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After about a year's break of WoW, I've started playing again. I am way more busy now than I was when I first joined WoW-pro, so I may only have time to play the game itself, but I will try to find time to update my old guides. I don't really know the importance of telling this, but I thought I'd just let you know that I might become more active again, considering the last time I checked, this place was literally deserted.


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Good to hear from you Maw,

Good to hear from you Maw, great to have you back too, even if it's just the odd lurking if no major guide contributions Smiling Time constraints are abviously a major factor in people's lives and of course limiting on certain aspects of what they can do. Nontheless hope to see ya round more on here Smiling


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Welcome back Maw, nice to

Welcome back Maw, nice to hear you're back. Your contributions were good, I still follow the human 1-20 guide. I hope to get back in the game soon, too Smiling.

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Awesome to hear you might be

Awesome to hear you might be showing your face (avatar?) around here more often! There aren't a lot of the old guard left, but many new users have become active to fill the gap. Anyway, it's always good to hear from you!