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Greetings, Adventurers! While this is intended as a Leveling Guide, I acknowledge that many of you may be using this as a "Doing all the quests for reputation/achievement purposes" guide. Some of you will be using Heirloom Gear, others will not. So rather than separating this guide by level I'm going to do it by quest hubs, and you can follow it whatever level you are.

Color Code

Quest objectives to kill

The Guide


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went trough the guide

I just went trough your guide and there was 2 things missing from the guide.
The first step in the optional circuit should be picking up The legend of captain grayson so you can turn it in when you come to step 3.
The other one is the first step in the to moonbrook! section
The players who didn't follow the optional circuit can't fly to moonbrook so you might want to add that they need to run over there and get the flight path.
Other then that great guide.

Guides coded to addons by me:

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   Training can now be done at the Sentinel Hill Inn (but only for Classes that a Human can get) minus the Deathknight of course

Great guide time I'll find where i can add my own posted comments

   The Count down to 12-21-2012 begins NOW! Have a nice day MUH HA Ha ha

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Looks promising guide wise,

Looks promising guide wise, however the format (to me) is not how guides usually are.

No maps, and pretty much no visuals at all, however I do not know if that is being worked on or not, so I will not assume the worst.

Comment me on my blog.

I do plan to get maps & pics

Maps & pics added!