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Welcome to the Cataclysm world of Night Elves. All the hard work and credit should primarily go to Solitha who made this guide possible.

Basic rules
  • Don't waste your time trying to find groups for questing, you can solo everything described in this guide.
  • Try to always log out in an inn or in one of the major cities when you take a break

Color Code

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs (Co-ords)

The Guide

Welcome to Shadowglen. Right in front of you is Ilthalaine(58,44), and your first quest: The Balance of Nature.

All around behind you are Young Nightsabers. Kill 6 of them. They are purple and black and there is a rich supply of them slighly north east of your location. Once you have completed this, Return to Conservator Ilthalaine
Turn in The Balance of Nature, and take the follow ups Fel Moss Corruption, and A Favor for Melithar.

Slightly to the north you'll find Melithar Staghelm(59,42). Turn in A Favor for Melithar, and pick up Demonic Thieves.

Head west to the first Grell camp (56,45). Kill Grells for Fel Moss, and search the camp for Melithar's Stolen Bags. If needed, search Northwestward, as there is a second Grell camp there. The bags can spawn in the camps or around the trees between them. Continue killing and searching this area until you have completed both quests.

Return east, and turn in Demonic Thieves and Fel Moss Corruption. Both Melithar and Ithalaine appear to have a quest, but are offering the same one, so just pick it up from whichever one you like. This quest leads you to your Class Trainer.

Go into the building just to the north, in the great tree Aldrassil. Trainers are found:

  • Hunters - In the back right corner of the first large room.
  • Druids - In the room behind the first large room.
  • Rogues and Warriors - Through the first room, then up a short ramp to the right in the second room.
  • Mages and Priests - Up the large ramp at the right immediately inside the building's entrance, then up the second ramp you'll find up there.

Turn in your Sigil quest, and take the follow-up. Use the trainer to learn the skill required, use it as requested, then turn it back in. Pick up the followup, Priestess of the Moon.

Sell junk, train and repair.

Exit Aldrassil and circle around it to the northwest side. Between two pools you'll find Dentaria Silverglade(57,33). Turn in Priestess of the Moon and get Iverron's Antidote. Immediately around both pools you should see several Moonpetal Lily plants. Gather 7 of them, then return to Dentaria.

Turn in Iverron's Antidote, pick up The Woodland Protector.

Run north-northwest to Shadowthread Cave(57,32).

Work your way into the cave, choosing whatever path you prefer. Tarindrella will join you when you get far enough into the cave. Turn in The Woodland Protector, pick up Webwood Corruption. Kill 12 Webwood Spiders. Tarindrella will go with you and assist you in combat. Once complete, turn in Webwood Corruption, and pick up Vile Touch. To get to the right part of the cave, you'll want to find the middle path from the entrance. Follow it to the north and northwest. At the northwest-most point the cave will curve upward to the right. It opens onto a large ledge, with several spider eggs visible, and Githyiss the Vile. Kill Githyiss.

Turn in Vile Touch to Tarindrella. Get the followup, Signs of Things to Come. Tarindrella will immediately teleport you back to Dentaria Silverglade and Iverron. Turn in Signs of Things to Come, and pick up Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth.

Go northeast to the Moonwell (59,33). At each of the moonwells along this chain, a Shade of the Kaldorei will appear, and tell you some of the Night Elf storyline; you don't need to listen to it, but it's a nice little bit of lore immersion. Find the Crystal Phial in your inventory and right-click on it to fill it. Return southwest to Dentaria. Turn in Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth and pick up Precious Waters.

Turn and look directly south. You'll see the bottom of a very long ramp. Go to it and follow it up to its end. Inside a small building at the top is Tenaron Stormgrip. Turn in Precious Waters, and pick up Teldrassil: Passing Awareness. Tenaron will give you a slow-fall buff called Wind's Embrace; feel free to jump off the ramp and enjoy the leisurely float down to the ground! (Evidently I'm not the only one to have died this way before Cataclysm, wkjezz)

Find your way to the south side of Aldrassil. If you want, visit your class trainer and/or the vendors before you go. From Aldrassil, follow the road southeast.

At the exit to Shadowglen, pick up the quest Dolanaar Delivery from Porthannius.


Follow the road south out of Shadowglen. Stay on the main road. Just after the side path to Starbreeze Village, you'll see a satyr named Zenn Foulhoof to the right of the road. Pick up Zenn's

Bidding from him. Start killing any Strigid Owls, Nightsabers, and Webwood spiders along your way.

Continue west along the road into Dolanaar. Go into the building to the right, all the way to the top, and pick up The Emerald Dreamcatcher from Tallonkai Swiftroot.

Go south into the large building across the road. Pick up A Troubling Breeze from Athridas Bearmantle.

Go up the ramp right behind Athridas, to Innkeeper Keldamyr. Turn in Dolanaar Delivery.

Set your hearthstone to Dolanaar.

Also in this building is Iranis Shadebloom, the Profession Trainer. If you want to pick up professions, you can do so here. Of note, Herbalism and Mining both grant experience when looting a

node, along with giving you the materials you can use or sell. Professions can be trained at level 5; if you're not yet high enough, keep him in mind. You'll be back.

Exit the building to the south. A little southeast, near a house and a cooking cauldron, you'll find Nyoma. Pick up Reminders of Home.

Go a little west to the moonwell and Corithras Moonrage. Turn in Teldrassil: Passing Awareness and pick up Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects.

Sell junk and repair.

Go to the flight master Fidelio just north of the road. Get his flight point. Turn in Reminders of Home, pick up To Darnassus. Speak to him again and take a flight to Darnassus.

Now look south. Before you go that direction, take note of the shimmering pink area - if you walk into that area, you'll be teleported to another place you don't need to go quite yet. So for

now, go south while skirting around it. Just on the other side of it you'll see a small decorative clearing and Sister Aquinne. Turn in To Darnassus, pick up An Unexpected Gift.

Just beside the flight point in Darnassus is Moon Priestess Lasara. You might want to pick up a Darnassus Tabard from her; if you wear it on dungeon runs, you'll earn Darnassus reputation.

When you're done with all you want to do in the city, return to the flight master, Leora. Turn in An Unexpected Gift, pick up Return to Nyoma. Speak to Leora again to take a flight back to


Run south through or past the inn building, back to Nyoma. Turn in Return to Nyoma.

Go east. Continue killing Webwood spiders, Nightsabers, and Strigid Owls as needed for Zenn's Bidding. Once in Starbreeze Village, make your way into the westmost, 2-story building. On the

second floor you'll find Gaerolas Talvethren sprawled on the floor. Turn in A Troubling Breeze, pick up Gnarlpine Corruption.

Leave that building and check the two houses to the east of it. One of them will have Tallonkai's Dresser in it. Right-click it for Emerald Dreamcatcher.

Follow the path westward out of Starbreeze Village. Just off the path on the left is a moonwell. Fill your Jade Phial.

If you've not yet completed Zenn's Bidding, do so now. Go back to Zenn and turn in the quest.

Go west to Dolanaar.

Pick up Seek Redemption! from Syral Bladeleaf.

Go to the top of the building next to her; turn in The Emerald Dreamcatcher, and get Ferocitas the Dream Eater.

Go south to the moonwell and turn in Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects.

In the inn, turn in Gnarlpine Corruption, and get the followup The Relics of Awakening. From Sentinel Kyra Starsong, pick up Resident Danger. Immediately to her left (towards the road) you'll

see Citarre Mapleheart, mounted on a riding saber. Speak with her; she'll put you on a mount that takes you automatically to the entrance of the Ban'ethil Barrow Den.

Enter Ban'ethil and kill all the Gnarlpine you see. At the first fork a Sentinel Huntress will appear and follow you to help you.

Go across the right bridge. In the room on the other side you'll find Oben Rageclaw. Take his quest, The Sleeping Druid.

Talk to the Sentinel Huntress. She has several dialogue options to help you find the Relics of Wakening. When you choose one, a glowing ball of mist will appear to lead you in the right

direction. Anytime you get lost, ask the Sentinel for another one.

Start with the Rune of Nesting, and follow the ball of mist, killing firbolgs as you go. Once the mist leads you to the right room, look for the Chest of Nesting, and loot the Rune from it.

Next, ask the Sentinel for help to the Black Feather Quill, and follow the same process. After that, do the same for the Sapphire of Sky, then the Raven Claw Talisman.

Along the way, you should have picked up a Shaman Voodoo Charm from one of the Gnarlpine Shamans, and finished Resident Danger. If not, keep moving around the barrow, particularly looking for

the Shaman. When you get the Charm, ask the Sentinel to show you the way to the exit, but only follow the mist back to the first set of bridges near Oben Rageclaw. Turn in The Sleeping Druid;

pick up Druid of the Claw.

Recross the bridge, then cross the left bridge to the locked door. As you approach, it will open, releasing Rageclaw's physical form and a firbolg to attack. Kill them, then target Rageclaw's

body and use the Voodoo Charm on it.

Go back across the two bridges to Oben Rageclaw. Turn in Druid of the Claw.

Hearth to Dolanaar. Turn in The Relics of Awakening and Resident Danger, pick up Ursal the Mauler. Sell junk and repair.

Head out east from Dolanaar. As you travel, check near the tree trunks along the north side of the road for Fel Cones. They look like pine cones, with green smoke coming from them, and

they'll be sparkling.

When the road bends north back towards Shadowglen, leave it and continue east, keeping an eye out for Fel Cones along the way. Northeast of Starbreeze Village you'll find a couple of firbolg

camps. Ferocitas spawns in the east camp; kill and loot him for Tallonkai's Jewel. Continue killing here until you've completed Ferocitas the Dream Eater.

Go back west towards Dolanaar. If you haven't yet, find 3 Fel Cones. At Zenn Foulhoof, turn in Seek Redemption!

Continue west into Dolanaar. Pick up Nature's Reprisal from Syral Bladeleaf. Go up to the top of the building next to her, to Tallonkai Swiftroot. Turn in Ferocitas the Dream Eater, and get

Twisted Hatred.

Leave Dolanaar to the west, and take the first pathway north. Follow it as it curves to the right, to Fel Rock cave.

On the Sprites and Grells, use the Ireroot Seeds. Target the ground they're on, and it will snare the NPC, then explode it. You can continue to use the Ireroot Seed afterthe quest is done, as

you move through the cave.

When inside the cave, bear right at each fork. This will bring you to the ledge at the rear of the cave where Melenas is. Kill him and loot his head.

Exit the cave, take the trail back to the road, and head west. Further along the road you will see Moon Priestess Amara mounted on a white saber. Take her quest, The Road to Darnassus.

Follow the path next to her, northward, into The Cleft. Kill firbolgs as you go. When you reach a fork, take the path to the right. You'll find Ursal the Mauler in a cave at the end. Kill


Return down the path to Amara. Turn in The Road to Darnassus.

Hearth to Dolanaar. Turn in Nature's Reprisal, Twisted Hatred, and Ursal the Mauler. Pick up Denalan's Earth.

Go south-southwest out of Dolanaar towards the eastern end of Lake Al'Ameth, where Denalan is camped. Turn in Denalan's Earth. Once he's done with it, pick up his quests Timberling Seeds and

Timberling Sprouts.

Work your way south around the lake, killing Timberlings for the seeds, and looting Timberling Sprouts off the ground. A bit away from the south bank of the lake, you'll see a giant plant

object with a shimmering magenta field around it. This is the Strange Fruited Plant; go to it and pick up the quest The Glowing Fruit.

Finish collecting seeds and sprouts, then return to Denalan. Turn in Timberling Seeds, Timberling Sprouts, and The Glowing Fruit. Pick up Rellian Greenspyre. If you want, wait for Denalan to

plant his seeds. Boglings will spawn in the planter, and can be killed for Bogling Roots, which give a small buff.

Hearth or run back to Dolanaar. From Corithras Moonrage, near the moonwell, pick up the quest Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei.

Train, sell junk, restock, and repair as needed.

Exit Dolanaar and follow the road west. Keep going till you cross a bridge, and after that on the right is Wellspring Hovel. Talk to Rellian Greenspyre, turn in your quest to him, and pick up

Mossy Tumors.

Go north-northwest. Find and follow the path leading north, which will take you to the Oracle Glade. Get the quests Tears of the Moon and The Enchanted Glade. Go to the moonwell just to the

east, and fill your Amethyst Phial.

Go west of the Oracle Glade and start killing harpies for Bloodfeather Belts. Work your way northward. You'll see another of the plants in the magenta fields, this one a Strange Fronded

Plant. Pick up the quest from the plant, The Shimmering Frond.

Near the north wall, just east of directly north of the Oracle Glade, is Lady Sathrah, a large gray spider. Kill her and loot her Silvery Spinnerets.

Continue east to the Wellspring River. Kill any type of Timberling there, working south along the river until you have 5 Mossy Tumors.

Head westish back to the Oracle Glade. Turn in The Enchanted Glade and Tears of the Moon.

Go back south to the Wellspring Hovel. Turn in Mossy Tumors and The Shimmering Frond. Pick up Oakenscowl.

Go back to the north again, and when you can, cut northeast. Loop around the southern end of Wellspring Lake. Near the hills to the east of the lake is Oakenscowl. Kill him and loot the

Gargantuan Tumor.

Return to Denalan at Wellspring Hovel. Turn in Oakenscowl.

Get back on the main road and go west. At the next crossroads you'll find Corithras Moonrage. Turn in Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei and pick up Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn.

Head south and a little east. Skirt the eastern side of the Pools of Arlithrien, and just east of the southernmost pool you'll find the moonwell. Fill your Tourmaline Phial.

Between the Pools to your west, you'll see Tarindrella. To her, turn in Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn and get The Vengeance of Elune.

Take a moment to check out the buttons on the vehicle UI, then head south. Work your way southwest into Gnarlpine Hold. The #2 button pulls all enemies in range close to you. The #1 button is

a low-damage hit to corrupted targets, and a heal for allies. The #3 is a more powerful attack on targets near you, but has a longer cooldown. Practice using them on the packs of corrupted

firbolgs and demons you encounter.

Work your way to the far southwest tip of Gnarlpine Hold, where you'll find a large corrupted Ancient-type tree. Use your leet skillz to take him and his friends down.

Return to Tarindrella at the Pools of Arlithrien. Turn in The Vengeance of Elune, get The Waters of Teldrassil.

Return back north to the crossroads, to Corithras Moonrage. Turn in The Waters of Teldrassil, get Home of the Kaldorei.

Go west into Darnassus. Continue west to the bank, then take the bridge that heads straight south. Once inside the Temple, take the spiralling ramp in the back to the upper level. Run to the

far side (over the entrance). Turn in Home of the Kaldorei to Tyrande Whisperwind.

Just behind you, pick up Breaking Waves of Change from Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow. Jump over the wall behind Tyrande (it doesn't hurt... much) and leave the Temple to the north. When you

reach the bank, take the bridge to the west. Go straight into the pink shimmering thing we didn't go into before. You'll find yourself at Rut'theran Village, and should get your Exploration

achievement for Teldrassil.

Once teleported, you'll see Vesprystus immediately to your left. Get his flight point. His map should show a flight point on the mainland called Lor'danel, Darkshore. Take that flight.

Thus ends your Teldrassil experience!


Jiyambi's you have now taken a sneak preview into... the DEVO ZONE!


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Wow, nice job. Hard to

Wow, nice job. Hard to believe that came from what I wrote Smiling

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Woah there Turbo! Awesome

Woah there Turbo!

Awesome that you were able to get this ready so fast! Great work, both to wkjezz and Solitha!

One note: The pictures of the moonwell and the plants look a little funny being in-line with the text. I'd just place them on their own line, before or after their respective paragraphs, were it me.