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Blackrock is a curse word on the lips of many Vanilla faithful (including myself). So the developers though it would be a great idea to bring Blackrock Mountains back to life! And I have to level we you, after 4 years away from the place... I'm ready! Are you?

Previous to Cataclysm Blackrock Mountains was the home of some of Vanilla's most memorable instances. You had;

  • Blacrock Depths - Famous for taking multiple runs to complete, MC attunment
  • Lower Blackrock Spire - Precursor to 60 raiding, BWL attunements galore
  • Upper Blackrock Spire - Level 60 Super Dungeon; or Raid. 10 people, 1 Leeroy
  • Molten Core - The pinnacle of many Vanilla raiding guilds, 35 person raid (40 if you could get 'em)
  • Blackwing Layer - This 40person raid punished you just for entering, the 1st boss was far from "Gift loot"


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Images and Video Walkthrough Incoming

I just sent a message to John of Cynical Brit/Blue plz podcast seeking permission to use some of his content in this preview, If he gives me the go ahead there will be a 19minute full run through video and some spanky new images instead of lots of-