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"C stack overflow" with Auctionator and WowPro

Bug is being tracked on GitHub

I suspect that some combination of Auctionator, WoWPro and 4.1 is to blame.


Also wanted to let you know

Also wanted to let you know that I tried the fix you suggested on that page (the remove all text below -- Fix Interface Options Category bug --) and it didn't change anything.  Still getting the error.



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Re: Also wanted to let you know

Ah, but when you removed it, the stack traceback should have changed dramatically.

The WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:303: WoWPro\WoWPro.lua:273 bits should have gone away.

Could you post the new traceback on GitHub?

I can now verify that since

I can now verify that since the author of Auctionator did an update, I am having NO more errors!  Thank you Ludovicus for all your help and patience :) 

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You need Auctionator V2.9.2 to fix the OpenAllBags bug

Zirco revised Auctionator at 12:14 PM and I just cut WowPro 2.1.11 .

How's that for turn-around!

Wow you guys are fast!  TY :)

Wow you guys are fast!  TY :)

Ok sure thing :)

Ok sure thing :)

EDIT:  Ok that's weird.  I swear the first time I did it the error was exactly the same.  Now it's just giving me the openallbags part.  I will post it anyway on the github if you would ike?

OK ty for the link :)  Do I

OK ty for the link :)  Do I need to repost the error on that page?


When is this addon likely to be updated so it can be used with the new patch, im lost without it :( w

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Compatability with 4.1

Folks, I tested this addon with 4,.1 PTR and last night and found no problems with it and TomTom with no other addons loaded

However, I am having tons of problems with all my other addons.

So far, the only two problems have been tied to specific steps in specific guides that were always wrong that are now being flagged as errors.

However, since we do not know how many such errors exist, I am going to cut another release, to address steps with missing QID's.


Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forrest

Went into Tirisfal Glades as a goblin hunter, way over level. I follow the guides pretty accurately, but found some missing quests.

Tristfal Glades:No better than the Zombies - (Questgiver hidden in bushes next to path, kind of hard to find if you approach the wrong way)

Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment

Vital Intelligence

I also discovered that the guide to Silverpine forrest did not finish the quest steps in the guide in the beginning of it, I had to manually tick off each one - for the first 10 steps of the guilde or thereabout.


Again, thanks for a great addon, and good work from the comunity on the guides. I hope someone else can fix these things for the next players, as I have no idea how to do it, and no knownledge of such things... I only use it... :-) So a big warm community High-five, and thanks!


---ooo---- Questing is the meaning of life  ---ooo---

Decolace quest missing?

I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the quest in Decolace, "Bone Collector" is missing in the guide.

Edit: Found another one: "Ghost-O-Plasm Round Up"

Edit2: And yet another one: "Gizelton Caravan"

Edit3: And again yet another one: "Bodyguard for hire"

The first two quests are static normal questgivers - nothing attached (no breadcrumb to it or something like that)The last two are in conjunction with the Caravan moving from one place to it's next place. And they are only present for 1 minute - while the caravan stands before some "challenging areas" waiting for a gun for hire to answer their call.Thanks for addon and updates.. It's great!


---ooo---- Questing is the meaning of life  ---ooo---

Fel wood guide

Hey, i was recently leveling with the felwood guide of the most recent update, as i downloaded the guide yesterday. It appears that blizzard has changed some of the quest givers and recievers, here are the changes. Step 45, crying violet. It is given by Greta, and upon completion, the guide says to bring it back to here. Now, you bring it to a night elf in a different area. The guide also says that the followups after turning in that quest are given by greta, but they are actually given by the night elf. I can't remember certain names and areas as this was last night, but this was one of the issues.

Re felwood

Lol, please look in to this :)

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I made corrections to the Fellwood guide:

2011-03-20 13:18 by Ludovicus Maior

Corrections around [Crying Violet] and quests shifted to "Andalar Shadevale". Speling corrections and addition comments.

That should have fixed it, if you were using V2.1.6 of the guide.  The ones before were wrong.


This is absolutely amazing! I just leveled from 26 to 45 in three days and I only play from 4 to 10 on top of that I still have leisure time. LOVE THIS GUIDE :) Thanks wow pro

Worship!! ( a small fix)

I absolutely love your guide, and swear by it too! I've used carbonite and questhelper, but WoWpro is the best. My thing is where can i contribute? For example i came across several errors( i manage to work around them; I still think this is the best :D). Where can i post suggestions for editing?


Howling Fjord Guide: Step 289, 292-293 need a coordinate change to (25, 56) they currently have the quest giver and turn in the middle of the island as oppose to the village.


And once again, THIS GUIDE IS THE BEST!!!

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Posting suggestions for editing

Click on the yellow button link above "View and update source code" which takes you to the menu page for the source code for all the guides

Disconnect between guide and Tomtom

In the latest version of the addon, it seems that Tomtom will very easily get out of sync with the step that the guide is actually showing, usually jumping one ahead. What I find even more peculiar is that the green dot on my map will show the correct location, but the arrow will be labelled for the next step (or at the very least, another step).

I'm using the latest TomTom as well as the latest guide addon, any thoughts? 

Edit: Just found that there is yet another new version of Tomtom than the one I updated to a few days ago, which may have solved the issue. I will report back after some testing.

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TomTom POI Integration and WoWPro

BTW, I had discovered this morning that if you have TomTom's POI integration turned on, that it seems to interact badly with the WowPro Leveling waypoint settings.   You might try turning that off.

The fact that the waypoint is there, but the arrow has shifted makes me think that there are multiple waypoints set.

After questing for another

After questing for another few hours with the latest version of TomTom, things seem to be behaving much better for me. Sorry for the false post!

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No worries re: After questing for another

Just glad its all working right.

Cheers, mate!

Basic Understanding

I downloaded your Add-On yesterday, and simply LOVE it!  That being said, I am not complaining in any way, simply would like some information on how to better adjust the settings of this Add-On for optimum efficiency.

First off, your Add-On has 3 settings that determine how detailed you want to go through a zone.  1 being only the most critical quests, 2 being average, and the 3 setting has you do ALL the quests.  I just did the Thousand Needles zone on level 2, but it still had me do ALL the quests.  What determines what quests are more critical than others, is there a way of knowing what the most critical quests are, and why did it have me do ALL the quests in setting 2.


Secondly, is there any kind of user manual that explains what all the settings are, how they work, and what they do?

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The setting calls a |rank|

The setting calls a |rank| tag within the guide file (if they have been included). Basically these work as described, however with the cataclysm updates to WoW most zones are now very well streamlined in that even doing all quests doesn't require you going miles out of your way to do a quest.

Rank tags work like this:

Rank 1: vital quests for the zone, required for the zone quest achievement

Rank 2: not quite as important, maybe a little out of the way or a bit less xp efficent

Rank 3: quest that don't offer much in the way of rewards, are some distance away and are far less xp efficent

With cataclysm, most zones have very few quests that aren't accepted/completed within the same zone, normally only a quest to lead you to the zone (eg the "hero's call" ones) and maybe 1 or 2 at the end of a zone that help lead you into the next zone.

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I couldn't have explained it

I couldn't have explained it better!

Just as a note, the ratio of most guides is that a setting of 1 will have you do maybe 1 to 2 thirds of the quests (varies greatly depending on the zone and guide author), a setting of 2 will have you do almost all the quests, only skipping particularly awful circuits or individual bad quests, and a 3 will have you do ALL quests.

Since most of our users probably want to do most of the quests in a zone as long as the quests aren't terrible, we have the default setting on two.

As a side note, I think some guides still are missing rank information, so you will end up doing all the quests in the guide. It's something we are still working on, but I know at least most of the Horde 1-60 guides have rank info since those are the ones I worked on myself the most.

I've intended to create a "user manual" sort of page, but just never got around to it. Perhaps it will be written in the future, for now feel free to ask any other questions you might have!

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Re: download zip file invalid?

There have been 3725 downloads of the zip file so far.

I double checked and downloaded both on a Mac (using Safari) and a Win7 (using IE8) machine and was able to unpack it.

I would guess that your download was corrupted somehow.  Try downloading it again or using another browser.

WoW 4.06 slowdowns with Addon enabled

Been running the wow pro addon for a while now, always loved it.  I noticed on the 4.06 patch of wow, that any time I got a quest update (like killing a quest mob, or looting a quest item) the game would lag out for about a second each time.  Played around with my addons until I figured it was the wow pro addon.  So I went and checked for updates, and sure enough I was a little old.  Installed the new one, and I still had this problem, but now it was just a slight stutter, not a full second pause.  My Tom Tom is up to date, I don't appear to have any other quest related addons.  I think I reset my saved variables for the addon.  Anyone have any ideas?  Been trying QuestHelper since, but I like the wowpro addon a lot more.

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Please try ...

What zone are you in?
Please try disabling TomTom and see if the lag goes away.

If not, then it may be a problem already reported as "Accumulation of Lag "

Guide List


I was wondering would it be easy to add a heading in the guide list for each continent in wow, eg:

Eastern kingdoms

I only ask as that would make it easier if you wanted to level entirely in one continent and would save having to look up which area is where on the map.


Credit where credit is due..

Having used the in-game guide with various characters I am amazed with the accuracy and assistance that it provides.

I extend my grateful thanks to all the hard work that you have put into this Addon and wish you continuing success.

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Thanks for this, it's really

Thanks for this, it's really nice to hear from people who are enjoying our hard work!

Addon Help!

Hi :) First off, I've always had trouble with installing addons and for some reason, this one is no different :/ Its not your fault, its just the fact that no one has a guide which tells you how to install an addon. If you know any, or can help in anyway I'd realy appreciate it. Cheers!

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troubleshooter guide

Read section 2, it explains about how to install our addon, any other should most likely be installed the same. The only thing it doesn't explain is about extracting the addon from the archive, but this is as simple as unzipping any other file