally of Bones and finish Smooth as Butter while collecting Zeppelin Debris. |M|63.4,66.3|

N Eastern Cannon|QID|10087|QO|Eastern Cannon Burned: 1/1|U|27479|N|Head north to the Path of Glory, killing buzzards and gathering Zeppelin Debris on the way, then head east to the Eastern Cannon. Burn it. |M|60.90,52.50|
N Western Cannon|QID|10087|QO|Western Cannon Burned: 1/1|U|27479|N|Go further west along the Path of Glory and find the Western Cannon. Burn it. |M|54.67,54.10|
H Thrallmar|QID|10087|U|6948|

T Burn It Up... For the Horde! |QID|10087|M|55.0,39.0|
T Doorway to the Abyss |QID|10392|M|55.0,36.0|
A Cruel's Intentions |QID|10136|
T A Strange Weapon |QID|9401|M|55.0,36.0|
A The Warchief's Mandate |QID|9405|M|55.0,36.0|
A The Agony and the Darkness |QID|10389|M|55.0,36.0|
T The Warchief's Mandate |QID|9405|M|54.0,38.0|
A A Spirit Guide |QID|9410|M|54.0,38.0|
T A Burden of Souls |QID|10864| |N|Northwest tower, .|M|52,36|
A The Demoniac Scryer |QID|10838|M|52.5,36.5|
F Spinebreaker Post|QID|10229|

T Decipher the Tome |QID|10229|M|62.0,81.5|
A The Battle Horn |QID|10230|M|62.0,81.5|

C In Case of Emergency... |QID|10161| |N|Head north to where you left the Valley of Bones before and re-enter, then fight your way back to where you started, killing vultures and grabbing Zepplin Debris.|M|58.0,71.5|

K Lieutenant Commander Thalvos |QID|10230|QO|Unyielding Battle Horn: 1/1|N|Head south to the Expedition Armory. The Lieutenant Commander is at .|M|54.8,83.7|

T Smooth as Butter |QID|9356|N|Zepplin Crash again, .|M|49,75|
T In Case of Emergency... |QID|10161|M|49.0,75.0|
A Voidwalkers Gone Wild |QID|9351|M|49.0,75.0|

C The Warp Rifts |QID|10278|U|29027|N|Head south to the Warp Fields, you'll find them at . What you need to do is use the Unstable Warp Rift Generator on the ground to generate a rift.|M|50,82|
C Voidwalkers Gone Wild |QID|9351|U|29027|N|Keep at it until you finish this as well. Use the rift generator to spawn more mobs if you run out.|M|49.5,82.0|

T Voidwalkers Gone Wild |QID|9351|N|Zeppelin crash, .|M|49,75|

T The Battle Horn |QID|10230|M|62.0,81.5|
A Bloody Vengeance |QID|10250|M|62.0,81.5|
T The Warp Rifts |QID|10278|M|62.0,81.5|
A Void Ridge |QID|10294|M|62.0,81.5|

C Bloody Vengeance |QID|10250|U|28651|N|Head NE to the semi-destroyed tower at . Use the Unyielding Battle Horn and kill Urtrak when he spawns.| |M|63.5,77.6|

R Zeth'Gor |QID|10792|N|Head to the north entrance at .|M|68,70|
K Bleeding Hollow Peon |QID|10792|L|31347 4|N|Kill Peons until you loot 4 Bleeding Hollow Torches.|
N Light it up |QID|10792|U|31347|L|31346 4|N|Find the Bleeding Hollow forge, it's directly to the left after you enter the north gate. Use the torch at the forge to light all four.|
N Burn down the Eastern Hovel |QID|10792|QO|Eastern Hovel Burned: 1/1|U|31346|N|Head to the building next to the forge, and use the torch. |M|69.7,70.3|
N Burn down the Stables |QID|10792|QO|Stables Burned: 1/1|U|31346|N|Head to the building next to the forge, and use the torch. |M|68.2,73.4|
N Burn down the Eastern Hovel |QID|10792|QO|Western Hovel Burned: 1/1|U|31346|N|Head to the building next to the forge, and use the torch. |M|67.1,75.8|
N Burn down the Barracks |QID|10792|QO|Barracks Burned: 1/1|U|31346|N|Head to the building next to the forge, and use the torch. |M|69,75.9|
C The Eyes of Grillok |QID|10813|N|Find an Eye of Grillok, and use Zezzak's Shard on it. Then get the hell out of there back to Spinebreaker. The quest will complete after you stand next to the cauldron for a few seconds.| |U|31463|

T The Eyes of Grillok |QID|10813|M|61.5,82.0|
A Grillok "Darkeye" |QID|10834|M|61.5,82.0|
T Bloody Vengeance |QID|10250|M|62.0,81.5|
A Honor the Fallen |QID|10258|M|62.0,81.5|
T Zeth'Gor Must Burn! |QID|10792|M|61.0,81.5|

R Void Ridge |QID|10294|N|Head NE, past Zeth'Gor, then go east to Spinebreaker Pass at . Head through the pass to get to Void Ridge.|M|72,67|
C Void Ridge |QID|10294|N|Kill the voidwalkers till you get 40 Soul Shards. Collapsing Voidwalkers channel a self destruct when under 10%, if you kill them they explode anyway, so run away once you see the emote. Vascillating Voidwalkers absorb the first type of spell you throw at them and gain resistance to that school for the duration of the fight, so throw something you don't normally use at them first.|M|75.5,66.5|
H Thrallmar|QID|10238|U|6948|

T How to Serve Goblins |QID|10238| |N|Foreman Razelcraz, NW of Thrallmar at .|M|51,31|
A Shizz Work |QID|10629|M|51.5,30.5|

C Shizz Work |QID|10629| |N|Use the Felhound Whistle. Then take your pet and kill the helboars to the west. Each time a boar dies, the Fel Puppy chows down and leaves some remains. Right click the leavings, and eventually one with contain the Shredder Key.| |U|30803|M|50.0,29.5|

T Shizz Work |QID|10629|M|51.5,30.5|
A Beneath Thrallmar |QID|10630|M|51.5,30.5|

C Beneath Thrallmar |QID|10630| |N|If you head back along the path, you'll pass a mine entrance. Enter here, the mob is in the back of the cave.|

T Beneath Thrallmar |QID|10630|M|51.5,30.5|

R Pools of Aggonar |QID|10389|N|To the west at .|M|40,43|
C In Need of Felblood |QID|9366|N|Drops off Terrorfiends|M|39.5,36.0|
C The Agony and the Darkness |QID|10389|
C Arelion's Journal |QID|9374| |N|The item is in Arelion's Knapsack, which is hanging off a tree near a blood elf corpse at .|M|40,37|
C Cruel's Intentions |QID|10136| |N|Kill Arazzius the Cruel.|

R Mag'har Post|QID|9410|U|23669|N|Go back to the Fel Orc Corpse and use the Wolf Totem and follow it. |M|33.6,43.6|
T A Spirit Guide |QID|9410|M|32.0,28.0|
A The Mag'har |QID|9406|M|32.0,28.0|
R Thrallmar|QID|10389|

T The Agony and the Darkness |QID|10389|M|55.0,36.0|
T The Mag'har |QID|9406|M|55.0,36.0|
A Cruel's Intentions |QID|10136|
F Falcon Watch|QID|9366|

h Falcon Watch|QID|9366|
T In Need of Felblood |QID|9366|M|27.0,59.5|
A The Cleansing Must Be Stopped |QID|9370|M|27.0,59.5|
T Arelion's Journal |QID|9374|M|26.5,60.5|
A Arelion's Secret |QID|10286|M|26.5,60.5|
A Trueflight Arrows |QID|9381|M|27.5,60.5|
A Helping the Cenarion Post |QID|10442|M|27.5,60.5|
T The Great Fissure |QID|9340|M|28.5,60.0|
A Marking the Path |QID|9391|M|28.5,60.0|
T Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage |QID|9466|
A Report to Zurai |QID|10103|M|28.5,60.0|

N Watch for Magister Aledis |QID|10286|N|He walks along the road north of Falcon Watch. When you see him, get full HP/Mana, then talk to him. Once you bring him under 30% HP, you'll be able to turn in Arelion's Secret and get the followup. Be careful, as attacking him will flag you.|
C Trueflight Arrows |QID|9381| |N|The vultures are north of the trail and Falcon Watch, at . If you run out of vultures, follow the path around, another camp is just to the north at (26,49).|M|29,56|

T Missing Missive |QID|9373|M|15.5,52.0|
T Helping the Cenarion Post |QID|10442|M|15.5,52.0|
A Demonic Contamination |QID|9372|M|15.5,52.0|
A Colossal Menace |QID|10132|
A Keep Thornfang Hill Clear! |QID|10159|M|15.5,52.0|
A The Cenarion Expedition |QID|9912|M|15.5,52.0|
C Demonic Contamination |N|Kill Hulking Helboars until you get the samples for this quest.|QID|9372|M|18.5,55.3|

T Alerion's Secret |QID|10286|N|If you haven't already, follow the path west all the way to Thornfang Hill, if you don't find him, go back along the path until you do.|M|18.0,50.0|
A The Mistress Revealed |QID|10287|M|18.0,50.0|

T The Mistress Revealed |QID|10287|M|26.5,60.5|
A Arelion's Mistress |QID|9472|M|26.5,60.5|
T Trueflight Arrows |QID|9381|M|27.5,60.5|

A A Debilitating Sickness |QID|9442|M|32,28.2|
C The Cleansing Must Be Stopped |QID|9370| |N|Clear to the Altar of Aggonar at . HP/Mana up, then use the Signaling Gem. Of the 3 mobs that come at you, you only have to kill the Draenei Anchorite.| |U|23358|M|39,40|
H Falcon Watch|QID|9370|U|6948|

T The Cleansing Must Be Stopped |QID|9370|M|27.0,59.5|

N Light the Western Beacon |QID|9391|QO|Western Beacon: 1/1|N|It's at . Mobs in the area aggro when you light the beacon, so kill them first.| |M|30,61|
N Light the Central Beacon |QID|9391|QO|Central Beacon: 1/1|N|It's at . Same deal as before.| |M|34,60|
C A Debilitating Sickness |QID|9442| |N|The mushroom is in a cave to the south at .|M|33,63|
C Marking the Path |QID|9391| |N|The final beacon, the Southern one, is at .|M|36,60|

T Honor the Fallen |QID|10258| |N|Take the path to the SE out of the fissure, keep going SE to the guard tower at . MELEE CLASSES, TAKE THE SWORD AND KEEP IT.|M|57,77|
C Make Them Listen |QID|10220| |N|There's a whole bunch of Footmen lined up just behind the tower on the hill.|

T Make Them Listen |QID|10220| |N|SE at Spinebreaker Post, .|M|61,82|
T Void Ridge |QID|10294|M|62.0,81.5|
A From the Abyss |QID|10295|M|62.0,81.5|

C Grillok "Darkeye" |QID|10834| |N|He's at the cave infront of Zeth'Gor at . Kill his guards, if you use a ranged pull he won't add. This is the part where you get to use the sword. Equip it, and when you hit him, you get two NPCs who help you kill him. You can get rid of the sword after this is done.| |U|29108|M|66,71|

C From the Abyss |QID|10295| |N|Head east to Void Ridge. Then head south to the two big violet crystals at . HP/Mana up, the quest NPC spawns with two adds that heal him, but die fast, so kill them first. Use the Rift generator to summon him.| |U|29226|M|81,79|
H Falcon Watch|QID|9391|U|6948|

T Marking the Path |QID|9391|M|28.5,60.0|

R Den of Haal'esh |QID|9396|N|It's to the south at . There's two things you need to know. First, kill all the birds you see for the scrolls (of which you need 4). Second, look for Kaliri Nests. Open them. If a Female Kaliri Hatchling spawns, use the Empty Birdcage on it.|M|26,71|
K Avruu |QID|9418|L|23580|N|Stay on the main path, until you see a small path lit by torches on your left. Follow it up, then cross the wooden bridge and go left. Avruu should be at . Careful, he has a very quick respawn, so move after you kill him.|M|26,76|
A Avruu's Orb |QID|9418|U|23580|N|Click the orb.|M|25.5,75.0|
T Avruu's Orb |QID|9418| |N|Go back to the main path and head SE. You'll enter Haal'eshi Gorge, keep going SE. The "altar" is an orb on a stand at . HP/Mana up before starting, he hits pretty hard. You'll need to bring him down to ~30%.|M|29,81|
C Birds of a Feather |QID|9397|U|23485|M|25.5,71.5|
C Magic of the Arakkoa |QID|9396|M|25.5,70.5|
N READ THIS |QID|9375|N|Time for an escort. Let the NPC go first, to make sure he helps on everything. He can solo a birdman, so let him if you need to eat or drink. There's an ambush, but it's not too hard.|
A The Road to Falcon Watch |QID|9375| |N|She's on the bottom level at .|M|24,77|
C The Road to Falcon Watch |QID|9375|M|24.5,76.0|

T The Road to Falcon Watch |QID|9375|M|27.0,62.0|
A A Pilgrim's Plight |QID|9376|M|27.0,62.0|
T Birds of a Feather |QID|9397|M|27.5,60.5|
T Magic of the Arakkoa |QID|9396|M|27.0,60.0|

C A Pilgrim's Plight |QID|9376| |N|The pack is to the SE at .|M|22.12,68.31|
C Demonic Contamination |QID|9372| |N|Finish it up as you head NW to the Cenarion Post; it's at .|M|16,52|

T Demonic Contamination |QID|9372|M|15.5,52.0|
A Testing the Antidote |QID|10255|M|15.5,52.0|

C Testing the Antidote |QID|10255| |N|Go find a Hulking Helboar, bring it under 50%, then use the Cenarion Antidote on it. It'll get bigger and change its name, finish it off. The helboars can be found off to the east.| |U|23337|M|25.0,54.0|

T Testing the Antidote |QID|10255|M|15.5,52.0|

N Things to do |QID|9387|N|Kill the Illidari Taskmasters while you do the next few quests (for Source of the Corruption). Ignore the Dreghood Brutes, they stop attacking once the taskmaster dies. THey're at the Ruins of Sha'naar.|M|14,55|
A Naladu |QID|10403| |N|The quest NPC is in a house to the left.|M|15.6,58.7|
T Naladu |QID|10403| |N|Wait for the elite to move away from the stairs, then run up them. Go left, Naladu is in a hut at the end of the path at .|M|16,65|
A A Traitor Among Us |QID|10367|M|16.5,65.0|
C A Traitor Among Us |QID|10367| |N|The key is in the hut in front of the stairs at .|M|14.3,63.5|
T A Traitor Among Us |QID|10367| |N|Back at Naladu|M|16.5,65.0|
A The Dreghood Elders |QID|10368|M|16.5,65.0|
C The Dreghood Elders |QID|10368|N|Akoru the Firecaller, Ayleen the Waterwaker, Morod the Windstirrer|M|15.6,58.8;13,58.4;13.1,61|
T The Dreghood Elders |QID|10368|M|16.5,65.0|
A Arzeth's Demise |QID|10369|M|16.5,65.0|
C Azreth's Demise |QID|10369| |N|Find that big elite you've been avoiding, and use the staff on him, which makes him non-elite, then kill him.| |U|29513|
T Azreth's Demise |QID|10369|M|16.5,65.0|
C Source of the Corruption |QID|9387| |N|Kill the taskmasters until you have enough essence.|M|15.0,55.5|

C Keep Thornfang Hill Clear! |QID|10159| |N|Thornfang Hill is at .|M|12,50|

C Colossal Menace |N|Kill Raging Colossui until you have all 5 kills. As they get low in health, they get smaller and Shardlings form.|QID|10132|M|15,45|
l Crimson Crystal Shard|QID|10134|N|Make sure you have one of these items from the giants.|L|29476|M|15,45|
A Crimson Crystal Clue|N|Right-click the Shard to start the quest.|QID|10134|M|15,45|U|29476|
T Colossal Menace|QID|10132|N|To Tola'thion.|M|15.62,52.12|
T Keep Thornfang Hill Clear! |QID|10159| |N|Back at Cenarion Post.|M|15.5,52.0|
T Crimson Crystal Clue|QID|10134|N|To Tola'thion.|M|15.62,52.12|
A The Earthbinder |QID|10349|N|From Tola'thion.|M|15.62,52.12|
T The Earthbinder |QID|10349|N|To Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze.|M|15.89,51.59|
A Natural Remedies |QID|10351|N|From Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze.|M|15.89,51.59|
C Natural Remedies |N|Go here, stand on the green rune and use the seed, then kill Goliathon when it spawns.|QID|10351|M|13.64,39.11|
T Natural Remedies |QID|10351|N|To Earthbind Galandria Nightbreeze.|M|15.89,51.59|

R Cenarion Refuge |QID|9747|N|Follow the road west, you'll come to Cenarion Refuge shortly after entering the town.|

A The Umbrafen Tride |QID|9747|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|80.5,64.0|
A Plants of Zangarmarsh |QID|9802|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|80.5,64.0|
A Leader of the Darkcrest |QID|9730|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|79.1,64.9|
A Leader of the Bloodscale |QID|9817|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|79.1,64.9|
A The Dying Balance |QID|9895|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|78.5,63.0|
T The Cenarion Expedition |QID|9912|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|78.5,62.0|
A Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake |QID|9716|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|78.5,62.0|
A Warden Hamoot |QID|9778|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|78.4,62.1|
; The quest "Checking up" on the following line has wrong caps on 'Up' so it does not auto-accept since it is optional.|
A Checking up|QID|29566|M|78.40,62.10|N|From Ysiel Windsinger. This quest leads into The Slave Pens, this is completely optional, there will be no follow up for it. Once you take it, feel free to join queue for The Slave Pens if you wish.|
T Warden Hamoot |QID|9778|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|79.1,65.2|
A A Warm Welcome |QID|9728|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|79.0,65.5|
B Cenarion Spirits |QID|9472|L|29112|N|Available from the innkeeper.|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|78.5,63.0|
R Swamprat Post |QID|10103|N|To the northeast, at (85,55).|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|85,55|

T Report to Zurai |QID|10103|Z|Zangarmarsh|M|85.5,55.0|
F Falcon Watch |QID|9387|

T Source of the Corruption |QID|9387|M|27.0,59.5|
T A Pilgrim's Plight |QID|9376|M|27.0,62.0|
C Arelion's Mistress |QID|9472| |N|Go find Viera Sunwhisper, she has a blue '?' on her head. Accept her 'quest', follow her, and when she says something about trying wine, use the scroll on her.| |U|23693|M|27.0,62.0|
T Arelion's Mistress |QID|9472|M|26.5,60.5|

C The Demoniac Scryer |QID|10838| |N|Time for a challenge! Head over to Hellfire Basin, at . Find yourself a clear spot, and HP/mana up. When you use the item, you'll have to defend the crystal from waves of very weak imps, and occasional orc spawns, which should be taken down immediately. The crystal can take some beating, though. Once smoke starts shooting upwards, talk to the crystal to finish the quest.| |U|31606|M|44.9,49.2|

T A Debilitating Sickness |QID|9442| |N|The NPC is to the north at Mag'har post, around .|M|32,28|
A Administering the Salve |QID|9447|
C Administering the Salve |QID|9447| |N|Use on the Debilitated Mag'har Grunts, they're the ones without shoulder armour.| |U|23394|
T Administering the Salve |QID|9447|
H Falcon Watch |QID|10838|U|6948|
F Thrallmar |QID|10838|

T The Demoniac Scryer |QID|10838| |N|Building in NW Thrallmar, at .|M|52,36|
A Report to Nazgrel (Part 2)|QID|10875|M|52.5,36.5|
T Report to Nazgrel (Part 2)|QID|10875|M|55.0,36.0|

N Decision Time |QID|10876|N|You can accept the followup; The Foot of the Citadel, if you wish. It is difficult to solo, except perhaps as a DK depening on your skill/level. If you don't want the rewards (XP isn't great), then move on.|
F Spinebreaker Post|QID|10834|

T Grillok "Darkeye" |QID|10834|M|61.5,82.0|
T From the Abyss |QID|10295|M|62.0,81.5|

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12/2/2010 - Edit by Jiyambi

    Addon Version: v2.0.4
    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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horde - hellfire guide FP name change

in any step where you need to flr to spinebreaker post, you won't find it...

F Spinebreaker Post|QID|10229|N|Fly to Spinebreaker Post.|M|56.28,36.25|

it's Spinebreaker Ridge ...   not sure if the name is different for Ally

there are two instances of this that need to change.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: horde - hellfire guide FP name change

Hmm, I'll confirm and update.

Flea's picture

Zangarmarsh quest in the Hellfire Pen guide...

In the guide for Hellfire Penninsula, there is a step entitled !Checking Up....sending you to a bogus link which should be for Zangarmarsh.

Please remove from the HP guide and place it in Zangarmarsh...:p It is near the bottom.


Emmaleah's picture

Im currently playing thru HFP

Im currently playing thru HFP and will check this out. 

Edit: As I recall ... (and I have gone back to look at it, but not yet finished the zone to be certain...) The purpose of these steps is that you have to go to Cenarian Refuge to buy the Cenarian Spirits for the quest out of Falcon Watch.  As long as you are there, you may as well pick up the quests, and then run over to Swamprat Post and get the flight path, so you can fly there from Falon Watch (or whereever you end up) at the end of the guide.  The HFP guide does not have you actually doing any Zangarmarsh quests, just picking them up to be efficient.

I did notice that the quest !Checking up was missing the Z tag for Zangermarsh, I will update that, and I suppose since dungeon quests are now available inside... it makes sense to take it out, but it also doesn't hurt anything to leave it there too.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Quests obsolete - "Envoy to the Mag'har

"Envoy to the Mag'har" and its follow up quests have been deleted due to issues with the story line post Cataclysm. Details can be found on WowHead. Still in the Hellfire guide.

quests removed in 4.0.1

[Edit: post made referencing addon version 2.1.0]

One cataclysm change that hasn't been tweaked yet is the removal of horde quests in Hellfire, including

*Messenger to Thrall |QID|9438|*Envoy to the Mag'har |QID|9441| 

The point of the questline, was to tell Thrall about the Mag'har.  With 4.0 and Garrosh being the new warchielf, Blizz removed these quests.  This also means your Mag'har reputation does not increase to friendly during the quest cycle in Hellfire (needs confirmation, my alt was mid-way through Hellfire when 4.0 hit) so you cannot obtain the following quests.

*Debilitating Sickness |QID|9442| *Administering the Salve |QID|9447| 4.0.1 comments seem to confirm, that even with further rep gains in Nagrand, these last 2 quests are still unobtainable.

To Hellfire and Back quest achievement : comments on the wowhead page make it appear that if you complete all drop quests and the escort south of Falcon Watch, you can still attain this achievement after 4.0 without requiring raid or pvp quests.  Lucky for the wow-pro community we already know where to get all of these.

I know the non-cataclysm zones have taken a back burner for a while, but it would be nice to get this guide fixed when someone gets the time.

alt-addict & wow-pro fan, 5 years and counting.