Are you creating a new character with the coming of the shattering? If so, what?

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Rolling one of the new race/class combos.
35% (170 votes)
An old class combo. Don't care about the new combos, just want to see the changes.
16% (76 votes)
Going to wait for goblin/worgen, probably.
30% (146 votes)
Going to wait and see if they actually balance the racial traits first.
0% (2 votes)
Not going to reroll, just waiting until 80+ content opens up.
18% (87 votes)
Total votes: 481


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Human hunters are everywhere!

I'm creating a new race/class combo: human hunter. I know it's not original, but It's the combo I've been waiting since I started playing WoW... And I guess many others think the same as me. Anyway with the coming of Cataclsym I'll roll surely a new race, but have yet to decide if roll horde or alliance.

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Gonna wait for Cataclysm,

Gonna wait for Cataclysm, planning on a worgen druid and a goblin warlock or mage.

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Just curiosity to see what

Just curiosity to see what people are doing. =)

I'm planning on rolling a troll druid and undead hunter once I get through all this school work I have piled up. Hopefully before cataclysm actually comes out for that matter!

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Hah, you and me both! I will

Hah, you and me both! I will be race changing my druid to a troll at some point, and making a goblin shaman when Cataclysm is released.

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I'm planning on a troll druid

I'm planning on a troll druid as well. Loved my beta one! Alliance side, I'm excited for Worgen. Don't really care what class. Smiling

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