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Good Morning WoW Community! I am sure you are hearing a lot of horror stories about the new realms of healing in the upcoming patch, and may be worried about how your favourite class, the Holy Paladin, is going to be effected. In truth, so was I.

Fear not however, as Holy Paladin are still going to be a very competent and a much more well rounded healing class.

There are some things you need to know, however, and I will be going over these spells and talents with you in this guide, and offering my insight as I see it.

Before we get going I want to thank ranran90 for the pre 4.0.1 Holy Paladin Guide and I will most likely quote from that guide in certain places; fear not, credit will be given as I do so.

Table of Contents

Part One - The Spells
As you may by now be aware, we only have 35 talent points as a level 80 character, and we get bonus talents and spells dictated by how many points we spend in a particular talent tree. Some of our spells are changed considerably. To make these changes more eyecatching I will color code the text to help point out the following:

Red - Totally new
Orange - Major Change
Green - Minor Change
Black - No Change

Aura Mastery - Instant Cast; 2 minute Cooldown
Causes your Concentration Aura to make all affected targets immune to Silence and Interrupt effects and improve the effects of all other aura by 100% for 6 seconds

Beacon of Light - Instant Cast; 60yd range

The target becomes a Beacon of Light to all members of your raid or party within a 60yard radius. Each heal you cast on party members will also heal the Beacon for 50% of the amount healed. Only one target can be the Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts for 1.50 min.

Change Tracker: The beacon only recieves 50% healing now instead of 100%; this may significantly reduce our overhealing. We may now also find ourselves directly healing the BOL; which sounds dumb, but with talent points, will generate the all new Holy Power.

Cleanse - Instant Cast; 40yd range
Cleanses a friendly target, removing 1 Poison effect and 1 Disease effect.

Change Tracker: Basically Cleanse and Purify have been combined to one spell. With talents, this will also be able to purge a Magic Effect also. I will do some research as if one cleanse will remove all debuffs at the same time, or if you have to cast the spell multiple times to remove multiple debuffs. My hope is this is not the case, if so we are spending a lot of global cool downs in a debuff intense fight.

Concentration Aura
All party or raid members within 40 yards lose 35% less casting or channeling time when damaged. Players may only have one Aura on them per Paladin at any one time.

Divine Favor; Instant Cast; 3Minute Cooldown
Increases your spell casting haste by 20% and spell critical chance by 20% for 20 sec.

Change Tracker: This replaces Divine Illumination. Divine Illumination reduced mana consumption by 50%. Now it seems we have a mini Heroism/Bloodlust all to ourselves. If this ability is popped at the same time as Heroism/Bloodlust I can imagine the effects will be violent Smiling

Divine Light; 40 yd range, 3 sec cast; 30% of base mana

A large heal that heals a friendly target. Good for periods of heavy damage.

Change Tracker: This is a new direct heal that in my opinion replaces Holy Light as we know it now. It casts the same speed, it heals for about the same amount; so basically, this is out new big heal. (30% of your base mana, is basically the mana you would have if you was wearing no gear at all.)

Divine Plea - Instant Cast; 2min cooldown
You gain 10% of your total mana over 15 sec, but the amount healed by your healing spells is reduced by 50%.

Change Tracker: They have slashed the mana regeneration again. Now it is only 10%. However with Glyphs this is increased to 15% By the looks of Divine Favor, you will almost certainly want to pop this at the same time as Divin Plea or during times of softer damage.

Exorcism - 30% of base mana, 30 yd range, 1.5 sec cast

Causes Holy damage to an enemy target. If the target is Undead or Demon, it will always critically hit.

Flash of Light & Holy Light

Flash of Light - 27% of base mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
A quick, expensive heal that heals a friendly target for a modest amount.

Holy Light - 9% of base mana, 40 yd range, 3 sec cast
Heals a friendly target for a smaller amount.

Chage Tracker; Basically our two core skills are now totally changed. With my current gear, the new base heal amounts are

Flash - 7005
Holy Light - 3991

So flash is a fast strong heal consuming a good amount of mana, and Holy Light is a small heal, very low mana cost, and slower. I have been thinking about this long and hard, because I was thinking, With Devine Light what possible use is a slow soft heal when we have Divine Light and Flash of Light. After really discussing this; Holy Light will be the top up spell which is greatly impacted by haste. So come Cataclysm I think Paladins will ultimately put a lot of stock into haste to use Holy light, in a similar way to who we currently use flash of light. What i think blizzard have tried to do is to get rid of the spam flash mentality that some people have fallen into. We can no longer heal a nice fast soft heal made good by a tonne of crit. I hope this provokes a lot of discussion in the comments.

In the general order of our direct cast heals:

Divine Light = Strongest heal, Slow and Mana Hungry (30% Base Mana)
Good For Spike Damage on multiple targets when used in conjunction with Beacon of Light

Flash of Light = Moderate heal, Fast and Mana Hungry (27% Base Mana)
Clutch heal for Spike Damage on a direct target. The benefits of this spell thansfered onto your Beacon of Light target are good, but I would possibly use this spell to directly heal the beacon target (yes, actually placing a direct heal onto someone with beacon) in quick succession to generate quick charges of Holy Power.

Holy Light = Weaker heal, Slow (same as Divin Light) and Mana Generous (9% Base Mana)
Heal used for topping off raid members or tanks in periods of predicatble and/or soft damage. It can be good in conjunction with Beacon of Light, IF the Beacon target is NOT your primary heal target. This heal may also be a great heal to use when under the effects of Heroism/Bloodlust, and/or Divine Favor, however not when using Divine Plea.

Holy Shock - 8% of base mana, 20(enemy)/40(friendly) yd range, Instant cast, 6 sec cooldown

Blasts the target with Holy energy, causing Holy damage to an enemy, or healing to an ally, and grants a charge of Holy Power.

Change Tracker; This spell is HEAVILY effected by a passive talent called Daybreak. You will basically stand a 10/20% chance of using a double Holy Shock; thus generating 2 quick charges of Holy Power. This however does not overide the GCD; so this needs to be handled inteligently. In addition to that, you can also spec into a talent called Speed of Light and Infusion of Light. Which Holy Shock directly effects.


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Changes in cata beta

Not sure if you've seen it yet, but Light of Dawn is going to be changing, according to MMO-champ regarding latest beta build. Hopefully we'll see that change hit live before Cata.

When it hits live, my previous comment on Light of Dawn will become obsolete. Since it will now depend on holy power and has no cooldown, it should no longer sucks... It'll actually be pretty darn good and feels like the capstone it should be.

What made it hard to use was the 30 second cooldown, it made it unreliable and too situational. Having it as a holy power dump button alternative to Word of Glory means you can use it almost on demand, picking between its AoE healing utility or Word of Glory's single target.

They still need to change the animation on it though, it still looks like it has a much smaller area than it really does.

Thanks so Much!!!

Thanks for all the time and effort on this, wkjezz. I would be completely lost without it. All the feedback from forum subscribers has also been priceless!! Smiling

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it's my hope I can expand upon this soon, I have a lot im working on right now inside and outside Wow-pro


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Images too large

wkjezz, your two images of the talent window are breaking the layout of the site on my monitor's resolution. It's not a wide screen but it's large enough that I'd suggest you shrinking the images so the guide display's nicely on similar monitors Smiling

Also - having an up to date class guide = win!

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Will do this when I get home

Will do this when I get home this weekend


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No hurry

No hurry Smiling It's a pretty minor thing, just wanted to let you know.

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Okay, thoughts after raiding

Okay, so thoughts after raiding through ICC as a holy paladin, take as you will:
1) 10 yard judgements are a pain, and it's hard to keep the haste buff some times. You also heal your beacon target (assuming it's the tank) often enough that getting holy power is -not- an issue.

As a result, I would highly recommend switching Blessed Life for Enlightened Judgements, or putting points into Improved Judgement instead of Crusade. I would prefer taking a point from Paragon of Virtue though, rather than from Crusade.

At level 85, you'll definitely have 2/2 Improved Judgements as you go for Pursuit of Justice, but at level 80, it's tricky to get 30+ yard judgements. See if you can live with 20 yard, easily doable by switching points from Blessed Life to Enlightened Judgements. The important thing is being able to keep that 9% haste buff up.

2) Light of Dawn... sucks. There's opportunities to use it, sure, but timing/raid placement/etc just made it hard to use when I wanted to, and when I could use it easily, it wouldn't do much.
-Marrowgar you can use during bonestorm...once (lasts 20 seconds, CD is 30 seconds). Assuming he dies by the second bonestorm, you've used it twice in the fight. Woohoo?
-Lady Deathwhisper is chaotic and you don't have people clumped because of ghosts. You really won't get to use it. lootship. i guess you could use it, but do you need to?
-Saurfang, it's not bad to use if marks are in melee and you're clumped with melee (we usually put healers with melee/tanks), or if the blood crap is on a bunch of melee. But a shaman does this better...
-Stinky/Precious! Not real bosses, but good for decimate and Stinky's aoe.
-Festergut, unless you're clumped with melee (and you won't be if you're doing 25-man heroic) it sucks. If you do happen to be there, it might actually be pretty good. If you're in range though, you're going to be away from enough other people because you don't want to spread vile gas.
-Rotface, well, if people are getting hit with slime spray I guess it's good for an aoe heal since most people are clumped? I didn't really need to use it here...
-Putricide, not bad while you're jumping his disease in melee. It's also great during phase 3. Though again, that 30-second cooldown -kills- me. I want to use it but I just -can't-. Argh!
-Council, too spread because of vortexes usually.
-Blood Queen... a very good fight for it actually. I used it every time it was off CD on melee/tanks.
-Valithria...ahahahahaha, no. Just no.
-Sindragosa...I can't really say. I didn't risk using it during phase 3 even though that's when we take aoe frost damage, and just kept focusing on tanks/ignoring raid. It probably could be used fine, but I wanted to play it safe and just finish the raid already.
-Lich King, okay, Light of Dawn isn't bad here, there's a lot of both aoe damage -and- clumping that makes this a good spell. Infest was such a joke.

Still annoys me that our supposed capstone spell is so...situational.

3) You're pretty much going to be casting holy shock every time it's up, otherwise you're casting Divine Light (you won't keep a beaconed tank up with holy light, trust me, the splatter he makes as he explodes isn't pretty). Word of Glory on whomever needs it most if you have three stacks of holy power up, and use holy light only if Infusion of Light procs or you're in a low damage phase. If Divine Light is using up too much of your mana too fast, you may want to reforge something to spirit (crit sucks, hahaha), but you can mix in some more holy lights in place of divine light. Don't treat holy light as your main heal though, tanks aren't going to live.

4) A thing to note about doesn't reset Holy Shock or let you use it if it's on cooldown. I don't know if anybody else thought this too or if it was just me, but I was expecting that when it procs, I'd be able to use Holy Shock immediately.

You can't, actually.

Instead, what it does is that once it -does- come off cooldown, you'll be able to cast it twice. Once eating the daybreak proc, and once eating the cooldown.

Don't cast one immediately after the other though! Remember that Holy Shock reduces the cast time of Divine Light and Holy Light. So cast HS->DL->HS->DL. Obviously, if Infusion of Light procced, cast Holy Light instead of Divine Light.

5) For all that cataclysm promises us that we're not going to be tank-only healers...we still kind of are. As mentioned, Light of Dawn is just not cutting it as a raid healing spell, and we don't have Holy Radiance yet...and when we get it, it has a 1 minute cooldown. Your best way to heal in a raid is to beacon the off-tank, and heal the main tank with Divine Light. If the tanks are topped off, you can help heal the raid, particularly if you can time a good use of Light of Dawn (so very situational that it makes me cry!), or some flash of lights. Tanks still ping-pong in health a fair bit though, so I don't know how safe you'd feel doing so.

6) All these proc-based healing crap is driving me nuts. Not only do I have to keep track of 24 other people's health, I need to keep track of holy power for WoG, holy shock coming off cooldown, -and- Daybreak/Infusion of Light procs to see if I'm casting holy light or whatever? Aigggh! MADNESS!

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over the next few days i

over the next few days i will make some mods to this guide to reflect your experience, i really do appreciate your feedback


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No problem! I like holy

No problem! I like holy paladins, and they've changed significantly so having a guide out there is nice. Obviously, I'm also still learning the ropes, and trying to get used to the genius behind the madness (or at least one hopes there is some genius behind it). My limited experience is also currently limited to a bit of instances/heroics and one ICC-25 raid as a tank healer.

You've obviously stated you've done funnel healing to raid heal, so raid healing is apparently possible even if my experience makes it hard to see.

But in the raid I did, we generally embraced our old roles, so if I didn't focus on tanks, tanks would die, and if I tried to do any raid healing, I'd tend to overheal for a lot. Perhaps it's just a matter of being assigned to raid heal in the first place.

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Nice guide so far

I'm still trying to figure out my paladin's role with the changes, so this is nice to see, and I hope to see it develop more.

One thing I would note is that you don't mention Blessings at all. It's worth noting that Blessing of Kings now only gives +5% to attributes, and gives some resistance bonuses. Blessing of Might meanwhile not only gives 10% attack bonus, but 92mp5.

As such, I also think that Glyph of Blessing of Might is a perfectly valid minor glyph (I actually prefer Might to Kings).

You might also want to note which 9 glyphs you'd pick from that bunch, even if it's still helpful to list options. My own personal preference right now:
-Holy Shock (this is our big spell now, we use it whenever it's off cooldown, so improving it is a duh)
-Seal of Insight (same thing, we're always using this and we want better heals)
-and Word of Glory (this one was debatable. I like it more than Divine Favor simply because I feel I'll use it more)
-Divine Plea (It only gives 10% mana otherwise. 15% is just that much more desirable. It's the only major I think that's an absolute must-have)
-Divinity (mana is a more important thing, especially if you want to be able to cast a lot of Divine Light spells, which you probably will if you continue as a tank healer)
-Beacon of Light (it's not as important as it used to be, but I still like this. I still say only Divine Plea is absolutely a must though)
-Blessing of Might (interchangeable with the Kings one, depending on which you favor. I'd rather have the 92mp5 than more intellect at my gear level, personally, so I like Might)
-Lay on Hands (no better option, still good though)
-Insight (no better option, still good though)

Talent-wise, I grabbed the same spec pretty much, although I put one extra point in Crusade to improve Holy Shock, rather than Paragon of Virtue. I just feel that I'd rather have that 10% more healing from one of my main healing tools, personally.

You haven't covered stats weights yet, but I'd at least note that right now reforging to mastery isn't a good idea. Hopefully mastery will be a better stat at 85, but right now at 80, it doesn't seem to be worth reforging towards.

I tried to do so with extra crit (given crit is the least important stat of what we have right now, it's pretty easy to get Conviction to 3 stacks, and the only other benefit is for Infusion of Light proccing), and found that the mastery bubble didn't improve significantly. You're better off either leaving it as is if you're going to focus on healing through holy light, or reforging it to spirit or haste if you're going to focus on divine light.

My current reforging set-up: crit->spirit where I don't have spirit, crit->haste otherwise, and if I can't do either, I leave it alone. I don't have anything reforged anything to mastery.

I may prefer not having crit->spirit, as I don't think I'm hurting for mana much, but we'll see how it goes in a raid environment tomorrow.

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Seems as glyphs are now perma learnt, each different kind of encounter may invoke different use of glyphs, which is why i didnt really want to zero in on specifics; learn the bulk of the red ones, carry some vanishing powder and flip flop the glyphs (i love this new glyph system so much)

As for the blessings; I will do a revision soon, thanks for the tip.

I am still testing out the stats because I really want to test the dynamics of 85 end game before giving a definitive suggestion. I don't like our mastery much either, but I am actually thinking haste is going to be more paramount with a delicious amount of spirit; i had a lot of crit on my gear in april, and shamans, and druids were getting heals in faster and my heals were critting into a lot of overheal. When I bumped my haste up though, my over healing dropped about 8-17% and my effective healing countered that; however, my role wasnt a mirror tank healer (Beacon on tank, heal the other) my roll was a "Funnel Healer" beacon the main tank, heal the raid.

Great feed back, thank you


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Yeah, that's true that we

Yeah, that's true that we can just reglyph with the vanishing powder. In general, I don't see a situation where we might replace glyph of divine plea, seal of insight, or holy shock, though, so I figured I'd at least highlight a mention for those. And you probably wouln't be switching between Blessing of Kings/Might minor, probably either, nor the other minors just from lack of options.

A question: Are you aiming this guide for 85 specifically, or for the current level 80 patch until cataclysm hits? It sounds like you're more interested in the lv 85 part from the comment, and I don't know how different things will be at 85, since we'll at least have two more spells in our arsenal by then, Holy Radiance & Guardian of Ancient Kings, so healing priorities might change.

I'd actually be more interested in the level 80 side of things, although being prepared for 85 will certainly help.

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I am a great fan

It is my ultimate aim to evolve the guide into an 85 guide, though I may archive this one and make a 2nd edition as time permits.


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Adapt and change dude, the

Adapt and change dude, the guide is a great insight into lvl80 paystyle and a great basis for lvl 85...

New gear? 3 new spells globally per class? In all honesty dude this is top notch and all it would need is a small update each patch if there's any palla changes! Awesome guide is awesome! And I hope you don't mind but I shall be stealing some idea's and basic layout stuff for my Warrior guides... Why improve on awesomeness after all Smiling


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Talent points

As you can see, we have 6 remaining unspent talent points. Once you have specced on the 7th line...

By that time you have 4 points

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Really excellent guide!

Really excellent guide! Also, your glyph diagram made me literally lol. Thank you for that. Laughing out loud

Now I need to get my butt in gear and update my tree (or not so much tree, these days) guide!

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Talent Trees Added

Talent Trees Added


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Glyphs Updated

And Phase One of the guide is complete