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Known Bugs:

Before submitting a bug, please check this list to make sure you aren't repeating a submission!

Submit Your Bug:

When submitting your addon bug, you MUST include the following:

  • The version number of your WoW-Pro installation
  • Any error text that WoW provided when your bug happened
  • Information about the guide you were using when the bug happened, including:
    • Faction (Alliance/Horde)
    • Zone
    • What step you were on
  • As many details as possible about what you were doing when the bug occurred.

Including this information will help us troubleshoot and possibly get you a temporary solution to the bug, and get it fixed as quickly as possible!


Changed faction, now leveling guides lock up the computer

I have the latest version 2.6.0a and everything is working for my characters who have not changed faction. However, on the ones that have (alliance-horde, same server), and kept the same name, when I try to select a leveling guide, the computer hangs with no error message.  Selecting other types of guides do not cause a freeze.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Panda Starting Area

I recently upgraded to version 2.6 after this last patch that made all of my add-ons out of date. It works just fine with my toons that were established. But I started a new panda and Wow would not load the starting zone. After testing each addon I have installed, I determined that Wow-Pro was the cause of things not loading. If Wow-Pro is the only addon enabled, it will not load. But loads fine if Wow-Pro is not enabled. I can load just fine with all of my other addons enabled and Wow-pro disabled. This has happened on three different computers now.

I have a serious problem with

I have a serious problem with my hunter Alt and version 2.6.0 and 2.6.0a
as well in MoP 5.3. The game freezes right after login with this
character but only with this character on my other characters (no
hunters) both versions work flawlessly. It has something to do with
WoWPro because after disabling it i can login with my hunter. I have
already deleted all WoWPro saved variables on this hunter but it did not
help. The problem seems to be hunter specific ?!?

I have a serious problem with

I have a serious problem with my hunter Alt and version 2.6.0 and 2.6.0a as well in MoP 5.3. The game freezes right after login with this character but only with this character on my other characters (no hunters) both versions work flawlessly. It has something to do with WoWPro because after disabling it i can login with my hunter. I have already deleted all WoWPro saved variables on this hunter but it did not help. The problem seems to be hunter specific ?!?

Game crashes when loading pandaria guide

2.6.0aHorde jade forest tried to load it when i go to the guide checker it does the same 

Pretty much the subject describes it whenever i try to load jade forest or karasang wilds it freezes and crashes wow. i got the newest version, reinstalled multiple times im at level 85 and prefer leveling with this awesome addon, whats my next plan of attack to fix this?cheers 

Jade Forest Guide causing freeze

Using the Current Version: 2.6.0a (5.3 Support).

Tried logging into a Horde character that was in Jade Forest with all normal add-ons turned on and as soon as the environment started to load after the loading screen, it froze. No error test and only quest I have active is Seeking Zin'jun.

Turned off all addons and restarted them one by one, including the WOW-Pro guides in the list until I wasn't having issues. Since I had deactivated the guides in the add-on menu I had to manually select the guide from within the game while it was running. As soon as I clicked on the Jade Forest guide to load, the game froze forcing me to shut the program down from the task manager.

As I was confirming which quest I had active I went through the list of guides and the same freeze happened on every Mists of Pandaria Zone I clicked on, including the Wandering Isle, Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds and Valley of Four Winds.

WoW Pro 2.6.0 crashes Wow

As of patch 5.3.0 WoW Pro crashes my wow.

I am playing a Horde Warrior and when I try to select a leveling guide (So far I tried the Pandaria Leveling guides) my wow freezes and I need completely restart WoW.  I do not get any LUA-errors so sadly I can't provide any.  I tried it 17 times so far, and every time my WoW freezes and becomes unresponsive.

Since the last update I have

Since the last update I have a problem with my FPS.  When the WoW-Pro addon is disabled my FPS is 60-80.  Once I enable the addon my FPS drops to 1 - 10.  When I disable it again, my FPS goes back up to 60-80.  I don't get any errors.

I am using the latest version, downloaded it from the site, removed the old version and did a clean install.

Cannot Load Guides

When I try and load a guide I get the following error:

Date: 2013-05-16 21:18:17ID: 1Error occured in: GlobalCount: 1Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua line 749:   bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got string)Debug:   [C]: ?   [C]: ipairs()   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:749: GrailQuestPrereq()   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:266:      ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:198   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:307: LoadGuide()   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:98: LoadGuide()   WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:278:      WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:270

WoW Pro Crashes my game

im sorry if im posting this in the wrong area. when 5.3 went live i upgraded wow-pro to 2.6.0a, while leveling thru 80-85 i had no problems but whenever i tried to select the jade forest guide the game crashed with no error. i searched every where for a solution, even turned off all addons except wow-pro and it still crashed. so i rolled back wow-pro to 2.5.0 and have no issues. since it didnt give me an error message i dont know what other information i can give.

Can't seem to get it to work properly anymore

Since patch 5.2 went live, and I downloaded the latest Version: 2.5.0 (MoP 5.2 Release) nothing seems to be working properly.

I thought initially that it was me, and being in new areas was to blambe, so I went to an area that I knew worked pretty well with the guide previously, but it was sending me all over the place.  I went into the guide, and found that it wasn't going in order:

The above picture might help - note that I have four quests I haven't done yet, the guide hasn't told me to do anything with them yet, instead jumping straight to Heathstone to Amberpine Lodge, then moving onto the next quest (which won't be there, as it hasn't told me to do the four steps for the previous quest yet)

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Re: Can't seem to get it to work properly anymore

Use the 2.6.0 alpha instead.   I'll be cutting 2.6.0 once I have finished testing the latest patches, including one from you :-).



global bug

version  2.5.0  (MoP 5.2 release

only 2 quests listed on the guide list but here is the bug report / error message from WoW

Date: 2013-04-20 17:51:40ID: 1Error occured in: GlobalCount: 1Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro_Recorder\WoWPro_Recorder.lua line 338:   attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value)Debug:   [C]: ?   WoWPro_Recorder\WoWPro_Recorder.lua:338: SaveGuide()   WoWPro_Recorder\WoWPro_Recorder.lua:296: AddStep()   WoWPro_Recorder\WoWPro_Recorder.lua:213:      WoWPro_Recorder\WoWPro_Recorder.lua:92Locals:AddOns:  Swatter, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  Arh, v1.2.1  AucAdvanced, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucFilterBasic, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucFilterOutlier, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucMatchUndercut, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucStatHistogram, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucStatiLevel, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucStatPurchased, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucStatSales, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucStatSimple, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucStatStdDev, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucStatWOWEcon, v5.15.5383.5323(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilAppraiser, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilAskPrice, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilCompactUI, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilFixAH, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilScanButton, v5.15.5383.5320(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilScanFinish, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilScanProgress, v5.15.5383.4979(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilScanStart, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilSearchUI, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)  AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.15.5383.4828(5.15/embedded)  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)  Bartender4, v4.5.9  BeanCounter, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  Configator, v5.1.DEV.344(/embedded)  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.337(/embedded)  Enchantrix, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  EnchantrixBarker, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  Informant, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.342(/embedded)  Mapster, v1.5.2  QHDatabase, v5.0.5.267r  QHDataenUS, v5.0.5.267r  QuestHelper, v5.0.5.267r  SlideBar, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  Stubby, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)  TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.343(/embedded)  Titan, v5.1.18.50200  TitanBag, v5.1.18.50200  TitanClock, v5.1.18.50200  TitanDurability, v1.24  TitanGold, v5.1.18.50200  TitanLocation, v5.1.18.50200  TitanLootType, v5.1.18.50200  TitanPerformance, v5.1.18.50200  TitanRecZone, v5.2.0.0  TitanRepair, v5.1.18.50200  TitanVolume, v5.1.18.50200  TitanXP, v5.1.18.50200  TomTom, vv50200-1.0.2  WowPro, v2.4.0T  WoWProLeveling, v2.4.0T  WoWProRecorder, v2.0.1  XPerl, v3.6.35  XPerlArcaneBar, v  XPerlParty, v  XPerlPartyPet, v  XPerlPlayer, v  XPerlPlayerBuffs, v  XPerlPlayerPet, v  XPerlRaidAdmin, v  XPerlRaidFrames, v  XPerlRaidHelper, v  XPerlRaidPets, v  XPerlTarget, v  XPerlTargetTarget, v  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.2.0.50200 <us>  (ck=a92)

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Not a bug but a suggestion

Don't know where else to put it, so I'll do my suggestion here: I've recently discovered Pet Battling for myself after having ignored it for quite some time. The problem is that I haven't found any addon that would allow me to move/scale the Pet Battle UI, so I have to move all my other addons out of the way instead to see it. Most addons I have anywhere near the Pet Battle UI offer an "Autohide in Pet Battle" feature, only WoWPro does not (at least I haven't found such an option anywhere). It would greatly help me because I wouldn't have to move WoWPro out of the way for every Pet Battle :P

I know Emmaleah is doing a Pet Battle Guide, but I don't think hiding the WoWPro window during the Pet Battle would interfere with her guide, would it?

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.


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Ask and ye shall receive :)

Um, mine autohides...

Ludo put it in a few months ago for the leveling module and when he did all the consolidation (I think that is in the alpha version on GitHub) it hides for all modules.  Sorry I dont remember if its automatic or an option in the config screen.

My current pet peeve is the pet battle chat.  I like it up under the top part of the Battle UI (just under where weather shows) and I have to move it every time :(   Oh, and my pets wont stay sorted by level.   Have you seen any solutions to those?

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Well, I didn't download the Alpha version yet, so that might indeed be the problem. I didn't have any guide loaded for the past few days, so I guess I'll try loading a leveling guide just to have the autohide feature for now (I don't really like playing Alphas or Betas, sorry :P).

As for your pet peeve, those are the only problems I have left as well, once the WoWPro issue has sorted itself out... My chat is arranged in multiple windows through the addon "Prat" and WoW doesn't seem to be able to move these customized chat frames at the beginning of a pet battle like it does with the default one, so the Pet Battle UI constantly blocks out the bottom part of my guild chat :( Sadly, I have no idea how I can circumvent that problem yet, I'll contact you if I find a solution. The sorting thing in the Pet window is simply a bug I guess, I often have the problem that I search for a pet by name, then set it as a favorite, then try to rename it, but the setting to favorite seems to undo the search parameter internally, it just doesn't refresh what is shown in the window, so I end up accidentally renaming the Adder pet that is at the top of my list instead of the one I searched for. Guess we should all report the ssue through the ingame bug report tool and hope that Blizzard fixes the issue.

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.


issues with current addon

Using 2.4.3a,  getting issues with the display of current steps. The first step will generally be correct, but the next might be 20 or more steps down the guide, skipping everything in between. When I pick up a new quest, it will update and show the requirements for that quest next, but the following step will still be 20 or so down the line. Makes it so the auto pickup wont work because its not the next step shown. Happened in deepholm but not uldum for my alliance hunter, then borean tundra, but not zul drak, then again in scholozaar for my paladin. It seems to happen randomly, sometimes the guide will work fine for awhile, then start messing up. I tried resetting the guide or changing the display completeness to 3 instead of 2. And turned off the auto pickup/turn in for a few steps. Once it's m,essed up, its messed up for that entire guide.

account quests

After deleting my account wide pet battle quests from my log, I havent had any further issues. The pet battle quests were also causing my quest log to minimize each section everytime a quest updated, further messing up the guide. So if your having any issues, try getting rid of the pet battle quests until you intend to do them

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possible improvememt?

I cant help with why it is messing up. I'm not a programmer and every time I go look at the code I end up shaking my head and backing slowly away.  One thing I have that might help is have you tried deleting the wow-pro wtf files?  The statement that "once its messed up its messed up for that entire guide" made me think of that.  Doing this will reset all your options to defaults.  I would recoment renaming rather than actually deleting so you can restore those setting if you want.  I know its the standard answer given by everyone and it NEVER helps, but on the very rare occasion it does, so its worth trying.

 Edit to add...

I was playing with a gnome in the starting area today, and I was getting this too.   Its skipping multiple steps as tho they were set to rank 3, but when I look in the guide there is no rank settings on the 0-5 guide. 

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Guide Load Errors

Running Into Errors Loading Many of the levelling guides. Currently on version 2.3.4. Below is a copy of the LUA Message.

Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:971: attempt to call global 'GetLootTrackingInfo' (a nil value)Time: 02/10/13 22:26:18Count: 1Stack: [C]: in function `GetLootTrackingInfo'...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:971: in function `UpdateQuestTracker'...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:616: in function `RowUpdate'Interface\AddOns\WowPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:147: in function `rowContentUpdate'Interface\AddOns\WowPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:171: in function `UpdateGuide'...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:350: in function `LoadGuide'Interface\AddOns\WowPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:98: in function `LoadGuide'Interface\AddOns\WowPro\WoWPro.lua:320: in function <Interface\AddOns\WowPro\WoWPro.lua:313>Locals:

I can duplicate this error whenever I try to load the following zone guides:

  • Durotar - Orc
  • Eversong Woods
  • Trisfal Glades - Undead
  • Azshara
  • Hillsvrad Foothills
  • Ashenvale
  • Stonetalon Mountains
  • Southern Barrens
  • Desolace
  • Feralas
  • Thousand Needles
  • Un'Goro Crater
  • Blasted Lands
  • Silithus
  • Scarlet Enclave - Death Knight
  • Zangarmarsh
  • Blade's Edge Mountains
  • Nagrand
  • Howling Fjord
  • Borean Tundra
  • Dragonblight
  • Mount Hyjal
  • Deepholm
  • Uldum
  • Krasarang Wilds
  • Kun-Lai Summit
  • Dread Wastes


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Re: Guide Load Errors

Yeah, you need to update to 2.4.3A!

Error while doing dailies



The version number of your WoW-Pro installation


Any error text that WoW provided when your bug happened


WoWPro_Dailies-2.4.3\WoWPro_Dailies_Parser.lua:882: attempt to call global "GetLootTrackingInfo" (a nil value)

WoWPro_Dailies-2.4.3\WoWPro_Dailies_Parser.lua:882: in function "UpdateQuestTracker"

WoWPro_Dailies-2.4.3\WoWPro_Dailies_Parser.lua:559: in function "RowUpdate"

WoWPro-2.4.3\WoWPro_Broker.lua:147: in function "rowContentUpdate"

WoWPro-2.4.3\WoWPro_Broker.lua:171: in function "UpdateGuide"

WoWPro\WoWPro-2.4.3.lua:373: in function <WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:325>

What step you were on

Doing tillers dailies, will also try with other dailies/modules

As many details as possible about what you were doing when the bug occurred.

        Occurs anytime I try to loot a mob.


Current Version: 2.4.3 // Grabbed from Github



First of all thanks for a great addon it has helped me alot along the way :)

Anyways today i updated my existing installation of the addon via github and my problem seems to be around the "display settings "Auto resize when next step occurs i need to manually go in untick the Auto resize and tick it back on again in order to get it to actually auto resize again.

It's not a huge problem, might be a very small thing that does it, just wanted to let you know.


Again thanks for the time and effort put into this great addon.


"It requires less character to discover the faults of others than is does to tolerate them"

Bugs since download of 2.4.3 (that i just d/l'ed)

Updated to: 2.4.3 (from 2.4.1) - also tried a fresh install

Tried all the MoP guides as a test before posting this. (Horde)

Upon entering the game I get an error which I will list at the end of my comments. Some things I noticed (bug or not, am not entirely sure but I'll mention in any case): Firstly, after I click dismiss on the error, I notice that the guide is not auto resizing (even though I have that checked in options) to the quest -- example "Find Nia near..." -- thats all I'll get. I then go into options uncheck auto resize and re-check it and the window sizes correctly. Secondly, when I right click the guide, I use to get an option to have my mini-map showing me where I need to go for a quest pickup/turn-in (if it's not already displayed for various reasons - like to turn it off for dungeon/gathering/etc and turn it back on to quest). Now the guide just turns a yellowish color with no options. Another cosmetic thing I noticed is that when I'm in guide list if I have a guide already selected and choose another guide it will highlight that guide as well (showing 2 guides highlighted). 2.4.1 didnt give me issues, only thing I installed since is X-Perl addon. I've tried removing X-perl and restarting but the issues persisted so I reloaded X-perl. Here is the error I got:


Date: 2013-02-09 00:23:11

ID: 1

Error occured in: Global

Count: 1

Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua line 971:

   attempt to call global 'GetLootTrackingInfo' (a nil value)


   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:971: UpdateQuestTracker()

   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:616: RowUpdate()

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:147: rowContentUpdate()

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:171: UpdateGuide()

   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:350: LoadGuide()

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:98: LoadGuide()




self = <table> {

 SetDefaultModuleLibraries = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:383

 AutoCompleteZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:895

 CreateGuideTabFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:368

 Enable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:315

 NewModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:256

 EnableModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:348

 modules = <table> {


 GetModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:231

 IterateEmbeds = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:458

 CreateSpellListFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Frames.lua:68

 actionlabels = <table> {


 defaultModuleLibraries = <table> {


 UpdateQuestTracker = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:913

 RowDropdownMenu = <table> {


 OnDisable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling.lua:74

 Warning = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:68

 RecordTaxiLocations = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:777

 FirstMapCall = true

 FramesLoaded = true

 Events = <table> {


 SetDefaultModulePrototype = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:425

 baseName = "WoWPro_Leveling"

 toboolean = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:163

 RowUpdate = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:358

 name = "WoWPro_Leveling"

 OnInitialize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling.lua:11

 IsEnabled = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:467

 orderedModules = <table> {


 Error = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:78

 DisableModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:366

 CreateGuideTabFrame_Rows = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:285

 Setup_TitleRow = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:199

 GetAvailableSpells = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:980

 AutoCompleteSetHearth = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:879

 AutoCompleteQuestUpdate = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:801

 NextStep = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:46

 Print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:58

 GuideList = <table> {


 dbp = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:49

 RowLeftClick = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:622

 LoadGuide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:302

 IsModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:238

 UnSkipStep = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:161

 SetDefaultModuleState = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:403

 SkipStep = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:119

 AutoCompleteGetFP = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:790

 SetEnabledState = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArkInventory\Externals\Ace3-AceAddon\AceAddon-3.0.lua:440

 actiontypes = <table> {


 enabledState = true

 CreateSpellFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Frames.lua:6

 CheckFunction = <function> defined @


  Swatter, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  Cursor, v5.0.0.1

  NPCScan, v5.0.0.5

  NPCScanOverlay, v5.0.0.3

  ACP, v3.4.1 

  AMR, v1.0.0.0

  ArkInventory, v30325

  ArkInventoryRules, v

  AtlasLootLoader, vv7.04.02

  AucAdvanced, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucFilterBasic, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucFilterOutlier, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucMatchUndercut, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucStatHistogram, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucStatiLevel, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucStatPurchased, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucStatSales, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucStatSimple, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucStatStdDev, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucStatWOWEcon, v5.15.5383.5323(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilAppraiser, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilAskPrice, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilCompactUI, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilFixAH, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilScanButton, v5.15.5383.5320(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilScanFinish, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilScanProgress, v5.15.5383.4979(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilScanStart, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilSearchUI, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)

  AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.15.5383.4828(5.15/embedded)

  Auctionator, v3.1.2

  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)

  BagBrother, v

  Bartender4, v4.5.8

  BeanCounter, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  BittensSpellFlashLibrary, v3.20.0

  Carbonite, v5.1.2

  CarboniteTransfer, v1.01

  Configator, v5.1.DEV.344(/embedded)

  DBMCore, v

  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.337(/embedded)

  Enchantrix, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  EnchantrixBarker, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  Factionizer, v05.01.00 12.11.28

  GearScore, v5.00.04.00

  GoGoMount, v5.1.7

  HandyNotes, v1.2.0

  Informant, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.342(/embedded)

  MogIt, v3.1.0

  MoveAnything, v13.4.0

  OmniCC, v5.1.3

  PetBattleQualityGlow, v1.0.3

  Postal, v3.5.1

  Quartz, v3.1.1

  RaidChecklist, v5.1.0.1

  Recount, v

  ReforgeLite, v1.23

  SatrinaBuffFrame, v3.2

  SexyMap, v2.4.3

  SilverDragon, vv3.0.3

  SlideBar, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  SpellFlash, v6.4

  SpellFlashCore, v2.0.1

  Stubby, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)

  TheUndermineJournalGE, v2.3.20130204

  TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.343(/embedded)

  TipTac, v12.10.30

  TipTacItemRef, v12.08.30

  TipTacTalents, v12.09.05

  Titan, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanBag, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanClock, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanGold, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanLocation, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanLootType, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanPerformance, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanRepair, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanVolume, v5.1.10.50100

  TitanXP, v5.1.10.50100

  WoWPro, v2.4.3

  WoWProAchievements, v2.4.3

  WoWProDailies, v2.4.3

  WoWProLeveling, v2.4.3

  WowProProfession, v2.4.3

  WoWProWorldEvents, v2.4.3

  XPerl, v3.6.20

  XPerlArcaneBar, v

  XPerlParty, v

  XPerlPartyPet, v

  XPerlPlayer, v

  XPerlPlayerBuffs, v

  XPerlPlayerPet, v

  XPerlRaidAdmin, v

  XPerlRaidFrames, v

  XPerlRaidHelper, v

  XPerlRaidPets, v

  XPerlTarget, v

  XPerlTargetTarget, v

  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.1.0.50100 <us>




Thanks for all your hard work team!

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Bugs since download of 2.4.3 (that i just d/l'ed)

Yup; we withdrew 2.4.3 and issued 2.4.3A to fix this problem.

Latest WoW-Pro and TomTom issue

Hi all,

I am leaving this comment in the hopes it helps people better use the addon and provide some potentially useful info to the developers. I have found that aside from certain zones in Northrend, the biggest issue seems to be with waypoints and progressive waypoints (eg: 1/4) clearing from the arrow. This started after TomTom-v50001-1.0.4. If I update to the newest TT, I have problems, but this version works correctly. 

I can only assume TT made some change that effected WP talking to it correctly. 

Users: Try TomTom-v50001-1.0.4

Developers: Look at this version to see what the problem might be.

Hope I helped :)

wdavis111's picture

Not progressing the guide`

Been using this for years just fine... suddenly now it won't show that i've accepted the new quest, or done any of the steps. Guide shows up fine and Tom Tom shows up fine... but Guide doesn't see what I do... I have to manually click off everything.

Running 2.4.1 and TT 50100-1.0.1  and NUI6

Walter Davis

Houston, TX


I have the exact same problem, haven't played for a couple of days then boom, I got the same bug. I tried reverting back to an earlier version (2.3.6a) with the same bug. Now back to 2.4.1 but still doesn't work. I can survive like this but, man, been using this addon for a couple of weeks now and I'm so happy with it!

Emmaleah's picture

|QID|*| in dailies


I have searched around for where you talked about adding the * as a "all quests argument" for the dailies module, and I know you added it ~Dec 1.  (since I went and looked on github) but... what I cant seem to find is how it should work.  I experimented with putting it in my cloud serpant guide and when I accept a quest from Elder Anli (the step I used it on) it doesn't check off in the quide panel.  Should it? After I thought about it awhile, I don't see how it could, unless just any quest you accept (from any questgiver) when you are at that step causes it to check off.

step in question...

A Elder Anli's Quests|QID|*|M|57.60,44.94|N|Grab any and all quests from from Elder Anli. This step will close when you pick up the first quest.|

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: |QID|*| in dailies

It is driving me crazy.  It worked fine before the last update and now it seems to be broken.

But not for all quest givers, only some.  Don't use it yet, until I get the kinks worked out.

For now only Operation: Shieldwall should use them.

Missing guides using 2.4.0 as new Pandaren

After doing The Wandering Isle and joined Alliance I'm missing the the last steps after "Follow King Wrynn". It also don't atomatically progress to next guide. I open the guide list to chose manually, and behold, I'm missing all guides between "The Wandering Isle" and "Eastern Plaguelands" in the "Leveling" list. I also am missing all "WorldEvents" except "Darkmoon Faire". They all appear after I relogg.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

RE: Missing guides using 2.4.0 as new Pandaren

When you are a Pandaren, the faction is not set till near the end of the guide.   Thus most of the guides do NOT load, because they are faction specific.  If we loaded all the guides, you would see duplicates and it would be very confusing.    I'll add a note to the end of the Padaren Guide asking you to log out and log back in.

Thanks for the report.

Bishop's picture

Addition to previous comment

Sorry, just noticed I had the following bug notice pop up when logging in:

That might explain the bug I just added!

Date: 2012-11-29 18:41:00ID: 1Error occured in: GlobalCount: 1Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua line 307:   attempt to call global 'GetFriendshipReputationByID' (a nil value)Debug:   [C]: GetFriendshipReputationByID()   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:307: NextStep()   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:378: RowUpdate()   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:123: rowContentUpdate()   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:147: UpdateGuide()   ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:350: LoadGuide()   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:74: LoadGuide()   WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:207:      WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:200Locals:self = <table> { InitLockdown = false note = <table> { } index = <table> { } zone = <table> { } CreateGuideWindowScrollbar = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:513 CustomizeFrames = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:324 NextGuide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:81 CreateItemButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:59 CreateHeading = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:100 CreateTab = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:134 CurrentGuideFrame = <unnamed> { } Tags = <table> { } DoQuest = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:511 SetDefaultModulePrototype = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:425 ValidZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Mapping.lua:287 UpdateGuide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:99 SetDefaults = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Config.lua:14 Leveling = <table> { } IsEnabled = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:467 RegisterTags = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:306 LoadAllGuides = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:336 NextStep = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:191 GuideList = <unnamed> { } Questline = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:541 ActiveStickyCount = 0 CreateMiniMapButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:620 SetEnabledState = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:440 Zone2MapID = <table> { } RegisterEvents = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:317 StickyFrame = WoWPro.StickyFrame { } ResetMainFramePosition = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:15 OnEnable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:149 Version = "2.4.0" prof = <table> { } PaddingSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:69 missingQuest = false DebugMode = false TitleText = <unnamed> { } CreateMouseNotes = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:590 OnInitialize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:127 NewModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:256 GuideTabFrame_RowOnClick = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:270 NextGuideDialog = Guide Completed { } AnchorSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:263 RowSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:318 ActivateTab = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:98 FauxItemButton = WoWPro_FauxItemButton { } GetName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:300 GenerateMapCache = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Zones.lua:3063 name = "WoWPro" IsInstanceZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Zones.lua:3051 noncombat = <table> { } Disable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:330 action = <table> { } CreateTargetButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:81 rows = <table> { } Print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:54 DragSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:42 leadin = <table> { } CreateMainFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:361 RowColorSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:124 NextStepNotSticky = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:362 PopulateQuestLog = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:411 QuestLog = <table> { } SkipStepsCancelButton = Cancel { } CreateTitleBar = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:430 SetDefaultModAddOns:  Swatter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  Ace3, v  AckisRecipeList, v2.4.2  ACP, v3.4.1   AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, v  Altoholic, v5.1.001  ArcHUD3, v2.1  AucAdvanced, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucFilterBasic, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucFilterOutlier, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucMatchUndercut, v5.14.5335.5225(5.14/embedded)  AucStatHistogram, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucStatiLevel, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucStatPurchased, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucStatSales, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucStatSimple, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucStatStdDev, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucStatWOWEcon, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.14.5335.5133(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilAppraiser, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilAskPrice, v5.14.5335.5160(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilCompactUI, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.14.5335.5238(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilFixAH, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.14.5335.5237(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilScanButton, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilScanFinish, v5.14.5335.5153(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilScanProgress, v5.14.5335.4979(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilScanStart, v5.14.5335.5153(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilSearchUI, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.14.5335.5208(5.14/embedded)  AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.14.5335.4828(5.14/embedded)  AutoBar, vv5.1.0.0  Babel, v1.2  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)  BadBoy, v11.234  BadBoyGuilded, v2.86  Baggins, v443  BagginsLibFilter, v2012-09-12  BagginsSectionColor, v0.1  BeanCounter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  BrokerCurrency, v5.0.4-1.2.11  BrokerDurabilityInfo, v1.12  BrokerGarbage, v5.1v1release  BrokerGarbageConfig, v5.1v1release  BrokerGarbageLootManager, v5.1v1release  BrokerXPRate, v1.67  ChatTimestamps, v1.6  ChocolateBar, vv2.3.1  Configator, v5.1.DEV.330(/embedded)  Critline, v4.5.0  DataStore, v5.1.001  DataStoreAchievements, v5.1.001  DataStoreAgenda, v5.1.001  DataStoreAuctions, v5.1.001  DataStoreCharacters, v5.1.001  DataStoreContainers, v5.1.001  DataStoreCrafts, v5.1.001  DataStoreCurrencies, v5.1.001  DataStoreInventory, v5.1.001  DataStoreMails, v5.1.001  DataStorePets, v5.1.001  DataStoreQuests, v5.1.001  DataStoreReputations, v5.1.001  DataStoreSpells, v5.1.001  DataStoreStats, v5.1.001  DataStoreTalents, v5.1.001  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)  Diplomancer, v5.0.5.147  FishingBuddy, v1.2c  FriendNotes, v0.6  Grail, v042  GTFO, v4.18  InFlightLoad, v5.0.001  Informant, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  LibBabbleZone30, v  LibDeformat30, v  LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.324(/embedded)  LibRock10, v  LibStub, v  Livestock, v1.8.0  MageNuggets, v3.14  Mendeleev, v3.0  Nauticus, v4.0.5  Omen, v3.1.7  OneChoice, vv1.3.1  Outfitter, v5.7  Overachiever, v0.69  OverachieverTabs, v0.69  QuestGuru, v2.2.13-50001  QuestGuruTracker, v1.5.14-50001  Skada, v1.4-7  SkadaCC, v1.0  SkadaDamage, v1.0  SkadaDamageTaken, v1.0  SkadaDeaths, v1.0  SkadaDebuffs, v1.0  SkadaDispels, v1.0  SkadaEnemies, v1.0  SkadaHealing, v1.0  SkadaPower, v1.0  SkadaThreat, v1.0  SlideBar, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  Stubby, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)  TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.315(/embedded)  TomTom, vv50100-1.0.0  UrbanAchiever, v  WoWPro, v2.4.0  WoWProAchievements, v2.4.0  WoWProDailies, v2.4.0  WoWProLeveling, v2.4.0  WowProProfession, v2.4.0  WoWProWorldEvents, v2.4.0  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.1.0.50100 <us>  (ck=e3b)

Bishop's picture

Terrokar guide failing?

Not sure if this is a bug with the addon or the guide.

just updated to 2.4.0 last night and am playing it for the first time
since. I saved in Shatt on the Alliance Terrokar guide before I upgraded. When I
logged in the only item visible in the addon was the line about having
to choose Aldor or Scryer. This is just after saving for the first time in Scryer's inn.

I can select other guides and they come
up fine. But I can't switch back to Terrokar properly; if I click on
it, the other guide also stays highlighted - clicking on Terrokar
toggles the highlight on and off, and it overwrites the first item of
that guide with the above line about Aldor/Scryer. Doing "Show current guide" properly shows the transcript of Terrokar guide, but it's not showing properly in the guide window.

I've tried doing "reset current guide" but it doesn't fix it.

Me too

I am having the same problem,

I tried removing WowPro, deleting the saved vars etc, didnt help.. :(


Erhm huh?


Hendo72's picture

Guide showing completed quests when reset

Lately, I have found that when guides reset due to an update, There are quests listed that I have already completed. When I right-click them to manually finish them, they re-appear whenever I reload my toon.


I have tried clicking on the checkbox in the actual guide and it seems to make no difference. This happens with quite a number of the guides - I don't have specific ones right now.

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

Hendo72's picture

Daisy-chained coordinates not

Daisy-chained coordinates not advancing when you reach the next checkpoint in the chain.

Map coordinates not being sent to arrow when you click on it from step in the guide. (It does work when step advances to next one just not manually)

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

Problem is with Tom Tom integration

I hope the right people see this post and it helps shed some light. The last version of TT that had the waypoints working correctly was 50001-1.0.4. I have a copy of this that I make sure stays installed so Wow-Pro will work. I have not run into any other issues that may have been fixed in later versions of TT.

I hope you can track down and fix the problem so I can keep my TT up to date.

Hendo72's picture

Nevermind, I had the

Nevermind, I had the "Automatically set to next closest waypoint" disabled. Not sure how that happened.

The daisy-chained coordinates is still not working though.

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re; Daisy Chained Coordinates

OK!   I had a problem with daisy chained coordinates not working for me that I ran into on a Horde toon doing Desolace, and so I debugged it to death.

There are 3 problems that in combination mess things up:

  1. Daisy chained coords work for only "R", "r" and "N" steps, but we have been using them elsewhere in some guides....
  2. Even for "RrN" steps, a CS or CC tag is required to autocomplete.  Many of these steps are missing either tag.  We need a new tag, say CN, to indicate when multiple coordiates should not be removed, like for markers for resources or mobs.
  3. When fixing issues with Carbonite compatability, a section of code that was supposed to be on for TomTom, but had been turned off for many releases because of a bug.  When that bug was active, the default TomTom waypoint removal was active, hiding problems #1 and #2.

I am now testing a set of fixes.   I also need to fix many guides as well.


Emmaleah's picture

Autocomplete and daisy chained coords

I thought the auto complete first looked at subzone name? Is that not the case if you use multiple coords?

Also... does that mean we shouldn't use multiple coords in C steps?

K steps would be fine since they autocomplete based on |QO| or| L|?

Does this explain why certain waypoints persist after completing/closing a guide? (There is a klaxxi one I have to delete every day... so annoying)


Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

11/17 developer version test


Tried the master version of the addon released 11/17.

All addons were disabled apart from Carbonite 5.056, bugsack and !bugrabber.

The addon does nothing ^^ does not display step, does not point to anywhere.

The menu can be accessed and navigated though.

Bugsack or LUA reporter recorded no error.

Best luck.


Pilgrim's Bounty guide resets with loading screens

Hello.  Wow-Pro is a great addon and site by the way.  I'm having issues with version 2.3.6A.  I'm on the Alliance and using the Pilgrim's Bounty guide.  Whenever I go through a loading screen, like traveling by boat, etc., the guide resets.


Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Pilgrim's Bounty guide resets with loading screens

Urf.  Sorry about that.  I'll see about geting that fixed for the next holiday.


Can't find Astrolabe

Running version 2.3.6a, which I just downloaded. Same error occurred with version 2.3.4

From Bugsack:

2x WoWPro-2.3.6A\WoWPro_Mapping.lua:9: Cannot find a library with name "Astrolabe-1.0"

<in C code>

LightHeaded-354\Dongle.lua:42: in function "DongleStub"

WoWPro-2.3.6A\WoWPro_Mapping.lua:9: in main chunk



t = <table> {

 GetVersion = <func> @LightHeaded\Dongle.lua:133

 IsNewerVersion = <func> @LightHeaded\Dongle.lua:47

 versions = <table> {}

 log = <table> {}

 Register = <func> @LightHeaded\Dongle.lua:75


k = "Astrolabe-1.0"

I found that with LightHeaded disabled, I get the error that it can't find DongleStub.I also found that Fishing Buddy removed reference to Astrolabe because "it doesn't work" (from the changes file included with FB).

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Can't find Astrolabe

Hmm, I know where the error is.  

I'll check in a fix to the developer version after dinner once I reproduce it.

Version 2.3.6B should have fixed the DongleStub not being found problem, but when DongleStub is there, I was assuming Astrolabe was too.

Fun, fun fun!

PS: The version at should now survive better. (7:15 EDT)

Any chance...

Any chance you will support this addon for those of us who do not use TomTom or Carbonite? I switched from Horde to Alliance and haven't been able to use this addon due to the LUA errors that keep me from being able to load any leveling guides. I really don't want to abandon my use of this addon, but it appears I will have to.

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Re: Any chance...

Do you mean support using WoW-Pro without any arrow or with a different arrow?

I'll get the bugs fixed with no arrow tonight.  It is juts sillyness on my part to have assumed the arrow was there.

PS: The version at should work without an arrow again. (7PM EDT)

Error Report


Horde - Started Vash'jir 80-82 guide and this error kept appearing. Saw there was an update so I d/l'd 2.3.6 and installed but same error popped up.


Date: 2012-11-15 18:42:44

ID: 1

Error occured in: Global

Count: 2

Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Mapping.lua line 406:

   attempt to index field 'db' (a nil value)


   [C]: ?

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Mapping.lua:406: MapPoint()

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:78: LoadGuide()




self = <table> {

 InitLockdown = false

 note = <table> {


 index = <table> {


 zone = <table> {


 CreateGuideWindowScrollbar = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:513

 CustomizeFrames = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:324

 NextGuide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:81

 CreateItemButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:59

 CreateHeading = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:100

 CreateTab = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:134

 CurrentGuideFrame = <unnamed> {


 Tags = <table> {


 DoQuest = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:491

 SetDefaultModulePrototype = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:425

 ValidZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Mapping.lua:287

 UpdateGuide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:99

 SetDefaults = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Config.lua:14

 Leveling = <table> {


 IsEnabled = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:467

 RegisterTags = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:306

 LoadAllGuides = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:336

 NextStep = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:191

 GuideList = <unnamed> {


 Questline = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:521

 ActiveStickyCount = 0

 CreateMiniMapButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:620

 SetEnabledState = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:440

 Zone2MapID = <table> {


 RegisterEvents = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:317

 StickyFrame = WoWPro.StickyFrame {


 ResetMainFramePosition = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:15

 OnEnable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:149

 Version = "2.3.6A"

 prof = <table> {


 PaddingSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:69

 missingQuest = false

 DebugMode = false

 TitleText = <unnamed> {


 CreateMouseNotes = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:590

 OnInitialize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:127

 NewModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:256

 GuideTabFrame_RowOnClick = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:270

 NextGuideDialog = Guide Completed {


 AnchorSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:263

 RowSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:318

 ActivateTab = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_GuideList.lua:98

 FauxItemButton = WoWPro_FauxItemButton {


 GetName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:300

 GenerateMapCache = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Zones.lua:3056

 name = "WoWPro"

 IsInstanceZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Zones.lua:3044

 noncombat = <table> {


 Disable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:330

 action = <table> {


 CreateTargetButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Widgets.lua:81

 rows = <table> {


 Print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:54

 DragSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:42

 leadin = <table> {


 CreateMainFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:361

 RowColorSet = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:124

 NextStepNotSticky = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:342

 PopulateQuestLog = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:391

 QuestLog = <table> {


 SkipStepsCancelButton = Cancel 


  Swatter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  NPCScan, v5.0.0.5

  AtlasLootLoader, vv7.03.01

  AucAdvanced, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucFilterBasic, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucFilterOutlier, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucMatchUndercut, v5.14.5335.5225(5.14/embedded)

  AucStatHistogram, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucStatiLevel, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucStatPurchased, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucStatSales, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucStatSimple, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucStatStdDev, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucStatWOWEcon, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.14.5335.5133(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilAppraiser, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilAskPrice, v5.14.5335.5160(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilCompactUI, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.14.5335.5238(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilFixAH, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.14.5335.5237(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilScanButton, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilScanFinish, v5.14.5335.5153(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilScanProgress, v5.14.5335.4979(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilScanStart, v5.14.5335.5153(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilSearchUI, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.14.5335.5208(5.14/embedded)

  AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.14.5335.4828(5.14/embedded)

  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)

  BeanCounter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  Carbonite, v5.05.06

  CarboniteTransfer, v1.01

  Configator, v5.1.DEV.330(/embedded)

  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)

  Enchantrix, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  EnchantrixBarker, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  GoGoMount, v5.0.12

  HandyNotes, v1.2.0

  Informant, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.324(/embedded)

  PetBattleQualityGlow, v1.0.3

  SilverDragon, vv3.0

  SlideBar, v4.0.6 (<%codename%>)

  Stubby, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)

  TheUndermineJournal, v2.3

  TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.315(/embedded)

  WoWPro, v2.3.6A

  WoWProAchievements, v2.3.6A

  WoWProDailies, v2.3.6A

  WoWProLeveling, v2.3.6A

  WowProProfession, v2.3.6A

  WoWProWorldEvents, v2.3.6A

  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.0.5.50001 <us>




Error Report

Thought it worth mentioning: when i use wow-pro on my alt (might be that specific guide) i have no probs/errors.