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addon window moves between reloads/relogs

I have latest addon - 6.2.3.

I've changed several settings (smaller fonts, disable border, increase minimal size, move window, disable drag).

Looked ok. But everytime i relog (or /reload), the addon window slides few pixels downwards ...After several /reloads it is completely off where I want it to be ...

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Re: addon window moves between reloads/relogs

Oh!   I have noticed this, but thought I was moving the window with my bad mousing. 

The fact that it happens after a /reload is a great clue.   Version 6.2.4 will not fix this, but I can give you early access to a developer release when I track it down.

Stay tuned.

MoP 5.4.8

Yea, ok, I'm playing on a private server and was wondering where to get the full version of the addon for MoP 5.4.8. I don't want the trial or partial one from, I would like the full version please.

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Re: MoP 5.4.8

Normally I block access to the old releases, but I think this one should be the right one:

multiple guides

so first ty so much i love this addon it is awesome  2nd only issue i have is stuck in a nagrand <sp>  spires of arak loop and it failed to give me the full run down in nogrand <sp>  but my main question is can i run more than 1 guide at a time 



thank you God Bless

your captcha is super hard to read even when magnifying it 600%

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Re: multiple guides

The loop was fixed in version 6.2.3A .

You should be able to switch between guides.   I flip between them all the time, especially when I skipped a zone and am going back to finish it.


French list guid



can you translate title of guide list please

Older version of the addon

is there a way to get an older version of the addon that works with patch 2.4.3?

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Re: Older version of the addon

Running on an unofficial server, eh?

I think the earliest version supported was 3.3.5 . 


Vortex Pinnacle - report

[20:38:58]WoWPro: You discovered new map info for The Vortex Pinnacle:Nimbus Rise. Please report this on the website.[20:38:58]WoWPro: [769][1] = { xOffset = 910.934998, height = 1345.818024, yOffset = 1457.150024, width = 2018.725037}

Lost Isles / Kaja'mite Cavern

Another issue I ran into while running two quests that transition between Lost Isles and Kaja'mite Cavern, is that because Kaja'mite Cavern is a map with a different set of coordinates, it throws any set waypoints out several thousand miles. I started Miner Troubles and Capturing the Unknown and once I had completed the first objective on Capturing the Unknown, TomTom's waypoint readout updated and changed drastically causing my next waypoint to be outside of the map. I ran a test on the MapID to see if it had it's own ID and it still registers the same as Lost Isles (544).

I reminded me of Orgrimmar with the sub-maps (Orgrimmar@Orgrimmar and Cleft of Shadows@Orgrimmar)...

Waypoints in Kaja'mite Cavern

I was testing the current Lost Isles guide and I found some issues when dealing with Tom Tom and the waypoints within the Kaja'mite Cavern. Upon completing part of the objectives for quests Miner Troubles and Capturing the Unknown, my waypoint arrow updated and then established the waypoint several thousand feet away. It appears that Kaja'mite Cavern has it's own map even though it still registers as MapID 544 (Lost Isles). Before you start completing any of the quests inside of the cavern, the coordinates will remain unchanged, but once you complete one of the multiple objectives, the coordinates go out of synch with the map and things get wonky.

Is there a fix for using TomTom in conjunction with WoW-Pro? This is kind of frustrating when writing and using guides.

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Re: Waypoints in Kaja'mite Cavern

Caverns are troublesome spots in World of Warcraft.   Some of the have their own maps, some of them have no maps and share coordinates with their parent terrain, others are super-secret floors in the terrain.

Worse yet, they change things.   I just discovered that many of the unphased starting zones map IDs are now returning junk as of 6.1.2 when they were just fine in 6.1.1!

Now, If memory serves, Kajamite Cavern is a floor in map 544 that is normally hidden.  The problem I used to see was that when you were in the cavern, the waypoint was always 0 yards away.    If it is way off, then someone looked up the zone and mapped it to the wrong place.

First thing you need to do is get the update to the addon with the new Astrolabe library.

I've been working with the author of TomTom on a fork of the Astrolabe library to try to address some of the new mapping issues.

If I am lucky, Kaja'mite Cavern might just be fixed.   If not, we will get it working.  TomTom relies on the map data gathered by Astrolabe, which is why we are both trying to get the code fixed!


PS:  The latest addon can always be downloaded from


Waypoints in Kaja'mite Cavern

Last night I had a couple of messages show up in my chat box, prompting me to notify WowPro...

You discovered new map info for The Lost Isles: Kaja'mite Cavern. Please report this on the website.

[544/1] w=274.000000, h=182.666626, xO=-2815.000000, yO=-514.166687


Does this help with the issue I am experiencing at all?

What I have noticed so far is that like you said, Kaja'mite Cavern is a "floor" of The Lost Isles map. The problem is that upon entering the cavern, TomTom and the arrow do not update to the coordinates, so if you use The Lost Isles coordinates, you're fine until you complete the first objective inside the cavern. After that, the coordinates update and change to the Kaja'mite Cavern map and then it throws your waypoint(s) off.

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Re: Waypoints in Kaja'mite Cavern

This tells me that the Astrolabe library was unable to pre-compute the map information for Kaja'mite Cavern, which leads to the arrow being wonky.

We are actively working on the problem, but it is a nasty Blizzard bug that we are trying to find a work-around for.

While I was testing something

While I was testing something and logged in, the chat box displayed the following:


WoWPro: Enabled: Version 6.1.1A

WoWPro: You discovered new map info for The Lost Isles:Kaja'mite Cavern. Please report this on the website.

WowPro: [544/1] w=274.000000, h=182.666626, xO=-2815.000000, yO=-514.166687


Does this mean anything to you?

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among other things it means

among other things it means that kaja'mite cavern is map id 544 floor one :)

This message was put in so Ludo could manually add some of the problematic areas.  But they are now working on a solution to make that obsolete.  Pray they succeed :)

I downloaded the update and

I downloaded the update and can report that this particular map is still not loading. I am playing around with it to see if I can get it to transition from Kezan to Kaja'mite Cavern. Out of curiosity, I noticed on Wowhead that they list Kaza'mite Cavern as zone=4778. I tried using this with the Z tag and my TomTom arrow disappeared. Does this have anything to do with the problem I am experiencing, or are the zones in WoW-Pro not even tied in with Wowhead info?

I only ask because usually if the zone name or # errors out, there will be a readout of it in the chatbox. With this number I don't get any error log, just the disappearance of the arrow.

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Re: I downloaded the update and

The zone numbers that WoWHead uses are the map ids 99% of the time.  Howver, I know of no valid map ids above 1500 or so, so 4778 is right out.

Starter Zone Waypoint Synching with TomTom

I have recently returned to WoW-Pro guide making and I was testing a personal test guide in the Blood Elf starter zone, Sunstrider Isle. My guide has been testing well so far with the exception of some wonkiness concerning the class quests. When I include the waypoints to the any of the NPCs inside of the Sunspire, TomTom creates the waypoints in a different location which don't match up. I have tried it with the zone set as Eversong Woods and 893 (Sunstrider Isle) and it seems that the guide will work sometimes but not consistently. I have even tried removing the zone tag altogether, but this doesn't work either. Has anybody else experienced this issue? Is there a solve for it?

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Re: Starter Zone Waypoint Synching with TomTom

Uggh.  Blizzard may have shifted the maps for the starter zones.  

I can check for that as I have a Belf at level 2.

It might require an adjustment to out mapping code or an adjustment to the Astrolabe library in TomTom.

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Coding question

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a pet leveling guide and I'd like to include exact tactics for each pet battle. Currently however when a pet battle starts WoWPro guide window automagically gets hidden. Current workaround I have is simply disabling and re-enabling the addon, which allows me to have the guide viewable during the pet battle. Is there a way however to somehow prevent automatic hiding of the guide window during a pet battle? I saw an option in the addon settings window that controls the visibility of the guides in instances, arenas, etc, but it seems to have no effect on pet battles.

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Pet Battles (Coding Question)

I can add something to allow you to turn off the behaviour for a specific guide or step in the guide.

But since I was thinking of adding pet battle handling for the garrissons, can you tell me more about what kind of guide you were planning?

Perhaps a snippet of a guide to peek at?



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Pet Battles (Coding Question)

Hi Ludovicus!

That would be awesome, if there would be a specific option to not hide the guide during pet battles added to the addon.

See here my completed guide:

Also I'm currently working on a similar pet battle guide for all the pet tamers of Draenor, however I run into this same bug, described here in this comment:

Same thing happens, the Fly steps are not shown, the guide display just jumps to the next quest accept step and skips the Fly step. You can see the code here. (Hopefully, I'm kinda new to github, so I hope it's public :D).

EDIT: One more addition... while testing my new Draenor pet battle guide, I noticed that when you accept the daily quest from the tamer, then the guide inexplicably shows the previous Fly step which it refused to show before :-) sooo I'm a bit baffled here as to what might be the problem...

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Re: Pet Battles (Coding Question)

I have not forgotten you!

I will check in your starter guide into GitHub and make the necessary corrections by trying it out this week.

A guide for Warlords of Draenor?

I apologize if this isn't the right place to post.  I used your guide in the past and think it's great.  Is it going to be updated for Warlords?  I didn't see anything on the main page and the leveling guides tab lists 1-80.  I realize it's a huge amount of work.

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WoD guides

The Horde ones are all completed (perhaps not perfectly, I know especially nagrand but really all the spots on other than map layer zero have issues for those steps.) If you are alliance you should see the tanaan intro zone, shadowmoon valley and spires of arak currently in the guide list (with 6.0.2 version of guide currently available to download).  The other alliance guides should at least in rough form be available thursday.

EDIT:  I made the assumption you were referring to the addon in my original answer. It occurs to me perhaps you meant the ones that are pictures and text hosted here on the website (as opposed to the addon).  Alas, our focus has shifted over the years to the addon development.  If you havent tried it, I think you should.  To me it is much easier.

WoD Alliance

You can see the available WoD guides at

For Alliance, all but Nagrand has a guide ready to go. If you download the latest version (see, you'll find The Dark Portal, Shadowmoon Valley and Spires of Arak there (the rest will follow soon). 

Alliance guides


Love the guides, and used them for years.

But - I am not sure all the guides are published through the addon - I have no guides for Gorgrond.Are you sure all but Nagrands is all done?

Thanks all the same.



---ooo---- Questing is the meaning of life  ---ooo---

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Re: Alliance guides

Well, we are a bit behind on the Alliance guides.  For Pandaria, we were behind on the Horde guides, so I guess this is payback.

Anyways, we have draft guides to Nagrad now in 6.0.3B, but Talador is being fleshed out and Nagrand is untested.

The guides are there, but I should have put big warning signs on them.

Once I finish the Talador guide (on the Arsenal path) tomorow, the Spires should be fast, as it is a neutral guide and has been tested.

Nagrand should be in usable shape Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, depending on how bad my draft is.

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must be cata you are remembering :)

I did both horde and alliance for pandaria. and the last 3 zones were neutral guides, so I'm sure they were ready at the same time. (Kun Lai, Townlong, and Dread Wastes)

Twilight Highlands

I don't remember if I let you guys know about this or no, I don't think I did. The beginning steps of Twilight Highlands has been changed by Blizzard. We no longer give Weapons of Mass Dysfunction to Garrosh Hellscream, we give it to Vol'jin. Same location, however, for some reason the waypoint is pointing 4,652 yards west as I stand in front of Vol'jin in Grommash Hold. Also, bliz lets us pick up Unfamiliar Waters from Sauranok the Mystic at the same time now so we no longer have to get weapons of mass dysfunction, complete it, then pick up unfamiliar waters. Sauranok will point the way seems to be taken out as it wasn't available when unfamiliar waters was. I believe it was the pre quest for unfamiliar waters. Not sure why Unfamiliar waters was offered and not sauranok will point the way unless blizz simply removed the quest. The last two characters I ran though same thing. I didn't try running weapoons of mass dysfunction before talking to Sauranok as he had the gold ? over his head. Might be there if I ignored him when I did weapons of mass dysfunction. Also, Where Is My Warfleet? is given by Vol'jin as well and no longer Garrosh Hellscream.



|Z|Orgrimmar| = Wrong Waypoint Arrow

Looks like any coordinates with |Z|Orgrimmar| is sending you way out of the area.  

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There are a few different Orgrimmar's:

  1. The instance at map 321 floor 0
  2. The Raid at map 953
  3. The City at map 321 floors 1 and 2

Most people need Orgrimmar@Orgrimmar or Cleft of Shadow@Orgrimmar to select the right floors.


I think you're asking me where I was when I was getting the wrong waypoint. If I understand you correctly, I was in Orgrimmar@Orgrimmar in the Valley of strength. What is a floor, and the City. Are these things internal programming or something I should be able to see?  I know where the instance is, I don't raid so I'm unfamiliar with that, though I'm sure it's the same (as in getting to the map) as the instance. Is the city just the map that you get when you're in Orgrimmar in any of the valleys and pull up the map so that you can see all of the valleys? Is it possible for me to select a floor? Or does that come with where I'm standing and it is an automatic thing?



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Re Orgrimmar

Just to add on to what Emmaleah said:

Our addon struggles to hide the complexities of the Blizzard mapping system.

You see yourself just riding and flying about, poking your head into a cave, going into a dungeon, raid, or scenario.

We see a hodpodge of different systems for mapping worlds, continents, zones, instances, subszones, caves, floors and even microdungeons.

Our system for naming places is simple.   If the name is unique, name it what the uses sees in the enUS cllent.

If the name is not unique, name is foo@bar.   Thus Orgrimmar@Orgrimmar, Dalaran City@Dalaran, or Frostmourne@IcecrownCitadel are needed.

The map settings for plain Orgrimmar are some silly leftover that the Blizzard people left in and will probbaly never fix because you will never run into it in regular play.   But for us programmers, the Blizzard API coyly offers us something called Orgrimmar that is only used in some phased quests where you get to go to Orgrimmar as an alliance character and not get killed.


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Orgrimmar - map layers

As time has progressed the bliz programmers have done things that were not thought of originally... like reuse orgrimar maps.  Some of the other map layers(floors) you can see, some you cant.  Suffice it to say if you are going about normal life doing normal stuff (i.e. not raiding, not in a scenario, etc) Normally that means you are on map layer zero. For some reason the oh so wise programmers at Blizzard made Orgrimar differant and the normal layer is layer 1.  Of course this wasnt figured out until very recently (I think it happened with siege or orgrimar raid or maybe 6.0.2) so all the guides are written as tho the normal level is level zero when in actuallity this one is level 1.  Ludovicus is (I think) writing a script that will fix the guides so that wont be a problem.  We just recently (as in in the last month) worked out how to handle this, and now the job of updating /sigh

If you for want to know what map layer you are on you can type /way list and tomtom will list where you are standing and any map points set in the current zone.  However you can't move from one layer toanother without walking to whereever the new layer is.  Cleft of shadows is a differant layer from the main city, but all of the main city is the same layer (including the very top where the flight master/zep towers are).

I hope that answers your question :)


Map Layers

It did, thank you very much. From my understanding, it is similar to one of the photo editing programs I used to use that used layers for the pictures. So that the background was layer zero, then you could add text on layer one, and crop in an object that wasn't in the original picture to layer two, etc. The difference here being, in the photo editing program you saw all layers (as long as you didn't turn a layer off, that is.) and in these maps, the layers you're not standing in are turned off and as you change layers, the one you were on is turned off and the new on is turned on. Very good. That must be how they work their phasing as well. But, instead of a map being sent to layer zero, one, etc, the entire scene is layered and as you enter that layer you disapear from the old one and apear in the new one. Sometimes with other players doing the same phase, sometimes set to only you in the phase. Like what happens with instances and raids (I'm told.)

Again, thanks, that was very helpful.


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Re: Map Layers .vs. phasing

Phasing and instances are different.   In phasing, your map layer is the same as it was before, but you can only interact with players on the same quest as you.   In instances, you get sent to a different server on a different map (you can tell because you see the transition screen) and you are totally isolated from players not in yours group.  Dungeons, raids, scenarios are all instances.  Though to confuse things, some quests are instances and not phases.  The difference being quest instances are usually solo scenarios.

So what it boils down to is:  group with you or not or help you without being grouped.




Flight points

I've noticed lately that every guide so far (started running a lvl 66 up to 90 two days ago, got up to 72 presently), Blade's Edge Mountains, Netherstorm, Howling Fjord and Dragonblight, has asked me to fly using the Bat Handle, flight point, to a location I've never been before. I seem to remember it saying to run or fly to the destination point. The waypoint keeps pointing to the location I've left, wanting me to go back to the flight point at my last location instead of toward the location I'm suppose to be going.



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Re: Flight points

Are you perchance doing the Horde guides and refering to the "Bat Handler"?

Only the "Howling Fjord" refers to the Bat Handler at that level.  Was it the [Test at Sea] or the [The Windrunner Fleet]  quest?


Flight points

Yes, I play Horde almost exclusivly. I remember those areas specifically because I got the characters up to level 66 before any major changes were made. Before, Warlords of Dranor prelaunch went live. Since then is when it's been happening. Prior to that, the guild would have me go to a place first before directing me to take a flight path to it. For example, "Run to Wyrmrest Temple." "Get the flight path." Then, the next time the guide directed me there it would have me take a flight path from Agmar's Hammer to Wyrmrest Temple. Today, when I was to go there from Agmar's Hammer the way point dircted me to the flightmaster in Agmar's Hammer to fly to Wrymrest Temple and I'd never been to Wrymrest Temple with that character. I flew my own mount there, but the entire time the way point arrow kept pointing back to Agmar's Hammer. Once I reached Wrymrest Temple the way point arrow disapeared and the guide moved on to the next step.



Edit: I guess it's not just flight points. I didn't notice this before, or don't remember anyway, but I'm doing the quest "A Certain Prisoner" in the Forlorn Mine in The Storm Peaks guide. The way point keeps pointing to Mildred the Cruel, the quest giver, even though I'm suppose to be giving the key to Lok'lira the Crone. As I'm standing facing Lok'lira the waypoint is pointing behind me at Mildred. I think I was wrong about the verbosity thing as well. Both the ! part of the step and the ? part of the step only say, "A Certain Prisoner (44.4, 68.9)" There isn't a description for either one. Must be that "0/10: gotten" and "get: 0/10 thing" you were talking about.

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Storm Peaks

I went looked at the Storm Peaks guide and it is an error in the file.  This appears to be one of the earlier guides written and perhaps we werent as good at documenting things then.  There is no comments on the [A Certain Prisoner Step] and the coords are listed the same the ! (A) step as the ? (T) step.  It would be a great help if you could write down coordinates and errors like this when you find them and we will get them fixed. 

This addon was made early 2010 and there was a rush to get all the guides done and it looks like some could have been done better.

The Jade Forest

In the Jade Forest guide, you can add Ancient Pandaren tea Pot worth 100G on a table in Serenity Falls loc (26.25, 32.32). I don't know if it was added in since Draenor. I've run four characters through here and don't remember seeing it before.



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it used to be in the guide?  Because for the longest time there was a phasing problem and the note said run up and do this BEFORE you do the airfield quests.  Ill go check and see what happened.

OK, checked,  are you playing with notes on mouseover or always visable.  If you don't have notes always visable, you may want to consider changing that setting.  (Interface>Addons>WoW-Pro>Guide Display)

The teapot is mentioned in the Notes for the step that sends you to that spot. (Quest [Lay of the land])  We could not get the step to auto complete (not require you to manually check it off) for pick up treasure steps, so most of them are listed in the note of the quest done in the area.



Ok, this is wierd. I know there used to be a lot more notes given. I always play with mouseover notes unchecked. And, even now, it's unchecked so the notes are visible all the time. However, like in my post about verbosity, they're very short notes. For example, in Kun-Lai Summit, the step ! The Shado-Pan, the note under it simply says "From General Nazgrim. (2.28,80.29)." I'm sure when I ran another character though, it told me what I was suppose to do with General Nazgrim. I didn't see the not for the teapot. I think something is turned off on my computer that I can't see what I need to switch to get the full notes. The only think I can see is what you were talking about, either mouseover for the notes or always on. Maybe what I need to do is delete wow-pro addon, redownload it and reinstall it. I might have missed something somewhere. I don't know. I love looking at the notes as I'm doing the quests so I don't have to keep opening up my quest log. If you can think of something I'm doing wrong, please let me know.


Edit: That may have done it. Although, the note for General Nazgrim is still short, I went back to look at the Jade Forest and the Lay of the Land that talks about the tea pot is there now. Also, for the Jade Witch, when I ran that yesterday it didn't talk about the Jade Warrior Statue so I missed it. However, since the new download, it's there as well. I think when I downloaded it the last time, I must have gotten a file missing because it looks like the notes are as they were before. The verbosity is back, it seems. :D



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Yay.  One thing did occur to

Yay.  One thing did occur to me.  But it seems you have fixed it so it's all good.  Blizz changed the format of quest objectives, they used to be 'collect whatever: 0/10' and now they are '0/10: whatever collected' any step that counted on that format needs to be corrected.  If you were looking at a quest that had that format it's possible the objective wouldn't show at all. (And if it does show it won't update properly as you collect) these kinds of steps were used when 2 objectives were done in differant areas. 

Verbose descriptions

I'm not sure if it's just me, if I've got a button in the
wrong place, but it seems the older versions was a little more verbose when it
comes to what we're suppose to do. For instance, Dragonblight at a step towards
the beginning (I'm showing (51/436) not sure if that helps or not) under As you
go: is a step Flesh-Bound Tome with a description "Until you get a
Flesh-Bound Tome." Then it has -Flesh-Bound Tome: 0/1. What am I suppose
to do until I get a flesh-bound tome? I have no idea who I'm suppose to kill,
or what item I'm suppose to click on or what action I'm suppose to do that
yields this item.


Is there an option that I'm not finding that makes the
descriptions more verbose? I've run multiple characters though using this guide
and this is the first time I'm unsure what to do. If I had a better memory, I'd
probably just remember, unfortunately, I don't.





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Thanks for pointing this out.  Things are always changing in WoW and we try to stay on top of it, but alas, stuff happens.  As I recall the only option to make it more verbose is the option to have comments show all the time or only when mousing over the step. 

I went back to look at revision history and such to see if on this quest, there was a logical reason for what you were seeing.  It looks like the guide was heavily revised around WoW 4.3 and the description was changed.  You have undoubtedly looked on wowhead by now and found the answer, but in case you havent it should read "kill anub'ar cultists until you have a flesh bound tome".  (The tome opens up some other quests) Also the tome won't drop unless you have done Marked for Death.  I have revised the guide and the change will be part of the next version that is released.  You can manually copy it from  Dragonblight page  if you want the changes now.

Verbose descriptions

Thanks, I did look at and completed it. I was hoping there was a no comment, short comment and long one and that I just had a switch or feature turned to the wrong one. Ah well, it helps to know what quest the step is talking about. But, it's still an awesome guide. Simple enough to type in the name of the step, usually wowhead can get me close enough to get the quest title so I can look in my log or onto wowhead's comments on the quest. :) I, in no way, want to cause extra work for anyone. Especially when they've done so much work on these guides. I remember working on these quests without them. It is 1,000 times easier with them than without.