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Blackrock is a curse word on the lips of many Vanilla faithful (including myself). So the developers though it would be a great idea to bring Blackrock Mountains back to life! And I have to level we you, after 4 years away from the place... I'm ready! Are you?

Previous to Cataclysm Blackrock Mountains was the home of some of Vanilla's most memorable instances. You had;

  • Blacrock Depths - Famous for taking multiple runs to complete, MC attunment
  • Lower Blackrock Spire - Precursor to 60 raiding, BWL attunements galore
  • Upper Blackrock Spire - Level 60 Super Dungeon; or Raid. 10 people, 1 Leeroy
  • Molten Core - The pinnacle of many Vanilla raiding guilds, 35 person raid (40 if you could get 'em)
  • Blackwing Layer - This 40person raid punished you just for entering, the 1st boss was far from "Gift loot"

If all of the above had just 2 things in common, it is this: 1. The run back to hell, was the run back from hell, and 2. This complex HAS to be one of the reasons that summoning stones were invented.

So now that Blackrock Mountains has given birth to a brand spanking new dungeon, and for the first time ever, Heroic mode dungeon.. What's the scoop?

"Blackrock Caverns is a complex of tunnels created by Deathwing, that connects the mountain home of the Dark Iron dwarves with the Twilight Highlands, north-west of the Wetlands. It is populated by members of the Twilight Hammer."

- wowhead

It is my assumption that from the Cinematic and the above mini intro to the dungeon, that Deathwing's armor is infact comprised of dark iron, and the route between here and Twilight Highlands is a supply line and the home of Blackrock Caverns.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum Level: 80
  • Heroic Level: 85
  • To use the Dungeon Finder, you have to have discovered the instance first
  • 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 3 DPS (at least 1 CC- feels good to write this!)

How to get there

If you are a post vanilla player of wow, or like me, have tried oh so hard to purge the memory of Blackrock Mountains from your mind, then here is a little refresher for you. Blackrock Mountians can be reached from 2 zones (it's THAT epic) Searing Gorge, and Burning Steppes. I used to tend to come in from Searing Gorge as to prepare myself for the epic run back (which became more epic when you fell down the holes into the cauldron) Below are some maps of how to get there:

Burning Steppes

Searing Gorge

The entrance is just off of the main ring in Blackrock Mountain on the non-jumping path to Blackrock Spire. Head to the eastern side of the ring to see the summoning stone for Blackrock Spire and follow the path. As it turns north there is a blockade blocking the way. Look right to see the instance line.

The Lay of the Land
Image from wowiki
Loading Screen

First Floor Map

Second Floor Map

Known Quests

At this time there are Six quests for BRC. One is Exclusive to the horde, and the others appear to be for both factions.

This Can Only Mean One Thing...

  • Horde Only
  • Obtained in Mt. Hyjal
  • Cookie crumb quest - 3490xp

The Twilight Forge

  • Horde and Alliance (Speculation)
  • Acquisition/Turn-in Unknown
  • 32g 80s and 69,800xp

What Is This Place?

  • Horde and Alliance (Speculation)
  • Acquisition/Turn-in Unknown
  • 32g 80s and 69,800xp

To the Chamber of Incineration!

  • Horde and Alliance (Speculation)
  • Acquisition/Turn-in Unknown
  • 32g 80s and 69,800xp

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Ascendant Lord Obsidius

Trash Stash

Here are some of the elite residents of BRC that will stand between your party, and the bosses.

Lucky, Buster, Runty and Spot

Core-hound puppies! with upto 353,276hp!
Lava Drool | Little Big Flame Breath

Heat Exhaustion | Immolate

Crazed Mage
Frost Nova | Frost Bolt | Icy Veins

Defiled Earth Rager
Bludgeoning Strike | Meteor

Evolved Twilight Zealot
Force Blast | Gravity Strike | Grievous Whirl | Shadow Strike

Incendiary Spark
Final Volley | Fireball

Flame Buffet

Twilight Element Warden
Chain Lightning | Fireblast | Frostbomb

Twilight Flame Caller
Blast Wave | Call Flames

Twilight Obsidian Borer
Bore | Shadow Prison

Twilight Sadist
Heart-seeker Blade | Inflict Pain | Short Throw | Sinister Strike

Twilight Torturer
Red-Hot Poker | Inflict Pain | Shackles | Wild Beatdown

Twilight Zealot
Force Blast | Gravity Strike | Grievous Whirl | Shadow Strike

The Bosses in Order of Appearance

Romm'ogg Bonecrusher

Call for Help | Chains of Woe | Quake | The Skullcracker |
Manacles of Pain | Torturer's Mercy | Shield of the Iron Maiden | Inquisition Robes | Skullcracker Ring


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Images and Video Walkthrough Incoming

I just sent a message to John of Cynical Brit/Blue plz podcast seeking permission to use some of his content in this preview, If he gives me the go ahead there will be a 19minute full run through video and some spanky new images instead of lots of-