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Please save your work in progress - there will be a site update in approximately 30 minutes which is going to take some time. Please also be patient with changes in the coming days. Some things won't function properly immediately but it would help greatly if you could point out errors / missing features by leaving a comment to this post. Currently we are updating the site's core CMS version, modules, addressing performance issues and a new look was long overdue as well. Thank you! - Snowflake


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Another minor thing: unless I

Another minor thing: unless I missed something... can you make the 'Post a new blog entry' more acessible? Like in the 'Create Content' tab.

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Done. Does it work for you? 

Done. Does it work for you?


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Yes! Thanks!

Yes! Thanks!

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Everything looks great,

Everything looks great, thanks!

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And another thing...

One thing that I don't think I ever mentioned, and it's super super minor, but the little boxes around the user avatars that displayed the rank and the number of little stars for that rank no longer show up. I did like them, so if they could make their way back sometime I would be pleased Smiling But it's quite unimportant, just jotting it down here so we don't forget Smiling

*runs back to her programming cave to finish homework*

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Yeah, I actually liked that

Yeah, I actually liked that too, will prolly just take a while, since it's changes to the theme and for that I'd like to hire a theming professional - will redo the profile pages then too.

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So, I'm a big jerkface

I feel like a jerk for saying this but.....

Is it possible to get a width between this (full width) and what we had (super skinny width)?

I'm sure I'll get used to this width, but it did seem a little more aesthetically pleasing to have the page a little skinnier.

But maybe we should wait and hear what people have to say regarding the full screen width first. Because, I do think I'll probably get used to it and not mind it.

Anyways, things are getting mostly back to normal around here! As always, let me know if I can help with anything Smiling

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A width in between is sadly

A width in between is sadly not possible but the big advantage with this setup is that the banner etc. on top looks better and it one has more space - will be great for a few things which'll come up in the next days too!

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Heh, I'm already getting used

Heh, I'm already getting used to it and people seem to like it, so awesome!

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I actually like it wide

I actually like it wide ^^

And yes, it's automatically resizing depending on monitor width, so it's optimal right now imho Smiling

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I rather like it at this

I rather like it at this current setting, personally. It seems to be set relative to your screen resolution (or specifically the program window size, so you can open the bookmark/history tab or just go into windowed mode to shrink).

As a result, I don't really feel that there's a lot of wasted space. For an 800px width window, content space is around 465px, although it's 795px on my normal 1680px width window.

That said, I wouldn't be bothered going back to a smaller width either as long as it's not the super skinny width (575px). The old layout was only about 50 or so pixels wider than that, but it felt reasonably big.

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Wowhead links

This is just a minor thing, but I've noticed while editing the Durotar guide, that the nifty pop-ups for the Wowhead links are gone.

They used to show up on mouse over and don't any longer.

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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the site looks good guys

the site looks good guys. Now, I know you just put this new stuff in but, one additional improvement would be combining the left side nav box with the nav bar on the top. im thinking of something like this:

Home Guides AddOn Forums Jame's Blog About Account
Leveling 1-80 Polls Needed Guides My Karma
Dungeons Karma Messages
Trade Skills Rankings Create Content
Etc. Contact Log Out

The bolded items at the top would be the actual buttons, while the items below them would be revealed as a drop down menu when you hover over it.

When not logged in the "Account" button would change to "Log in/Register" or similar.

This could probably be improved upon further. The main focus is combining nav options, and making areas of the site that are otherwise somewhat hidden more visible.

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Good idea Gethe, will try to

Good idea Gethe, will try to implement that this week. Won't be a problem.

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Gethe! Where were you hiding?

Gethe! Where were you hiding? Laughing out loud

Great ideas, I like! But we'll probably wait until the site is fully functional before messing with the links up top.

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i've been lurking around here

i've been lurking around here and there on the site and on the beta, played Peacebloom vs. Ghouls(love it!), lvld most of Hyjal, done the Goblin and Worgen starting areas. my internet isn't very good so i haven't been able to do many dungeons though.

IRL i had gone to join the US Air Force in May so thats the big reason i haven't been on the site, not much time.

Yeah, i figured sinse the site just got updated that my relatively minor UI tweaks would be waiting a bit.

simple navigation

their needs to be a home button on the nav bar and a guides button witch takes you to the guides page this will allow people to move around the site easier as at the moment its not very easy to get to the guides and that is what people come here for right

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This will be added back in,

This will be added back in, it was unintentionally broken during the upgrade. Just bear with us while we fix the bugs!

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One more note, Snowflake - my

One more note, Snowflake - my drafts no longer appear on the right sidebar. That ones a little higher priority since without those easy links, it's difficult for users to find guides they were working on.

Anyways, thanks again! I'm off to work on some other stuff, I'll check back later today, so peeps don't expect an immediate response from me for a little bit Smiling

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Yay drafts are back! I found

Yay drafts are back!

I found another feature that will have to be added back in eventually though - Wowhead link tooltips. Should be super simple though Smiling


Like the new layout. Could the site update be the reason why the RSS feeds aren't working properly?

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Probably, yes. Mine did a few

Probably, yes. Mine did a few quirky things but I think it may be getting back to normal now. Will keep an eye on the RSS.

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From kayeich

Since peeps can't view or post on this page right now, I'm passing along comments. This one's from kayeich:

kayeich wrote:

Not sure, but that was sure one heck of a 10 minute maintenance! Why, it felt more like 7 hours, I'd say... ;p)

I'm assuming it's a new site layout, although it's missing a lot of the features it used to have.

Right now, we're forbidden access to guides though, which is pretty lame, and I can't even see blog entries or my WiP guides. There's also no sight of recent events or online members.

Also don't see Bitsem's durotar paper guide, which I remember posting to like 5 minutes before site went on maintenance, so I hope that didn't get lost in the transition.

Karma points seem a bit more fancy now though, since they seem categorized by where you got them from (comments, guides, etc).

Actually, I'd almost suspect this was an -old- layout, but I'm so used to the one we had before this being up for ages that it's kind of hard to imagine this being an old layout.

But it does currently have a little bit more retro feel to it.

I kind of like the little 3d-painted pandaren on this logo, but I honestly think I preferred the old one more, it was more friendly looking.

This layout is also much smaller width-wise (used to be able to take 620~ px width pictures, right now a lot of banners look cropped since it's gone down to exactly 575px).

Edit: I seem to have gotten some karma for what I assume is the comment I left on bitsem's guide, so I'm suspecting current missing features is just an issue of permissions for ranks still needing to be set.

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And in regards to those

And in regards to those comments:
General viewing - There now! I can actually see this post now. Yay!
Guides - Up now, at least the leveling ones. Others seem hidden though accessible through searching. A little weird to see it on the member options box instead of top bar though.
Blogs - hidden, but there.
Recent Events - Up!
Online Members - Up!
Width - Still 575px, but I assume this is probably low priority. I still would like to see it go back to 620+ px. Right now there's quite a few images getting cropped because of the limit on guides/articles.

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Biiiiig issue - Permissions!

Biiiiig issue - normal users, unsigned in users, and pretty much anyone but administrators can't seem to access ANY site content, INCLUDING this page.

I'm going to try and fix this myself since it's a pretty urgent issue. Will update with results.

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Yeah, I can't seem to find

Yeah, I can't seem to find the settings for permissions anymore. Will just have to wait then.

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New PM layout = WIN



Sorry just had to say that. Conversation (gmail) style PMs are AWESOME!

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Yay for updates! Some

Yay for updates!

Some comments, though. I'm really happy to see the site being updated, and some of the stuff is really great! Mostly I want to comment on the look and feel since that's all I can see at first glance.

The new logo is okay, though the Pro is kinda hard to read.

The bright orange combined with bright green makes my eyes bleed. I kinda liked the color scheme we had before - at least make the orange a bit more muted, it's really really bright right now!

I also don't really like how thin the main frame is now.

The banner add at the top seems to be pushing the frame down rather than appear next to the logo, dunno if changing that is possible or not.

That said - I like a LOT of things about the new layout. That includes the comment look and feel, and the addition of the facebook/etc buttons right there next to the comment button. (though they appear to be listed twice one after another right now).

Google search bar = win!

On a side note, the karma listed on the right sidebar does not appear to total correctly. In the rankings page I'm listed as having 200+ karma, on the side bar I have 173 - seems to be only displaying my "Comment" karma. Anyways, that little running total is very nice, once it gets correctly totaled Smiling

EDIT: Awkward... the ranking page isn't displaying my karma correctly either. According to my little "view" link for my Karma, I should technically have 468. The rankings page is only displaying 277. Not that I care about this for myself, mind, just wanting to make sure that karma is displaying correctly for everyone else Eye

EDIT2: Also, when awarding karma, the "total" displayed is also based on category, NOT the actual total karma.

EDIT3: I fixed the karma box and profile issue! Yay I was useful! NOTE: The rankings page is still incorrect. Also, the display when you change karma is still category-specific. However, that's probably okay, but it should be labeled as such.

On a somewhat more alarming note (but probably just because you are moving things around etc) - the "Guides" page, menu item, category, whatever... is missing. It's not on the sidebar nor on the top menu bar. So it's rather difficult (read:impossible) at the moment to browse through the guides. But I'm betting you're just working on stuff and it will be back shortly!

Sorry for the lengthy post, just wanted to throw down my take on the update. I really appreciate this, thanks Snowflake!

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The guide categorization is

The guide categorization is somewhat of a more serious problem, since it is the only thing that couldn't get ported correctly into the new version of the CMS. The data is still there - just not being displayed correctly. At the moment the search function will have to be used a bit more until we find a solution for that. Have also just sent you a private message about this.

WoW-Pro Admin

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New Look Feedback

Though they can't currently post, I've had a couple users comment that they really like the new look Smiling

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Also the recent comments box

Also the recent comments box is gone, would love to see it returned when you have time Smiling

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Sorry, more things I've

Sorry, more things I've noticed. The "recent visitors" display on profile pages doesn't seem to be lining up correctly.

EDIT: This seems to be a general problem with all items on the profile page. Things are getting wrapped around and end up under the titles and it looks odd. Not an urgent issue by any means, though.

Also, on profile pages, the guides we've written don't seem to be displayed.

Finally, I noticed my permissions have changed such that I can award karma but can't seem to look at the "details" page for people's karma - which was useful in the past if I want to check whether I've awarded them karma for a particular guide or not.

PS: The new display for karma on profiles is very nice! Laughing out loud

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- Profile page issue: Seems

- Profile page issue: Seems to be the new theme that doesn't build proper looking tables on profile pages. Since it isn't a show stopper I'm going to fix it after addressing the more serious issues.

- I'm experiencing the same problem with other people's Karma pages - means, I somehow cannot view them either. I tried applying a few patches to the module's code but so far I'm only seeing my own Karma page. Does the same thing happen to you?

- Guides on profile pages: I need to find a new module for this feature since the old one isn't supported for this version of Drupal. Will look into it asap Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin

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Yes, the karma thing is the

Yes, the karma thing is the same for me. None of these are urgent at all, just wanted to make you aware of them for eventual fixing Smiling

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Oh and the "online users" box

Oh and the "online users" box is gone, I'm assuming it's coming back when you get around to it though. I did enjoy knowing who was around.

On a completely side note... a chat box would be sooooooooooooo epically cool. Someday Laughing out loud

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Hi Jiyambi Thank you for all

Hi Jiyambi

Thank you for all the feedback! All the old features etc. can be brought back. Just have to ensure that basic stuff works first, then we'll turn everything back on step by step.

First issue I just addressed was the problem with viewing guides. I tried it as anonymous and authorized user and it should work now. Does it work for you as well?

Layout/colors can be changed easily as well - no need for eyes to bleed!


WoW-Pro Admin

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Yes, I can view the guides

Yes, I can view the guides again when logged out. Thanks!

I figured as much about the various features I mentioned Smiling Did not intend to overwhelm you with posts, just documenting the things I could see missing - I know it must be a ton of work to upgrade everything and re-implement all the features! Things are looking really nice though.

Re-examining my color issues - honestly the only things I really don't like is the color of the main navigation sidebar. It's kind of a dark orange and just seems difficult to read and out of place. If maybe it was made a paler orange, like the color behind the search bar, it would be fine Laughing out loud

Anyways, thanks for all the awesome work on this! I'm already loving some of the changes, super excited to see what the final product will look like Laughing out loud

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Paler orange it is

Paler orange it is Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin

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I like!

I like! Laughing out loud