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Revisions for Source Code - Southern Barrens (Alliance)

Revision Operations
2018-02-20 01:06 by Ludovicus_Maior

Upload Grail corrections to PRE/LEAD/QO tags

current revision
2018-02-19 23:34 by Ludovicus_Maior

Upload Grail corrections to PRE/LEAD tags

2018-01-16 23:14 by Ludovicus

New Levels

2017-03-15 21:12 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added PREs to WkjSotBar3035

2014-11-07 22:55 by Ludovicus_Maior

Dup tags

2014-11-06 13:15 by Fluclo

Removed duplicate tags from 24948, 25000 and 25043

2014-07-25 21:56 by Ludovicus_Maior
2014-05-30 15:37 by Ludovicus_Maior

Level tweak

2014-05-27 21:09 by Ludovicus_Maior

End Level corrected from 0 to 33.

2014-05-25 22:51 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added guide type.

2014-05-18 21:54 by Ludovicus_Maior


2014-05-14 22:26 by Ludovicus_Maior

New registration guide.

2013-01-13 14:56 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added CN tags

2011-06-13 19:01 by Crackerhead22

Condensed code, added missing notes, added a couple of sticky steps, fixed a few cords, fixed a few notes, added missing quest accept and turn-ins for 1 or 2 quests.

2011-05-25 18:39 by Fluclo

Added note for the quest Make 'em Squeal

2011-05-25 18:34 by Fluclo

Missing quest

2011-04-29 14:34 by Ludovicus_Maior

Line 44 for step T has unknown tag [To Commander Walpole.], Line 243 for step C has unknown tag [Take out the grunts.].

2011-03-08 12:33 by Ludovicus_Maior

Sequence changes around [A Line in the Dirt], [A Report to Twinbraid], and [Echoes of Agamaggan] for more optimal play.

2011-01-04 17:53 by Fluclo

Added another hill to A Line in the Dirt, and added some notes, also reorganised Fields of Blood quest since you'll take out many grunts in the Capture the Hill quest.

2011-01-04 17:46 by Fluclo

Updated Run QID for The Nightmare Scar Removed the quest Heartswood which was an old Warlock quest that is no longer in the game Removed the quest The Orb of Soran'ruk which was an old Warlock quest that is no longer in the game Added note for Clap 'Em In Irons

2011-01-03 22:44 by Fluclo

Changed level from 25-30 to 30-35 Updated first couple of quests to take both likely scenarios of following previous quest chain, or the Hero's Call. Updated QID on Ride back from Captain Fisher Added turn-in note for Langridge Shot Tweaked Lifting the Siege/Silencing Rageroar

2010-12-03 10:51 by Jiyambi
2010-12-03 10:50 by Jiyambi