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Known Bugs:

Before submitting a bug, please check this list to make sure you aren't repeating a submission!

Submit Your Bug:

When submitting your addon bug, you MUST include the following:

  • The version number of your WoW-Pro installation
  • Any error text that WoW provided when your bug happened
  • Information about the guide you were using when the bug happened, including:
    • Faction (Alliance/Horde)
    • Zone
    • What step you were on
  • As many details as possible about what you were doing when the bug occurred.

Including this information will help us troubleshoot and possibly get you a temporary solution to the bug, and get it fixed as quickly as possible!


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Issues in Lunar Festival Elders Guide (Alliance)

OK, I have fixed the targeting issues in the guide and made Hendo72's fixes.

If you want the source code now, go to and update yourself.

I'll cut another update after I test the changes myself this afternoon.

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Blah, thanks.  Goes to show

Blah, thanks.  Goes to show you, shouldn't write a guide when you're tired.

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Typo in WoWPro_Mapping.lua

There is a typo on line 211.

"Darnassis" should be "Darnassus"

I corrected mine and the warning message is gone from the chatbox.

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

Difficulty loading addon

I had this addon working for a week on multiple characters and was absolutely loving it.  I got on again after a couple days off, and it's not working anymore.  I restarted my computer, reinstalled the addon, etc., and now when I start WoW, it says the WowPro dependency is missing (even through it's right where it belongs in the directory on my computer), but it sees the other pieces for the addon.  It's like the WowPro folder isn't loading correctly while the rest of the pieces are.  Any ideas?

Nevermind...figured it out :)

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Care to Share?

Let us know what went wrong so we can remember to remind someone else then next time :-).



Total loss of Wow-pro leveling addon

Ok, i have been using this addon for ages and im loving it.

Imagine my suprice that when i logged on tonight that it wasnt working anymore. It seemed i was using the trial version and needed to go to homepage to download the full version.

Well i downloaded it from here and it still said that i was using trial version and all the guides was gone. Looked at the troubleshooting page and did the step by step to fix the problem. Deleted all my wow-pro files and restarted the computer before downloading it again from this site. Same problem. deleted again and even deleted tom tom. restarted computer and downloaded both tom tom and wow pro. Nothing . Now it even refuses to show up in my ingame addon section. I repeted the above steps and even used this link that i found using the bug report page.

Nothing. even tried with a older version.

what to do now?

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Total loss of WoW-Pro

Ok, check your install directory/folder for the following folders; "WOTLK" and "Cataclysm". If you have those folders you'll need to install any addons into their respective interface\addons folders for them to work correctly. Check that you're fully extracting the addon into the addon folder, if done correctly you'll see upto 6 wowpro folders (depending on how old the version is). Check the you've fully deleted all wowpro saved variables, there are more in the character folders (...\world of warcraft\wtf\account\account name\savedvariables and ...\world of warcraft\wtf\account\account name\server\character\savedvariables).

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Version 2.1.24C is in the oven

It has bug fixes for looting count problems in the Dalies module and Dailies guides for Pilgrim's Bounty.

Alliance is done, Horde is being tested.

Full Version?!?

The guide works great.  It hasn't failed me yet.  However, the problem I keep having, no matter how many times I download the guide (Current Version: 2.1.23) I still get the message that I need to download the Full Version from in order to use it for certain areas like Deepholm and Uldum.  Am I missing something?

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Trial version upgrading...

You need to delete the old (trial) version from your addons folder and all wowpro saved variables.

The saved variables can be found inside the various sub-folders in the ...\world of warcraft\WFT folder, dig down through all of the folders, especially the saved variables folder (...\world of warcraft\WTF\account\your account\saved variables) and any character folders (...\world of warcraft\WTF\account\your account\your realm\your character\saved variables).

Then reinstall the full version and you should be ok. If you use an autoupdater (curseclient/mmominion), tell it to ignore wowpro, as it'll only see the trial version hosted on outside sites as the most upto date versions

Download link needs fixing...

The download link for the addon needs fixing... 'downloads' should be after 'Jiyambi'

Correction-more info. I had to go to and click on the downloads button. The link on this site isn't making the proper connection.

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Updated Version tomorrow morning

I'll test the new Holiday guides and then post Sunday circa 11 AM Boston time.

I'm afraid I stayed out too late Saturday night.


Wow-pro won't work

I am using currently the v2 cut B of Wow-pro.

Message: Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:273: attempt to index field 'EventFrame' (a nil value)

Time: Tue Aug 23 09:27:41 2011

Count: 1

Stack: (tail call): ?

Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:273: in function `RegisterEvents'

Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling.lua:28: in function <Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling.lua:16>

(tail call): ?

[C]: ?

[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5>

(tail call): ?

...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:543: in function `EnableAddon'

...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:635: in function <...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:621>

[C]: in function `LoadAddOn'

[string "Interface\FrameXML\BasicControls.xml:<Scrip..."]:7: in function `old'

Interface\AddOns\LUI\scripts\bugcatcher.lua:27: in function <Interface\AddOns\LUI\scripts\bugcatcher.lua:19>


[C]: ?

[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5>

(tail call): ?

...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:543: in function `EnableAddon'

...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:556: in function `EnableAddon'

...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:635: in function <...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:621>

[C]: in function `LoadAddOn'

Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:259: in function `UIParentLoadAddOn'

Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:333: in function `TimeManager_LoadUI'

Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:556: in function <Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:531>


Locals: <none>


I just installed it and logged in, but nothing shows up except an error screen like the one above. It happens to any faction ally or horde and in any zone. I was not on any steps. 

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WoWPro.lua:273: attempt to index field 'EventFrame' (a nil value

It might be some other addon interfering with WoWPro.   This sometimes happens if they are using different versions of libraries than we are.  I notice that the AceAddon library was already loaded by Bartender and that it is control instead of our version.

Please send me your \World of Warcraft\Logs\FrameXML.log file.

It will tell me if there is anything strange going on in terms of load order.

You might try also disabling all other addons execept for WowPro and TomTom/Carbonite and see if the problem goes away or changes.

If so, I need to know which version of Bartender you are using, as the one I am using does not give this conflict for me.



8/22 21:06:10.423  Error loading WTF\Account\LITTLEAZNCRAP\Balnazzar\Genuinelight\SavedVariables.lua

8/22 21:14:34.123  Loading add-on Blizzard_TrainerUI

8/22 21:14:34.123  ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.toc

8/22 21:14:34.123  ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.xml

8/22 21:14:34.123  Couldn't find relative frame: TradeSkillRankFrame

8/23 07:14:05.819  Loading add-on Blizzard_TrainerUI

8/23 07:14:05.819  ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.toc

8/23 07:14:05.819  ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.xml

8/23 07:14:05.819  Couldn't find relative frame: TradeSkillRankFrame

8/24 07:17:13.043  Loading add-on Blizzard_TrainerUI

8/24 07:17:13.043  ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.toc

8/24 07:17:13.043  ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.xml

8/24 07:17:13.043  Couldn't find relative frame: TradeSkillRankFrame


I have Bartender4 and I believe it is the newer version which I downloaded with the LUI v3 which I tried long time ago and worked perfectly. Is it cause of the Buttonfacade? Because I disabled those.

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Your WoW install may be corrupted.

These messages:

8/24 07:17:13.043 Loading add-on Blizzard_TrainerUI
8/24 07:17:13.043 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.toc
8/24 07:17:13.043 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TrainerUI\Blizzard_TrainerUI.xml
8/24 07:17:13.043 Couldn't find relative frame: TradeSkillRankFrame

Tell me that some of Blizzard internal files might be corrupted.
Please go get and run the repair tool.

But your log looks clean as far as WowPro is concerned.
If your problem still happens after the repair is done, we can continue debugging.

Continue debug

Used the repair tool, but still gives the Lua error screen

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Step 3 in Debugging

OK.  Lets try the following:

  1. Disable all your addons and verify that there are no new errors messages in FrameXML.log
  2. Download and install!
  3. Enable Swatter, WoWPro and your arrow addown (TomTom or Carbonite)
  4. Give me the errrors from Swatter.

I got nothing do till the hurricane comes  through!

Out of Date.

Hello i just installed your leveling guide using Curse, but i cant make it function in-game, since WoW says it is out of date, but my Curse client says that its up to date.


I did as you described above (btw it looks awsome from the reviews on youtube):


Date: 2012-09-11 02:16:29

ID: 1

Error occured in: Global

Count: 1

Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua line 971:

   GetSpellBookItemName(): Invalid spell slot


   (tail call): ?

   [C]: GetSpellBookItemName()

   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:971: GetAvailableSpells()

   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Frames.lua:58: CheckAvailableSpells()

   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Frames.lua:66: CreateSpellFrame()



   (tail call): ?


Alright so I fixed it and the problem was I just needed tom tom! Thanks for the help!

Workaround; insight into questing/TomTom disconnect bug

I am still having the same problem with WoW-Pro failing to update itself as I quest, and failing to display and update the TomTom arrow.

However, I have found a workaround which might also give some insight into the problem. If I make sure to always have WoW-Pro enabled when I log out, then I can be fairly certain that the next time I log into that toon, the WoW-Pro addon will be working.

But if I've turned off the WoW-Pro addon while dungeoning or gathering or something, and I forget to re-enable it before logging out, then it's guaranteed that the next time I log onto that character, WoW-Pro will be broken. I will have to reload the UI in order to make the addon start working properly again.

BTW, I use Addon Control Panel, which gives me a handy button for reloading the UI, but it still takes a while for the UI to complete the reloading process. It's frustrating to have to repeatedly deal with such a glaring bug in an otherwise wonderful addon.

I hope this bug will be fixed soon!


PS. I'm using WoW-Pro version 2.1.19, and I have only the Leveling portion of the addon enabled. This problem started with 2.1.14 and has persisted ever since.

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Addon does not update, try this!

if doing "/dump WoWPro.InitLockdown" prints:

Dump: value=WoWPro.InitLockdown[1]=true

Then you have the same bug I just found.

Try doing:

/script WoWPro.InitLockdown=false

and then resetting the addon.


That did it!

I did get true for the dump of WoWPro.InitLockdown, and running the script to set it to false reactivated the addon. Woohoo!

Thank you so much for finding this bug, Ludovicus, and for providing this excellent workaround.

Hopefully it will be possible to fix this in an upcoming release, but for now this is great. I've created a macro to reset the variable, so I can just hit that whenever I log into a character that I want to quest with. Yay!!!


PS. Did I mention how horrible Captcha has become? With the tiny letters it now puts into the image, it's virtually impossible to get them right the first time. I often have to make many tries before it finally accepts what looks like the code to me.

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I am sorry it has taken so long.  I am afraid I have been laid up with bronchitis that nearly turned into pneumonia.

I guess I ought to be more carefull.   Anyways, I will post a link to a test release with the bug fix and I would appreciate it if you could give it a whirl.


Test release?

I'm sorry you've been sick, Ludovicus! I hope you get better soon.

Where will you be posting the link to the test release? I'm eager to try it out.

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Super Secret 2.2.20X release, don't tell a soul!

Version 2.2.20X with InitLockdown Patch

It prints out a little bit of debugging information, just in case.

I've played it for a bit and it seems to do the trick for me

Partially fixed

I've been using 2.2.20X for a few days now. It is much better!

I still sometimes have the problem with the Guide and TomTom not working properly (No Guide Loaded, Guide and TomTom not updating) when I first log into a character, but after clicking the WoW-Pro mini-map icon a couple of times, everything returns to normal. This is a huge improvement!

Thank you!

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If you can

If you can capture the messages in your chat log when you log in and it does not work, it would be usefull!

Also try typing:

/tway list

and sending me that output as well.



WoW-Pro log in message; TomTom dump

Okay, it appears that WoW-Pro's behavior is consistent. I'm using the ...20X test version you posted.

I generally log out of my characters with WoW-Pro disabled. I do this because I like to repair and sell junk after questing or running instances, and I don't need the guide to do this.

Whenever I log out of a character with WoW-Pro disabled, the next time I log into that character, the TomTom arrow will be displayed, pointing to the next target in the WoW-Pro guide. But the WoW-Pro window will not be present.

If I click the WoW-Pro mini map button, here's what happens:

1. First click: The WoW-Pro Guide window appears, containing the title and message "No Guide Loaded."

2. Second click: The WoW-Pro Guide window and the TomTom arrow disappear.

3. Third click: The WoW-Pro Guide window and the TomTom arrow reappear, now working properly. The Guide windows shows the step I was on, and the arrow points to this step.

When I first log in (after logging out with WoW-Pro disabled), the only chat message I get from WoW-Pro is this:

WoW-Pro: Disabled: Core Addon

If I type /tway dump, I get the TomTom help text.

If I remember to have WoW-Pro enabled when I log out, then the next time I log in, WoW-Pro and the TomTom arrow behave as they should. The arrow is present (unless the current step is in certain zones such as Deepholm), and I get a normal window containing the step I'm on rather than "No Guide Loaded." Also I get a bunch of normal-looking chat messages from WoW-Pro.

So the problem behavior is only when logging into a character after having logged out of that character with WoW-Pro disabled.

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Logging out with WoWPro Disabled -- Strange Bug Ensues

OK.  I think you zeroed in on the problem, as I can reproduce the behaviour by following your steps!

Now I can go off and debug it.   I have some suspicious code in mind to blame.


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Logging out with WoWPro Disabled -- Bug Fix

I am now testing a bug fix for this.  

The root cause was that the disabling of the core addon was not disabling the accessory addons.

Weirdness ensued.

Glad you can reproduce the bug!

¡De nada!

I'm glad you are able to reproduce the bug, Ludovicus, and hope you can track down the part of the code that's responsible. I'm glad my post was helpful.

Update: I have been using the new v2.1.21A version for a couple of days now and so far, the bug seems to still be present, but the workaround from version 20x is in, and working. If I log out of a toon with WoW-Pro disabled, when I log back in, I have to click the WoW-Pro mini-map button three times to get WoW-Pro and the TomTom arrow working.

Several zones don't have information.

Okay, so in the past week, WoW Pro decides that it hates me and wants to make me suffer. (Go figure I just resubbed from a 7 day free trial, right?) Trying 2.1.18 strictly doesn't work outright -- something about the WoWPro folder itself refuses to load, no errors, no panda sign, nothing; the addon tab that tends to show up in the Interface bar insists there's no addon loaded, in spite of it clearly showing in the addon list. So switching out 2.1.18 WoWPro folder for 2.1.4 addon folder works...sort of. Several zones listed, seemingly at random, don't show up with any steps. I don't mean they're listed as 0/0, I mean they're completely blank, and selecting them does nothing. (It usually seems to be Durotar, Mulgore, Hellfire Peninsula, the DK starter area, Hyjal, and Vashj'ir.)

Fine, I switch back to 2.1.4 everything, and even more zones show up blank (Every 1-20 zone.) I've tried deleting my WTF and addons folder, I've installed via Curse, uninstalled via Curse, installed via WoWPro, tried looking in the LUA to figure out what is different between different zone versions that might cause one to work and the other to not work, and...

I realize this isn't helpful, because I can't give you any information as to why this isn't working. There are no error messages during any of this, and short of reinstalling (also ran the repair tool twice), I've done everything I can think of. I have no idea why it's bugging out the way it is, and it's frustrating me to no end, because I want to actually level, and the guide isn't cooperating with me. ><

Is there an older-ish version I can download somewhere that isn't 2.1.4 or 2.1.18? One that works?

Zone: Multiple
Faction: Horde
Version: 2.1.4/2.1.18

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Older Addons ...

All older downloads are availible at:

But please send me your  \World of Warcraft\Logs\FrameXML.log file.  It has secret error messages that could help.

WoW Pro isn't showing up in the game.

Even though it's clearly in my addon list during character select, the addon itself isn't loading properly in the game itself, and moreover, is causing the icons in the quest tracker to not respond.  I've deleted my WTF/cache, and removed all my other addons to ensure it wasn't a conflict.  There is no error message that I'm readily seeing.  Reverting the WoWPro folder back to 2.1.4 (the previous version I was using) while retaining the 2.1.18 of all the other versions seems to have fixed the problem.

Version: 2.1.18

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Zone: All of them.

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Re: WoW Pro isn't showing up in the game.

What other addons are you using?

We may be having an interaction problem.

I made sure to remove all my

I made sure to remove all my addons and WTF folder before filing this report.  It seems to be something in the 2.1.18 WoWPro folder itself that's causing the problem -- replacing it with an older (2.1.4) version fixed the problem.

Yes, you need to reload if panel not already open

So, when my UI has its quest panel closed, and I open it and load a guide, tracking of things in the guide does not work until the UI is reloaded.  Once that happens things work a lot better.  I know it is reported already, but I thought it should be mentioned again because it is reproducible consistently.  I have not looked at the source to track it down though.

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Bit of a temp solution.  This

Bit of a temp solution.  This is what I did and I have not had a problem with it loading or TomTom working right.

Disable all but WoWPro and the WoWPro_Leveling module, then exit the game.  Go into the WTF folder, delete everything that says WoWPro in it, from the Account>Saved Varibles to the Account>Server>Characters>Saved Variables.  I would even delete the TomTom saved variables to be on the safe side as well.

This worked for me, and hopefully it will work for you.   Like I said before, all the modules are trying to pull up their own guide when WoWPro gets enabled, so I believe that is what is causing all the confusion in the addon.

Same problem: No guide; no TomTom arrow

I am having the same problem. When I log into a character, I get a blank WoW-Pro popup with the title "No Guide Loaded" and no TomTom arrow. I have to reload the UI, and now sometimes that doesn't even work. Last night had to disable the addon (using Addon Control Panel) and reload the UI, then re-enable the addon and reload the UI again before I got the TomTom arrow.

WoW-Pro version: 2.1.17

Faction: Horde and Alliance

Error messages: None

Note that I have already tried deleting all Wowpro (and TomTom) lua files for all characters in my WTF folders, per suggestions in a previous thread. This helps only the first time I log into each character; after that, the problem returns.

Note that this problem did not exist prior to 2.1.14a, and when I rolled back to 2.1.13 the problem went away. However, now that Patch 4.2 has been released, continuing with .13 does not seem to be practical.

Evidently something critical changed between .13 and .14a, and has not been fixed in subsequent releases.

Problem still there

Downloaded and installed 2.1.18, deleted every file named "Wowpro" in all folders in my WTF folder, and the problem (blank No Guide Loaded box, no TomTom arrow, no quest tracking) is still recurring. Not consistently, but enough of the time to be quite frustrating.

My brother is having the same problem. Different machine, different account, different toons ... same problem.


PS. I've got only the WoW-Pro main and leveling modules enabled, and this time I did not change any display options; everything is working in default mode. No guide scrolling, no WoW-Pro window resizing, etc.

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What happens if you right

What happens if you right click that text (No Guide Loaded) and then select a guide from the guidelist?


Clicking on the text in the

Clicking on the text in the box does nothing. I have to click on the title portion of the box, and then I get the guide list as usual. Selecting a guide from the guide list produces the same problem: the guide appears in the WoW-Pro panel, but the TomTom arrow does not appear.

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It does look like there were

It does look like there were some changes made to the way the addon handles the loading of a guide.  But beyond that I am not sure, hopefully Jiya or Ludo or someone can figure it out.

Troll Season

Version: 2.1.16

No Error Text

Grizzly Hills guide for Alliance

Step 12

Tells you to get the quest Troll Season from Master Woodsman Anderhol. It is actually from Lieutenant Dumont. Got me confused for minute until I finally stopped checking Wowhead and looked behind my character. Love the guides!!

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Thanks for the catch, fixed.

Thanks for the catch, fixed.

Troll Season

Sorry for the multiple posts. Let me mention another bug. There is no "Submit" button for comments. There is only a "Save" button, which usually means save until you are ready to officially send it, and a "Preview" button, which usually means to see what it looks like before you officially send it. Requesting a "Submit" button. If I'm the only one with this problem, my bad.

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I believe it is from when the

I believe it is from when the comments had to be approved, and never really got changed.

Newest Tom Tom and Wow Pro issue

I have the newest Tom Tom and Wowpro (as of 6/28) but am not getting an arrow pointing to quests. Wen into options to check if tom tom was enabled in wow pro but am not showing any tom tom options.  If I click on a quest to track it tom tom works it just seems wow pro and it are not playing noce.

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Have you tried reloading the

Have you tried reloading the UI?