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Link me the exact Dwnload for the addon

as the subject mentions...first time i downloaded the worked perfectly, then when the update was on, downloaded that and the option replace files came in...did most of the leveling guides are missing (about 90%) tried downloading the whole thing again no luck, So if someone please post the link for the exact download, for the whole addon, would really appreciate it.

Thank you


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DownLoad Link


Hi, Am in love with your addon....i cant express how grateful i am that you have put up this very helpful and amazing...i know i shouldnt post it on the addon page, i did that already, but sadly no response... so this is my small but very big problem for me since i started to use your addon, basically i cant level without it(hehe) i am serious i got soo hooked and used to ur addon, its like i have no idea how to level without it(its a shame i know). Now to my Problem.

I downloaded, what i think to be the full version of your addon, it had the whole guides from level with your new version, 2.1.3 i downloaded that and copied that folder and replaced the other with this new file...but now it seems i dont have the guides for the lower levels till 80...soo now i am searching for that full 1-85 download again and i cant seem to find it...please do help...awaiting your response....AGAIN WILL MENTION IT BUT UR ADDON REALLY DOES ROCK.....

Thank you


Tomtom not working?

I just started a new worgen rogue. TomTom doesnt seem to be picked up by WoW-Pro. Is this a bug, or it is just me ?

I can create waypoints in tom tom and get the arrow to show up, but each step in Wow-pro does not put the tomtoms arrow on my screen.

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TomTom and Phased Zones

We have been having recurring issues with TomTom in phased zones, like the goblin and Worgen and DK starting areas.

I'll file a bug for you here when I get home tonight if you do not beat me to it.


Hello im new here and dont

Hello im new here and dont know where to ask .. so i will do it here.


I Love this addon .. its so incredible usefull and anybody can level sooo fast.. 

but now it doesnt work anymore..  its " ther is no guide loaded" ...okay.. i have to go into the guide list and select one.. but the guide list is away.. and i dont know what to do  now...pls help me


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Hi Nomak! In the future you

Hi Nomak! In the future you can just leave a comment on the addon's page if you want.

I'm compiling an update to the addon now which should fix your problem, there will be a way to reset that window if it gets lost.

Sorry about that, and hope you continue to enjoy our addon!