SIGN UPS --- Cataclysm Guides

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Please post a comment here if you would like to write, code, or test a guide. Include whether or not you currently have a beta key, and specifically what guide you would like to work on. Please list only one guide at a time.

Once someone has signed up to lead a project, they need to create a forum post for that project (see the forum post for the Goblin Starter for an example).

If you are collaborating, you need to check in often. Even if you aren't give us updates on your progress. If you don't we're going to assume you aren't working on the guide and give the project to someone else. Check in *at least* once a week.

Guide Writers

If you are interested in writing a guide that will become an official WoW-Pro leveling guide, you need to make sure to follow Jame's format. I will be posting a guide in a day or two about exactly what you need to do, but for now, take a look at Jame's guides and make yours look like his.

Addon Guide Writers

You may be writing a "paper" guide at the same time or collaborating with someone who is. Our addon code format has changed a bit now that we've created our own addon. Make sure you are using the correct format! I'll be posting a more detailed guide about this within the next few days.

Guide Testers

Each guide will have a subforum here where you can post feedback. Be as clear as possible, making sure to let us know exactly what the problem is and where it is in the guide. If you are using the addon, make sure you note what version, and if there are any other addons you are using that might be causing the problem.

Good luck, and thanks!

Coord Macro

/script local px, py= GetPlayerMapPosition( "player" ) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format ( "(%s, %s) %s", floor(px * 100 + 0.5), floor(py * 100 + 0.5), GetZoneText() ))

Current Projects

In the Status column you can see what the current status of every guide is:

NeededThe guide has not been written yet, and is needed. Feel free to sign up for these guides!
Revisions The guide has been written, but it needs improvements.
In ProgressThe guide has been assigned to someone and they are in the process of writing it.
Complete The guide has been completed.

Kalimdor (1-60)
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Durotar (1-10) Needed
Troll 1-5 and Durotar 5-10 is Complete
Complete Jiyambi
Mulgore (1-10) Needed In Progress Gylin 09-11-2010
Kezan (1-5) Revisions Revisions Jiyambi
Lost Isles (5-12) Needed Revisions Malorajan 05-11-2010
Azshara (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Northern Barrens (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 21-11-2010
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete Bitsem 01-11-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 10-11-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 30-10-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 22-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010

Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Azuremyst Isle (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Teldrassil(1-10) In Progress Complete Solitha
Bloodmyst Isle (10-20) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Darkshore (10-20) Needed Complete Solitha
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete wkjezz 01-12-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 03-12-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Eversong Woods (1-10) Revisions Complete Liavan 27-10-2010
Tirisfal Glades (1-10) Needed In Progress Manovan 27-10-2010
Ghostlands (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Silverpine Forest (10-20) Needed Revisions Malorajan 06-11-2010
Hillsbrad Foothills (20-25) Needed Complete AyaJulia 05-12-2010
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 04-12-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Dakota Fanning 04-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 06-11-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Gilneas (1-10) Complete Complete rpotor
Dun Morogh (1-10) Needed Complete Gylin 27-10-2010
Elwynn Forest (1-10) Complete Complete Kurich
Westfall (10-20) Complete Complete Kurich
Loch Modan (10-20) Needed In Progress
Gylin 27-10-2010
Redridge Mountains (15-20) Complete Complete Crackerhead22
Duskwood (20-25) Complete Complete Kurich
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete savagefool 27-10-2010
Wetlands (25-30) Needed In Progress Gylin 27-10-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 04-12-2010

Levels 80-85
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete In Progress Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Complete Liavan 08-11-2010
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Needed Needed 27-10-2010


Guide Tester

Im currently in beta and will be willing to test guides, and addons.

Finished my first guide

My Elwynn Forest Guide is now complete.
Please feel free to check it, test it and leave feedback!


I'd like to work in the Worgen Starter area, but I don't have a beta key. If someone has it one I can also give some money donation. Just PM me. As soon as I get in the beta I'll start work on it.


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Mauro - all of us are doing

Mauro - all of us are doing this for free, you shouldn't expect a money donation, especially *before* you have actually written something (though I suppose if someone wants to send you one that's their prerogative). Any money received through the addon or site donations are going back into the site, atm.

Also, I'm not going to sign you up for one of the guides until you can actually start working on one - if someone else gets a key before you and wants to work on them, I'd rather them get done sooner than later so they can be tested.

Sorries Sad

You misread

I'm not saying that I want money, but I'm saying that I'm giving money it's different. If someone get a beta key imply that have a paid account or won some contest (putting effort and money in them). I'm not expecting money, I'm saying about giving away some money donation to those willing to share a beta key. What did you have read miss? And how I can start working without having a beta key? If you do wizardry just tell it me. Bah..

Jiyambi's picture

Sorry Mauro, I did misread.

Sorry Mauro, I did misread. My bad.

And, not trying to give any offense here, but "I did have read miss" because, unless I am mistaken, English is not your first language, and your sentences are a little off. Overall pretty understandable, but it makes it a little easier to end up with the wrong meaning.

As for how you can start working on something without a beta key - you can't really, and I'm sorry, but I can't really do anything about it. I have another user who does have a beta key who has already started on the Worgen stuff. I know you'd like to work on it but at this point our priority is getting as many guides ready before launch date as possible, NOT saving guides in hopes certain author's get beta keys.

Think about it. This site got famous because of Jame. Did he ask us all to wait for him to finish the guides and not write any so he could write them? No. He asked us to help, and write as much as we could! I very much wanted to write a goblin guide, but when I didn't have a key for a long time, I offered it up to other people. Luckily I finally got one and I can write it now, but if I hadn't I would have been happy to have someone else write it.

I know it kinda sucks to not be able to write one when you want to, but it's the way it is. Let me know if you get a key, and we'll see what you can do Smiling


I've intended "miss" as referred to you as a young lady. In example, Miss Sarah, . Usually I type much better in english (it's not my main language since I'm italian,but I usually don't have any problem with english) but I was in a hurry, that's why. Anyways, as soon as I have a beta key (or directly invited by Blizzard, which is better) I'll let you know Miss Sarah. Smiling


Jiyambi's picture

Haha, that makes sense In

Haha, that makes sense Laughing out loud In any case, your English in this reply was, from what I can tell, perfect Eye

Thanks :)

Thanks very much Sarah. As soon as I get an invite I'll let you know. I'll be glad to help. Smiling

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I'd like to sign up for

I'd like to sign up for testing the Goblin Starter guide. I've been using Jame's guides for a long time now and I'd be happy to give back something. Thanks to the Guild Screenshot contest I have beta access, so I'll start the testing right away as I get back home from work. Smiling If it's needed I can also provide screenshots for the currently existing steps of the guide.

Jiyambi's picture


Well, I JUST got into the beta, so the goblin guide should be seeing some major love soon. I am soooo excited Laughing out loud

Arixan's picture


grats on your invite!!! Laughing out loud

rpotor's picture

Well, I didn't think about

Well, I didn't think about actually writing the guide, but I guess I could try it. Smiling I'll check out Jame's existing guides now with an eye on how to write a good guide and I'll sure try to do it. Will there be an "official" writers' guidelines posted somewhere? I found a guide on "How to write a guide", but it seems a bit general to me, it would be nice to see "Jame's leveling guide standards" Laughing out loud or something like that. Anyway, no worries I'll check the existing guides and try to match them. Let's do it like this: I'll write a Goblin starter guide for levels 1-5 based on the currently existing "rough" guide and post it somewhere for your review. If you find it cool, I'll continue writing it, and if you find it sub-par to Jame's guides, I'll just take a back seat and do just the testing.

Jiyambi's picture

Actually rpotor I *just* got

Actually rpotor I *just* got into the beta (I see you read my message before I edited, I checked right after that lol), and would really like to help work on the rest of the starter. Lets work together Smiling

Having some guidelines like you mentioned is a great idea.

Are you a fair hand with photoshop or gimp? Once we know that we can see who might do what - there's a lot still to do even for the 1-5 area: Maps, pictures, and fleshing out the details for each step, not to mention formatting.

Off to work, back in a few hours.

rpotor's picture

First of all,

First of all, congratulations on your beta access. Smiling

Secondly, I kinda felt like trying my hands at guide writing and seeing that the Worgen guide is still up for grabs, I made a brand new worgen and started a guide. As of now, I'm done with the instanced part of the worgen area, which is pretty straightforward, mind you, but anyways it's a good start for a guide writer noob, that I am. Smiling I started formatting it and posted the first few steps under the WIP Cataclysm guides section. I haven't published it yet, but I guess you as a moderator can take a look at it. If you think it's up to standards, I'd be happy to continue and sign up for the whole Worgen starter area.

But now, I think I'll get some well deserved sleep, since it's just past 23:00 here in Hungary. Smiling

atm i am not in cata beta but i would love to work as a tester

i can be a tester for anything

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Sign me up for Gnome starter, and the rewrites Dwarf stater and Dun Morogh

I think I'm mostly done with the Gnome and Dwarf ones, and have a rough one for Dun Morogh, just need to refine it
for better effiency then I'll write them up properly and post them

However I'm on holiday for a week as of tomorrow so expect these after I get back.

Jiyambi's picture

I just listed them as Dun

I just listed them as Dun Morogh, since they all take place there. Thanks for the hard work Smiling

Any request, needs anything i can do? :)

Hoi lads.. since I've run most of my Beta steam off by now, (tried stuff I wanted to see) I'm now able to help out here. Eye

So if any1 needs help with something, please let me know - willing to do almost everything in-game.

Sadly there is still a lot of bugs in-game (Beta is Beta) & is somewhat limited with guide writing to the 1-40 lvls.

anyway, let me here what i can do for the lot if ya. <3

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Right now, you can test any

Right now, you can test any of the finished guides (of which there are not many, yet). If you would like to write a guide, anything not on the above list is fair game. That would be the most useful thing, but it's a ton of work so no worries if you'd rather not Eye

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Status Update on Vashj'ir

As of right now, I am about half way done (I think) with the Alliance Vashj'ir guide. Sadly, a bugged quest has pretty much halted my progress. Until it gets fixed, I have no way of continuing in that zone.

I'll likely start on Deepholm, since I have a character that can go there right now, unless there is something else you would rather I work on. I'll finish off the Vashj'ir guide once they fix the bugged quest.

Jiyambi's picture

Keep up the excellent work,

Keep up the excellent work, Arixan. I'm really looking forward to using your guides, or the Horde versions of them I suppose. It's nice to have an active alliance writer, we were rather overwhelming Hordey during the last year.

Dungeon Finder Question

Question for those of you lucky enough to get in on the beta. While leveling a new character, you must first discover the dungeon in the world before being able to look for it in Dungeon Finder?
I think this suggests that starting around level 10, and certainly before the dungeon finder opens up at 15, that the guides help players locate these dungeons as soon as possible since dungeons are a such an important part of modern leveling. At least locate whichever dungeons would be open at that point, a dungeon for a level 50 character doesn't need discovered yet, but and dungeon that opens up at 15 needs to be discovered before then, and if the player is relying on these guides, we need to be sure they get them there... even if it is just something like:
"You should be level 12 now. Follow SoAndSo's guide to discover your first dungeon then come back here. You will need to discover that dungeon to que for it in a few more levels."
Does the same apply for battlegrounds? Will you need to find Warsong Gulch before level 10 so you can use it?
Can you even safely get to many of these dungeons early on, or will you have to wait until that dungeon's starting level to safely find it?

Arixan's picture

This has changed slightly

While I think it is still a good idea to point players to the dungeons, provided they are not too far out of the way, Blizzard did change their stance on finding dungeon entrances.

For all the dungeons currently in game (i.e. non-Cataclysm dungeons) you are not required to discover the dungeon to be able to queue for it.

Guide writers may still want to point players in the direction of some of the dungeons so that they are aware of where they need to go in case of a corpse run. However some of the dungeon entrances can be quite difficult to actually "find" as they are VERY out of the way. Blackfathom Deeps, Uldaman, and BRD come to mind, as for all of those you need to go through a fairly extensive sub-zone to reach them.

Perhaps make it an optional step for the pre-cata dungeons?

For the Cataclysm dungeons, I may write a separate guide that will direct players to the dungeon entrances (If someone else wants to tackle this before I have a chance, feel free!). The reason I think a separate guide would be better is that at least one of the dungeons thus far is actually not located in a zone where players of that level would be in naturally. Nor is there currently a breadcrumb quest to send you that way.

Gylin's picture

Well as soon as I got level

Well as soon as I got level 15 I tried the dungeon finder, and was allowed to que for Ragefire Chasm (of all the places!) even though I've not found any dungeons yet, least of all ones in the middle of a Horde city (playing a dwarf). 30 seconds after joining que, I get teleported to dungeon and the games crashes! meh!

Deadmines was listed too, but I wasn't high enough level to use the tool to get there.

So all in, Dungeon finder works without needing to find dungeons 1st, from level 15. I'd of thought the same would apply to Battlegrounds to, as it's basically the same tool, although I haven't tested it.

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Excellent idea, definitely

Excellent idea, definitely agree about directing people to dungeons. Should probably be part of any dungeon guides that are written.

Guides I can do

I'll do Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Redridge and Duskwood.

Jiyambi's picture

Added to the list

Added to the list Smiling

Wow-pro Guild?

I got into the Beta a few days ago and have been leveling pretty easily.
Writing "Zone Guides" rather then "Leveling Guides" might be the way to go.
The quests are very linear and take you from hub to hub very smoothly, which I think is rather cool.

Is there a guild for guide writers? If there isn't yet I'd like to suggest the name
I'd even be happy to start the guild if anyone is interested.

Jiyambi's picture

I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a guild yet, but I know we have several users in the beta. I would just suggest WoW-Pro as the name, but if you've got a better idea and want to get the guild started, that's fine by me!

Jame and I will almost certainly be in the beta in the next week or so, since we have two beta keys on the way from WoW Interface and Curse (as soon as they receive a new batch from Blizz) - but for now we can't help out with the guild starting, unfortunately Sad

Good to hear that you'll be

Good to hear that you'll be joining us!
I'll start it as WoW-Pro then and pass the Guild Leader to you or Jame when you're in next week!
Mostly been playing on my Worgen Hunter, Atherton. Anyone who wants an invite send me a whisper or a letter.

Like most people here, I've been using Jame's guides for years and am pleased to be able to help out with the next generation it.

Jiyambi's picture

Jame and I should be on in

Jame and I should be on in the next day or so Laughing out loud I'm not sure what I'll be naming myself over there, any lowbie alts will probably have names such as Jiyambi, Jiya, or derivatives of those. I might also copy over Honani (my druid) or Deedlet (my paladin).

Alliance Side on Lost Isles

Alliance Side on Lost Isles exists, bought 2 bank tabs and made a decent tabard ('cause the Hunter Heirloom chest is really hideous.) Used the compass 'cause we tell people where to go.

Jiyambi's picture

Awesome, hope I can join you

Awesome, hope I can join you soon!

Horde Vashj'ir

Ok, I'll get on that as soon as I can. What kind of notation would be easiest for you to format with? Quest id's, or what?

Thanks so much.

Arixan's picture

Anything really

As long as I can understand what is what, it can be anything really. If you are writing in a word processing program, just color them differently and provide a key.

Or, honestly, the color coding formatting isn't difficult, just a bit tedious.

Here is the code for the colors I used (with extra spacing added to make it a bit easier to read). I used BBC code since I was already familiar with it. Just remove any spaces inside of the [] brackets.

[ color=#cc9933 ][ b ]Quests[ /b ][ /color ]

[ color=#993300 ]Items[ /color ]

[ color=#33cc00 ]Locations[ /color ]

[ b ]Quest objectives to kill[ /b ]

[ color=#4169e1 ]NPCs[ /color ]

[ i ]Coordinates[ /i ]

Jame's Guide Writing Guide was also a HUGE help.

i would wirte the addon for

i would wirte the addon for the hyjal part when its done Smiling

Dubbeltje's picture

My idea

My idea for the Azshara guide was to not focus so much on the leveling, since anybody can do it at a pretty efficient rate at the moment, but more of a zone guide.

Assuming many people dont read quest logs and chats, I was gonna include some interesting lore, some background story, some sightseeing places, handy tips (like Jame abusing the drake in Dragonblight), include all quests etc etc etc.

I hope this sounds like a good idea, if so I'll start on it tomorow (just finished a playtrough with my Goblin, it seemed better to just do it once before writing a guide to it)

Jiyambi's picture

I like

I like Smiling

Dubbeltje's picture

Also, unless you want to

Also, unless you want to grind the goblin zone will end at 12

Jiyambi's picture

Thanks, I was basing that on

Thanks, I was basing that on some level range I saw somewhere for the zone.

Dubbeltje's picture

I got beta access yesterday,

I got beta access yesterday, and after playing around for a bit I cant help feeling that leveling guides are going to be a bit... Useless. The way questing works now is you get a hub, some quests, and then directed to another hub.

Anyhow, ill drop the Westfall and work on Aszhara Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

I've thought about this as

I've thought about this as well. Quest flow is absolutely amazing compared to vanilla. But think about it - quest flow was great in Wrath too. Did you still use the guides? I know I did. Did I need them? Heck no, but it was still nice to have. I could simply follow the arrows and do what I was told. Mindless, yes, but it meant I didn't even have to open my map to find my objectives - when I've leveled several times through an area, I didn't want to think about the quests anymore.

Additionally, I think it would be nice to move away from straight leveling guides and move towards completionist quest guides for each zone. The guide authors and addon coders can provide easy ways to let users know they can skip certain sections if they want to or are ahead in XP - in the paper guides this can be done via notes or color coding, in the addon we will have special tags for this and a slide bar the user can use to determine how many quests are skipped. With features like this I think our guides will still be very useful to both power-levelers and to achievement hunters looking to complete every quest in a zone.

JamesL85's picture

Good News/Bad News

Good News: I got a beta invite over the weekend!!!!

Bad News: It's for SC2.

Seriously....WTF???? Isn't the game being released next week? Maybe it's Blizzard's way of saying, "there's no way in hell you get to test Cataclysm, but to make up for it, you can beta test a game you're not interested in at all, for the last weekend before release." LOL



Am I allowed to work on any

Am I allowed to work on any one the post 80 guides? and if so, how would I format it?

Mount Hyjal

I will be happy to make a guide for Mount Hyjal, as I have a beta key, but how do you do the formatting? I have not made any guides on this website, though I would be happy to make one for Hyjal, if that is not already being done. If anyone knows how to format the guides, or if someone is working on Hyjal, send me a private message or reply to this post.

Jiyambi's picture

I believe Arixan is planning

I believe Arixan is planning to work on Mount Hyjal (see his comments below) - however you two could team up, or one of you could take a different zone.

For formatting, we want them to look as similar to Jame's guides as possible, since its a nice clear way to format things that our users are used to seeing Smiling Let me know if you'd like me to send you some of Jame's source code as an example.

Arixan's picture

What I would need the most

I have the beginnings of an Alliance Hyjal guide going now. These zones are seriously huge. I would put Hyjal on par with Dragonblight for how many quests are here. Maybe even a bit bigger than that.

What would be awesome is if I could have someone go through the zone horde side after I finish the Alliance guide to point out any differences. I would say the zone is 90% faction neutral, and from what I can tell from wowhead, the quest objectives are the same, just different names. But wowhead's data is not complete at the moment, so someone doing a runthrough would be best.

I will likely need the same for Vashj'ir if nobody has done it by the time I finish Hyjal.

Also, my photoshop skills are not strong. So the pretty guide maps that Jame does are pretty much non-existent in the guide right now, cause I could not do them without them looking really bad. If anyone thinks they can put together maps based on the guide walkthrough, I can provide screenshots of the zone map.

Horde side Hyjal

I would be happy to do the Horde side for Mount Hyjal. Just send me the guide when you have completed it and I'll change any objectives or quest names that are different from Alliance to Horde.

Jiyambi's picture

w00t! I'm excited to see

w00t! I'm excited to see people working together on this. Arixan, the Hyjal guide is looking really nice so far, great work!