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Revisions for Source Code - Northern Barrens

Revision Operations
2017-03-15 23:10 by Ludovicus

Added PREs to BitNor1220

current revision
2016-07-29 15:27 by tubera

Changed Buckland's coordinates to his spawn location

2016-07-29 14:12 by tubera

Fixed Reaperclaw coordinates

2015-07-27 01:24 by Ludovicus
2015-06-22 16:11 by Ludovicus

Played through on a Level 14 Pally. Lost of QO changes.

2014-11-08 06:39 by Emmaleah

Delete Dup RANK tag on A Disciples of Naralex

2014-06-02 14:02 by Ludovicus

Set Levels

2014-05-25 22:34 by Ludovicus

Added guide type.

2014-05-20 19:22 by Ludovicus


2014-05-17 17:41 by Ludovicus

New registration guide.

2014-03-30 20:59 by Fluclo
2013-12-26 21:42 by Ludovicus

Some mean hordie put a slaughterhouse on poor Echeyakee's den. Minor playthrough tweaks.

2013-03-23 18:45 by Ludovicus

qust name correction on [Through Fire and Flames]

2013-01-22 17:57 by Ludovicus

Coord Tweaks

2013-01-13 19:02 by Ludovicus

Added C* tags

2012-02-13 01:02 by Crackerhead22
2012-02-12 23:17 by Laotseu

Play tested the Northern Barrens guide with a level 16-22 goblin priest. The changes I've made: - A few quests are now |S| - Change the order of some killing quests really put the completion after the gathering quests in the same area - C Samophlange|QID|29021| was commented out. The quest is a direct turnin and the extra completion quest was prevention the auto-completion from working - Added some |T| tags - Added some |NC| tags for gathering quests that require to click objects instead of killing stuff

2012-01-27 07:28 by Crackerhead22
2011-06-25 01:37 by Crackerhead22

! Duplicate A step for qid 29094 - Fixed, error was the 2nd accept should have been a turn-in

2011-06-01 00:40 by Crackerhead22

Removed lines "A It's Gotta be the Horn|QID|865|RANK|1|M|56.41,56.05|Z|", " A Take it up with Tony|QID|14052|RANK|1|M|56.53,56.13|Z|" as they were redundant.

2011-05-30 16:03 by Ludovicus

Whoa! Blizzard changed alot of the quest IDs and added new ordering requirements. This edit tried to get all the new quests, shuffle things in the right order and get the right coords. Mistakes will no doubt have been made.

2011-04-29 15:35 by Ludovicus

Line 123 for step C has unknown tag [Collect Centaur ...], Line 128 for step C has unknown tag [Use the Fungal ...], Line 158 for step C has unknown tag [.], Line 241 for step C has unknown tag [n].

2010-12-03 07:24 by Jiyambi
2010-12-03 07:24 by Jiyambi