SIGN UPS --- Cataclysm Guides

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Please post a comment here if you would like to write, code, or test a guide. Include whether or not you currently have a beta key, and specifically what guide you would like to work on. Please list only one guide at a time.

Once someone has signed up to lead a project, they need to create a forum post for that project (see the forum post for the Goblin Starter for an example).

If you are collaborating, you need to check in often. Even if you aren't give us updates on your progress. If you don't we're going to assume you aren't working on the guide and give the project to someone else. Check in *at least* once a week.

Guide Writers

If you are interested in writing a guide that will become an official WoW-Pro leveling guide, you need to make sure to follow Jame's format. I will be posting a guide in a day or two about exactly what you need to do, but for now, take a look at Jame's guides and make yours look like his.

Addon Guide Writers

You may be writing a "paper" guide at the same time or collaborating with someone who is. Our addon code format has changed a bit now that we've created our own addon. Make sure you are using the correct format! I'll be posting a more detailed guide about this within the next few days.

Guide Testers

Each guide will have a subforum here where you can post feedback. Be as clear as possible, making sure to let us know exactly what the problem is and where it is in the guide. If you are using the addon, make sure you note what version, and if there are any other addons you are using that might be causing the problem.

Good luck, and thanks!

Coord Macro

/script local px, py= GetPlayerMapPosition( "player" ) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format ( "(%s, %s) %s", floor(px * 100 + 0.5), floor(py * 100 + 0.5), GetZoneText() ))

Current Projects

In the Status column you can see what the current status of every guide is:

NeededThe guide has not been written yet, and is needed. Feel free to sign up for these guides!
Revisions The guide has been written, but it needs improvements.
In ProgressThe guide has been assigned to someone and they are in the process of writing it.
Complete The guide has been completed.

Kalimdor (1-60)
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Durotar (1-10) Needed
Troll 1-5 and Durotar 5-10 is Complete
Complete Jiyambi
Mulgore (1-10) Needed In Progress Gylin 09-11-2010
Kezan (1-5) Revisions Revisions Jiyambi
Lost Isles (5-12) Needed Revisions Malorajan 05-11-2010
Azshara (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Northern Barrens (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 21-11-2010
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete Bitsem 01-11-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 10-11-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 30-10-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 22-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010

Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Azuremyst Isle (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Teldrassil(1-10) In Progress Complete Solitha
Bloodmyst Isle (10-20) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Darkshore (10-20) Needed Complete Solitha
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete wkjezz 01-12-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 03-12-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Eversong Woods (1-10) Revisions Complete Liavan 27-10-2010
Tirisfal Glades (1-10) Needed In Progress Manovan 27-10-2010
Ghostlands (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Silverpine Forest (10-20) Needed Revisions Malorajan 06-11-2010
Hillsbrad Foothills (20-25) Needed Complete AyaJulia 05-12-2010
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 04-12-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Dakota Fanning 04-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 06-11-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Gilneas (1-10) Complete Complete rpotor
Dun Morogh (1-10) Needed Complete Gylin 27-10-2010
Elwynn Forest (1-10) Complete Complete Kurich
Westfall (10-20) Complete Complete Kurich
Loch Modan (10-20) Needed In Progress
Gylin 27-10-2010
Redridge Mountains (15-20) Complete Complete Crackerhead22
Duskwood (20-25) Complete Complete Kurich
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete savagefool 27-10-2010
Wetlands (25-30) Needed In Progress Gylin 27-10-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 04-12-2010

Levels 80-85
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete In Progress Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Complete Liavan 08-11-2010
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Needed Needed 27-10-2010


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You could start Horde Vashj'ir

Duke, since two days of maintenance has slowed down my progress a bit on the Hyjal guide, if you want you can start on the horde side vashj'ir guide.

If you are not sure on the formatting, just write the guide in Word or some other word processing program. Use some kind of notation to identify quests, items, locations, NPCs, and quest objectives to kill. Then send it to me and I'll format it for the guide and send it back for you to post.

I'll still start up the Alliance guide once I finish Hyjal.

Arixan's picture

New subcategory

Any chance we can get a new subsection Leveling Guides for the Cataclysm guides. It seems kind of clunky right now to put them in the same section as the pre-Cataclysm guides.

I doesn't have to be there of course, just somewhere that we can keep these organized until Cata goes live.

Jiyambi's picture

Very good suggestion,

Very good suggestion, thanks! I'm making a new category now, and moving the guides that have been created.

EDIT: Done and done.

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Human Starting Zone

I have started a guide for the updated human starting zone. The basic writeup is done, just working on formatting. I'll post a link when finished.

Arixan's picture

Mostly done

Here is the link to the initial public draft of the guide.

I wanted to start with something fairly simple to get used to the formatting options and whatnot. If this one goes well, I would like to start work on the 80-85 zones. I've already been through Hyjal and Vashj'ir once, so I know how the quests mostly go.
I know Jame may come back through and do these himself, which is totally ok with me, but I would like to get something in place for people to use at launch in case we can't get Jame into the beta or he is busy with other things.

Jiyambi's picture

Sounds like an excellent

Sounds like an excellent plan to me Smiling Just let me know which one you want to work on first so I can add you to the list.

Arixan's picture

I'll start off with Hyjal

Might be a bit slow at first, since the talent trees are all kinds of not working right now. But I should be able to get an initial draft up by next weekend.

Guide Writing for Cataclysm

I would like to write guides for the Cataclysm Expansion for WoW pro, long time fan, and ive leveled 3 chars to 80, including my namesake, lol, I will write some guides if you would let me

Jiyambi's picture

What guides are you

What guides are you interested in writing?

Troll addon

Troll addon writing please, already started


I could also try my hand at writing guides. I have used them plenty for my 8 different level 70+ characters, so I have a good idea of the general format and the intended style of writing / pace of the guides.

First time poster. Long time follower!

Hello there,

I have been using the guides here since the early BC days and I have to say nothing compares. But instead of ranting about how great you guys are (I see enough of those on here all the time), I am here because I just got my beta invite literally 2 minutes ago!

This post is the second thing that I did since I have received the invite (first was start the installation of the beta). So you can see how motivated I am to help out! I would love to be a coder but unfortunately have no experience in that I would probably be limited to testing. I'll test whatever needs to be tested, just let me know!


Jiyambi's picture

The code used to write guide

The code used to write guide files is actually very simple, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to master it easily. However I think we'll wait to do those until we have a more polished version of the addon ready. Then I'll make a detailed how-to guide for how to use the code Smiling

I'm so jealous, btw! I've been watching my inbox ever since I heard they were doing more invites this week, but so far nothing Sad Oh well, I still have enough work to do with the addon, and they don't allow addons on the beta yet.

Manovan, who is working on the troll starter guide, and Quimby, who is working on the goblin start guide, could use in game screenshots, directions, and other such. Talk to them if you like Smiling

If you'd like to write a guide of your own, let us know what you'd like to work on!

Is there anyone working on

Is there anyone working on the gnome starter guide? I would love to do that one

Jiyambi's picture

No one has signed up yet, so

No one has signed up yet, so as far as I'm concerned it's all yours. Looking forward to it, I've actually got an urge to play a gnome on the side in the expansion, at least for the first few levels to check out Gnomeregan Smiling

Gnomeregan not up yet

I don't think Gnomeregan has been implemented yet. That one guy who did the videos for Trolls and Worgen zones did a Gnome one and it was still in the Dwarf starter zone. Of course who knows how fast the changes are being rolled out, so it could be there by now.
Gnomeregan should be nice once they get it up though.

Jiyambi's picture

Ah, I remember hearing this.

Ah, I remember hearing this. Hope they get it going soon, I'm excited to see how it turns out Smiling

Arixan's picture

I can help out

I have access to the beta. Would like to try my hand at writing a guide, but I can help with testing and such as well.

As for writing a guide, besides what you have posted above, are there any zones already being worked on or otherwise reserved by someone?

Jiyambi's picture

Not that I am aware of.

Not that I am aware of.

Arixan's picture

Do you want the guides...

written by zone (a la BC/WotLK) or by level range like Jame's original 1-60 guides?

Jiyambi's picture

Very good question!

This really depends. Jame's original guides were organized as they were because it was MUCH more efficient to jump from zone to zone than to try and complete an entire zone before moving on. In fact in the original leveling game, it was pretty much impossible to level on a zone by zone basis, without grinding.

However, in the expansion it may make more sense to organize later guides by zone. In particular, it might be really nice for people who are leveling to have a choice of what zone to go to.

It will take some play testing before we really know what will be the best way to organize them. Unfortunately Jame has been pretty quiet lately so I'm not really sure what he's planning, if anything. If someone wants to start working on a guide for a higher level zone (including but not limited to the level 80-85 zones), I think that would be fine.

EDIT: I realized I flubbed my wording the first time through this. The edited part is in bold.

Worgen 1-15

I'm currently in the process of writing up a guide of my own for the worgen based on a youtube video I've found. I am not in beta, but want to help out in some fashion. I know there's already a worgen project leader, but I'd definitely be interested.

If not, I'll have to be hands off until my beta invite arrives so I can do testing, etc.

Jiyambi's picture

Please send a PM to

Please send a PM to daxinator. I know he has already expressed to me that he definitely wants help, and I know he's also still working on his Sholazar Basin guide. So I'm assuming he'll definitely want your help with the Worgen guide Smiling

Please keep in contact with him though, so that you guys don't end up overlapping and having a guide collision!

Manovan's picture

Here is my guide to the

Here is my guide to the troll starting zone.

I will need help of someone who actually has a beta key though.

Jiyambi's picture

The initial write-up looks

The initial write-up looks great, as always! Now we just need some pictures from people who are in the Beta!

Also, congratulations on becoming a Revered Member!

Manovan's picture

Yay, better gold discount at

Yay, better gold discount at the repair guy. ^^

And thanks, by the way.

Hey there

I take Vash'jir and Uldum, but I don't have a beta key, how can I help?

Jiyambi's picture

At the moment, Vash'jir is

At the moment, Vash'jir is being worked on by another user who is currently in the beta.

Unfortunately, without a beta key it's kind of hard to work on the guide Sad You could see if there is any good video footage of Uldum being played through and start a guide based on that, then correct/improve it when you have access to the zone.

Jiyambi's picture

I've added you to the list,

I've added you to the list, thanks Manovan Smiling

daxinator's picture

Well Actually

well actually, I was gonna write the Worgen Starting Guide 1 - 15, since the beginning of the Cataclysm leveling guide project you can even see my comment in the news post in the home page of the site. I always favored the Worgen and I've asked James if I can write it and he said Yes.

Jiyambi's picture

Excellent, though it would

Excellent, though it would be great if you'd accept help from others who were interested in writing it. Since you have the prior claim, I'll list you as the "project leader". But writing a guide is quite a lot of work, so if you two work together it will get done faster and be better!

Dubbeltje's picture

I'll just write the Westfall

I'll just write the Westfall guide then... and sorry Mr. Whine but I didn't know that.

mtibbs's picture

I did get a beta key!!

I did get a Bata key, so I am good to go to help test the leveling guides!!! this is my first time helping, so let me know the best way I can help.

Manovan's picture

To follow up what Jiyambi

To follow up what Jiyambi suggested: you can also take pictures of maps, areas and quests to add to the guides (even if they are only temporary). You could also check up map coordinates and have them correspond to the tasks in the goblin guide.

And of course, you can enjoy the beta and make us jealous.

Jiyambi's picture



Jiyambi's picture

Omigosh, so jealous. At the

Omigosh, so jealous.

At the moment there aren't any guides to test, though one thing you can do is go through the goblin start area and check to see if the order I posted over in that forum post is a good one. And you can take notes about directions to get places and to complete quests.

You could even start working on one of the other guides if you want to.

However if you'd rather just wait until there is a fully written guide to test, that's fine too Eye


I well gladly Test Worgen starter (1-20) and Goblin (1-15] Smiling

Dubbeltje's picture

I'll write, edit and make

I'll write, edit and make images for à Worgen guide (not sure what the level range is, thought they flew into Westfall nicely, I'll cover westfall too then)
Just need à beta inv now, damn you blizzard Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

Check out the movie that

Check out the movie that Manovan posted on the goblin guide forum page. It might help ya out if you want to start before you get a key!

Brune's picture

While I'd love to get

While I'd love to get involved in this, is it even possible for beta keys to be handed around now, since blizzard just directly place the cata beta thing on your bnet account, so it would presumably be linked to that, so not be tradable and sold?

"Instead of sending out a beta code via email and requiring the user to flag their own account, we're doing all of that for you. The invitation process is running, but it takes time to flag each account that's eligible."

Jiyambi's picture

I'm going to assume that the

I'm going to assume that the beta for Cataclysm will be similar to that of Starcraft II, in that most beta accounts are handled in this way, BUT - Starcraft's beta had several instances in which "friend invites" were given out to beta testers so they could invite their friends to the beta. Also, there were keys available as promotions to fan sites, stores that were giving them out with preorders, etc. So I would not give up hope on this just yet.

JamesL85's picture

Impatiently Waiting.....

I check my account SEVERAL times per day to see if I've received a beta invite, but not yet...

From what I've read, all mods are disabled in the beta at this point. I did some looking and found a macro that will give you your coordinates:

/script local px, py= GetPlayerMapPosition( "player" ) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format ( "(%s, %s) %s", floor(px * 100 + 0.5), floor(py * 100 + 0.5), GetZoneText() ))

If/when I get an invite, I'll sign up to do a guide. I'm not picky and would love to do a starter guide for any of the races and either faction. I'll let you know....


Do you know if the WoW Lua

Do you know if the WoW Lua engine supports dumping this to a file? If so, we can use this...

/script local write = function(string,file) local file =, "a") if (file) then file:write(string) file:flush(); file:close() end end
write(string.format("\n(%s, %s) %s", floor(px*100+0.5), floor(py*100+0.5), GetZoneText()), "coords.log")

Quimby's picture

I'm interested.

I would love to help out with guide writing on the Goblin 1-15 guide. I currently do not have a beta key Sad , but would love to help if I do receive one in the future.

The grammar and spell checker.