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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('LiaSea4850', 'Searing Gorge', 'Liavan', '48', '50', 'LiaBur5055', 'Horde', function()
return [[

T To the Aid of the Thorium Brotherhood|QID|28512|M|68.76,53.41|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Jack Rockleg.|
A A New Master... But Who?|QID|27963|M|68.76,53.41|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Jack Rockleg.|
A The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|M|68.56,53.28|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Burrian Coalpart.|
A Lunk's Task|QID|27956|M|68.74,53.22|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Lunk.|
C The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|S|M|64.25,64.32|Z|Searing Gorge|
C A New Master... But Who?|QID|27963|M|62.37,60.17|Z|Searing Gorge|
C The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|US|M|64.25,64.32|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Lunk's Task|QID|27956|M|61.43,63.51|Z|Searing Gorge|
T A New Master... But Who?|QID|27963|M|68.58,53.51|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Jack Rockleg.|
A Dig-Boss Dinwhisker|QID|27964|M|68.58,53.51|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Jack Rockleg.|
T The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|M|68.58,53.51|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Burrian Coalpart.|
A Out of Place|QID|27961|M|68.58,53.51|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Burrian Coalpart.|
A A Lumbering Relic|QID|27962|M|68.58,53.51|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Burrian Coalpart.|
T Lunk's Task|QID|27956|M|68.75,53.35|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Lunk.|
A A Proper Antivenom|QID|27958|M|68.59,53.46|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Prisanne Dustcropper.|
A Lunk's Adventure: Spider Rider|QID|27959|M|59.51,58.52|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Lunk.|
C Out of Place|QID|27961|S|M|69.77,33.25|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Lunk's Adventure: Spider Rider|QID|27959|M|60.45,67.28|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Lunk's Adventure: Spider Rider|QID|27959|M|60.08,66.58|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Glassweb Spider.|
C A Proper Antivenom|QID|27958|M|71.40,30.98|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Out of Place|QID|27961|US|M|63.59,72.99|N|Finish gathering what you need.|
C A Lumbering Relic|QID|27962|M|69.42,72.19|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Out of Place|QID|27961|M|68.52,53.21|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Burrian Coalpart.|
T A Lumbering Relic|QID|27962|M|68.52,53.21|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Burrian Coalpart.|
T A Proper Antivenom|QID|27958|M|68.52,53.21|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Prisanne Dustcropper.|

C Dig-Boss Dinwhisker|QID|27964|M|53.34,44.85|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Dig-Boss Dinwhisker|QID|27964|M|68.58,53.19|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Jack Rockleg.|
A Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood|QID|27965|M|68.58,53.19|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Jack Rockleg.|

f Thorium Point|QID|27965|M|38.01,30.67|N|At Lanie Reed.|
T Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood|QID|27965|M|38.16,27.03|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
A Rasha'krak|QID|28099|M|38.16,27.03|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
A Mouton Flamestar|QID|28515|M|38.16,27.03|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
A The Spiders Have to Go|QID|27980|M|37.86,26.85|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker.|
A Curse These Fat Fingers|QID|27976|M|38.34,27.79|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
A Heat That Just Don't Quit|QID|27981|M|38.34,27.79|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
A Recon Essentials|QID|27977|M|36.99,28.43|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Lunk's Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|M|45.74,39.36|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Lunk.|

C Lunk's Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|M|37.29,39.85|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Rasha'krak|QID|28099|M|42.35,38.47|Z|Searing Gorge|

C Recon Essentials|QID|27977|M|49.14,38.90|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Lunk's Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|M|37.29,39.85|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Curse These Fat Fingers|QID|27976|M|42.09,41.79|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Heat That Just Don't Quit|QID|27981|U|62826|M|43.36,33.72|Z|Searing Gorge|
C The Spiders Have to Go|QID|27980|M|28.20,41.66|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Curse These Fat Fingers|QID|27976|M|38.48,28.09|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Hansel Heavyhands.|
T Heat That Just Don't Quit|QID|27981|M|38.48,28.09|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Hansel Heavyhands.|
T Rasha'krak|QID|28099|M|38.23,27.02|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
T The Spiders Have to Go|QID|27980|M|37.84,26.69|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker.|
T Recon Essentials|QID|27977|M|37.44,28.84|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Twilight Collars|QID|27982|M|37.42,28.82|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Dark Ministry|QID|27979|M|38.35,27.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
C Twilight Collars|QID|27982|S|M|18.15,41.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|Kill Twilight Mobs to get "Twilight Necklace's.|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|L|62824|M|24.68,26.29|N|Kill Finister to get "Finister's Spherule".|
A Lunthistle's Tale|QID|27984|M|29.55,26.43|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Zamael Lunthistle.|
C Lunthistle's Tale|QID|27984|NC|M|29.46,26.24|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Lunthistle's Tale|QID|27984|M|29.46,26.24|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Zamael Lunthistle.|
A Prayer to Elune|QID|27985|M|29.46,26.24|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Zamael Lunthistle.|
C Prayer to Elune|QID|27985|M|23.05,35.38|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Prayer to Elune|QID|27985|M|23.07,35.86|Z|Searing Gorge|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|L|62825|M|17.49,42.58|N|Enter the cave. Kill Kyuubi to get "Kyuubi's Spherule".|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|L|62823|M|14.49,37.25|N|Kill Letherio to get "Letherio's Spherule".|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|U|62824|M|14.49,37.25|
C Twilight Collars|QID|27982|US|M|13.44,42.20|N|Kill Twilight mobs to get the rest of the "Twilight Necklace"s you need.|
T Dark Ministry|QID|27979|M|38.39,27.94|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Hansel Heavyhands.|
A In the Hall of the Mountain-Lord|QID|27986|M|38.39,27.94|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
T Twilight Collars|QID|27982|M|38.53,28.67|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Master Smith Burninate.|

f Iron Summit|QID|27986|M|41.00,68.63|Z|Searing Gorge|N|At Doug Deepdown.|
T In the Hall of the Mountain-Lord|QID|27986|M|39.48,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Siege!|QID|28028|M|39.48,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|M|39.48,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|M|39.48,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard|QID|28032|M|38.76,68.87|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Agnes Flimshale.|
C They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|S|M|49.17,73.38|N|Pick up crates as you kill the Dark Iron Marksmen. Kill any Incendosaurs you come across.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Southwestern tower ablaze: 1/1|M|44.03,60.94|N|Click on the Southwestern tower brazier.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Eastern tower ablaze: 1/1|M|50.06,54.72|N|Click on the Eastern tower brazier.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Southeastern tower ablaze: 1/1|M|35.67,60.67|N|Click on the Southeastern tower brazier.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Western tower ablaze: 1/1|M|33.32,54.47|N|Click on the Western tower brazier.|
C Siege!|QID|28028|M|49.92,75.04|Z|Searing Gorge|
C They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|US|M|49.17,73.38|
C The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard|QID|28032|M|36.22,65.36|Z|Searing Gorge|
T The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard|QID|28032|M|39.03,68.99|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Agnes Flimshale.|
T Siege!|QID|28028|M|39.33,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
T Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|M|39.33,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
T They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|M|39.33,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Deceit|QID|28033|M|39.33,67.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
T Deceit|QID|28033|M|39.71,67.97|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Lunk.|
A Lunk's Adventure: Rendan's Weakness|QID|28034|M|39.71,67.97|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Lunk.|
C Lunk's Adventure: Rendan's Weakness|QID|28034|M|40.58,68.23|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Lunk's Adventure: Rendan's Weakness|QID|28034|M|39.52,67.82|Z|Searing Gorge|N|TN|Speak with three Iron Summit Guards and ask them to join your dance. |o Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A The Mountain-Lord's Support|QID|28035|M|39.52,67.82|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
h Iron Summit|M|39.21,66.02|N|At Velma Rockslide.|
F Thorium Point|QID|28035|M|40.89,68.91|N|Fly to Thorium Point.|
T The Mountain-Lord's Support|QID|28035|M|38.31,27.07|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
A Operation: Stir the Cauldron|QID|28052|M|38.09,26.82|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
C Operation: Stir the Cauldron|QID|28052|M|41.44,55.72|N|Talk to Lanie Reed , and choose the option to take the flying machine. Hit the 1 button and aim where you want to fire and click to fire.|
T Operation: Stir the Cauldron|QID|28052|M|40.89,51.84|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|M|40.85,51.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Sweet, Horrible Freedom|QID|28055|M|40.85,51.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Rise, Obsidion|QID|28056|M|40.85,51.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
C Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|S|M|39.19,34.30|N|Attempt to free slaves, and kill the Dark Iron Taskmasters or Dark Iron Slavers as you go along.|
C Rise, Obsidion|QID|28056|M|41.28,25.77|N|Click on the "Altar of Suntara".|
C Sweet, Horrible Freedom|QID|28055|M|40.18,36.41|N|Finish attempting to free however many you have left.|
C Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|US|M|39.19,34.30|N|Finish killing any Dark Iron Taskmasters or Dark Iron Slavers that you need..|
T Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|M|43.66,28.49|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Evonice Sootsmoker.|
T Sweet, Horrible Freedom|QID|28055|M|43.66,28.49|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Evonice Sootsmoker.|
T Rise, Obsidion|QID|28056|M|43.66,28.49|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Evonice Sootsmoker.|
A Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|M|43.66,28.49|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Evonice Sootsmoker.|

C Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|M|45.20,30.20|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|M|42.34,34.24|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Taskmaster Scrange.|

A Twisted Twilight Ties|QID|28060|M|42.34,34.24|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Taskmaster Scrange.|
C Twisted Twilight Ties|QID|28060|M|40.90,35.80|Z|Searing Gorge|

T Twisted Twilight Ties|QID|28060|M|49.86,39.21|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
A From Whence He Came|QID|28062|M|49.86,39.21|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
A Minions of Calcinder|QID|28061|M|49.86,39.21|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
C Minions of Calcinder|QID|28061|M|43.98,26.23|Z|Searing Gorge|
T Minions of Calcinder|QID|28061|M|43.66,26.75|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Searing Flamewraith.|
C From Whence He Came|QID|28062|U|62925|M|43.95,26.56|Z|Searing Gorge|
T From Whence He Came|QID|28062|M|43.93,26.82|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Archduke Calcinder.|
A Welcome to the Brotherhood|QID|28064|M|43.93,26.82|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Archduke Calcinder.|
H Iron Summit|QID|28053|N|Hearth back to Iron Summit.|
F Fly to Thorium Point.|QID|28053|M|40.89,68.91|
A Lunk Like Your Style|QID|28053|M|39.02,25.97|N|Get from Lunk up the ramp of the tower. Close this step after you accept/complete the quest.|
T Welcome to the Brotherhood|QID|28064|M|38.26,27.05|Z|Searing Gorge|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
A A Potential Ally|QID|27470|M|38.16,27.03|Z|Searing Gorge|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|



Change Log

12/2/2010 - Edit by Jiyambi

    Addon Version: v2.0.4
    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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annasender's picture

Several problems with Horde Searing Gorge Guide

Have played through this guide twice now.

1 - The flight point is the Alliance one, not the Horde one.  Any step in guide that points you to Laine Reed should be pointing you to Grisha which includes doing the "Stir the Cauldron" quest. 

2 - The quest "A Potential Ally" at the end of the guide requires level 57, too high for the guide.

3 - The "Set them Ablaze!" tower sequence and which tower you are at is not correct, first location given is the southeast tower, not the southwest tower.  I'm guess you may only need to switch the tower name between those two steps.

4 - You might want to delay trying to pick up "Mouton Flamestar" until absolutely necessary since level 49 is required.

Hope this helps! 

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

!@#$ Horde Searing Gorge Guide


You Horde types are so much trouble :-).   If you gave me a cookie (with chocolate) I'm sure the work would go faster.


annasender's picture

You need a cookie?



Ludovicus_Maior's picture

I Hearby Declare ...

I hearby declare that I have received a cookie, 4 inches in diameter with chocolate chips, sufficient to induce me to do the work requested in an expedited manner.

PS:  We know each other in real life :-).

PPS:  The cookie was confiscated by my spouse, who was able to smell it in my backpack.

Jiyambi's picture

Bad Ludovicus, accepting

Bad Ludovicus, accepting bribes! ;)

Horde 'Searing Gorge' guide is not loading.

I'm in Searing Gorge with a Troll and just finished with Badlands.  I can't find 'Searing Gorge' on the guide list to load it.  I can look in the 'Horde' guide folder and it is in there.  So I guess there is a bug somewhere that needs squashed so that it will appear on the selection list.


Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Gosh Darn it! (Horde 'Searing Gorge' guide is not loading.)

I forgot to check in the change to the Horde Guides file to load it.

If you want to patch your addon yourself:

lfo@throne;156$ git diff
diff --git a/WoWPro_Leveling/Horde/Guides.xml b/WoWPro_Leveling/Horde/Guides.xml
index 4df4b80..7f3ac7e 100644
--- a/WoWPro_Leveling/Horde/Guides.xml
+++ b/WoWPro_Leveling/Horde/Guides.xml
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
   <script file="45_48_Liavan_Badlands.lua"/>
   <script file="45_50_Jiyambi_Felwood.lua"/>
   <script file="45_50_Jiyambi_Tanaris.lua"/>
+  <script file="48_50_Liavan_Searing_Gorge.lua"/>
   <script file="50_52_Liavan_Burning_Steppes.lua"/>
   <script file="50_55_Jiyambi_UnGoro.lua"/>
   <script file="50_55_Jiyambi_Winterspring.lua"/>

Just add that one line to the WoWPro_Leveling/Horde/Guides.xml file. Anywhere in the middle will do.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

New Horde Searing Gorge for V2.1.4

OK,  this guide has now been checked in and will appear in release 2.1.4 on Feb 23, 2011!


Again im not to good with the

Again im not to good with the recorder had problems while recording this. but its a good start could use some testing i might get to run it on again later today. figure some guide is better then no guide for the release of cata. but this is still missing any kind of start quest from a major city.